MeadI have 18.04 and trying to follow this:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialConsoleHowto in step 1  of Server setup, it say to create a file in /etc/init but I don't have that directory in my install.14:07
tomreynMead: it's outdated, i'd say.14:11
tomreynit works differently on systemd14:12
tomreynsee if just adding console=ttyS0 to the linux comand line (grub) does it.14:13
Meadsoo all I'd need to do is add something to grub, and reboot? No other configuration?14:16
tomreyni haven't actually tried, this is a guess based on the first paragraph on http://0pointer.de/blog/projects/serial-console.html14:17
tomreynand you may need ot use the alternate installer for this14:17
tomreynactually it may work on the 'server live' installer (subiquity) like this according to bug 177096214:19
ubottubug 1770962 in subiquity "Support serial-port based install" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/177096214:19
tomreynoh you didn'T actually mention "installer2, looks like i made this up.14:20
friendlyguyhi there! i am wondering about landscape: the service rabbitmq-server wont start14:21
tomreyn* "installer"14:21
friendlyguythe startup_log of rabbitmq contains: ERROR: epmd error for host landscape: timeout (timed out)14:22
friendlyguyhowever, epmd is running14:25
friendlyguyi dont get it14:25
Meadmy grub install has this GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="maybe-ubiquity"  so I need to use a character after the existing command to seperate this new command?14:31
Meadsorry wrong window14:42
rbasakahasenack: it seems bit odd to me to do it in the preinst. What if the package version is just removed - shouldn't it also get removed then in that case?15:01
rbasakahasenack: maybe it's needed both in preinst and the old postrm, though if it's gone in the newer package, perhaps to late to add to the old postrm now.15:02
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zzlatevHe guys, can you help to install tvheadend on ubuntu-server 14.0417:13
zzlatevE: Failed to fetch http://apt.tvheadend.org/unstable/artifacts/0p/kn5lqob9/tvheadend_4.3-1231~gc597a56~trusty_i386.deb Size mismatch17:13
zzlatevE: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?17:13
sdezielzzlatev: I don't know that apt repo but the 0p/ dir doesn't exist17:23
sdezielhttp://apt.tvheadend.org/unstable/artifacts/ seems to indicate that 0h/ is the latest one17:23
zzlatevthis is automatically after apt-get install tvheadend17:23
sdezielzzlatev: also, please note that 14.04 goes EOL at the end of the month17:24
sdeziel(unless you go with ESM)17:24
zzlatevyes, I know that17:24
zzlatevbut my machine is very old17:25
sdezieldoes it support 64 bit?17:26
sdezielOK so that indeed qualifies as old17:27
sdezielhow much RAM?17:27
zzlatev1 gb17:28
sdezielshould be good enough17:29
sdezielgood enough for Bionic (18.04.2)17:29
zzlatevsdeziel: so what may be the problem here17:30
sdezielno, I was just checking your options for the OS itself ;)17:31
sdezielyour problem seems to come from a bad apt repo in your sources.list somewhere17:32
sdezielcause that 0p/ dir is not there on the web server17:32
zzlatevsdeziel: the problem was that the repo was in /etc/apt/sources.list17:39
zzlatevafter I remove it now everything works fine17:39
sdezielglad it's now working for you17:42

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