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pronet_ Ey guys, i currently installed xampp ver 5.6 but whenever i want to start it on the browser (Chromium or Firefox) it reads an error ( failed to execute Web browser, Input/Output error )00:25
rypervenchepronet_: You should probably just be using normal packages in Linux and not xampp.00:26
rypervenchepronet_: Are you starting the web browser from the terminal? Where are you seeing the error?00:26
pronet_Yes i am..00:27
rypervenchepronet_: It's possible that there's an issue with your disk. Can you pastebin all of the output that it gives you?00:28
pronet_[9861:9861:0406/033002.677259:ERROR:zygote_host_impl_linux.cc(89)] Running as root without --no-sandbox is not supported. See https://crbug.com/638180.00:30
waHi, I need help with a problem I have in the terminal00:31
rypervenchepronet_: You're running a web browser as root?00:32
pronet_Well. im sorry but i dont even know how im doing that.. could you please elaborate00:33
rypervenchepronet_: I think there are a lot of things that could be wrong here...00:34
rypervencheIf you're running things as root and don't realize it, that's not good and you may very easily hose your system (ruin it).00:35
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waUnable to open lock file "/ var / lib / apt / lists / lock" - open (13: Permission denied)00:36
waThis is the problem I have, could someone help me?00:36
pronet_How do i check whether im running applications on root or not.. because, on the terminal i usually input my password when going to root00:36
rypervenchewa: What are you trying to do when that happens?00:39
rypervenchepronet_: You can type "whoami"00:40
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noregretguiverc: i'm just looking to update samba01:28
noregretmain reason is the new vfs_fruit support01:28
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flingHow to upgrade from 17.10 to 18.10 properly?02:22
flingShould I edit the sources lists? What about ppas?02:22
guivercfling, Ubuntu 17.10 is now EOL and should have been upgraded before then. First you need to fully upgrade it (ie. point your sources to old-releases; then sudo apt update; sudo apt dist-upgrade) then do-release-upgrade to bump yourself to 18.04 LTS, then reboot, then if all okay, consider next move to 18.10.  PPA's should be disabled/purged for max chance of success; but backup regardless02:24
flingI don't have do-release-upgrade btw02:25
flingguiverc: Is there a step-by-step guide on 'point your sources' part?02:25
flingI'm also worried about these two ppas I have installed -> https://launchpad.net/~commendsarnex/+archive/ubuntu/winedri3 https://launchpad.net/~oibaf/+archive/ubuntu/graphics-drivers ?02:26
guivercfling, all Ubuntu images I thought come with it; have you removed some of the default install?02:26
flingmesa/drives/nine are from there02:26
flingguiverc: this is the deafult lxd image02:26
guivercrelease-upgrades are tested without any PPA's active.. they are 3rd party sources that are your own choice, own responsibility to validate & test.02:26
flingWhat would be the proper approach anyway? To just upgrade or to first remove any ppas and then readding them later?02:27
guivercfling, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades for info on 17.10 upgrades (due to it being EOL), but you need to go 17.10 to 18.04 (only tested path), reboot & with 18.04 running then to 18.10  (LTS can go to next LTS, non-LTS only to next release)02:28
* fling reading02:29
guivercfor max success; I'd suggest removing PPA's.  With PPAs you need to check them yourself individuaully  (ie. do they support the next release? is it even needed for next release? is it still supported to your satisfaction/security-concern etc);  do-release-upgrade usually disables them anyway before upgrade..02:30
flingguiverc: I checked the pages and winedri3 has bionic and cosmic, graphics-drivers ppa has bionic, cosmic and disco02:32
flingso I decided to upgrade to cosmic which is 18.1002:32
guest-U3a8q4anybody here?02:33
guiverci don't know of the PPA so cannot advise on how it would go during upgrade.  I always remove (consider purging), then upgrade, then re-add back.. 17.10 to 18.10 direct is untested; non-LTS only upgrades to next release02:33
flingguest-U3a8q4: hello.02:33
guest-U3a8q4how can I find a person to talk about the new movie?02:33
tomreyn!ot | guest-U3a8q402:33
ubottuguest-U3a8q4: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:33
guivercguest-U3a8q4, this is a Ubuntu Support room; we support Ubuntu and official flavors only02:33
guivercfling, https://askubuntu.com/questions/34430/can-i-skip-over-releases-when-upgrading02:34
guest-U3a8q4Can you give me some advice to know Ubuntu?02:34
flingguiverc: I'm not going to skip. How to purge properly?02:34
guest-U3a8q4This is my first time to use XChat02:34
guest-U3a8q4it's very interesting02:35
tomreynguest-U3a8q4: the installers at ubuntu.com also come with a fully functional live system you can try.02:35
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html02:35
guivercfling, ^02:35
flingguest-U3a8q4: just read more. Start from here -> https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html02:35
flingguest-U3a8q4: also /join #fsf02:36
flingguest-U3a8q4: and #gnu and there are lots of other channels02:36
flingguiverc: great! you are very helpful. So I will start with purging02:37
flinghaha I don't have ppa-purge installed02:38
flingoh I still can install! just installed it02:38
flingWarning:  Could not find package list for PPA: commendsarnex winedri302:39
Bashing-om!alis | guest-U3a8q402:40
ubottuguest-U3a8q4: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"02:40
flingWarning:  Could not find package list for PPA: oibaf graphics-drivers02:40
flingguiverc: things in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ are still there02:41
flingguiverc: https://bpaste.net/show/3414ecc0663802:42
flingCan I safely drop artful sources lists?02:42
guivercfling, i can't recall how ppa-purge works, if it removes files or just comments out lines.. (I'd opt for commenting out with additional comment saying when/why i did it) myself -- those files could be just comments inside02:43
flingNothing got commented out02:44
flingOk, dropped them for now02:45
tomreynppa-purge comments out apt sources, downgrades packages to versions in ubuntu proper. or tries to.02:46
guivercfling, others maybe able to help you more; but a look at my box (opened 'software sources' in menu) shows 'artful' PPA's still visible in my "other software" tab (unchecked so disabled).. it was a XFCE add-on that wasn't needed in 18.04 & up02:46
flingguiverc: updated sources.list and getting 404 errors -> https://bpaste.net/show/05fdd5f9c09402:50
flinglooks like 404 is the common thing here https://askubuntu.com/questions/999366/failed-to-release-upgrade-from-17-04-to-17-1002:52
guivercyeah fling http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/ doesn't have the artful directory ..  exploring..02:54
tomreynapparently those are on security.ubuntu.com, not sure why02:55
guivercmy local mirror still has `artful`  (so old-releases change wouldn't be necessary - no idea why - it EOL ages ago and I thought was moved)02:56
guiverc(by local mirror I meant archives. not old-releases)02:56
tomreynthat's just because you local mirror server failed to remove them, i think02:57
tomreynah no they're still on http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/ too02:57
jcb2016thanks ubuntu for mkusb :D02:58
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tomreynfling: i'm not sure this was said, yet, but the only responsible thing to do if you let your ubuntu installation reach end of life is to do a fresh installation of a supported release and to restart backups / rsync your data (and to migrate configurations)03:00
tomreyn*restore, not restart03:01
tomreynthat is if you rand the system during those 9 months where it wasn't getting security patches03:01
flingtomreyn: how do I upgrade this artful?03:05
tomreynfling: so you're saying you want to upgrade, not install fresh?03:06
tomreyni won't criticise, it's a just a decision you need to make on your own.03:07
flingtomreyn: yeah this is just a small container only running nine. I've not turned it on for a year or so.03:07
flingtomreyn: lots of wineprefixes there, don't want to migrate to new install.03:07
tomreynok, then make sure no services are reachabke on the internet on it.03:08
flingNone there03:08
guivercfling, tomreyn's suggestion was to download the 18.10 you want to be using, write to thumb-drive, validate-it (what I do anyway using option at menu), install (something-else & no-format is what I'd do) it'll take note of your added software (ubuntu sources only), wipe system dirs, install, re-add back additional software you added (main repos only) then allow reboot.. it doesn't touch user dirs  (most of user configs will be here, but03:10
guivercensure you don't select 'format')03:10
guivercfling, why not use a LTS release then - 18.04 LTS will be supported for 5 years (can be extended thru ESM use) - where as 17.10/18.10 are 9 month only releases?03:10
tomreynthen, point the default ubuntu apt sources to an archive mirror which still provides them, sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get full-upgrade. then, personally, i'd just disable all third party repositories and use https://github.com/tomreyn/scripts#foreign_packages to identify the packages i need to remove ("no longer downloadable") and i need to downgrade ("no version in archive"), and do so.03:10
tomreynguiverc: i really meant a fresh install. i am not certain that what you describe works without a separate /home03:12
flingguiverc: this is waaay to complex.03:12
flingI installed this container with a single `lxd launch ...` command03:13
guiverctomreyn, i use it regularly (something-else only offers no-format & only wipes system.dirs) - backup always of course..03:13
guivercbut fling I'd trust tomreyn more than myself03:13
OhSHeeshHey all. Trying to get an HP Win10 laptop to dual boot Ubuntu, for some reason Grub isn't booting Ubuntu up at all03:13
flingguiverc: not lts because I want new llvm and mesa03:14
tomreynokay, cool. then this can be an option. but you wouldn't benefit from, say, new file system defaults (but then i guess nothing changed there between 17.10 and 18.10 in terms of ext4).03:14
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flingI'm using zfs here…03:15
tomreynuh oh03:16
Tedwardfling are using zfs for your root?03:16
flingTedward: yes.03:17
* tomreyn does not know what preparatory steps may be needed when upgrading with zfs root.03:17
Tedwardthat does complicate things a bit03:17
flingubuntu is running in an lxd container!03:18
TedwardI am not sure for root, my data drives are zfs but my system drive is just ext4, which version of ubuntu are you running right now and what is your problem?03:18
tomreyn17.10, wants to upgrade to 18.1003:19
flingTedward: updated sources.list and getting 404 errors -> https://bpaste.net/show/05fdd5f9c09403:19
flingTedward: and this https://bpaste.net/show/3414ecc0663803:19
flingNot sure how to and if should purge https://launchpad.net/~commendsarnex/+archive/ubuntu/winedri3 https://launchpad.net/~oibaf/+archive/ubuntu/graphics-drivers03:20
Tedwardfling looks like you are running 17.19 which supported ended on July 19, 201803:21
TedwardI highly recommend you upgrade to a newer version03:22
flingTedward: this is what I'm trying to do. Want to upgrade to 18.1003:22
flingTedward: but can't because `apt update` gives 404.03:23
tomreynto get rid of the 404 errors, undo the change to "old-release", pointing apt urls to http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/03:23
flingTedward: ppa-purge failed to do it's job so I just dropped the sources.lists but the packages are still there.03:23
OhSheesh(Away from home, usually on as Mr_Sheesh) Just plain high centered :/03:24
Tedwardfling if you have backups I recommend doing a reinstall, as I have found upgrades past one version don't work well on ubuntu, maybe others have different experiences03:24
flingTedward: the container is only used for nine, I don't think I break anything really bad.03:25
flingTedward: also not going to upgrade skipping 18.0403:25
tomreynwhat is "nine"?03:26
TedwardI'm sorry I don't understand what you mean by container is only used for nine?03:26
flingtomreyn: Tedward: nine is patched wine/mesa/drives https://wiki.ixit.cz/d3d903:26
tomreynoh gallium nine03:27
flingupgrading to bionic now03:30
iodevyou're late, fling03:30
flingiodev: what do you mean?ㅖ03:31
danielhey hye mo gs03:38
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flingwhat ppas are anyway?03:39
flingAre they just mostly adding sources lists?03:39
Bashing-om!ppa | fling03:39
ubottufling: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge03:39
flingDoes this mean I got rid of ppas if I dropped sources.lists.d ?03:40
Bashing-omfling: No .. as you said .. the packages are still present on the system when the source is removed :(03:40
flingBashing-om: I will be readding ppas again after I complete my upgrade to 18.1003:41
Bashing-omfling: 17.04 install . I can accept that ppa-purge will not work as the repo mo longer exists .03:42
iodevfling: 18.04 was released a long time ago03:42
flingI'm following this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades#SpecificOlder03:43
Ben64fling: you should go to 18.04 so you don't run into this problem again so soon03:43
flingI issued do-release-upgrade and it is upgrading to 18.0403:43
flingBen64: what problem?03:43
Ben64the unsupported release problem03:43
flingBen64: going to upgrade to 18.10 afterwards03:44
Ben6418.10 loses support in july of this year03:44
Ben64which is why i'm saying you should stick to 18.0403:44
flingBen64: but I want new mesa and llvm03:44
Tedwardfling if I remember correctly, before you reboot you will need to install zfs as it will need to compile against the updated kernel03:45
Ben64fling: then stay on top of updates03:45
flingTedward: I'm running ubuntu in an lxd container.03:45
flingBen64: will try to do this.03:46
Tedwardfling, I can't help you there, I have no experience with lxd containers03:46
flingTedward: no help needed in this direction. lxcontainers are using host's kernel.03:47
Tedwardfling, what is the host then?03:48
flingTedward: host is what running lxd itself. In my case it is a gentoo running on real hardware but it could be another lxd/lxc/docker container in general.03:49
Tedwardah gentoo my first love, if it is passing through the kernel then I think zfs will have to be compiled into the host kernel03:50
flingTedward: it is compiled in the host kernel yes. Not upgrading this one yet.03:51
kaosinesince I'm technically on 18.04 through neon anyone know why on mbp mid 2015 that it might keep inserting text randomly? like I've not been able to pinpoint a reason why it would be doing this...03:51
Tedwardinserting text randomly in what context? as in any program? kaosine?03:52
tomreynkaosine: we only support ubuntu and its official flavors here, such as kubuntu03:54
kaosineTedward: yeah any program. I don't know if I'm leaning on it or what but never had the problem in macos, but now that I've switched(proton and other reasons) sometimes it just seems to either insert the last thing I copied or idk what03:54
kaosinekubuntu did the same thing when I was on it too I think...03:55
tomreynkaosine: when you run kubuntu and have this issue, you're welcome to come back with logs.03:55
Tedwardtomreyn, ah I didn't know that was the policy, my apologies03:55
Tedwardkaosine, or my guess is there is a kde neon room or forums somewhere03:56
kaosineidk what the difference is since it's just newer kde packages on top of a LTS release....I've tried asking in the neon room but it's pretty dead in there03:56
flingok just upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS03:56
flingdo-release-upgrade removed packages from dropped ppas03:57
flingSo how do I upgrade from 18.04 to 18.10 properly? :P03:58
tomreynTedward: no worries03:58
tomreyn!upgrade | fling03:58
ubottufling: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade03:58
guiverckaosine, Kubuntu is an official flavor, KDE neon isn't with differences made to use later KDE packages - thus it's not the same03:59
kaosineyeah but their page itself says it's not a distro "Not quite, it's a package archive with the latest KDE software on top of a stable base. While we have installable images, unlike full Linux distributions we're only interested in KDE software. "04:00
Tedwardkaosine, there is a good chance that there isn't a difference on your particular issue, but my guess is this room is focused on answering questions pertaining to Ubuntu and it's offical flavors as that reduces the variables involved04:00
kaosineeh, guess I'll redownload kubuntu and see what happens....not sure why it's doing this anyways04:01
flinglooks like it is just do-release-upgrade again04:03
kaosinewhat's the best thing to use to burn the image as a bootable anyways? I'm kinda wary of unetbootin as I'm wondering that caused some kind of issue...(especially since I'm stuck waiting for a bit considering how slow my internet is)04:04
Tedwardkaosine, I have great luck with ddrescue -D --force iso_name /dev/drive_name04:04
kaosineat least for the purpose I'm doing this, I have a drive formatted to ext4 with all the games I managed to download so far. Not hard to reinstall a few tiny apps beyond that XD04:06
Bashing-omkaNy favorite from ubuntu: ' sudo dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M && sync ' .04:06
Bashing-omkaosine: ^^ .04:07
kaosineespecially since I'm stuck at 500gb internally XD04:07
tomreynkaosine: burn? an optical media writer such as brasero, wodim, cdrecord, bashburn04:07
flingupgrading to cosmic yay!!04:08
kaosinetomreyn: well I'm writing it to a partition I created on my drive XD04:08
tomreynkaosine: don't use a laser there.04:09
kaosineBashing-om: I'll try that...and your name sounds familiar....I swear I ran into you the last time I tried doing this(back when proton didn't exist XD)04:09
kaosinebut I think back then we were on 12.04....I still have the disc I burned back then XD04:11
kaosineyay time to delete what's on that parition and put this on there instead....and dang it I'm ready to be rid of this issue04:12
Bashing-omkaosine: Possiblee - I have been around a spell :P04:14
kaosineok neither of those commands worked Bashing-om 's gave me "can't open is a directory" XD04:18
kaosineddrescue did the same thing04:18
Tedwardkaosine sounds like you are either pointing it at a file that is not an iso or you are pointing it a drive that is not there04:19
Tedwardhi hi04:19
kaosinewell ddrescue says "ddrescue: Can't open output file: Is a directory"04:20
hiso which is better kali or ubuntu04:20
kaosineand all I did was run "ddrescue -D --force /home/kaosine/Downloads/kubuntu-18.10-desktop-amd64.iso /media/kaosine/INSTALL"04:20
hiyo do i need to learn python?04:22
kaosineheck, I'd just use etcher this now but since they changed the name apparently it sends info even when the box to not do that is turned off04:23
Tedwardkaosine,  /media/kaosine/INSTALL is a directory not a device04:23
Tedwardyou need to give it for example /dev/sdb04:23
hitedward whats happening?04:24
Tedwardhi, just chatting, but I would suggest if you are asking the question of Kali or Ubuntu, then you Ubuntu is the better choice04:25
hiwell then again how im i supposed to learn if i di=ont try04:27
kaosinehuh that time it did it when I changed it to /dev/sdc2 but I don't see anything in it's folder now XD04:27
kaosinehi: make bootable drives and experiment *shrugs*04:27
hiwhat are u installing?04:27
tomreynkaosine: you don't normally write the iso file to a partition but to the full device, overwriting the partition table and all data stored on it.04:29
hiwait kaosine what do u do? pen test or,social engineer or do u just hack in genaral04:29
tomreyn!chat | hi04:29
ubottuhi: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:29
Tedwardkaosine you need you use the root drive, not a partition, so /dev/sdb not /dev/sdb1 does that make sense?04:30
kaosinewell doesn't help that I don't exactly have a drive that I can just wipe and do this with(plus it's 12:31am, what would be on campus for me to get another one is closed)04:32
flingupgraded to Ubuntu 18.10 !04:35
kaosineguess I'll be back in a bit I think it finally went XD04:40
pi0what is the cmd to determine what type of processor is being used04:45
CarlFKpi0: cat /proc/cpuinfo04:46
CarlFKoh goodie: bugs: cpu_meltdown spectre_v1 spectre_v2 spec_store_bypass l1tf04:47
pi0thank you let me try04:48
pi0got a nice openvz 1gb04:49
pi0CarlFK: works perfectly04:59
flingWhich package is for /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/d3d/d3dadapter9.so.1 ?05:05
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kaosinewell....got kubuntu installed but now keyboard backlight doesn't work.....05:06
Ben_Xwhats the difference between kubuntu and ubuntu?05:06
kaosinekubuntu is kde by default05:07
Ben_Xwhat is kde? sorry for the newb questions05:07
Ben_Xi have been using ubuntu now for a couple years but it is the first linux distro i have ever used05:08
kaosineit's a desktop environment. Basically if you want something that looks similar to windows you'd use kde or xfce05:08
kaosineand there's versions that come with that as default05:08
Ben_Xoh ok05:08
Ben_Xyou would still need wine to run windows programs?05:09
kaosineyeah....it's linux after all. It just gives the feel of those systems05:10
Ben_Xit looks like windows05:11
flingI can't find it -> https://duckduckgo.com/?q="%2Fusr%2Flib%2Fi386-linux-gnu%2Fd3d%2Fd3dadapter9.so.1"05:16
kaosinebut seriously, I can't seem to find a setting that might affect the keyboard backlight and I know it worked when under neon but definitely not now under kubuntu05:16
flingis it libd3dadapter9-mesa ?05:16
flingNo, should be libd3dadapter9-mesa:i38605:17
Ben_Xlinux mint looks alot like kubuntu05:19
flingBen_X: you are really comparing desktop environments.05:19
flingBen_X: all the distros will look the same if you will start kde on them.05:19
flingBen_X: or gnome on each of them or whatever05:19
flingBen_X: not only gnu but even bsd distros btw :P05:20
flingYou could probably run kde on windows05:20
kaosineewww windows05:20
kaosineand gotta restart....updated and now I can't go to any new pages without restarting the browser >_<05:21
flingWhy had I been missing libd3dadapter9-mesa:i386? Is it something wrong with package dependencies in the ppa?05:22
tomreyn!find /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/d3d/d3dadapter9.so.105:23
ubottuFound: W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 376 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/d3d/d3dadapter9.so.1&searchon=names&suite=bionic&section=all05:23
flingtomreyn: what if I'm missing something else but just not noticing yet? :P05:24
tomreynfling: what makes you think you're missing it?05:25
tomreyni mean: why do you think you need it05:26
flingalso found libncurses6:i386 is missing05:27
flingtomreyn: Failed to load '/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/d3d/d3dadapter9.so.1': /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/d3d/d3dadapter9.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory05:27
flingtomreyn: Wine cannot find the ncurses library (libncurses.so.6)05:28
flingso I also installed libncurses6:i38605:28
flingI would really like the packages to get installed as deps…05:28
tomreynthose packages are optional, though05:29
tomreynsince you run an amd64 system05:29
flingbut still05:30
tomreyn"apt rdepends libncurses6:i386" lists packages which depend on it. pick one that you want installed, and this package will get installed as a dependency05:31
tomreynor apt-mark auto a package to have it automatically removed when all packages which require it are removed05:32
* tomreyn bbl05:32
Ben_Xslackware looks different05:34
Ben_Xthen the other os'05:34
kaosine_bah, why are all these guides ancient for making this work properly....I don't want to use a guide that's meant for 16.04 when I'm on 18.10 and something break XD05:35
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ledenifling:  did you install 'sudo apt install libd3d9-mesa:i386'05:36
kaosine_(it's literally how I broke stuff before in neon and kubuntu.....had to reinstall just to make wine install properly XD)05:37
Ben_Xdoes anyone know how to set up a card reader/writter on ubuntu?05:38
ledenifling:  if you do ---->'sudo mkdir /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/d3d/' and 'sudo ln -s /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/mesa/d3dadapter9.so.1 /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/d3d/d3dadapter9.so.1'05:39
flingSounds even worse!!!05:39
jarnosMikähän on, kun noi mirrorit on kovin hitaita nyt?05:44
bigMouthCommiei jostled my laptop and it kind of locked up. hard rebooted, and now i'm in "emergency mode" with some really opaque instructions about "journalctl"05:48
guivercbigMouthCommie, if were me, I'd boot a live medium (eg. Ubuntu install media) and `fsck` (file system check) your disk as first step.  without a clean shutdown (ie. power off) it'll look for and correct any fs errors..05:55
guiverc(with luck after this operation, it'll be back to normal..)05:56
bigMouthCommieguiverc: according to google, this is the correct course. i'm looking for one that will fit on a CD-RW now05:58
bigMouthCommietrisquel mini06:02
bigMouthCommieerr trisquel 7 mini. version 8 is over 700 mb06:02
guivercbigMouthCommie, trisquel is not Ubuntu, nor an official flavor of Ubuntu, thus off-topic here.06:03
guivercbigMouthCommie, lubuntu 14.04 is 628mb06:05
guiverc(it's all EOL this month, parts are already EOL; but it'll be useful for fsck though no idea if it knows about xfs (encryption))06:06
bigMouthCommieno encryption06:06
bigMouthCommieviolates my security protocols :P06:06
=== murthy is now known as murthy_
bigMouthCommieuh... e2fsck: get a newer version of e2fsck!06:19
guivercbigMouthCommie, did you try just `fsck` ?  (or were you using fsck & it called e2fsck?)06:20
bigMouthCommieguiverc: i did try fsck, and it called e2fsck06:21
bigMouthCommiealso, i can't find the lubuntu 600mb image06:21
bigMouthCommienevermind on that last bit06:22
guivercbigMouthCommie, i went via my local mirror  (where I normally download from) so http://ftp.iinet.net.au/dir.php?ubuntu/lubuntu/14.04/release06:22
guiverc(i usually then validate checksums downloaded from ubuntu site)06:23
kaosine_well....this is going to be interesting. Now putting kubuntu on my inspiron 3847 I got as a hand me down.....hope that works....idk what to do about the backlight keys. I knwo it worked under neon but I don't know what driver I'm missing under kubuntu....06:25
guiverckaosine_, if you have a kde neon thumb-drive; it has try-neon as I recall, you could boot it, if it works `lsmod` (list kernel modules) & look what is loaded on it...  it usually helps on your chosen ... (esp. if like kernel)06:30
=== olegb_ is now known as olegb
flingledeni: I can't find libd3d9-mesa package06:39
tomreyn!root | root406:45
ubotturoot4: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo06:45
tomreynoops, i mean:06:45
tomreyn!rootirc | root406:45
ubotturoot4: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.06:45
=== root4 is now known as seliot_1991
* Mead logs in a root06:48
=== murthy_ is now known as murthy
ledenifling:  add ppa 'sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers'06:51
ledenifling: after that sudo apt-get update && sudo apt install libd3d9-mesa:i386 '06:53
bigMouthCommieguiverc: it worked! i used SomeOtheDistro(tm) but it totally worked!! thank you thank you!07:05
guivercyou're most welcome bigMouthCommie :)07:05
vltEriC^^: Thanks, I’ll have a look at tthe BIOS.07:13
=== Xard_ is now known as Xard
spinningCatis it weird ubuntu cannot find my bluetooth?07:42
spinningCatcan you help me with that?07:42
=== narinder` is now known as narindergupta
spinningCatany help07:49
spinningCatthis is what i get http://dpaste.com/1JEGBG707:51
spinningCatdo you have any idea about this error07:54
spinningCatFailed to start discovery: org.bluez.Error.InProgress07:54
spinningCatnow i am getting Failed to start discovery: org.bluez.Error.NotReady08:02
=== murthy is now known as murthy_
=== beaver is now known as evilnewbie
oriKoritoholi,alguien? :,v08:12
brlinspinningCat: Try disable and re-enable the bluetooth adapter: `rfkill block bluetooth`, `rfkill unblock bluetooth`08:12
brlinspinningCat:  It appears that you're using the snap distribution of bluez, if you're not using a Ubuntu Core system you should remove it.08:15
brlinspinningCat: `sudo snap remove bluez`08:15
Apachezwhen using intel graphics in windows current memory allocation can be seen in the driver settings, what about in ubuntu? how do I find out how much ubuntu currently allocated for the internal intel graphics?08:16
=== murthy_ is now known as murthy
brlinApachez: Theres a `Reserving Intel graphics memory at _memory_range_` line in the kernel log08:18
brlinApachez: Also you should check out the `intel-gpu-tools` package08:19
Apachezdoes ubuntu only support static allocation?08:20
Apachez[    0.000000] Reserving Intel graphics memory at [mem 0xdb200000-0xdf1fffff]08:20
Apachezill check out those gputools08:20
Apachezthose intel-gpu-tools didnt contain much08:23
brlin@Apachez  I believe that is configurable in the mainboard firmware settings (e.g. BIOS/UEFI)08:25
Apachezin there is only IGD minimum memory08:26
Apacheznot what it will actually use once the os is up and running08:26
brlinApachez: I thought that is applied in the post booting phase as well?08:27
Apachezwell there is that reserving stuff08:28
Apachezbut I thought 4.18.0-17-generic by now would support increased use08:28
Apachezand not only static allocation during boot08:28
Apachezsomething like   cat /proc/gpuinfo   would have been handy08:28
Apachezas with cpuinfo and meminfo08:29
pacop69hello guys! since update gnome 3.32 the user logo in the system menu (top-right corner) is bigger then others ... is that normal ?08:36
spinningCatbrlin,  let me do it08:39
spinningCatbrlin,  i remove blues now what should i do?_08:40
brlinspinningCat: Try reboot and reproduce the problem again, when disturbance happens run the `dmesg | pastebinit -a ''` command in a terminal to paste the system logs08:43
spinningCati will be back08:46
spinningCatbrlin,  this is dmesg https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/h2qGJ79QCh/ it saw the device i guess but i am getting "not set up" and it is not clickable08:53
=== murthy is now known as murthy_
=== murthy_ is now known as murthy
brlinspinningCat: You should consider installing the `intel-microcode` package for the speculative attack mitigation09:01
brlinspinningCat: The system log didn't reveal much valuable info, run `journalctl --unit bluetooth.service | pastebinit -a '' -b pastebin.com` in a terminal to paste the bluz service logs09:03
spinningCati added the device09:07
spinningCati cannot enable the device09:07
spinningCatlet me do it09:07
spinningCatbrlin,  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/sh8rPdBBn2/09:10
EriC^^who highlighted me?09:13
spinningCatthis is seriously shit09:14
spinningCati cannot connect device09:15
spinningCatmade me sad09:18
spinningCatubuntu made me sad09:18
spinningCati guess i will remove it from my computer09:18
spinningCatmy phone can connect that device sucesfully in a second09:19
spinningCatbut ubuntu cannot find the device09:19
rf_sust2018hello everyone! :-D09:21
hack3dhelp me plis09:56
hack3di dont understand hoic09:56
=== deem_ is now known as deem
hidHi. what linux livecd do you use for pc diagnose pc (check up). I need one that can also start a desktop environnement. I need one that can also start a desktop environnement10:22
vlthid: I use grml.org10:23
vltOr just any ubuntu install iso.10:24
RumenHi there11:16
RumenAnyone can help with LSB uShare?11:17
jgh-hi guys, does anyone happen to know how to remove grub from a second hdd?   I'm trying  to dual boot windows (on a second hd) and linux (first hd) and screwed it up,  was able to boot via bios before but now I've got grub installed on both disks and windows wont boot at  all :(11:19
jgh-most of the advice seems to be how to remove it from the windows side, but i cant get to windows right now11:20
airqualitystandawhat does the windows advice suggest and can it be re-created in a linux form?11:22
=== airqualitystanda is now known as airquality
jgh-mostly seems to be using the windows repair tools :P11:25
airqualityah okay, which one.11:26
airqualitywe can check it's function and then find an appropriate tool11:26
airqualityi am interested in your question because i normally take the brute force approach and nuke windows. it would be useful for working on family's computers to help you solve this :)11:26
jgh-looks like some people are using bootrec and bootsect11:27
airqualityokay great11:27
jgh-yeah i hope i dont have to just nuke the whole thing cause that will be a huge pain11:27
airqualitya lost boot sector is no reason to nuke, you're fine11:27
jgh-amazing that grub is so easy to install on a drive and so difficult to remove :P11:28
airqualityhaha. yea. boot is tricky.. that stuff needs to be formatted all sorts of special ways so some of the lowest level hardware can boot it and initialize the system!11:29
airqualityit's exciting stuff. but yes. difficult to work with as it's "under" the OS11:29
airqualityokay, i'm going to do some reading. brb11:29
=== conjo is now known as justaddcoffee
airqualitysee what i come across.11:29
jgh-ok i appreciate your help, im gonna keep  digging....efibootmgr seems to be an interesting lead11:30
airqualityhopefully someone helps you while i'm gone and we both just learn simultaneously, hehe11:30
airqualityi have used efibootmgr in the past in order to "queue" windows for the next boot, when switching from linux to windows. it's a good tool11:30
airqualityokay. i have one lead. an article from august 2018 from maketecheasier.com suggests a tool called "boot-loader" which can be installed and run from a Ubuntu LiveUSB11:32
airqualityi unfortunately have no test system, so i'll continue to read.11:33
airqualityokay. this page had three linux suggestions. 1. boot-loader 2. syslinux 3. lilo11:34
vavkamilThis is probably not a right channel, but I need help with ubuntu and virtualbox. I have EFI system and can't disable secure boot (company laptop don't have bios password). Can't install another ubuntu instance in virtualbox because of it. Any suggestions, google search is not helping11:34
airqualityhopefully that assists you :)11:34
airqualityhi vavkamil!11:35
vavkamilhey \o/11:36
airqualitynice to meet you. your question doesn't sound too far off base for the channel, but i'm new here so don't mind me.. hopefully you get some help, i gotta run. jgh- let me know if you succeed please :)11:36
jgh-ok thanks airquality11:36
airqualityjgh-, one last thing. do you know if the disk is GPT or MBR?11:37
airqualityyour solution will HEAVILY depend on that answer.11:37
jgh-the linux disk is gpt, the windows disk is mbr11:37
bipulHi, Does anyone know what is failing here https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/QCzWMCDcrC/11:37
airqualitythe one you are repairing is MBR then?11:37
airqualitygreat. my solutions still apply then :)11:38
jgh-i can boot into linux (1st disk) fine11:38
airqualityif you want more technical guidance: https://www.linuxjournal.com/article/1038511:39
isomarigreetings, anyone know how to convert a whole website (documentation website) into a pdf?11:39
jgh-cool ill give this a go, installing boot repair now11:40
airqualitythe closest i've ever done to that is using some some recursive wget args to pull a site.. i think it was wget..11:40
jgh-a it's a gui app :P11:40
airqualityfor some that is good, for others, bad, hahaha11:40
airqualityi like the man pages personally :) i'll take shell any day11:40
isomariairquality: I'm using that now but the option to not retrieve before a certain directory is not working.11:40
isomariairquality: oh, were you answering me?11:42
airqualityhm. pretty sure i didn't write down what i did. i do now.. but didn't at the time, anyway i doubt it would help you because you just end up with a folder structure and instead of having a web page now you have a bunch of local files that still aren't PDFs :X11:42
airqualityyea, i'm just spending some time helping others debug :D i'm not the best but i enjoy helping11:43
isomariairquality: I've tred many times to convert a downloaded site but I've never done it successfully.11:43
airqualityi don't imagine i'll solve your problem, but i'll play with wget and see what happens11:44
airqualitywhat format is the web page? something tells me this may have been easier in the old pre-AMP, pre-mobile days of HTML and CSS, haha11:45
isomarimaybe I'll try wkhtmltopdf again.11:45
airqualityso if you're lucky enough to have all HTML files11:46
airqualityLibreOffice Writer can export to pdf. Are you that lucky? :D11:47
airqualityoh, same solution you said. haha11:47
airqualitythat application you mentioned seems to be the one LibreOffice Writer uses11:48
airqualitygotta run, project time!11:48
jgh-ok apparently installing lilo into the windows disk MBR has fixed it :P11:58
BluesKajHiyas all12:03
Calvus\msg NickServ Register zfrgamnxpvfrrs irc.spam@dennisjj.co.uk12:55
jeremy31Calvus: try in server window12:55
jeremy31/msg Nickserv12:56
MalgorathSo I'm setting up a beefy linux box and I was going to put in a video card, I have infront of me, an AMD 580RX 8G a NVIDIA 960GT 2GB or an Nvidia Quadro 600 2GB13:02
Malgorathmy question is which works best I guess with linux13:02
MalgorathI am just remember some headaches from the past with ATI/AMD cards and drivers being a PITA13:03
MalgorathBut maybe they made strides and its better.13:03
Exagone313Hi, for starting pulseaudio on others distros (from i3), I usually use start-pulseaudio-x11, but on ubuntu I get "Connection failure: Connection refused", but using pulseaudio --start works.  Should I just keep using that second command or is there anything that would be missing?13:24
brainwashExagone313: I thought that pulseaudio is started automatically anyway13:34
Exagone313brainwash: I'm not running a desktop environment that is pre-configured to do that13:34
brainwash>"Autospawning" means that when a PulseAudio client tries to connect to the server, but the server isn't running, the server gets automatically started. The feature is part of libpulse, and it's completely transparent to applications, that is, applications don't have to explicitly add support for autospawning, autospawning is done automatically as part of the connection process of any PulseAudio application.13:36
brainwashso, start-pulseaudio-x11 would just ensure that pulseaudio is up and running immediately on session start13:38
brainwashthat's how I understand it13:38
brainwashExagone313: did you disable autospawing (pulseaudio configuration)?13:43
Exagone313brainwash: I kept default configuration13:44
brainwashmaybe you got a non default config file in ~/.config/pulse/13:45
Exagone313I don't13:46
brainwashI would just use the second command then or none if things work correctly (autospawn)13:48
Exagone313brainwash: it seems that autospawn is disabled in default config: libpulse0:amd64: /etc/pulse/client.conf.d/00-disable-autospawn.conf contains autospawn=no13:53
Exagone313I'll keep that second command, doesn't seem to have any issue13:55
raidghostHow can i add swap/ram and cpu cores specificly to the command unrar ?14:03
tomreynraidghost: you can increase process priority, but how many resources a process requests is up to it (any any options or configurations you may have passed to it)14:06
Raichuvimar: Hi14:07
vimaroi Raichu14:08
brainwashExagone313: changelog for pulseaudio mentions this: Use systemd socket activation by default on linux systems. At the same time, disable autospawn to prevent conflicts.14:10
nullbyte_how can i add linuxlogo.service to boot before login promt with systemd?14:21
Kurt-xubuntuwell i seem to have sorted out my issue with the screen going white and the mouse locking up when the monitor comes out of sleep was talking to my brother he is a old Linux system admin and computer consultant but he won't touch my computers makes me fix them myself learn more that way.. anyway he swears it is a x-windows issue in xubuntu so to get around it i just installed xscreensaver and have it go to a screensaver at night14:39
Kurt-xubuntuinstead of power off the monitor no more waking up to a screwed up monitor every morning14:39
Kurt-xubuntuhow high?15:09
Ben_XI am having issues with backing up my system - not enough storage space issue.  However I have plenty of space...15:20
linuxconformerguys whats the best way of handling ftp on my server? (never used ftp before)15:21
linuxconformeris there a package that can help set it up or something?15:21
linuxconformerwhich one?15:21
BluefoxicyHave any of the developers figured out what bug is the root cause of Ubuntu 18.04 locking up so often?  Even a fresh install in some environments—notably VMware and KVM environments—is only stable for a few hours before it just dies.15:22
BluefoxicyIt's basically Windows ME15:22
BluefoxicyI've seen a few bugs filed about it and some chatter on forums, but nothing coming out of the Ubuntu team about when 18.04 will be production-ready.15:23
Kurt-xubuntui would not recomend using ftp outside your firewall unless you really know what your doing15:24
Kurt-xubuntuwhen you set it up..15:24
Kurt-xubuntuthat is just me15:24
Shambler[So. Windows 10 to drive B, trashes Ubuntu on drive A. Are people aware of this?15:25
Shambler[* Windows 10 install to drive B15:25
xamithanWhat do you mean by trashes,  people are aware it'll override the boot loader if that is what you mean15:25
Shambler[yes it trashes the boot loader15:26
xamithanThat's why you install win10 first15:26
Shambler[No Win10 should not do that15:26
=== Wryhder is now known as Lucas_Gray
Kurt-xubuntuif your doing a dual boot system you have to install windows first always15:26
Shambler[It's not dual boot15:26
Shambler[They are on two separate drives15:26
Shambler[Ubuntu on drive A, windows on driveB15:27
xamithanYou're welcome to talk to microsoft and ask them to fix it.  But ubuntu has no control over that15:27
Kurt-xubuntustill dual boot15:27
Shambler[does windows override the boot sector on all drives?15:27
xamithanPlus,  it's pretty easy to fix the EFI manually15:27
Shambler[I know it can be fixed, I'll do that shortly - that's not the point though15:28
Shambler[It's an anticompetitive practice by microsoft15:28
Shambler[They should get sued15:28
Eickmeyer!ot | Shambler[15:29
ubottuShambler[: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:29
ChunkzZI got an openvpn on ubuntu 18.04 running.. I'm trying to access a 192.168.x.x on my local network and it times out. can I somehow stop the vpn for local networks?15:30
=== Shambler[ is now known as Shambler[Bishop
Shambler[Bishopso, at a corporate level, do Ubuntu or any other desktop Unix organizations, look at taking legal action for anticompetitive practices like that?15:32
Shambler[BishopIt's very clerly done to trash competing operating systems15:32
Eickmeyer!discuss | Shambler[Bishop15:32
ubottuShambler[Bishop: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!15:32
Eickmeyer!patience | ChunkzZ15:33
ubottuChunkzZ: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/15:33
xamithanYou'll have to set up split tunneling inside openvpn15:33
Shambler[BishopOk. How do I fix the trashed boot partition?15:33
ChunkzZxamithan, I would if I knew how to.15:34
xamithanSorry I don't know how to either without looking at a guide,  just wanted to get you started.  ##networking probably better help15:35
linuxconformerwhy can't i use my root user for ftp?15:36
linuxconformerit gives me 530 Login failed15:37
Bluefoxicybecause the root user has a lot of power and hackers would be able to use it to do unlimited damage15:37
linuxconformeroh ok15:37
linuxconformerwhat if my normal user doesn't have a password though? (to allow SSH easily)15:38
hggdhlinuxconformer: SSH allows for public key authentication without password; FTP has no such thing15:39
linuxconformercan i set a password specifically for FTP only?15:39
xamithanuse sftp then ?15:39
linuxconformerdo i need a SSL server for that?15:39
linuxconformer(currently my server only has an IP address, no domain name and no certs)15:39
xamithanit'll use ssh but be like ftp15:39
ChunkzZI can access 192.168.0.x but can't access the 192.168.0.x15:43
ChunkzZI can't access but can access wth?15:43
Eickmeyerlinuxconformer: That's a very, very bad idea. There are ways of setting-up SSH without having to enter your password every time.  https://www.tecmint.com/ssh-passwordless-login-using-ssh-keygen-in-5-easy-steps/15:45
linuxconformerEickmeyer: yeah that's what i have atm, i just use my private key15:45
blebmy internet was down yesterday and still appears to be fucked up. it looks like the dns server defined by dhcp ( is not acting as a dns server15:47
Eickmeyerlinuxconformer: Then you're good, but having a user without a password for remote login is a bad idea. Private keys work instead.15:47
blebbut i can ping external ip addresses and am ssh'd into my vps right now so clearly the network is up15:47
blebhow would i configure my network to use a different ip address for resolving names? and what would be a good dns server to use?15:48
Eickmeyerbleb: Your questions can best be answered in ##networking.15:48
ren0v0phpmyadmin is complaining about mbstring not being installed, but ubuntu apt is telling me that is it ?15:48
blebEickmeyer: but this depends on how it works in ubuntu15:48
ren0v0The mbstring extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration.   >>   php7.2-mbstring is already the newest version (7.2.15-0ubuntu0.18.04.2)15:48
ren0v0any ideas?15:48
blebat least the systemd way to do it will be different from the non-systemd way15:48
Eickmeyerbleb: It works in Ubuntu the same as it works in other distros that use systemd. Your question isn't specific to Ubuntu.15:48
ChunkzZI can also access it from terminal... what the hell is wrong15:49
blebEickmeyer: ok good to know so i'll ask in #systemd15:49
ChunkzZI can connect via ssh but if I try via my internet browser.. it doesn't load...15:49
blebi thought maybe ubuntu had a special graphical tool for configuring it15:49
Eickmeyerbleb: ##networking is what I recommend, not #systemd.15:50
sharekhi all15:50
Eickmeyerbleb: No, Ubuntu doesn't have a graphical tool for that.15:50
Kurt-xubuntubleb the proper way would be to change the dns server at the router to a free dns server like googles dns server or opendns the networking channel can help with that15:50
blebKurt-xubuntu: thanks15:50
Eickmeyer!who | ChunkzZ15:52
ubottuChunkzZ: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)15:52
ChunkzZEickmeyer, I was just saying in general, not aimed at anyone... lol15:53
ChunkzZyou like doing that, eh.15:53
xamithanlookup how to change the dns in openvpn15:54
ChunkzZxamithan, ? this is what I said in ##networking: can anyone help me? I'm trying to access on my local network: but I have a vpn ON, I can SSH into it and can also access but if I try in my browser, it doesn't load/refuses the connection? I can access in my browser but I can't with
EickmeyerChunkzZ: Please don't antagonize me. I'm here to help, and part of that requires directing people to the right channels.15:55
ChunkzZlmao I'm not antagonising you at all....15:55
xamithanOh,  that's a different issue.  So an http server is actually running on that IP ?15:55
xamithanssh | browser is not the same thing15:55
ChunkzZif I type "curl icanhazip.com it shows the vpn ip.15:56
ChunkzZThis site can’t be reached is unreachable. ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE15:58
xamithanRight,  you still need to configure split tunnel so your local networks have a route15:58
ChunkzZxamithan, but why can I access lol15:58
ikanoboriChunkzZ: Is there anything actually on that IP and what do your routes look like.15:58
ikanoboriIs your VPN pushing a route for it?15:58
xamithanbecause your domain isn't the same thing as while behind that VPN15:59
ChunkzZyeah it's my download server ikanobori ie usenet/torrent server.15:59
ChunkzZxamithan, what? I can access through my browser too.16:00
ikanoboriChunkzZ: Usually a VPN might push some routes that say 'you can access range through me'.16:00
xamithanisn't that icanhazip.com ?16:00
ikanoboriIt's likely pushing a range you didn't expect which makes your system try to use the VPN to access that particular IP.16:00
ikanoboriSo you can look into your routes and VPN config :)16:01
SkyriderGreetings everyone16:17
SkyriderQuick and hopefully simple question. As you all know, www-data user/group is used for all web related stuff, usually anyway. Now I have added my user to the www-data group, but how do I make sure that all files I upload will use the www-data owner/group rather than my own user/group? Using SFTP, but wanting to apply this to FTP.16:18
Ben_XHello Skyrider16:18
xamithanI'd just enable the setuid|setgid bits on those directories skyrider16:19
vimarHi Skyrider16:20
VectorXhi, ubuntu 18.04.1 i have installed whois with apt, its 5.3.0 and says thats the latest, but the latest is 5.4.2, how can i update this ?16:21
brainwashVectorX: ubuntu 19.04 (currently Beta) has that version16:22
xamithanTry ubuntu+1 or install from source vectorx16:23
SkyriderAwesome, I'll look into  it xamithan, thanks.16:23
VectorXright, but with the ubuntu version i have is there a way to get that beside manually compiling etc16:23
xamithanCould try finding a PPA16:23
SkyriderAlso, out of curiosity. Does it have to be www-data as user/group for the permissions to work properly? Or can the www-data also be in the users group.16:23
cryptodan_mobileWhat does the latest give you that current doesnt?16:24
VectorXcryptodan_mobile its the whois servers queried16:24
xamithanIt depends on the file permissions,  a lot of files are 644 and don't have write privs on the group skyrider16:24
cryptodan_mobileThat shouldnt change16:24
SkyriderUsing anything else than www-data tends for web software (like forums) to lack proper permissions to read it without a manual change.16:24
Skyrideraka errors like ./cache needs write permissions, etc.16:25
VectorXcryptodan_mobile those are what has mainly changed, https://github.com/rfc1036/whois/blob/next/debian/changelog16:25
SkyriderThese write/read permissions usually tend to happen if I use my own user/group, rather than www-data. If I change it to www-data, those errors just disappear :p16:26
cryptodan_mobileQuerying whois for a .jp aka Japan site would still use apnic VectorX16:27
VectorXxamithan i dont do this often, what would i run to install https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/whois16:27
xamithanOut of scope for here VectorX.  Might try ##linux16:34
VectorXsure ill ask there, i think i just need to find the ppa name but not sure where that is on that page16:34
brainwashthat is the official ubuntu repo16:35
xamithanI don't even know if there is a PPA.  whois isn't exactly something you'd need newer versions of like mysql16:35
VectorXthat probably explains it16:35
brainwashyou could download the deb package and check if it installs cleanly16:36
leftyfbthat probably isn't goung to work16:37
brainwashit can work16:37
xamithanSure,  if all the dependecies are the same16:38
brainwashif not, one would have to pull in those too16:38
brainwashand create a mess16:38
RedSec   ___               _     ___16:42
RedSec  | _ \    ___    __| |   / __|    ___     __16:42
RedSec  |   /   / -_)  / _` |   \__ \   / -_)   / _|16:42
RedSec  |_|_\   \___|  \__,_|   |___/   \___|   \__|_16:42
leftyfb!op | RedSec16:42
ubottuRedSec: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax16:42
RedSec  |   /   / -_)  / _` |   \__ \   / -_)   / _|   /16:44
yaduxdoes holding shift key at start work if F2(setup) is password protected?16:49
yaduxare the two related in some way?16:52
leftyfbyadux: yes and no16:56
yaduxleftyfb: thanx, can you please explain me?16:56
leftyfbyadux: yes, it works regardless of the BIOS being password protected. No, having access to the GRUB menu is in no way related to your BIOS being password protected.16:56
yaduxleftyfb: then i think i'm doing something wrong because i cannot reach grub menu... do i need to press shift many times or just keep it pressed?16:58
leftyfbyadux: what version of ubuntu? Why do you need to access the GRUB menu?16:58
yaduxleftyfb: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, i need to change admin password17:01
leftyfbyadux: the admin password? yadux you don't remember your users password?17:01
yaduxleftyfb: it's an old computer, been off for a long time17:02
yaduxleftyfb: i also dont remember bios password...17:02
leftyfbyadux: you hold down shift17:02
yaduxleftyfb: nothing happens, but i'll try again now17:03
leftyfbyadux: you can also try ESC17:03
leftyfbyadux: you can also boot a live cd/usb and chroot to your / and update the password that way17:05
yaduxleftyfb: doesnt work... when exactly should i start pressing it? i'll try with esc now17:05
yaduxleftyfb: just tried with esc and doesnt give me grub either, f2 needs password, and i dont have livecd now... any way out?17:09
leftyfbyadux: make a live cd/usb17:10
yaduxleftyfb: i start pressing immediately at boot, is that right?17:10
leftyfbyadux: yes17:10
yaduxleftyfb: and just holding it down (not pressing many times), right?17:10
leftyfbyadux: to be honest, I've had to try different things on different computers for some reason17:11
yaduxleftyfb: if it's unrelated to f2, it should work.. i dont understand...17:11
leftyfbyadux: it's unrelated to your BIOS being password protected. If it's a BIOS. If it's EFI, that might be the issue17:12
yaduxleftyfb: i thought it didnt work because f2 was protected... you are sure this is wrong?17:12
yaduxwhat is efi?17:12
yaduxleftyfb: how to tell if it's bios or efi?17:13
leftyfbyadux: sorry, I need to step away17:14
yaduxleftyfb: ok, thanks for your time17:14
yaduxOTHER QUESTION: Is there a way to know how many times (and when) a password was changed?17:17
yaduxIs it logged somewhere?17:18
LevierMRQHi.  Im liking a lot the "Share Ratio" of aMule.  Also, for some reasons, aMule seems to be less annoying for your peers; then meaning (i most figure) better for environnement than some others torrents.  My question is: what p2p you  believe i would get and install on Xenial?17:21
LevierMRQyadux: Passwords in Ubuntu or on the web?  (Im not sure to understand your request)17:22
rfmyadux, last password change dae is ikept, (in /etc/shadwo), the "chage -l <user>" command can display it.  Just one date, not how many times or other history17:22
yaduxLevierMRQ: ubuntu17:23
yaduxrfm: thanks, do you need privileges to access that?17:23
rfmyadux, an unpriviledged account can display its own info, not anybody elses (just like it can change its own password but nobody else)17:24
yaduxrfm: thanx17:27
isomarigreetings, should networkd-dispatcher be running if I'm using NetworkManager?17:28
yaduxrfm: can you also answer my first question? can you see it or do i need to repaste it?17:31
rfmyadux, no, I don't know why esc or shaift isn' working for you.  it just sails past the grub menu and boots ubuntu?17:32
yaduxrfm: yes exactly, i cannot get to grub...17:32
yaduxrfm: i thought it was because f2 is passwrd protected, but another person who helped me said the two are not related17:33
rfmyadux, what about opening up the box and resetting CMOS?  (via the jumper or taking out the battery.)  That might remove the bios password...17:33
yaduxrfm: so you think they ARE related?17:34
Cryptolockguys any suggestions why everytime i reboot the box i have to add the route gateway manually ?17:34
rfmyadux, I agree with leftyb that the bios password shouldn't affect getting the grub menu.17:34
yaduxrfm: i am a beginner, i'm afraid i will do damage if i open the computer...17:35
yaduxrfm: then why cant i get to grub?17:35
yaduxrfm: isn't it strange?17:35
brainwashisomari: you could disable it and see if everything still works17:35
yaduxrfm: do i also need to press tab maybe?17:35
rfmyadux, afaik it's either shift or esc (I never use any.17:37
yaduxrfm: afaik?17:37
rfmyadux, afaik = As Far As I Know.17:38
hggdhI know left shift works for stopping at grub selection17:38
yaduxrfm: is it possible that grub is under there even though the screen is all black?17:38
rfmyadux, given the system is effectively bricked for you, can't see how opening it up and resetting CMOS could make it worse.17:39
airqualitystandaiirc, and let me be clear, ianal, but in any field of study i think acronyms decrease efficiency. but they're so convenient to use when typing.. dilemma..17:39
yaduxrfm: i mean grub menu is there, but it's not displayed17:40
yaduxrfm: maybe i will do the opening up as you say in the end, but first i want to try everything else...17:41
yaduxrfm: i think now i want to try assuming grub is there, and using it "blindly"... bad idea?17:42
yaduxgrub menu i mean17:42
yaduxrfm: thanks for your help17:43
yaduxhggdh: thanx17:44
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StupidDanbohow do I find out why my computer restarted? I think this is the 2nd time this has happened, and I suspect the same thing caused it last time, attempting to maximize a video in my Chromium web browser.18:21
StupidDanbolast reboot reports it was at 13:41. There's nothing in /var/log/syslog for that time.18:22
StupidDanbonothing in auth.log18:24
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TJ-How to discover which key maps to "Super" (xfce4/Xubuntu 18.04) ?19:06
ChunkzZTJ-, /join #xubuntu19:06
TJ-good point - I'm only ever in xubuntu-devel :)19:07
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ducasseTJ-: maybe a combination of 'xmodmap -pke' and 'xkeycaps'?19:18
TJ-ducasse: hmmm, xmodmap doesn't list it (only Super_L and Super_R) which I had thought were Alt/Atr_Gr but no... stuck right now without a pointing device so trying to work with shortcuts¬19:24
ducasseTJ-: well, by default the 'windows' key is usually super19:25
TJ-ducasse: right, that is what I was expecting, but it isn't being reacted to. Not helping this is first-use of a new keyboard (which in all other respects seems to be standard 105-key UK mapping)19:27
ducasseTJ-: does xev report anything?19:28
TJ-ducasse: OK, so how do you quit xev from a keyvboard!!! ?19:31
ioriayou close the gui window19:32
ducasseor ctrl+x it in the shell you opened it from19:32
jeremy31close the little box19:33
TJ-Ctrl+C / q etc. do not work :)19:33
ioriaTJ-, you should have a gui window19:33
TJ-It turns out it does allow Alt+Tab to switch back to the terminal where Ctrl+C then does work19:33
TJ-ioria: Yes, which doesn't accept those key sequences19:34
ioriaTJ-, i mean: close it19:34
jeremy31TJ click the close button on event tester window19:34
ioriaevery keyboard sequence is captured by xev19:35
TJ-ioria: right, but there is no way to close the window using only the keyboard - at least nothing obvious19:35
ioriaTJ-, kill it with the pid19:35
TJ-Recall I am working with NO pointer device19:35
ioriaTJ-, open anothe tab19:36
jeremy31Open another terminal and sudo killall xev19:36
ducasseeasiest is to focus the terminal and ctrl+c19:36
ioriahow to focus without mouse ? :)19:37
TJ-ioria: how .. xev has grabbed all keyboard input at that point. As I said, I found the only way was to Alt+Tab out. All the expected quit/terminate combos are not translated but consumed by XEV directly19:37
ioriaTJ-, can't you open another terminal tab ?19:38
TJ-Thanks for all the suggestions though, so I've found out the Windows key generates "Multi_key" but not discovered what "Super" is!19:38
TJ-ioria: Ahh, yes, that works too.19:39
ioriawhat's the matter TJ- ?19:39
TJ-ioria: I'm using a 'new' keyboard which has no touchpad/pointer control, and found that the default hotkey (Xubuntu 18.04) is Super + <whatever> but cannot find what key is supposed to be "Super"19:40
ioriai see19:41
ioriaTJ-, maybe   grep -i super  /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc19:41
ioriaon xubuntu Super should be mapped on whisker19:42
TJ-ioria: ahhh, now that sounds more like my kind of solution, let me try19:42
ioriaTJ-, if you edit   /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc , you'll need to logout/in19:43
TJ-ioria: nope, that only got hits for "superior"19:44
TJ-ioria: Ctrl+Esc brings up the XFCE system menu, and there are Ctrl+Alt+<whatever> alternatives but there are some with just Super+<whatever> - it bugs me the system/GUI doesn't, in the keyboard settings, detail which keycodes are currently mapped and which keys those are likely to be19:45
ioriaTJ-, and what happens if you press the Win key ?19:46
TJ-ioria: nothing discernable!19:46
ioriano good19:47
ioriaTJ-, <Alt> + F1 ?19:49
TJ-ioria: that looks like the Whisker application menu only, without all the decoration19:50
TJ-ahhh, maybe this is causing the problem (/etc/default/keyboard) "XKBOPTIONS="lv3:ralt_switch,compose:lwin""19:52
TJ-"compose:lwin" ?19:52
ioriaa bug maybe19:52
ioriaTJ-, on gnome-shell that is set to null19:56
TJ-ioria: I suspect if the system compose key is set to LWin, that cancels out the 'Super' mapping19:56
ioriayes, probably (i read something about it)19:57
AlexP11223I have two disks: https://i.imgur.com/1BsKXIK.png 1 TB NVME SSD with Win 10 and empty 512 GB SATA SSD. I want to install Ubuntu 19.04 on the second one.20:25
AlexP11223Why it installs bootloader on the first disk when I install it like this? https://i.imgur.com/9gSK1wo.png20:25
AlexP11223now in UEFI I see both on the same disk20:25
TJ-AlexP11223: usually UEFI systems use a single EFI system partition which contains multiple OS boot loaders, and that goes on the primary device20:27
AlexP11223why it can't just install everything  on the selected disk?20:28
xamithanYou can,  but how would it know which bootloader to use20:29
xamithanIt doesn't,  it uses the one on the first disk20:29
TJ-AlexP11223: well, you'd have to create an EFI-SP on the 2nd device (possibly manually) so it could be selected at install time20:30
AlexP11223hm, I think it's possible to just select the disk I want to boot in uefi boot menu20:30
ducasseit boots in the order specified by the firmware boot variables20:31
TJ-AlexP11223: most firmware should have no problem with multiple EFI system partitions on multiple devices, but the OS installer needs helping because in most cases it assumes if there is an EFI-SP, to use it20:32
AlexP11223yeah but why it ignores the selection in the dropdown menu at the bottom of the installer?20:33
TJ-AlexP11223: Not sure; possibly a bug?20:34
jeremy31Disconnect the other drives and install Ubuntu20:36
AlexP11223yeah but it's more difficult to do and I thought only Windows does not allow to do this without disconnecting :(20:38
jeremy31AlexP11223: It might be easier than doing manual partitioning and installing with ubiquity -b to skip bootloader install and then manually installing grub20:42
TJ-Should be able to do it via "Try Ubuntu", create the EFI-SP on the 2nd device, then start the installer and select that 2nd device for bootloader and see if it does get put there20:46
OerHeksselecting that 2nd nvme as 1st boot device in bios, possibly helps too20:50
TJ-OerHeks: there should be no such option for UEFI20:50
OerHeksalways locked?20:52
TJ-OerHeks: no, but the UEFI boot manager doesn't have a concept of devices, it's a boot-order of entries, where each entry can be asigned to any device (which could be local, network, removable, etc.)20:53
ToasterDEVHello everyone! New user here :)21:02
ToasterDEVI've been trying to install backports kubuntu-desktop onto a Linux on Dex Ubuntu 16.04 arm64 distro, but every time the metapackage gets to kde-runtime, it presents issues while handling kdesud.21:03
ToasterDEVI would be really thankful if somebody could help me sort this out.21:03
TJ-!welcome | ToasterDEV21:03
TJ-ToasterDEV: that sounds like a problem that the #kubuntu folks might be more familiar with21:03
ToasterDEVAlright,  I'll go switch over there. Thanks for the help!21:04
Mr_SheeshWhere would be the right place to ask about a grub problem?21:26
rypervencheMr_Sheesh: What is your problem?21:27
Bashing-omMr_Sheesh: If on ubuntu here is good --- the #grub channel might be better .21:27
Mr_SheeshInstalled Ubuntu on a friend's win10 laptop to dual boot, did the disabling fast boot & secure boot (it's a UEFI system) but grub won't boot Ubuntu, just win10. Still learning LInux and this one has me stuck21:40
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Bashing-omMr_Sheesh: UEFI is out of my experience range - others here will assist, Wait :)21:44
fleabeardhello friends, I added a new user to sudo and am trying to ssh into that pc, but am getting the error "Permission denied (publickey)". I added this user to sshd_config with "AllowUsers newuser", restarted ssh and can't get in. Any ideas?21:45
ToasterDEVHello everyone! I'm back again, it seems both #kubuntu and #ubports weren't the right place for my issue. Does anybody here have experience with Linux on Dex?21:46
TJ-fleabeard: did you ssh_copy_id to the remote user account so it has the public key?21:47
TJ-ToasterDEV: have you been able to capture the error reports to a pastebin?21:48
OerHeksToasterDEV, then you should try ##linux,21:49
fleabeardTJ-, no, does that mean the newuser I created on that remote server I'm trying to ssh into has to have a ssh key generated on my PC first to copy it too?21:49
ToasterDEVI have: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ttFGmcxchj/21:49
ToasterDEVI'll go and ask #linux too.21:49
OerHeksTJ, it is an special image to run on S9 and other smartphones, not really ubuntu , and that backports part, is over the top.21:50
TJ-fleabeard: no, the other way around. You use ssh_copy_id to copy your *local* user's public key to the remote user's account, e.g. if you're Alice and the remote user is Bob, and you're logged in locally as Alice, you'd do "ssh_copy_id bob@remote.host.tld" - but the remote host would need to allow password access first. Alternatively, you can manually copy the local $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa.pub and append it to the21:51
TJ-remote's /home/bob/.ssh/authorized_keys21:51
fleabeardTJ-, ah okay thanks, I'll give that a shot21:52
TJ-ToasterDEV: I can help you in as much as pointing you to where the error occurs. It is in the post-install script of kde-runtime package, specifically line 9 here: https://git.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-runtime/tree/debian/kde-runtime.postinst?h=applied/ubuntu/yakkety-proposed21:56
fleabeardTJ-, worked a treat, thanks!21:56
TJ-ToasterDEV: however, I suspect the packages you're using (as their name indicates from a PPA) may have modified that file/line. You can examine it manually in /var/lib/dpkg/info/kde-runtime.postinst21:58
ToasterDEVThanks! Let me take a look.21:59
TJ-ToasterDEV: it could also be that as a non-standard install, files are in different locations, or some locations are read-only. The error message isn't precise22:00
ToasterDEVTrue enough, risks of beta software. Thank you!22:01
fleabeardif I create a user with "adduser --disabled-login newuser" how would I login as that user since it never prompts you to create a password for it?22:07
fleabeardlogin as in "su - newuser" at the terminal22:07
OerHeksnot, such action is for service accounts.22:08
hggdhfleabeard: have you tried sudo - newuser?22:10
fleabeardhggdh, sudo: -: command not found22:11
hggdhfleabeard: ugh. sudo -i newuser22:12
Sbur3Is there a way to have a VPN automatically set up and run on startup of the computer?22:12
Sbur3xamithan: How?22:13
Sbur3xamithan: I mean, I don't want to set it up each time.  Like automate the procedure so that I don't ever need to do so again ...22:14
xamithanMany different ways.  Put it in your startup DE folder,  put it into systemd and enable at a boot,  put it in your rc.local22:14
JoeLlamaI'm looking for TDD (sometimes called TTY) software for the deaf that runs on linux... anyone know of any?22:14
xamithanI don't even know what kind of VPN you are talking about22:15
fleabeardhggdh, didn't work, what I'm actually just trying to do is have that user run an .sh script. I've tried: su - newuser -c "/opt/app/cmd.sh"22:15
fleabeardget prompted for a password that I never got to specify, then it fails with no auth :/22:15
Sbur3xamithan: I'm an idiot. Self proclaimed.  What is the easiest and best way?  I use NordVpn22:15
xamithanOk and how do you connect,  with their client ?22:16
Sbur3xamithan: Username and password22:16
hggdhfleabeard: you cannot su to it, the account has no password set. Try sudo -s command (and make sure the script correctly sets the environment)22:17
xamithanI mean like,  what software do you use.  openvpn ?22:17
xamithanThey have a guide on their website for openvpn.  https://support.nordvpn.com/Connectivity/Linux/1047410192/Linux-start-on-boot-manual-connection.htm22:17
Sbur3xamithan: Thanks.  I hadn't seen this part of the guide22:19
Sbur3xamithan: bye22:19
JoeLlamaso no one has heard of deaf TDD software that runs under linux?22:27
JoeLlamaseems like it should be out there someplace, right?22:27
JoeLlamabut I can't find it :(22:27
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TechnologicalJoeLlama, what does that do?22:31
JoeLlamaTechnological, it allows deaf people to make calls and use the keyboard and screen to communicate over the phone22:32
JoeLlamathere is software I found for windows but not linux22:32
TechnologicalHmmm do you think that software can run under WINE?22:35
JoeLlamaprobably not Technological but I dunno22:37
TechnologicalWell I'm not too sure how proficient you are in using linux but most of the time installing WINE just needs a few commands.22:38
TJ-JoeLlama: The only speech recognition tool in the archives I can find is pocketsphinx22:40
TJ-!info pocketSphinx | JoeLlama22:40
ubottuJoeLlama: pocketsphinx (source: pocketsphinx): Speech recognition tool. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.8.0+real5prealpha-1ubuntu2 (bionic), package size 22 kB, installed size 79 kB22:40
JoeLlamathanks TJ- ... but I am looking for text only since deaf people don't usually talk much22:41
JoeLlamaif you google TDD and deaf you will see what I am talking about22:41
TJ-JoeLlama: ahhh, and TDD in software means Test Driven Development, which makes finding the correct stuff more difficult22:43
JoeLlamayeah that's they the keyword deaf is needed22:43
JoeLlamaalso TTY and deaf which is also confusing22:44
JoeLlamaboth TDD and TTY are used in conjunction with the key word deaf22:44
Technologicalfound this on github https://github.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=tdd+deaf&type=22:45
OerHekshmm, baudot tty supported by asterisk22:46
argusi use commannd grep -i -o to many files output haver Experian_Arizona.csv:text i need no put file name grep22:47
TJ-JoeLlama: I notice that asterisk has a TDD plug-in22:50
plongshotHow do I add a command / path for an installed program? To do it manually on the command line.  Do I just go into /bin or /usr/bin and make a sim link with ln to the exectuabel??22:51
plongshotAm I remembering right? But this is a new version of ubu soo...22:51
TechnologicalI thought anything in sbin and bin you can just type in the command anywhere and it should work22:52
plongshotTechnological: rhght on. imna go fishiing round in there  :>22:53
Technologicalgood luck.22:54
TJ-plongshot: if the executable is in a directory specified in $PATH you can invoke it directly by name only, otherwise you need to provide an absolute or relative path22:56
TechnologicalTJ-, Have you ever encountered a linux installation where the Hardware inputs for the Mic are not showing up ? Alsamixer says it has rear mic and front mic but the regular audio settings doesn't list those devices.23:00
JoeLlamaoh ok thankss Technological and TJ-23:01
TJ-Technological: "regular audio settings" - do you mean the GUI's PulseAudio interface? That may be due to having the incorrect 'profile' selected (e.g. it has a profile that isn't duplex (out + in) )23:02
TJ-JoeLlama: from what I read TDD/TTY/Baudot can also be a problem depending on which country you're in, and therefore the rate it uses 44.1 vs 50 etc.23:02
Technologicalyeah that is what I meant. Let me see if I can figure out the profile I need for this thing23:02
TJ-Technological: I'd recommend using the full "pavucontrol" Configuration tab23:03
JoeLlamaoh ok23:03
TechnologicalI use pavucontrol but it also doesn't list the inputs on there23:03
TechnologicalIt only shows my xrdp sink unfortunately23:03
TJ-Technological: no "duplex" profile?23:04
Technologicalhow do I check that? I never really messed with the sounds23:04
TJ-Technological: the "Configuration" tab, Profile drop-down menu23:04
Technologicalsays no cards available for configuration23:05
Technologicalhaha but my sound works so that can't be right23:06
TechnologicalWell it works remotely I never tried connecting speakers to the PC(yet)23:06
TJ-That suggests PA isn't controlling the audio - is it running? "ps -efly | grep pulse" should show a process owned by your user account23:07
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TJ-Have you at some point customised the PA config (you mentioned 'remotely') and somehow caused it to 'lose' the local outputs?23:08
TJ-Technological: a quick test is to create a new user account and test in that, if that works, you know the cause is something in the reguylar account's configuration23:08
TechnologicalI am using xrdp with audio23:08
Technologicalbut It says pulse is running on my user account23:09
Technological00:00:02 /usr/bin/pulseaudio --start --log-target=syslog23:09
Technologicalthe other stuff is my username and junk23:09

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