carbonzeroEickmeyer, hey Erich?02:23
carbonzeroyou around?02:23
EickmeyerSomething like that.02:23
EickmeyerWhat's up?02:23
carbonzeroyou need to take a look at the offtopic channel, dude. the studio bot's acting weird02:24
carbonzeroI don't know what's going on but it's freaking me out.02:24
Eickmeyercarbonzero: No, that's just Mike. He's a new guy.02:26
EickmeyerHe's in the Telegram channel.02:26
Eickmeyerstudiobot is the Telegram bridge.02:27
carbonzerooh. sheesh. Man, I thought for a moment the channel was hacked and I was like, there's no way. Erich's got to have that hardened as could be. The English was a bit off and I was worried something was going on.02:28
carbonzeroJeez. I haven't been that worried in a verrrrrry long time. lol02:28
EickmeyerHe's also in this channel.02:28
carbonzeroOk. Sorry. Welcome new guy! I was just worried. Sorry.02:29
carbonzeroCarry on. I think I'll go pick up a new heart now since I think mine ran out of my chest. lol02:29
MiauKaliCulkinHi @eickmeyer02:46
EickmeyerHi MiauKaliCulkin! Feel free to join #ubuntustudio-devel for this question since this channel is for support.02:47
Eickmeyer"/join #ubuntustudio-devel"02:47
MiauKaliCulkinCould I ask you about whichever "important app or packet" should I install to get fully working my desk? For example....I installed nvidia drivers BUT WEBCAM DOESN'T APPEAR AS INSTALLED, is there any soft/driver or a way to detect missing drivers?02:59
MiauKaliCulkinOr ...02:59
MiauKaliCulkin For example02:59
MiauKaliCulkinI installed Synaptic because its better than Software, and Snap Store03:00
MiauKaliCulkinIs there more software should I try or should I have to have installed?03:00
MiauKaliCulkinI'd like to know about scientific applications, like Stelarium, Celestia, Elements, and so on03:01
MiauKaliCulkinI hear all your recommendations03:03
EickmeyerMiauKaliCulkin: You might have to ask the webcam questions in #ubuntu.03:04
EickmeyerThe webcam should just work. I haven't run across a webcam that didn't work in Linux.03:04
MiauKaliCulkinWhat about your software packages recommendations?03:05
EickmeyerThat's a very subjective question. If you don't have Carla installed, go with that. Otherwise, what comes with Ubuntu Studio is good!03:06
MiauKaliCulkinWhat comes with Ubuntu studio is near of perfection03:07
MiauKaliCulkinBut Educational apps is near of missing03:07
MiauKaliCulkinI understand Ubuntu studio is not and scientific or educational distribution03:08
EickmeyerThere used to be an educational flavor of Ubuntu called Edubuntu, but it's no longer developed.03:08
EickmeyerThere are plenty of educational apps you can find in Synaptic.03:08
MiauKaliCulkinBut I don't know about them, or their names03:09
MiauKaliCulkinBut OK, I'll find03:09
MiauKaliCulkinHuh! Webcam is working perfectly with Cheese! Hahaha03:09
EickmeyerThere should be an educational category, either in Synaptic or the Software Center.03:10
MiauKaliCulkinSoftware center seems like empty of apps instead Synaptic, but Synaptic doesn't show icons or screenshots. I will find03:13
MiauKaliCulkinCarbonzero left us :-(03:35
studiobotMiauKaliCulkin was removed by: MiauKaliCulkin03:35
MiauKaliCulkinAh, I left the channel03:36
MiauKaliCulkinI'm so glad and surprised05:10
MiauKaliCulkinBecause Linux has tools for everything05:10
MiauKaliCulkinAir engineering apps to calculate airfoils, wings and planes on windows? 105:11
MiauKaliCulkinAnd...on Linux? At least 405:12
studiobot@ was removed by: @05:29
=== JTa1 is now known as JTa
DaveLibhello   i just installed a new download of ubuntustudio as a dual boot with windows 10    when i reboot it takes me staight to windows with no option to boot to ubuntustudio18:33
DaveLibbeforee this install booting into windows i could hit escape to manually enter efi    since the install i can't access efi18:34

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