EickmeyerNew xfce4-panel?00:06
* Eickmeyer got pinged from #ubuntu-release00:07
EickmeyerOh! Adds 4px internal padding!00:07
EickmeyerThat might be nice. Should we adjust the size of the panel in Ubuntu Studio accordingly?00:08
bluesabreMost themes should already handle that nicely... to my knowledge, the clipping happened primarily in Adwaita00:09
bluesabreIf your icons were rendered fully, they should continue to look the same  :)00:10
EickmeyerOkay, that works. Our default theme is changing to Materia this cycle, and so far things work nicely. I'll be watching.00:12
Unit193bluesabre: Oh I forgot to say, I plan to clear Bionic out of xubuntu-dev/experimental.00:13
* bluesabre checks out the materia theme00:13
* Eickmeyer got tired of having the (incredibly small) team maintain Numix-Blue, and Materia fit quite nicely.00:13
bluesabreGood news, updated panel looks fine with materia00:15
bluesabreUnit193: alrighty, go for it00:16
* bluesabre plans to upgrade work desktop to cosmic00:16
EickmeyerThere is one bug we have when it comes to Ubiquity and its handling of the font color on the top bar header. That's in progress.00:16
Unit193"Oh whoops, deleted the PPA instead!" :>00:17
Unit193..So in theory for the elementary-xfce packaging, you could just git import the Salsa packaging too, I'd think.00:19
Unit193Deletion comment: Bionic is not a place for experiments00:29
EickmeyerUnit193: hahaha00:30
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knomeochosi, i certainly have libcolord-dev installed, and i'm looking at autogen output, but there's nothing about color05:21
knomenvm, it works now. apparently i had needed to do some kind of "make clean" operation :P05:26
knomeand thank you for implementing this. now it's even useful to me as i got a hold of a spider for a while..05:27
Unit193You're holding a spider?05:30
Unit193What's the colord profiling benefit precisely?05:30
knomethat's the question i've been asking myself whole last night.05:30
knome(now that i've seen how "much" it changes)05:30
ochosiknome: you need gnome-color-manager for the info and calibrate buttons05:49
knomeochosi, ahha...05:50
ochosiif they're shown and you dont have it thats a bug05:50
knomethere you go :P05:50
ochosithey're shown conditionally05:50
ochosipreselecting a device is possible, i didnt feel it was necessary though05:50
knomeit's a bit frustrating that it's not done05:51
ochosiknowing which the primary monitor isnt that easy though05:51
knomewith one-monitor setups...05:51
ochosii could just select the first element05:51
knomewell just even pick the first one05:51
knomeyes, that's fair enough05:51
ochosicould also be a printer or a scanner though05:51
knomeright, but still05:51
knomejust pre-select anything :)05:52
ochosibbl, kids are waiting05:52
knomefwiw, xfce4-settings is now 100% translated to finnish06:05
knomebluesabre, why is there a string that should not be translated in catfish? :P06:37
ochosiknome: kewl, i may need to improve some more strings before the final release though... ;)08:09
ochosialso, feel free to remind me about those two things or submit bugreports so i dont forget08:09
ochosiand thanks for testing!08:09
knomeochosi, no problemo!18:19
Unit193bluesabre: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-sensors-plugin/1.3.92-1/+build/16332920 have any ideas about that?23:30

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