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xubuntu52wNum lk/scroll key turns on during boot up/restart, how do I disable,03:20
krytarikxubuntu52w: Remove the 'numlockx' package.03:22
xubuntu52wHow do I do that?03:23
Unit193Or change the default in /etc/default/numlockx, but scroll lock shouldn't.03:23
xubuntu52wSomewhat newbie, how do I do that?03:24
krytarikxubuntu52w: "sudo apt remove numlockx" or "sudo nano /etc/default/numlockx". respectively.03:25
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diogenes_Hey guys, what's your opinion about the fact that any person who's having physical access to your machine, can easily get root and do whatever he wants, if the machine doesn't have password protected grub? Some call it a feature some call it a bug.08:17
AndrioIf it's a concern, why don't you have a password?08:18
diogenes_I can take care of that but a person who's not tech savvy won't be able to.08:20
AndrioI'd hope they can enlist help from someone who is tech-savvy if there are security concerns.08:22
AndrioThough even if you do password-protect grub, it can be bypassed by booting from some other source. If the computer isn't physically locked up, the BIOS can be reset.08:23
Andrio(otherwise password protect that, too.)08:23
diogenes_Yeah i guess.08:24
xubuntu33wHello, I have a bluetooth mouse. How can I can connect it ? thanks09:18
diogenes_xubuntu33w, It should be plug-and-play.09:19
xubuntu33wshould be but it is not ! computer asks me to launch bluetooth manager or bluez but don't find09:21
diogenes_install blueman bluedevil bluez09:22
xubuntu33wvoici la reponse que j'ai qd j'essaye d'installer : E: Impossible d'obtenir le verrou /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Ressource temporairement non disponible)09:25
xubuntu33wc'est grave docteur ?09:25
diogenes_and try again09:26
xubuntu33wOK I try09:26
xubuntu33w_j'ai rebooté et installé bluedevil, bluez et maintenant ?09:39
xubuntu33w_to diogenes_ : I have rebooted for my bluetooh mouse as advised nd now ?09:42
diogenes_xubuntu33w_, open menu and type: bluetooth09:44
diogenes_open bluetooth manager09:44
diogenes_see if it detects your mouse09:45
erik__Goodmorning, I have a question. I am in the proces of installing Xubuntu on a DELL computer which has an on board RAID. I set it up to use the raid with two clean ADATA SU800 sdd drives. Installing is no problem. But booting from the disks is a no-go. The screen stayes either black with a flashing or it says that there is no boot medium to boot from.10:56
erik__When I check the drives, Linux seems to be properly installed.10:56
erik__Has anyone got an idea where I should for a solution?10:57
erik__By the way, I am installing Xubuntu 18.1010:58
xubuntu98wI still cannot connect my bluetooth mouse to my computer. I opened blueth manager and then went to "settins" "Bluetooth management" but it does not work. Can somebody help me ?11:42
xubuntu98wdiogenes_, what you help me ? I am still fighting with my bluetooth mouse !11:55
xubuntu98wit still does not work11:55
diogenes_xubuntu98w, did you open bluetooth manager?11:56
xubuntu98wyes I did but nothing happens after11:56
diogenes_do you see your mouse listed in bt manager?11:58
xubuntu98wdo I have to go to he settings again and launch "bluetooth manager" ?11:58
xubuntu98wI must choose "execute open bluetooth manager" ?12:03
diogenes_no it is in menu > settings12:04
xubuntu98wOK I do but nothing happens !12:07
xubuntu98wdo I have to reboot again ?12:08
diogenes_first of all try to connect your phone via bluetooth and try to send a file from phone to pc and pc to phone12:09
xubuntu98wOK I try12:10
xubuntu98wmaybe difficult with an iPhone ?12:12
xubuntu98wthe pb is that when I execute bt manager, there is no list showing some potential devices to be connected12:13
xubuntu98wnothing really happens12:13
diogenes_you need in bluetooth settings to set your device to: always visible12:15
xubuntu98wwhich device : iPhone or computer ?12:21
diogenes_then scan for devices on phone and pc12:22
xubuntu98wOn iPhone : Ok, on computer : I don't see where it is.12:23
xubuntu98wThe iPhone does not see the computer12:24
diogenes_adapter > preferences12:26
xubuntu57wit's me again with my bt mouse connexion pb12:32
xubuntu57wwhen I execute bt manager, I have the message : "la connexion à Bluez a échoué"12:33
xubuntu57wit seems that my computer is not visible !12:34
vp11everytime that I login into my Xubuntu session I get a pop up of a `System error` and a button to `Report the problem`. what is that about? where can I see what the problem was?17:36
brainwashvp11: is there a crash dump in /var/crash ?17:37
diogenes_vp11, you can find the problem by clicking details on that dialogue.17:37
vp11brainwash: yes, but only files from a few days ago but I think that's unrelated. I will move them elsewhere and reproduce it again to see if any new file appears.17:39
vp11diogenes_: there isn't a button or link for "details"17:40
vp11just cancel and "report the problem"17:40
brainwashfew days ago? I'd think that it is related17:40
vp11yes you're probably right17:41
vp11I've been having these strange freeze ups with amdgpu17:41
vp11so I updated my kernel to 5.0.3 to see if a bugfix was in place17:41
brainwashyou can open the crash dump and look for the process name17:42
vp11it wasn't, so I reverted to the LTS kernel and now I'm getting this pop up17:42
brainwashwell, the file name should already give you a hint17:42
TJ-How to discover which key is mapped to "Super" (18.04) ?19:07
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