carbonzerogot a question about the zsync version of the ISO image of 19.04. Do I just make a startup USB drive like normal and install it and go through the tweaks that I normally do?00:28
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> carbonzero, correct, regardless of how you download the ISO, they can all be treated the same with USB creation.00:36
carbonzeroIrcsomeBot, ok. So if I install the zsync version I'll get the whole ISO image like usual?00:36
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> correct.00:37
carbonzerocool! thanks!00:37
carbonzeroI'm going to do that now so I've got that since it was stressed to me to use zsync for testing purposes. Rock on.00:37
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> BTW, I am using a Telegram bridge to IRC which is uses an IRC robot (aka ircsomebot).00:38
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fructoseWhat's the 'correct' way to change your default browser?00:58
valoriein systemsettings I think00:59
valoriei just type `default` into krunner (alt+space) and it gives me the choice00:59
carbonzerovalorie, hey! I installed zsync by way of command line. I downloaded the zsync version of the ISO and I was trying to create a startup USB drive to install it but my startup disc creator program doesn't see the download.01:00
valoriecarbonzero: did you read my blog post?01:00
fructosevalorie: Maybe I need to restart, but it doesn't seem to take effect.01:01
valorieI gave the approximate cli command you need01:01
carbonzerovalorie, yeah, I did. I'll have to read it again to see if I understand it better.01:01
valorieno, you need to tell it "look at this file" and "make that file"01:01
valorieit's very fiddly01:01
carbonzerovalorie, ha, yeah, looks like it.01:01
valorieI tried over and over until I got it right01:02
carbonzeroif it wants to be fiddly I'll just give it a violin, jeez.01:02
valoriein the commandline, up-arrow is key01:02
carbonzerovalorie, lol. looks like I'm going to be doing the same thing01:02
valorierather than typing or copy/pasting all the time01:02
valorieonce you get the path correct01:02
valorieand the names correct01:02
valorieyou're gold01:03
valorieuntil then it just ignores you like an angry teenager01:03
carbonzerovalorie, lmao HA! ignores you like an angry teenager. bwahahahaha that's funny!01:07
valorieI was that angry teen!01:07
valorieand had a few too01:07
carbonzerovalorie, same here! just one. and only one. thank the coding gods!01:08
carbonzerono offense to those who've got more than one child01:08
valorienow how can there be coding gods if there are bugs?01:09
carbonzerovalorie, *rubs forehead* aye aye aye got me there.01:11
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carbonzerovalorie, so let me ask you this. Do I need an ISO image downloaded and just sitting there and then go through the steps on your blog?01:17
carbonzeroI've got the beta installed now, though.01:17
valorieyes -- you can use the beta image01:17
valorieyou have to dl something once01:17
valorieand since I seed all the torrents, I have 'em all01:18
valoriethe older they are, the more useless zsync is01:18
valoriebecause the more diffs01:18
valoriebut people who dailies, it's a super timesaver01:18
valoriewho test dailies I mean01:18
carbonzeroso I'd have to download a new daily build every day and it makes all of the changes right then to my computer? without having to reinstall anything?01:20
carbonzeroI've never used this before as you can tell and I'm learning01:20
valorieno, if you do it once, then you just zsync it every few days01:20
valoriewhenever you want to test01:21
valoriesometimes there are no changes01:21
valorieor just a few01:21
carbonzerook, I see.01:21
valorieall my "expertise" is in that blog post and the previous one01:21
valorieI write my blog so I won't forget01:21
valorieif someone else finds it useful, great01:22
valoriebut it's mostly for me01:22
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zanijwain qbitorrent with Kubuntu look and feel, a field is not visible since its text is black too. are the applications aware of the theme? should I report this to the KDE theme or qbittorrent theme10:35
zanijwa*breeze dark10:40
BluesKajHi folks12:44
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Alexfrenchhello is it possible to upgrade all the distribution to 19.04 version ?16:28
Alexfrencheven if the new one raise officialy on april 18 th ?16:28
OerHeksone can use the -d option now, development version, to get to 19.04 beta16:29
IrcsomeBot3<acheronuk> Only cosmic 18.10 can be upgraded sirectly to 19.0416:29
IrcsomeBot3<acheronuk> *directly16:29
OerHeksoh that is true; 18.04 > 18.10 > 19.0416:30
Alexfrenchi have kubuntu 18.0416:33
Alexfrench is it safe or it is better to go to a fresh install ?16:36
Alexfrenchor upgrade to 18.10 then to 19.0416:37
OerHeksupgrade, twice, should work16:38
Alexfrenchok thanks16:38
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carbonzerovalorie, or anybody really. I've got zsync going now and I was able to figure out what to do and I ran zsync in Konsole and it's downloaded and entire iso since I didn't have one to start with. Just to make sure I understand this correctly, let's say that I run zsync on Tuesday with the new daily live and let's say there's been some changes. Now, will those changes, the differences, will those be22:07
carbonzeroinstalled automatically without any input from me?22:07
valorieif you have the commandline correct, and run in the correct dir22:08
carbonzeroI've got the downloaded ISO in Downloads and so I'd have to be in Downloads to start with?22:08
carbonzeroand then from there I run zsync and it downloads whatever changes there might be and installs them from there?22:09
carbonzeroI read your blog a few times to grasp it and the only question was what to do with any changes that might get downloaded. Create a new startup USB drive and reinstall or does it install those changes automatically?22:11
valorieyou have to reburn the new ISO22:14
valorieyou might pick up something from the previous blog post about it22:15
valorieI think it's linked in there22:15

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