brlinDoes Launchpad support code import from Mercurial repositories?09:10
mikee3000Hi guys, I wanted to report some bug in ubuntu 19.04 but launchpad errors out when I try to login - is there a way to report this please?09:34
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cjwatsonbrlin: Used to, but there wasn't enough demand to justify the cost of maintaining it.  https://blog.launchpad.net/notifications/mercurial-imports-will-end-on-october-5th16:27
cjwatson(also it wasn't all that reliable)16:27
brlincjwatson: That's unfortunate, but thanks for the info.16:28
faux__I wanted to know how to retrieve code from the launchpad api17:25
faux__Code of a particular repository stored on launchpad17:25
cjwatsonThe webservice API doesn't have methods for code retrieval itself, but branches and repositories have attributes with URLs that you can pass to a bzr or git client17:28
faux__Can you please elaborate17:30
cjwatsonIt's a bit of a general question so I gave a general answer17:30
cjwatsonIf you can be more specific about exactly what you're trying to do then that would help17:31
cjwatson(though I'm about to go for dinner)17:31
faux__Take for example GitHub's API you can list repos after a particular date so is there a similar functionality for listing out the repos stored along with their code?17:32
faux__Since a particular date*17:32
cjwatsonIt's conceivable that we might be persuaded to add something like that in future given a good use case, but there is no such functionality today.  You can list all repositories for a given target (e.g. a project)17:33
cjwatsonhttps://launchpad.net/+apidoc/devel.html#git_repositories has various methods along those lines17:33
* cjwatson -> dinner17:33
faux__Thanks a lot17:34
cjwatsonA single repository object on the API has a git_https_url attribute that you can use to clone it (or git_ssh_url if you're logged in)17:35
faux__Ohkay but is there functionality that just lists out all the repos stored... Just list..... so then I can run a loop and get their code?17:38
faux__Also If I would like to implement the functionality as the GitHub API how should I proceed?17:42
cjwatsonWe don't currently have that, and the first step would be some kind of justification for it, since it would be very easy for that to consume a lot of our resources.17:54
cjwatsonUnlike GitHub, Launchpad has meaningful scopes beyond just ownership (projects and distribution packages), so there's usually less real need for site-wide searches17:56
faux__Ohkay and is it necessary for a package to have a GitHub url or launchpad can manage it independently?17:59
cjwatsonLaunchpad has its own Git hosting.  Repositories can be imported from elsewhere (including GitHub), but that certainly isn't required.18:01
faux__Ohkay thanks a lot18:01

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