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wxlwuzzup jrussouw04:19
jrussouwi am just trying to find out how to use irc , i am running Lubntu 18.04 on an HP530 laptop04:21
wxlseems like you figured it out XD04:21
jrussouwi am using pidgin messenger04:22
jrussouwat the moment my only problem in Ram on my laptop , I have only 1 Gig04:23
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kokmediait looks like latte dock pulls in a bunch of plasma stuff and dependencies.16:35
kokmediais there a preferred /recommended dock alt?16:35
kokmediaor should i be okay with latte dock16:35
kokmediausing 18.1016:35
lubot<N0um3n0> @kokmedia [<kokmedia> using 18.10], it is possible to use latte dock with all the dedences, but it is a very particular software of kde plasma, I love it, but personally in LXQt I use Plank.16:49
lubot<HMollerCl> You could use another panel as a dock17:17
guyBooted 18.10 from a flash drive to a Lenovo 110s, the track pad isn't recognized. are there any options?21:49

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