tewardahasenack: what's the timeline you're after for the TLS 1.3 build for NGINX?01:14
tewardI ask this because I'll have to get Release Team approval for the changes I'll need to add (version-limiting the libssl deps at build and run)01:14
cmosguyhello, can anyone help me with my `xrdp` issue with ubuntu?03:41
lotuspsychjedescribe your details what you want to do cmosguy so volunteers can think along03:42
cmosguyhello, ok so I a installed the `xrdp` packages, I uninstalled all the previous `gdm` `unity` desktop stuff03:43
cmosguyI am getting the error message in my `~/.xsession-errors`: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown03:44
cmosguyi had some lame `.xsession` file left over03:48
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adityaHi people, can any one help me I have a headless ubuntu server which is not able to boot due to power failure and is booting into initramfs, how can I resolve this issue since I am unable to boot into bios as there is no keyboard attached to it only a USB logitech wireless keyboard11:33
adityabasically the keyboard is only getting detected when the system boots into initramfs and not during the booting time, I guess some settings in my bios are making it not work so is there a way I directly type into initramfs prompt like reboot and some option to directly go into bios11:35
adityaAlso is it possible to directly login to the server from something like ssh even when ubuntu has not loaded to manage the server headlessly instead of getting a monitor to connect to the server11:36
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blackflowaditya: power loss should not cause anything software-wise that'd result with what you describe, unless it's root on btrfs and btrfs somehow went belly up due to that (which is known to happen). more like it casued some hardware/bios issue12:29
blackflowaditya: can you upload to imgur.com a screenshot of what's on when it "boots into initramfs"?12:30
adityablackflow: thanks for the input but I managed to run fsck from a live usb on my /dev/sda2 and the problem was resolved12:31
blackflowrequirement for fsck shouldn't break boot. is that btrfs?12:32
adityawell I don't know now since its booted easily but I am looking at a way I can manage the boot issues remotely.12:33
adityasince once the system is not booted I cannot ssh into it and now I need to find a way to login to the bio of my server remotely and for that I am unable to find any resources online12:34
blackflowaditya: you'd need something like IPMPI or another out of band management suite, on the motherboard itself12:35
qman__or an IP KVM12:39
qman__but IPMI is the better way12:39
friendlyguyhi there! i am trying to configure landscape-client. upon "landscape-config" i run into  pycurl: libcurl link-time version (7.47.0) is older than compile-time version (7.58.0)12:39
friendlyguyany idea how to fix that?12:40
qman__are all your packages up to date?12:41
friendlyguylooks like there were problems with python2.7 on the machine12:44
friendlyguyi removed that and now its "fine"12:44
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