FrogCasthey I am having trouble installing something from github to ubuntu. running it gives me `espeak-ng: symbol lookup error: espeak-ng: undefined symbol: espeak_ng_SetVoiceByFile`00:01
blackflowFrogCast: you'll have to file an issue with the specific GH repo00:02
cryptodan_mobileOr read the documentation to see about any deps00:03
FrogCastblackflow: I can run it from source directory, and followed the install instructions00:03
blackflowinstalling software outside of apt or snaps is not really supported here in #ubuntu.00:03
FrogCastbut the install command seems to fail to link the libraries00:03
FrogCastThis works: `ESPEAK_DATA_PATH=`pwd` LD_LIBRARY_PATH=src:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH} src/espeak-ng -v zh "你好  "` << when I do the `sudo make install` command, it fails.00:05
FrogCastits fine if I need to go to another channel, but I am assuming its just me not knowing the proper `make install` command to make this work00:05
cryptodan_mobileHope all is well tatertots00:07
blackflowFrogCast: btw, I'd recommend you not to run that make install with sudo. Instead see if the Makefile supports a prefix change and install somewhere in your ~/00:11
FrogCastblackflow: sure00:12
woenxhey, I've been searching online, but I couldn't find a straight answer. What would be an easy way to compare two directory trees to see what files have been added, deleted, or modified?00:35
woenxI don't mind if it's in the command line or in a graphical interface (although the former would be more versatile)00:35
blackflowwoenx: `diff` works00:36
woenxI'm playing with diff now00:43
woenxlet's see what I can get00:43
hggdhwoenx: there is also dirdiff (apt install dirdiff)00:45
gabrielcwoenx: rsync with dry run? and see the logs00:46
qwebirc27343ubuntu hdmi audio is not working. all devices showing as unplugged in pavucontroller00:48
Bashing-om!sound | qwebirc2734300:49
ubottuqwebirc27343: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.00:49
woenxgabrielc, that could be another solution, yes01:01
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qwebirc27343none of the sound troubleshooting guides worked. I think it might be an ubuntu bug01:31
Eickmeyerqwebirc27343: If it's an issue with HDMI, then chances are it's related to your video card. What kind of video does your system run?01:35
EickmeyerAlso, note that not all HDMI video cards support audio.01:35
qwebirc27343Eickmeyer: it's worked up until now. I have a nvidia card01:37
Eickmeyerqwebirc27343: What did you change?01:38
Eickmeyerqwebirc27343: Also, nvidia is notorious for incompatibility with the Linux kernel.01:38
qwebirc27343just stopped working out of the blue last night. didn't do anything I can remember01:38
Eickmeyerqwebirc27343: Which version of Ubuntu are you running?01:39
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qwebirc27343would buying a speaker fix the issue?01:39
Eickmeyerqwebirc27343: That would be a workaround. You might also try downloading the proprietary NVidia drivers from their site if you haven't already. If you already had and it stopped working last night, it was probably a kernel update.01:40
EickmeyerWhich means that the driver might need to be reinstalled.01:41
qwebirc27343Eickmeyer: I have two sound cards. one nvidia and an intel cannon lake01:41
qwebirc27343I'm pretty sure I was using the cannon lake. don't think I ever got the nvidia one working01:42
EickmeyerThen chances are it01:42
Eickmeyerqwebirc27343: The audio over HDMI is dependent on whatever it was plugged into. If nvidia handles the HDMI, then that's the issue.01:43
Eickmeyer!nvidia | qwebirc2734301:43
ubottuqwebirc27343: For nvidia and matrox graphics cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto . For AMD/ATI graphics cards, see « /msg ubottu ati » and « /msg ubottu fglrxmissing » For the latest Nvidia drivers see https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa01:43
Eickmeyerqwebirc27343: If it's Intel graphics that handles the HDMI, then you might either have a hardware failure or simply need to reboot your system.01:44
qwebirc27343headphones work. pretty sure it's the nvidia01:45
moppyCan I ask about the state of blueray? I'm looking for archival backup and not for movies.01:45
qwebirc27343might file a bug report01:45
Eickmeyerqwebirc27343: No, no bug report necessary. Try updating your nvidia drivers first.01:45
Eickmeyerqwebirc27343: Also, Ubuntu has no control over NVidia. Like I said, they're notoriously incompatible with the Linux kernel, and that's NVidia's problem for not supporting Linux.01:46
moppyAm I able to write data on a USB blueray-rw, and does it support the latest sizes? movie playback isn't required.01:46
Eickmeyermoppy: https://www.howtogeek.com/240487/how-to-play-dvds-and-blu-rays-on-linux/01:48
EickmeyerOh, no movie playback required.01:48
moppyIt's for backing up a raid array. tape drives are expensive.01:48
moppyand they always chew up tapes :)01:48
Eickmeyermoppy: I don't have any personal experience, but there was a discussion here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1031866/why-is-there-no-proper-blu-ray-support01:49
Eickmeyermoppy: Feel free to scroll around here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/blu-ray01:52
EickmeyerUnfortunately, that's all I've got.01:52
qwebirc27343Eickmeyer: my hdmi is connected to my graphics card, but I didn't have the cannon lake card physically installed. when I installed it, the sound started working up until now. I have the 5 pin connector in one location on the motherboard but it can't reach the other 5 pin location because it's blocked by my graphics card. could that be why?01:54
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Eickmeyerqwebirc27343: That's a possiblity. You may have shorted something out inadvertently, or inadvertent static discharge (can happen even if you don't feel it). Unfortunately, that means you have a hardware failure.01:56
ErreDeRUaHi, why my LD_LIBRARY_PATH could by empty02:22
lotuspsychjeErreDeRUa: please share your whole story to the channel, so volunteers can think along with you what you are trying to do?02:24
ErreDeRUaIm setting cuda in my dual boot setup02:25
ErreDeRUaIm running ubuntu 18.04 and i want to set permanently the following variable02:25
ErreDeRUaexport LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/cuda-10.1/lib64\ ${LD_LIBRARY_PATH:+:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}}02:26
ErreDeRUaBut when i ask terminal02:26
ErreDeRUafor the LD_LIBRARY_PATH content02:27
ErreDeRUait's empy02:27
ErreDeRUathe method is simply02:27
ErreDeRUaprintenv | grep LD_LIBRARY_PATH02:27
ErreDeRUai have a few days in ubuntu02:27
ErreDeRUaso i have no much knowledge02:27
ErreDeRUaPerforming that grep returns in console02:29
ErreDeRUaOnce y have put that in the .bash with the export statement02:29
ErreDeRUaso doesnt resolve it s content02:29
ErreDeRUawhich is previously empty02:30
TechnologicalWhat are you trying to accomplish ? Install the cuda drivers?02:31
ErreDeRUaThe nvidia drivers are installed02:31
ErreDeRUaindeed cuda is installed02:32
ErreDeRUathe issue is more a novice issue02:32
ErreDeRUaLD_LIBRARY_PATH maybe i overwrite it i dont know02:32
ErreDeRUabut in this moment is empty02:32
ErreDeRUaWHich should be its content?02:32
TechnologicalYou probably need to set the path in whatever it is you are compiling?02:33
ErreDeRUahow to set permanently02:33
ErreDeRUathe path02:33
TechnologicalAh, Try googling that I do not actually know.02:33
ErreDeRUai put it in .bashrc02:34
ErreDeRUaexpor .....02:34
ErreDeRUaas i mentioned in the begining02:34
XaphanI need to put export EDITOR=nano, into mine.02:34
ErreDeRUai use nano02:35
ErreDeRUai put this02:35
XaphanI prefer it to vi, coz I'm a dummy02:35
TechnologicalXaphan, life is good being a dummy vi is crazy02:35
Xaphansome people get up using it and are happy to, that's fine i'm a dumb mother trucker and will use nano.02:36
Xaphanmushroom, fed on crap, kept in dark. = happy02:36
Eickmeyer!language | Xaphan02:39
ubottuXaphan: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList02:39
Xaphanor trucker?02:40
EickmeyerTrucker, in that context, would be an obfuscation.02:40
XaphanI cleaned it up, where I usually wouldn't as it's common where I live to actually swear02:40
Xaphaneh fine, fuck it, lose another user that might be able to help someone, can't be fucked dealing with your bullshit (bye bye - expecting a ban now) see if i give a shit02:40
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax02:41
krytarikThey already left, so..02:41
EickmeyerI didn't see that part message.02:41
moppywow, this reminds me how much i dont like this channel. i dont like censorship.02:42
moppyi'll be going  as well.02:42
* Eickmeyer shrugs02:43
* krytarik hands Eickmeyer a mop02:44
cryptodan_mobileInteresting hostmask that Xaphan guy had02:45
krytarikHeh, yeah not trollish at aaall! :P02:46
TechnologicalDon't worry they are addicted they will be back with a different name they can't stop helping people.02:55
random4981451hello, upgrading ssd on notebook and making clean install, have trouble deciding if 18.10 or 19.04 (dev mode) w/ the 19.04 release around the corner at all. Never have upgraded from one ubuntu verison to another yet. Any insights / opinions welcome03:05
krytarikrandom4981451: Well, you could try and see if the 19.04 Daily works fine on your computer - and if so, pick it to install.03:11
lotuspsychjerandom4981451: the users choice also, to pick LTS or a non-LTS version of ubuntu, whats your need?03:18
lotuspsychjewelcome to ubuntu support lratliff03:21
random4981451lotuspsychje: won’t use lts, need is main use on notebook (primary machine), am fine w/ the non-lts release cycle in general03:27
random4981451the timing now sucks though w/ 19.04 being released shortly and me worrying about the version upgrade if I install 18.10 now03:28
lotuspsychje!final | random498145103:28
ubotturandom4981451: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Disco and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 19.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade » in a terminal.03:28
woenxHey, I'm trying to filter the output of a command, by checking if a string is present in every line. I use the command awk '/string/{getline; print}' with a pipe after the main command, but some lines that do not match the string are still displayed03:28
woenxany ideas?03:28
cmosguyhello, I am having issues getting my `xrdp` to work with ubuntu after the `18.04.2` update03:30
Eickmeyerwoenx: If you don't get an answer here (I have no idea), then ##linux might be able to help.03:30
woenxI can try03:30
cmosguyI keep getting the error: `Apr  6 22:31:03 adam-ubuntu gnome-session[4399]: Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused`03:31
Eickmeyer!firewall | cmosguy: It sounds like you might have a firewall issue03:33
ubottucmosguy: It sounds like you might have a firewall issue: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo03:33
Eickmeyercmosguy: That, or the xrdp service needs to be restarted.03:33
cmosguyEickmeyer: can you tell me what port you think I need to enable for this?03:34
cmosguyI can connect fine to the xrdp03:34
Eickmeyercmosguy: Sadly, that's as much as I know.03:34
cmosguyi type in my username/password03:35
cmosguybut i am getting now where ;(03:35
Eickmeyercmosguy: Sadly, I'm out of ideas. If nobody here answers, try in ##linux.03:38
lotuspsychjecmosguy: do you have older kernels in your list?03:38
lotuspsychjecmosguy: if you say this happened after update to .2 you might wanna try an older kernel boot03:39
cmosguylotuspsychje: how do I check again? because I have  a headless boot03:39
cmosguygood point03:39
lotuspsychjecmosguy: you are on server or headless desktop?03:39
cmosguyi am trying to connect to server via xrdp03:40
lotuspsychjecmosguy: maybe you can also try to talk to the #ubuntu-server guys, they might know whats ideal to xrdp headless03:40
lotuspsychjecmosguy: alternate you could try remmina, as its default on ubuntu now, maybe better luck with it then xrdp03:48
cmosguylotuspsychje: i got it to work03:48
cmosguywhat is `remmina`?03:49
lotuspsychje!yay | cmosguy03:49
ubottucmosguy: Glad you made it! :-)03:49
lotuspsychje!info remmina | cmosguy03:49
ubottucmosguy: remmina (source: remmina): GTK+ Remote Desktop Client. In component main, is optional. Version 1.2.0-rcgit.29+dfsg-1ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 154 kB, installed size 492 kB03:49
cmosguyshould I uninstall xrdp?03:49
cmosguythen  install that?03:49
lotuspsychjecmosguy: if you say you got it working..never bork something thats working :p03:50
cmosguyi just want something quick and snappy03:50
cmosguywhen I use it03:50
lotuspsychjehmm i wonder why it says optional03:50
cmosguyI upgraded to 18.04 of ubuntu so that I could have copy and paste capability from windows to linux03:53
cmosguyand it still does not work!03:53
calherWhat's "copy and paste capability from windows to linux"?03:59
lotuspsychjeelaborate calher what are you trying to do?04:00
calherI was asking cmosguy04:00
lotuspsychjeuse the !tab calher :p04:01
cmosguycalher: i am trying to copy and paste text to and from windows to my ubuntu session in remote desktop04:01
lotuspsychje!discuss | Mike2_04:02
ubottuMike2_: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!04:02
lotuspsychjemIk3_08: ^04:02
calhercmosguy Ah, I see.04:03
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amosbirdwhat's the difference between Use CPU scaling governor 'performance' and Turbo Boost?04:18
black_13how do i create a shared file system between an ubuntu server and osx04:22
cmosguyi can do a CTRL+V and CTRL+C to copy and paste from windows and xrdp in ubuntu, but how do I get the middle mouse click to work for the copy functionality ?04:26
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cmosguyhow do I use `gpaste` i just installed it04:33
cmosguynothing works04:33
lubuntufanexatly how do u want to copy and paste cmosguy04:33
cmosguylubuntufan: middle mouse button04:33
cmosguyprimary X11 selction04:33
cmosguyclick on middle mouse to paste04:34
lubuntufandou get get a drop down menu when u right click04:34
cmosguywhoo i got it to work04:36
cmosguyit's all good04:36
lubuntufanthx good luck furhter04:37
scdeHi there I have a problem that my ethernet device/connection does not come up after suspend. After booting it works but after suspend it will stay in the "unavailable" state (nmcli device status) and not react to plugged in network cables. Any ideas which service to restart? I tried network-manager.server/NetworkManager.server and networking.service.05:06
alocermaybe a bug in ubuntu ? have you searched google ?05:06
scdeI did a quick websearch for the unavailable state. I'll try a another search for the suspend thing. Any idea about a relevant service that could be responsible here?05:08
aloceri remember there was some kind bug with certain laptops and ubuntu but i can't remember more .05:09
scdeThanks will try and search a bit might come back later.05:10
scdeI am on a laptop btw so there's that05:11
scdeAnother quick update because I found the bug report for my device/kernel module (sky2): https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/179892105:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1798921 in linux (Ubuntu Cosmic) "sky2 ethernet card don't work after returning from suspension" [Undecided,New]05:58
scdeThis suggests a fix is under way and already in xenial.05:59
scdeThere is also a very similar bug for realtek devices / r8169 kernel module (which was already fixed): https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/175277206:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1752772 in Linux "r8169 ethernet card don't work after returning from suspension" [Undecided,New]06:00
black_13what steps do I have to take on my ubuntu machine so i can remote into it using remote desktop form osx06:09
Randolfblack_13:  https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-enable-remote-desktop-connections-in-ubuntu-18-04/06:20
RandolfThat has screenshots that will help you set up VNC.06:20
black_13command line?06:22
black_13i am using microsoft remote desktop on osx06:23
RandolfOh, that's proprietary.  I generally try to avoid Microsoft solutions as if they were a plague because Microsoft has such a poor track record for security and reliability.  VNC works well, although I know there have been various implementations of RDP I don't know how reliable they are since I don't use them at all.06:38
RandolfVNC clients are available for MacOS.06:39
mIk3_08Randolf; WOW!06:40
cim209I use team viewer for all OS06:41
RandolfTeamViewer has a very good reputation.  I don't use it because I don't know who at their organization has access to the remote sessions -- I work on a fair bit of security-sensitive stuff.06:42
RandolfMy preference is ssh, but for GUI stuff I need to use solutions like VNC (or anything else that doesn't involve any third parties) that I can wrap up in a VPN connection.06:44
RandolfThere are a lot of excellent VPN solutions (which also don't depend on any third parties); I use OpenVPN a lot.06:45
RandolfWith remote access to any systems, security should always be a high priority.06:45
mIk3_08as always Randolf.06:46
lotuspsychje!ops | mIk3_08 returning troll see #ubuntu-discuss06:47
ubottumIk3_08 returning troll see #ubuntu-discuss: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax06:47
mIk3_08i am banned in #ubuntu-discuss06:49
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kyle_8888hello can anybody here help me connect to #ubuntu-discuss07:44
cim209How hard is it to just type /join #ubuntu-discuss07:45
kyle_8888cim209 i already tried many time but nothing happen07:46
kyle_8888many times cim20907:48
tomreyn!register | kyle_888807:49
ubottukyle_8888: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.07:49
tomreynyou need to register to join -discuss07:49
tomreynand while you're at it, consider using a real irc client, too07:50
tomreyn!irc | kyle_888807:50
ubottukyle_8888: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see !alis - See also !Guidelines07:50
kyle_8888Thanks guys07:50
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mikee3000Hi guys, I'd like to report some bugs in 19.04 but when I tried to log into launchpad with my ubuntu 1 account it gives me an error. Does anyone know how I should report this please?09:21
jeremy31mikee3000: report the error at #launchpad09:29
alocerwhat is the error ?09:29
mikee3000@jeremy31 will do09:30
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jrussouwi am running Lubuntu 18.04 and have problems with devstudio (eclipse based IDE)10:00
AlexP11223Is there something like Sticky Edges for multiple monitors in 19.04 with Gnome? can't find it anywhere and gsettings set org.gnome.shell.overrides edge-tiling true had not effect too10:00
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jrussouwhi hex10:06
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lotuspsychjeAlexP11223: join #ubuntu+1 for 19.04 support please10:49
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jabwgsThere is anyone there?11:14
jabwgsI am not alone.11:15
jabwgsI think?11:16
ronillonHello everyone. Im looking for help with setting up GRUB boot loader. The idea is to have GRUB on USB and from there chain boot multiple operating systems on their respective hard drives. That way I presume I could remove any HDD and still boot into remaining without problems.11:18
ronillonI have followed advices from https://www.reddit.com/r/linuxquestions/comments/15jon7/installing_grub_as_a_standalone_bootloader/ but I get an error: :grub-probe: error: failed to get canonical path of `aufs'.:11:20
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stormszhey, sorry to bother, can someone /msg me so i can test 1 thing rly quick?11:53
stormszif you do, pls let me know here, since i dont even know if its gonna work :<11:54
JimBuntudid done. I see you saw.11:55
stormszits working boys! sorry to bother, have a nice day <311:55
calamityif I have a node app running on server 3001, what do I need to do to have it be accessible in a web browser?11:57
JimBuntucalamity, you mean it's running on port 3001?  enter the IP:port into the browser's address bar               if this isn't what you mean, please clarify11:58
leftyfbcalamity: try #nodejs11:58
calamityleftyfb: I've had this working fine on other systems - I thought there might be something different for ubuntu12:00
amosbirdHmm, any mutt users? why does a mail message like this not have image inlined properly at the given pos?  https://la.wentropy.com/CmPT12:05
JimBuntuamosbird, I have used mutt, but not a daily user of it... I used it an an automates sense. Any chance the double '/' is causing an issue?12:09
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BluesKajHi folks12:44
pavel_rfдобрый день12:58
lotuspsychje!ru | pavel_rf12:59
ubottupavel_rf: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.12:59
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dipoleHi! I need to build something that requires a different version of gcc. How do I do it without contaminating my machine? (eg I need to build it using gcc from ppa)13:29
lotuspsychjedipole: we dont reccomend building packages yourself, and we also dont support external ppa's13:30
lotuspsychjedipole: can you share your story what you are trying to do for what purpose?13:30
dipolelotuspsychje: sure: I'm trying to build Telegram desktop client. https://github.com/telegramdesktop/tdesktop/blob/dev/docs/building-cmake.md - and build instructions there require adding ppa and installing gcc13:31
dipolei just wanted to know what's the easiest way to do it without vm, nowadays13:31
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lotuspsychjedipole: why build telegram if its available on ubuntu with several versions?13:32
Bischoop /whowas cduncle13:34
lotuspsychjedipole: snap find telegram13:35
dipolelotuspsychje: i'm trying to debug an issue: with tdlib api when I acknowledge the message as read (and other person chooses to hide last seen), the message is marked as read, but my status is not set to online. This works correctly in desktop client. I would like to mess around with src code to see what is the difference between my requests and telegram desktop requests13:35
lotuspsychjedipole: think you best work with the git owners then?13:36
murthydipole: hi13:36
dipolemurthy: hey13:36
murthydipole: you are aware that telegram-desktop is a qt app right?13:37
dipolemurthy: right13:37
murthydipole: so the telegram-desktop's master branch depends on gcc version greater than the one in Ubuntu's repository?13:38
lotuspsychje!rootirc | Irked13:47
ubottuIrked: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.13:47
srulii am trying to execute a binary and get an error "Segmentation Fault (core dumped)" when i try it on another machine it works fine, how do i start trouble shooting this?14:12
lotuspsychjesruli: give us more background about it please, packagename? ubuntu version? what are you trying to do?14:13
srulilotuspsychje: its a custom binary someone wrote for me a while back, works fine on 18.04 and 16.04 just on this 1 machine it started giving me this error today14:15
leftyfbsruli: contact the developer for support. My thought is maybe wrong architecture or missing library or something14:17
srulileftyfb: cant get intouch with them (no response) important thing i forgot to mention, it wirks fine when running as root, i only get this error when trying to run as regular user14:21
leftyfbsruli: it works on Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 on another machine right?14:21
leftyfbsruli: ok, so it works on Ubuntu. It's a custom binary which we do not support. So if it's having an issue on one machine and not another, you'll need to contact the developer.14:22
leftyfbsruli: another tip you can try though, is to use strace to run it14:22
srulii tried strace, dont have a clue how to read the utput14:24
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ioriasruli, i'd check for ' EACCES (Permission denied) ' entries14:32
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brlinsruli: If you don't have the source code it's next to nothing you can deal with the problem.14:52
srulii have the source code14:55
raversruli: your could check with the `file` command  if the architecture matches for counterstrike server from valve for example you need some x86 libraries on a 64 bit machine14:58
sruliraver: it works fine as root on that PC so the libraries dont seem to be the problem14:59
ravercould it be that it creates directories during startup?15:01
raverif so, running as root would led to permission denied when running as an unprivileged user afterwards...15:01
srulinot it does not create any direcories at startup15:01
brlinsruli: Use `ltrace`15:09
srulibrlin: i am getting error "is not an ELF file"15:11
brlinsruli: What is the output of `file _program_file_`?15:12
OerHeksremove and reinstall that 'custom build thingy' is most likely your solution15:13
srulibrlin: "ELF 64 bit LSB executable, x86-64" (u want the whole line?)15:13
OerHeks* as it works on other machines, you did something different15:13
sruliOerHeks: its not installed it a portable file15:14
OerHeksso you have not tried that? it is the same solution15:15
sruliOerHeks: i have replaced the file, doesnt halp15:16
gislavedmailinglists hacked ?15:18
andrewrunning virtualbox for windows 10 with ubuntu runs slow is there a way to make it run  better?15:22
sruliandrew: maybe try kvm15:22
andrewsruli what is kvm15:24
stormszyo guys, so i have this external HDD that i need to plug into windows, i did mkfs.fat -F32, the windows bleeps with the sound, control painel reconizes the HDD but it doesnt show up in "my computer" tab, wondering is i'm doing something wrong? :(15:24
sruliandrew: its a different VM engine, search for how to install kvm on ubuntu 18.0415:26
leftyfbstormsz: format it with windows15:27
=== test is now known as Guest46983
leftyfbandrew: try #virtualbox15:27
leftyfbsruli: they are running Windows15:28
andrewsruli i an running ubuntu 19.04 beta15:28
leftyfbGuest46983: hi. What can we help you with?15:28
leftyfbandrew: Ubuntu 19.04 is not supported yet. Go to #ubuntu+115:28
stormszleftyfb: it doesnt show up on the native windows format thingie15:28
leftyfbstormsz: then that is a #windows problem15:28
ioriastormsz, and why not formatting in ntfs ?15:29
leftyfbGuest46983: please do not PM15:29
=== Guest46983 is now known as leat
leftyfbleat: please do not PM me15:29
leftyfb!id | leat15:30
ubottuleat: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia15:30
andrewlefyfb 19.04 look good i like the way it looks. when is 19.04 coming out?15:32
leftyfbandrew: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DiscoDingo/ReleaseSchedule15:33
leftyfb!id | use15:33
ubottuuse: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia15:33
leftyfbuse: STOP PM'ing ME15:35
andrewleftyfb thank you for the help will go there. by by all15:35
leftyfblol67: Tolong hentikan15:38
* gislaved pings leftyfb :P15:38
leftyfblol67: Buka #ubuntu-id untuk bantuan15:38
lol67hentikan apa15:39
leftyfblol67: Kami tidak berbicara bahasa Indonesia di sini.15:39
lol67can you tell me about sysre.15:40
leftyfblol67: no15:40
leftyfblol67: /join #ubuntu-id15:40
OerHeksbut #ubuntu-id is completely empty ..15:44
stormszioria: i did but it didnt work, anyway its probly something i was doing wrong on the terminal, launched gnome disk and got it working first time15:46
stormszwindows probly needs some adition info that i wasnt giving the HDD15:46
stormszthanks o/15:46
ioriastormsz, use gparted and remake the PT , (msdos), the reformat with ntfs15:46
cryptodan_mobilestormsz: what you trying to do15:49
=== absence_ is now known as absence
qwebirc83525Guys quick question: If I use eset nod32 on 32bit Ubuntu to scan an windows 7 hard drive, will it be able to scan for 64bit virus or no?16:05
cryptodan_mobileNo qwebirc8352516:06
qwebirc83525due to the fact that the antivirus is running on 32bit OS or is something else?16:07
OerHeksdetection is the same, different arch is your issue i guess https://forum.eset.com/topic/6817-linux-scan-with-windows-nod32/16:08
nitishFolders are not completly visible when I use ls command in my terminal16:12
EriC^^nitish: paste an example16:14
EriC^^!paste | nitish16:14
ubottunitish: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:14
cryptodan_mobileqwebirc83525: you'll need the 64bit driver to interact with 64bit compiled programs16:14
qwebirc83525I see16:15
OerHeksqwebirc83525, use a live iso to fix windows https://www.eset.com/de/support/sysrescue/16:16
brlinqwebirc83525: Antivirus scans malware based on their pattern, the instruction set run on the host system doesn't matter.16:16
sruliraver: the binary creates a log file, the issue was due to it being called during startup so it creates the log file as root, subsequently it cannot log as user to root owned log file. that must be the issue, i cant understand why i never ran into this upto now. but that for telling me to look if something happens during startup16:16
sruliraver:  \\thanks for telling me.. ^^16:17
qwebirc83525OerHeks, is it dangerous to record the sysrescue on a infected system?16:18
=== Guest37955 is now known as elias_a
qwebirc83525brlin, so the scan will be effective regardless it is 32bit or 64bit?16:19
OerHeksqwebirc83525, what do you think yourself?16:19
brlinqwebirc83525: Yes, even ARM binaries like Android Apps16:19
cryptodan_mobileqwebirc83525: it wont you'll need 64bit to scan 64bit16:20
noregretI got a 10tb connected to server 18.04, I see " Very big device. Trying to use READ CAPACITY(16)" in the logs, is that normal?16:23
noregret10tb hdd *16:24
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=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
plongshotI'm trying to find out if it's possible to install adobe xd plugins (where adobe xd will be installed using wine / play on linux).16:45
plongshotI'm on ubuntu 18.04 (the insallation target  :)16:45
OerHeksplongshot, good luck, try the #winehq channel for wine support16:46
plongshotOerHeks: thx. Didn't know about that one16:47
=== murthy_ is now known as murthy
ZuverinkCan someone please point in towards an Official LAMP Stack installation How-To?17:14
Ben64Zuverink: sudo tasksel install lamp-server17:16
ZuverinkBen64, thank you17:16
OerHeksand join #ubuntu-server :-)17:17
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.17:17
ZuverinkOerHeks, https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/ is awesome, thank you!17:19
Zuverink"sudo tasksel indtall lamp-server' installs the apache aspect but then crashes. The msql... config steps never materialise, any help?17:24
ioriaZuverink, that cmd is ok; you probably have some external sources or repository installed17:35
roothi all17:43
rooti need some help with my ubuntu oinstalltion17:43
=== root is now known as Guest86014
Guest86014i am new and i need to write an image via ubuntu terminal. Any idea how to use dd?17:44
Ben64have you checked 'man dd'17:44
Bo55Anyone here experienced with IKev2 VPN connections? I have an issue where it looks like a vpn connection is available and running but I'm not able to correctly route any traffic through it. I'm running ubuntu 16.04 and I'm also using xl2tpd and strongswan to setup the VPN + authentication17:47
dingirhow do i set a file to be read only?17:57
CoolerYso for some reason bash is now saying it doesn't understand the command "code"18:05
CoolerYCommand 'code' not found, but can be installed with:18:05
CoolerYsudo snap install code18:05
CoolerYI didn't change anything18:05
hggdhCoolerY: what would 'code' do?18:05
CoolerYhow do i figure out what changed?18:05
CoolerYhggdh, vscode18:06
CoolerYpreviously I was able to do "code ." to open vscode in that directory18:07
hggdhCoolerY: I guess you are talking about the MS version of Visual Studio. Then you are probably missing the path to it in your environment ($PATH)18:07
CoolerYhggdh, no18:09
hggdhCoolerY: where is it installed (full path)?18:09
hggdhCoolerY: what bash is telling you is that a program called 'code' could not be found anywhere in $PATH18:11
hggdhCoolerY: and how was it installed?18:12
willcookeCoolerY, The old vscode snap that the "snapcrafters" team maintained has been retired in favour of the official one.  You should "snap remove vscode" to get rid of the old one,  and "snap install code" to get the new one,  I think.  Then the command to launch it is now just "code"18:14
OerHeksjups, https://snapcraft.io/code18:26
qwebirc16457Hi there I am having problems setting ap a canon Pixma TS8250 in 18.04 every time I send a print job ubuntu says it's printing, the printer says it's processing and then ubuntu says printing complete but nothing actually happened18:50
GerowenQuestion for somebody who is a noob to doing network bonding in Ubuntu.  My goal is to bond an on-board 100Mbps adapter and a PCIe 1Gbps adapter so that I have a combined total bandwidth of 1.1 Gbps.  Not only for failover redundancy, but so that if I'm saturating my client machine's 1Gbps connection copying tons of files to the server, the server still has 100Mbps of available bandwidth left over so things like Plex or my game services won't have to19:16
Gerowenfight for bandwidth.19:16
GerowenWhat would be the best bonding mode for this situation?19:16
xamithanI don't think that is going to work how you think it is.  Talk to ##networking19:18
enlightenedMIERI need help if anyone has the time19:22
darsieIRC pro tip: Ask your (real) question.19:22
tatertotsBo55: have you done any testing ?19:24
enlightenedMIERFine. Lol so my desktop doesn't have wifi naturally and i bought a netgear a6100 wifi adapter. But it's not recognized on ubuntu19:24
tatertotsBo55: aka troubleshooting19:24
xamithanenlightenedMIER: Install the driver19:25
xamithanI was looking at that chipset before but decided against it because you have to do it manually19:26
enlightenedMIERYeah. :( i wish i didn't buy it19:26
enlightenedMIEROh well. I'll try your advice. Ty19:26
xamithanIt's not too bad,  You just have to compile it yourself19:26
xamithanand add it into modprobe19:26
enlightenedMIERYeah well I'm not use to doing that. I'm new at this so its a bit confusing19:27
enlightenedMIERAh. I found some steps online19:27
xamithanlook into the DKMS setup too so it doesn't break on kernel updates19:28
enlightenedMIER0o0o!! Ty!!19:28
CoolerYI didn't install the snap version I think19:53
CoolerYI installed vscode from the website19:54
CoolerXI tried to uninstall vscode19:56
CoolerXbut its not working19:56
CoolerXsudo apt-get remove vscode doesn't work20:00
CoolerXneither does sudo apt-get remove code20:00
CoolerXsays that the packages are not found20:00
GerowenIf you were setting up a home server with Ubuntu, which would you recommend, point releases like 18.10, or LTS?  Server will be hosting Plex, Minecraft, Rust, Pihole and Nextcloud.20:02
GerowenWell I guess that is more appropriate for ubuntu-discuss.20:02
Sven_vBis there a way to add a port forwarding to an existing SSH connection?20:06
CoolerXGreat I hate this20:06
CoolerXNow there are 2 vscodes20:06
=== sinner is now known as Guest83312
CoolerXHow do i uninstall these?20:07
rypervencheSven_vB: Yes, there is.20:09
rypervencheSven_vB: Look up "ESCAPE CHARACTERS" and the ~C there in man ssh20:10
Sven_vBrypervenche, thanks!20:14
leftyfbCoolerX: since there's no vscode in either the apt or snap repos's, it's not a supported package and therefore you'll have to seek support from wherever you installed it from20:14
hggdhCoolerX: if you had not originally installed directly from the MS links (which I did when they released it), then it is NOT under any package manager20:14
cemcemhi, i need help, trying to mount a img on a linux vps box and im root. mount -o loop,offset=33554944 chr.img /mnt20:15
hggdhCoolerX: running 'snap list' will tell you if there is a snap for VS installed20:15
cemcemgettin this : mount: /mnt: mount failed: Unknown error -120:15
leftyfbCoolerX: snap remove code20:15
Sven_vBrypervenche, is there a way for non-interactive shells as well?20:17
leftyfbcemcem: loop=$(sudo losetup -f) ; echo Your partitions are found at /dev/$loop; sudo losetup -P $loop chr.img  # then you'll have partitions at /dev/loopXXpX20:17
rypervencheSven_vB: Not to my knowledge. But it might exist.20:17
Sven_vBrypervenche, np, thanks!20:17
cemcemleftyfb, root@server:~# sudo losetup -f20:21
cemcemlosetup: cannot find an unused loop device: No such file or directory20:21
leftyfbcemcem: what version of ubuntu is this?20:22
tomreyncemcem:  nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)20:23
leftyfbcemcem: ah, this is a VPS. It might not be a proper ubuntu kernel or might even just be a jailed environment20:23
cemcemVERSION="16.04.6 LTS (Xenial Xerus)"20:23
tomreynand the kernel is?20:24
leftyfbcemcem: that is not the output tomreyn asked for20:24
leftyfbcemcem: nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)20:24
cemcemhow can i install nc?20:26
cemcemcant find that command20:26
cemcemLinux server 2.6.32-042stab128.2 #1 SMP Thu Mar 22 10:58:36 MSK 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:26
cemcemthis is the output of uname -a20:27
leftyfbcemcem: good luck with that. Find another VPS provider.20:28
leftyfbcemcem: you'll need to contact your VPS provider for support. You are not running a supported version of ubuntu20:28
tomreynopenvz virtuozzo with a RHEL6u9 kernel20:29
leftyfbI was going to guess virtuozzo20:29
leftyfbthat's not really installs. They're jailed environments20:30
cemcemactually im trying to install mikrotik router on vps box. there is a img file20:30
cemcemthank u20:30
leftyfbcemcem: you'll need to contact your VPS provider for support. You are not running a supported version of ubuntu20:30
leftyfbcemcem: I would suggest getting another VPS provider20:30
leftyfbone running a kernel made in the last decade20:30
cemcemany suggestion?20:31
leftyfbcemcem: nope. Also not the place for it. Try #ubuntu-offtopic20:31
cemcemok thanks alot20:31
plongshotI need to know if there is a easy way to oinstall the gimp help system / pages with ubuntu 18.04 or if there is a ubuntu specific / recommended way to do so?20:55
plongshotCan be installed from command line with apt?20:56
enlightenedMIERSo i installed the drivers but i don't see it showing up20:57
enlightenedMIERNot sure what to do from here20:57
xubuntu99wThis is my issue:21:02
xubuntu99wI lost access to my Windows 10 after messing up with Gparted,,,  i get this error when rebooting:"error no such device: 4ACC6.... setting partition type to 0x83, invalid signature.... " then  i downloaded Boot-repair, it did not work and now, i am automaticaly logged into Linux, i lost that menu where i have to choose between Win10 and Ubuntu21:04
xubuntu99wI can see the Windows folder on my Ubuntu Desktop, all my files are there, but i can't boot to Win10, i'm stuck with linux.21:05
leftyfbxubuntu99w: in Ubuntu, run: sudo update-grub21:07
xubuntu99wI did update the grub21:08
enlightenedMIERI'm totally stumped darsie21:08
xubuntu99whttps://askubuntu.com/questions/1131964/xubuntu-i-lost-everything check the image i uploaded there, you can see my Gparted stats21:08
enlightenedMIERI followed the directions online but it's not working21:08
darsieI know that feeling.21:08
darsieSomeone here may be able to help you.21:09
enlightenedMIERI think there was an error around the sudo modprobe part21:09
enlightenedMIERI wish i never bought this wifi adapter21:09
xubuntu99wIf you check the URL i shared, you can have a better insight on my problem, because i wrote everything.21:09
enlightenedMIEROr this computer21:09
darsieenlightenedMIER: Give people enough context so they can help you.21:10
xubuntu99wSo guys, can you help me please?21:11
enlightenedMIERTy darsie. I'll try21:12
darsieenlightenedMIER: Like, what directions did you follow, what did you do, what went wrong. post relevant output to e.g. pastebin.com and link it here.21:13
xubuntu99wPlease check my thread and help me.https://askubuntu.com/questions/1131964/xubuntu-i-lost-everything21:16
enlightenedMIEROmg i got it to work!!!!21:16
darsieyay :))21:16
darsieyou sure?21:16
plongshotthere is a problem with gimp help system and how to install it on this systme (ubuntu 18.04). I'm psending time to find nothing specific and clear about how to install this or to correct the problem.21:16
* enlightenedMIER hugs darsie21:16
darsieYou must have forgotten that I'm ew :).21:16
plongshotIf anyone know what the problem please saay cause I'm not finding it21:16
enlightenedMIERLol hahahaa21:17
enlightenedMIERWell u r nice.21:17
darsiethx :)21:17
enlightenedMIERSorry that i hurt your feelings21:17
enlightenedMIEROr if i did? Idk21:17
enlightenedMIERLol but sorry either way21:17
darsie~~~ THE END ~~~21:18
xubuntu99wIs there someone here who can help me resolve my issue? so we can go private??21:18
OerHeksplongshot, gimp-help-common would pull in documents21:18
ducassexubuntu99w: be patient21:18
OerHeksplong install synaptic, a much more detailed software center21:18
OerHeks!info synaptic21:19
ubottusynaptic (source: synaptic): Graphical package manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.84.3ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 624 kB, installed size 3276 kB21:19
plongshotDerRaiden: I try that21:20
plongshotDerHeks https://imgur.com/a/Xh8tdoz21:27
plongshot^ This did not work21:27
plongshotThere is no informatoin on this for linux (and, specifically, ubuntu).21:28
plongshotgimp has been with ubuntu since forever. What gives!21:28
OerHekswell, open synaptic, search gimp, and you find lots of files with languages21:29
OerHeksi thought 1 will be installed by your locale settings?21:30
plongshotI try21:33
plongshotnot in software center. There is only to install gimp itself. It does not resul in an installation where the help sysem is available. I'm still out there searching and trying to find info (couple hrs now). Doesn't make any diff. Yes, I can read the help socumenation online (same stuff) but I don't want to. I get all kind of features by having it installed with gimp locally (like contaxt help and all kid stuff). Why I can't have that21:36
plongshotwhen I go sudo apt install giimp?21:36
plongshotit part of the program right? The package?21:36
OerHeksplongshot,  install synaptic, a much more detailed software center21:36
plongshotBut gimp don't tell you nutin bout how to fix. The exist nothign21:36
plongshotoh, ok21:37
OerHeksinstall and open synaptic, search gimp, and you find lots of files with languages21:37
plongshotI will :)21:37
OerHekssoftwarecenter gives metapackages only21:37
Gazphello, I have a problem with rocket league, crash on launch. someone can help me, please?21:46
plongshotFor some reason insatlling synaptic via command line dosn't install it or it won't launch. I get asked for my password but after entering it (correctly) there is nothing. The password prompt closes and that's it21:55
plongshotI'm gonna resart. brb21:55
leftyfbGazp: /join #winehq for help with wine21:58
Gazpwhy wine21:58
leftyfbGazp: oh, is it a steam game?21:58
Gazpyeah lol21:58
leftyfbGazp: ok, then try #steam21:59
Gazpnative steam game21:59
=== graham_ is now known as Guest77781
Gazp#steam Cannot join channel (+i) - you must be invited22:10
Gazpill probably just drop linux, so buggy22:10
OerHeksthat means registered22:13
ubottuFor information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.22:13
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Tom01What an idiot.22:20
plongshotIs there a way to rename static workspaces in ubu 18.04?22:42
roadrunneratwastI moved my installation directory for a program from /opt/v2 to /opt/v3.  Now my XFCE menu gives me the error message "Failed to execute command /opt/v2/run.sh"  What is the config file to change this directory?22:44
EriC^^roadrunneratwast: how22:44
EriC^^are we supposed to know22:45
roadrunneratwastIs there an xubuntu config file for the start menu?22:45
roadrunneratwasti am just going to rename the directory from /opt/v3 to /opt/v222:46
EriC^^ sounds good22:46
Eickmeyerroadrunneratwast: Anything in the XFCE Whisker Menu is simply looking through a list of "*.desktop" files in /usr/share/applications and assigning them according to their category. Those "*.desktop" files tell it what application to execute.22:48
Eickmeyerroadrunneratwast: When you move an application from its default installation, that messes up that process.22:49
Eickmeyerroadrunneratwast: Best practice is to never move the location of a program.22:49
leftyfbroadrunneratwast: also, I don't think any official ubuntu packages install to /opt. So it sounds like maybe your application is some 3rd party application which we cannot support22:50
roadrunneratwast@Eickmeyer: Cool.  Good to know for future use.22:50
roadrunneratwastleftyfb  /opt is where i install downloaded applications -- in this case RubyMine.  Where does one usually put such applications on linux box?22:52
leftyfbroadrunneratwast: .deb's don't usually as you where to install applications. Those are the applications we support here.22:52
roadrunneratwastok.  cool22:53
Eickmeyerroadrunneratwast: Nothing in the Ubuntu repositories will install to /opt.22:53
Eickmeyerleftyfb: Google Chrome's .deb installs to /opt, but we don't support that here, much like you said.22:53
leftyfbroadrunneratwast: rubymine is available as a snap22:53
roadrunneratwastoh wow22:53
roadrunneratwastwho knew about snaps?22:53
Aireeanyone who tried to run a command in which belonged to a snap on Ubuntu 18.0422:54
Aireei ended up installing htop through a snap22:54
EickmeyerAiree: It should run normally.22:55
AireeEickmeyer, it's actually a little slower.22:55
Aireesometimes it needs some time to fire up for the first time.22:55
EickmeyerAiree: That's to be expected from a snap.22:55
AireeYeah, so not running normally :D22:55
EickmeyerAiree: I meant normally as in launching the same way you'd launch something that was native.22:56
EickmeyerAiree: I failed to see you were responding to roadrunneratwast, so in the future, please respond to that person. Got me confused, thought you were asking a support question.22:57
AireeEickmeyer, I was gonna explain that i was responding to them but it seemed too long worded and awkward22:58
EickmeyerAiree: Then respond the same way you responded to me just now.22:58
Eickmeyer!who | Airee, to alleviate confusion22:59
ubottuAiree, to alleviate confusion: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)22:59
GerowenIs there a way to install a java runtime environment without installing a gui on Ubuntu server?  Trying to get my Minecraft server up and running on a headless server and when I try to install default-jre it tries to install X11 and all kinds of GUI utilities.23:01
GerowenNvm, got it I think, default-jre-headless23:02
EickmeyerGerowen: I was just about to say that. :)23:02
AireeGerowen, that may install 10 or 11. Minecraft works with 8.23:02
EickmeyerAiree: 10 and 11 are backwards-compatible with 8. I have run Minecraft servers just fine on those.23:02
AireeEickmeyer, OK. I tend to have the best compatibility with nonvanilla servers on 8.23:03
EickmeyerAiree: That's nonvanilla, which likely runs older versions of Minecraft. That said, this topic is not for this room.23:04
GerowenAiree: Mine is vanilla, but I'll keep that in mind if I do run into any problems.23:04
AireeEickmeyer, Spigot and Forge servers work great on latest vers :D23:05
EickmeyerAiree: Good to know.23:05

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