OvenWerksEickmeyer: https://www.mattlayman.com/blog/2015/i18n/16:52
OvenWerksI would suggest we try installer first... oh, maybe not, thats not python.16:53
EickmeyerOvenWerks: I know the idea was to eventually convert installer to python, but that would obviously have to happen first.20:01
OvenWerksI was looking at the example in the link above... it looks pretty complex.20:06
OvenWerksAlso, it doesn't say anything about dealing with a *glade file20:07
EickmeyerIf I knew anything about Python I'd probably form an opinion. :/20:08
EickmeyerMy knowledge is rather limited to C64 BASIC and bash scripts. :P20:09
OvenWerksIt seems we are supposed to have (already) /usr/bin/application /usr/lib/app-name/libs.py /usr/lib/app-name/locale/lang/*.po20:13
OvenWerksthough I have also seen them in /usr/share/app-name/locale20:14
OvenWerksThe problem is that from my limited understanding so far, the only way I could figure this out would be to not add any text in the glade file but add it after (which would double the work and size of our executable)20:16
OvenWerksI am sure there is a better way :)20:17
OvenWerksThe outcome is that I am not ready to do translations at this point. It looks like translation would be about the same amount of work I have already done over again. I hope I am exagerating :P20:32
EickmeyerThat's fine. I will pass the word. 20:43
OvenWerksand then I fell asleep... maybe that is why I was grouchy23:11

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