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friendlyGoathello, you all know how when youre logging in how the login screen has youre wallpaper in the background? i was wondering if there was a way i could set the picture in the background on the login screen to a different picture than my actual desktop to spy things up a bit07:52
friendlyGoatis that doable?07:52
friendlyGoatalso if you respond please mention me so i can see, im rather easy to distract when a chats not very actuve07:54
swizzyGood evening everybody, I am new to Xubuntu and just installed 18.04 LTS yesterday night. So far it has been a very lovely experience and I'm happy with it. However I seem to have run into an issue with getting the Cairo-Dock to run on startup. Now the program itself has an option to run it on startup, that seems to do nothing for me.15:21
swizzyI've found that you can also add programs manually to your startup, however it is asking me for a command which I lack. I tried putting just cairo-dock (as putting that into terminal does open it) but that doesn't seem to be working either!15:21
diogenes_swizzy, copy this command to terminal and hit enter15:27
diogenes_tel me when done15:28
swizzyI was away from my laptop for a moment. I did it now @diogenes_15:31
diogenes_swizzy, ok now run this one: cat ~/.config/autostart/cairo.desktop | nc termbin.com 999915:32
diogenes_you gonna get a link in the terminal, share it here15:32
diogenes_ok now run: chmod +x  ~/.config/autostart/cairo.desktop15:34
swizzyI did but got no response at all from the terminal?15:34
diogenes_yes that's fine15:34
diogenes_when you get no output it means that the command went fine with no errors15:35
swizzyWell that's good news then :sweat_smile:15:35
diogenes_ok now run: thunar ~/.config/autostart/15:35
diogenes_it will open the file manager in that folder15:36
diogenes_and btw is cairo running at the moment?15:36
swizzyYes it is15:36
swizzyThe File Manager opened and there's two files there. blueman and cairo15:36
diogenes_kill it and double click on cairo from that folder and see if it's starting15:36
swizzyYes it does15:37
diogenes_ok then now a re-log or reboot and it should work15:37
swizzyWill do! Be right back15:37
swizzyGreat that seems to have worked.15:40
diogenes_good :)15:40
swizzyThank you for your help15:41
diogenes_you're welcome15:42
swizzyThough there is another issue I am having with Cairo Dock where it doesn't seem to like the Hexchat applet very much. I add it like I do with any other applet (create desktop shortcut and then pull that to the dock) but when I quit the dock and start it again the hexchat applet is gone.15:43
swizzyFor the time its open it works just fine though15:44
swizzyAnd I do not have that issue with any other shortcut so far.15:44
diogenes_swizzy, it's been ages ago since i last time used cairo but as far as i remember, you can right click on the dock and click on add a new itel )or shurtcut or something)15:46
swizzyWhat I did now is add a custom-launcher to it that just runs "hexchat". That doesn't disappear.15:50
swizzyAnd seems to work, just lacks the proper icon for now >.<15:51
diogenes_right click on thta launcher and there should be edit and there you can add any icon you want15:51
swizzyDo you know where the programs are usually installed to? Because its asking me for a path.15:52
diogenes_you can just download any picture.png from internet, place it in a folder you want to and just provide that path: e.g /home/username/Documents/my_icons/picture.png15:54
swizzyBut shouldn't there be a fitting picture for desktop icons in the hexchat folder?15:55
diogenes_swizzy, you can give it this path: /usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/hexchat.png15:56
diogenes_there is the folder that keeps all the icons for programs15:56
diogenes_ /usr/share/icons15:56
swizzyHad to get something out of the oven real quick, will try that now15:59
swizzyEarlier I had a problem with Xubuntu 18.04 LTS. My Laptop turned the screen off due to inactivity - but when I came back to it, it didn't turn it back on and got stuck in energy saving mode.17:24
swizzyI turned off the feature for now.17:24
xubuntu99wPlease help me.19:19
Spasshello xubuntu99w, you have to be more patient and first of all - describe your issue to us19:25
xubuntu99wAlright, i'm going to write.19:25
xubuntu99wYesterday, I downloaded Xubuntu, it's the first i use Linux, so i had no previous knowledge about this system, when i downloaded it and installed,  the setup process required a partition to install the root or boot files, (i came from windows10) so i had C: where my Windows is installed and D: where i keep some of my files, and i found that there was a small partition of 8go, i created it long time ago and forgot about it, so i19:39
xubuntu99wwas fine til today when it asked me clear some memory, then i realised that the 8go were full, so i opened a software called Gparted and tried to increase the Partition, but i couldn't because there were no free space available, so i was messing up with the other partition of C: and D: but the option to change were unavailable, so i rebooted my computer and went to my windows 10 and reduced the capacity of D: by 10 go, then i w19:39
xubuntu99wincrease the size of the 8 go partition, but i couldn't so i started to mess a bit with the settings then i noticed that i had deleted the data that was stored on D:, I panicked, and saw lot of tutorials online to get the lost data back, but i couldn't find a find to recover them, i tried to restart the computer and go back to windows, and this were things got real messed up, i couldn't boot the windows i had errors like "error19:40
xubuntu99wpartition type to 0x83, invalid signature.... i rebooted to linux and downloaded a software called Boot-repair, but it did not work, now when i boot my pc, i don't have the choice to choose between Win10 or linux , it goes directly to linux,,, When i use Gparted , i notice that i have the C: and windows written next to it and the data is not lost, but it can't boot to it.19:41
xubuntu99wThat's it, please help, i have important files on my computer19:46
Spasscan you access your Windows partitions from Xubuntu? from the file manager20:34
xubuntu99wYes, i can see on my desktop a shortcut to windows, and when i enter, i find all the files20:36
xubuntu99wusers, programe files, folders ect... everything is there20:37
Spassso it's probably a good idea to copy those important files on some external hard disk or USB drive20:38
xubuntu99wI don't have acess to any of these devices.20:39
xubuntu99wso my problems now are 2, the first one is that i lost access to my windows 10, and the second is that i accidentely deleted my D: partition, i want to get it back20:40
xubuntu99wwell it's there, but it's empty.20:41
Spasssorry, but I don't have any experience with the data recovery software, so you should wait for someone else to help you with that, and maybe try looking on the internet in the meantime20:45
xubuntu99wand what about the windows 10 boot20:50
xubuntu99wcan u help me there please?20:51
Spasstry #ubuntu20:53
Spassmore people there that could help you quicker or give you some hints at least20:54
Spassit's not a Xubuntu specific issue and it seems like there's no one here at the moment, that can help you with your problem20:55
xubuntu99wThanks, i just posted my issue.21:06
xubuntu99wdo you know other places where i can find good help?21:06
Spassaskubuntu.com for example, but if you want some quick advice try on #ubuntu21:11
xubuntu99wi tried ubuntu, but people are helping each other, but ignoring mine21:17
Spasswell, your issue is not super easy to resolve unfortunately, you can also try creating a new post with a description of your problem here - https://www.reddit.com/r/linuxquestions/21:23
xubuntu99wDo you know how to expend a partition size? my linux partition is only 8go.21:36
xubuntu99wi'm currently using  TestDisk, i'm able to recover my D: data but i can only copy the data to my linux Partition which is small and full.21:37
xubuntu99wi need to increase it and copy, this way i will recover my data and solve the second problem.21:37

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