aristoclesHi. I'm trying to report an issue related to font-scaling in mutter/gnome, which arose with mutter=3.32.0-1. Using "ubuntu-bug mutter" collects data, but then whenever I click "Send" nothing happens, it opens no browser window. It leaves no error in the terminal neither. Any way I can report this issue? Thank you.09:14
aristocles(I meant mutter=3.32.0-1ubuntu1)09:15
tomreynwhat is the output on the terminal, if any? is anything logged in the system journal?09:22
tomreynsee also /etc/default/apport09:24
tomreyn(ubuntu-bug is part of the apport package)09:25
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aristoclestomreyn: the terminal output is empty; $? returns 0; "journalctl -f" shows nothing during the execution time of that command; and /etc/default/apport has "enabled=1". The apport service is started.09:42
tomreynaristocles: interesting, and i assume your root file system has not run full?09:44
tomreynhow did you install?09:44
aristoclesthat's right, I have 86G free space. I installed from the 18.04 media and then upgraded to 18.10 first, then 19.0409:45
tomreynhmm, maybe try with a clean install09:48
aristoclesI'll test it in a VM09:51
aristoclesThank you for the support.09:51
Zuverinkis there a command to clear favorites in the gnome menu?16:15
ZuverinkIn XChat the Sysytem tray Icon does not work. Is the a trick to making it work in Gnome Shell. I apologize, Im coming from a Cinnamon?Gnome 2 background. First use of Gnome 3.16:22
lotuspsychje!xchat | Zuverink 16:23
ubottuZuverink: xchat and xchat-gnome have not had stable releases in years. xchat was removed from Ubuntu for 16.04. Consider using hexchat instead, which is actively developed and available in 14.04 onwards.16:23
Zuverinklotuspsychje, good tip, ty16:25
lotuspsychjeZuverink: to tweak gnome a bit more, see also: gnome-tweak-tool and dconf-editor16:33
PeppepDoes anyone know of a status bar weather extension that works with Gnome 3.32?18:05
OerHeksPeppep, does gnome-shell-extension-weather not work for you? or not sure howto setup?18:08
PeppepOerHeks: I'm not sure which one that is. When searching for 'weather' on https://extensions.gnome.org/ I get 4 results, none of them are for 3.3218:49
PeppepI had a lot of issues when updating to 19.04 because of my 18.10 Gnome extensions, so I'm careful about testing new ones to avoid getting stuck in tty ;)18:51
lotuspsychjePeppep: please mind that upgrading to 19.04 is not yet reccomended18:55
lotuspsychjePeppep: we advice to help testing/bug out 19.04 clean daily/beta18:56
lotuspsychjePeppep: this way the developers have a more easy jobs debugging bugs, knowing its freshy setup19:01
Peppep1) I've been on 19.04 for several weeks, and have had no major issues other than the intial ones with Gnome extensions19:09
Peppep2) I did a clean install of the beta when it came out19:09
Peppep3) I don't need this "19.04 is not recommended" warning every other week. :)19:10
lotuspsychjePeppep: why did you say updating to 19.04 then?19:10
PeppepMy first install was an upgrade. But that was not relevant for the question I had, I just stated that I'm careful about extensions that's not officially releases for 3.3219:12
lotuspsychjePeppep: allrighty lets call this a misinformation19:13
OerHeks!info gnome-shell-extension-weather disco19:36
ubottugnome-shell-extension-weather (source: gnome-shell-extension-weather): weather extension for GNOME Shell. In component universe, is extra. Version 0~20170402.git34506a6-2 (disco), package size 84 kB, installed size 568 kB19:36
OerHeksinstall from apt, not from that site19:36
OerHeksand install synaptic, a much more detailed softwarecenter19:36
OerHeks!info synaptic19:37
ubottusynaptic (source: synaptic): Graphical package manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.84.5 (disco), package size 627 kB, installed size 3288 kB19:37
PeppepOerHeks: Sorry, was afk. I'm already using Synaptic, but I didn't know that I could apt install extensions. Thanks!21:44
OerHekshave fun!21:48
ZuverinkDisco Dingo Gnome, just about every other reboot or log out/in I have no wifi though the led indicator on the keyboard is on. I then wont show any available networks. My wifi on the laptop is a  rtl818823:16
Zuverinkleaves me to reboot to get wifi back23:17
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