dokosbeattie, tdaitx_, gaughen: updated the transition document with the two outstanding tomcat8/9 issues10:20
huehnerdoko: what is the pending tomcat8? i assume the service file instead of redirect?15:26
huehnerdoko: apart is there a new timing for the -proposed -> -security copy?15:26
tdaitx_huehner: sorry, I missed your first question, it is related to LP: #181972118:55
=== tdaitx_ is now known as tdaitx
huehnertdaitx: the use-case from #2 should be possible to support i think kind of easily (of course not 100% transparently)21:21
huehnertdaitx: idea:21:21
huehner/etc/systemd/system/tomcat.service.d# cat override.conf21:21
huehnerthen use that prop file similar to their tomcat8.local21:22
huehnernote: just idea did not test that exact scenario they explain21:23
huehneraway... now getting late here in europe (back tomorrow)21:27
tdaitxhuehner: yeah, I agree, I have tested that locally and it works, but hard to tell if it applies to whatever they are using, I will have to comment on the bug22:09

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