lordievaderGood morning06:34
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Meadhello, looking through this guide:  https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/network-configuration.html.en  It mentioned for setting temporary ip addresses that a name server could be configured in /etc/resolv.conf.  Of course out of curiosity I looked at my existing copy of that file just to see what is in it, it has the statement "nameserver".  The system is currently using10:58
Meadan Address from my dhcp server and I know that 127.x.x.x is not routable.  My Gateway router should have given it a differnet address.  What gives?  Does this have something to do with having IPv6 too?10:58
Meadnever mind, I don't read comments11:06
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ahasenackteward: sorry, tls 1.3 nginx? I'm out of the loop12:12
PynthonHeya, I am trying to install Ubuntu server 16.04 32 bit on a very old machine: Pentium 4 2.8 ghz with 1.5GB ram booting from a USB stick. Booting works, but when I press "Install Ubuntu Server" the screen freezes and I can't do anything.12:35
Meadhow long did you wait to determine if it was frozen?12:52
sveinseHi. I'm running ubuntu-18.04 guest on Hyper-V server using linux-azure kernel. My apt-get dist-upgrade hangs where I am unable to upgrade systemd and udev. Aborting and trying to repeating with 'dpkg --configure -a' resumes the hang. The kernel reports 'INFO: task xyz:2773 blocked for more than 120 seconds", where xyz is various services, like systemd or udev or network. Which is probably why the12:58
sveinseupgrade fails.12:58
sveinseThe kernel is probably not good, but is it safe to reboot at this point? Being in the middle of an upgrade? What is the approach for this?12:58
UssatI would reboot into an older kernel13:03
ahasenackrbasak: <rbasak> 15:01:55> ahasenack: it seems bit odd to me to do it in the preinst. What if the package version is just removed - shouldn't it also get removed then in that case?13:12
ahasenackrbasak: the new package doesn't have the cache file anymore, so there is nothing to remove upon uninstallation13:12
sveinseheh, what is the point of the stop job timer when the timeout is ever increasing? It's like a progress bar saying "Wait a little bit" and then "oh, wait some more"13:13
ahasenackrbasak: the old package did remove the cache file in postrm13:13
ahasenackif it was a purge13:13
rbasakahasenack: ah - that sounds right then13:13
sveinseAnyone else here that have any experience with the linux-azure kernels for production use?13:17
tewardi think it was a mishighlight13:34
tewardahhh yes my bad i read the first name of a user not the last13:35
tewardrbasak: mind if I pick your brain?13:35
tewardrbasak: see PMs13:36
tewarderror: tired.13:37
tewardtwo questions: (1) for a no changes rebuild in -proposed against the newer libssl in proposed what's the version string notation?  (2) Does it make sense for TLS 1.3 and NGINX to version-depend on a minimum supported libssl-dev to ensure TLS 1.3 is available in it?13:37
tewardrbasak: ^13:37
tewardFYI all, me without coffee in the mornings is a little crazy :/13:38
teward*goes to find some*13:38
Meadwhat should I use to configure network interfaces and have the settings presist after a reboot?13:38
rbasakI think for a no change rebuild in the development release that already has a -XubuntuY we just bump the Y.13:38
cryptodanMead: create a yaml file for netplan13:38
tewardrbasak: this is bionic-proposed13:38
rbasakSo the same as a regular SRU would be fine I think.13:38
tewardthat's the problem13:38
tewardthat makes sense,13:38
rbasakThe only useful thing about using build1 is that it doesn't block autosync13:39
rbasakI think a versioned build depends only makes sense when it's _required_ for the build to use that version (ie. will fail or be buggy if the version is older)13:39
rbasakWe don't usually for example update versioned dependencies in build deps when we do a transition13:40
tewardmakes sense.  the only reason I ask is because TLS1.3 requires a specific version of OpenSSL or newer... *shrugs*13:41
tewardhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssl/+bug/1797386 led to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nginx/+bug/1823476 apparently.13:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1797386 in openssl (Ubuntu) "[SRU] OpenSSL 1.1.1 to 18.04 LTS" [Undecided,In progress]13:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1823476 in nginx (Ubuntu Bionic) "Rebuild with OpenSSL 1.1.1" [Wishlist,In progress]13:41
rbasakTherefore I think it's sufficient not to have a versioned build-depend on a libssl-dev if it's available in bionic-proposed already, unless there's some other serious reason why we want that test.13:41
rbasakMaybe better, if you really want to ensure that we don't accidentally ship an nginx that doesn't have TLS 1.3 support, to add a dep8 test to check that TLS 1.3 works.13:41
tewardahhh, that makes sense, and that's a trivial test to add heh13:42
Meadcryptodan: I'm not familure with yaml, can you suggest a place to get started or reference quide for the network config?13:42
teward... relatively speaking xD13:42
cryptodanMead: https://netplan.io/examples13:44
tewardrbasak: I presume I'll need to talk to the Release Team / SRU team to get them to let it into proposed with the openssl sru blocking it of course?  Or should I wait for that to clear?13:45
Meadcryptodan: thanks.13:46
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Meaddang it, YAML is a rather deep rabbit hole14:04
cryptodanMead: its rather painless just make sure your indents are kosher14:05
Meadyeah I'm reading up, no tabs just spaces14:05
Meadcryptodan: how many spaces is needed?14:13
cryptodanMead: copy the examples over and edit them14:13
cyphermoxMead: as many as you want, as long as it's consistent14:16
Meadok, sounds like a job for notepad++14:18
Meadwill empty lines be a problem too?14:19
cryptodanMead: here is mine https://termbin.com/0h8814:21
Meadweird the file created during install doesn't have that "renderer:" line and the "version:2" line is at the bottom.  Wonder if that is why the system hangs a bit during startup.14:23
cryptodanit would complain at applying the changes14:25
cryptodanyou dont need to reboot to apply the changes with netplan14:25
Meadso far I've only messed with the "ip" command when it comes to networking14:26
cyphermoxno, empty lines are fine14:26
cryptodanyou would create the 01-netcfg.yaml file then do sudo netplan apply and that would apply the ip without reboot14:27
cyphermoxthe order of the entries is not important either14:27
cyphermoxI suppose you could also just run "netplan generate' or 'netplan try' if you want to make sure the config is good14:27
* Mead goes to read the man for netplan14:30
* Mead realizes he's talking to one of the authors14:36
UssatI REALLY like netplan14:36
cryptodani didnt before, but i like it and have used it to setup statics on my desktop and server14:37
Ussattook me a bit to get used to14:37
MeadIt seems like an ok system for configuring your network stuff, as a r&s guy who cut his teeth with IOS it is much different from what I'm use to.14:39
Meadcyphermox: how old is the man you helped create?14:44
cyphermoxit's up to date with whatever you have installed14:52
cyphermoxI keep it up to date with every release14:52
MeadThank you for your work.14:55
cyphermoxthanks :)14:59
MeadThe netplan generate command is described in the --help as "generate backend specific config files from ..." could you elaborate a bit on that?15:03
cyphermoxsure. It takes the yaml, and generates the config files for networkd or NetworkManager, depending on what you set "renderer" to. the default is networkd15:04
Meadso the "netplan apply" command has to be issued for them to take effect?15:06
cyphermoxnetplan apply will actually do both; generate and then restart the services15:07
cyphermox'netplan generate' is mostly there so we can easily test things, and because we need the generator at boot time15:07
cyphermoxwhat happens at boot is the generate part runs, before networkd or network-manager are even started15:08
cyphermoxthen they start and they already have the config they need15:08
Meadand as a someone trying to get familure with linux, I need to ask:  where systemd/networkd the config it generates is stored? Is that another file stored for the daemon or is it placed in ram every boot?15:12
Meadhurm, my /etc/systemd/network directory is empty15:15
TJ-Mead: /run/systemd/network for files generated for this boot only (not persistent)15:16
MeadI'll be back, my dog is demanding something, and is suspect it is a walk around the block15:19
rbasakcpaelzer: on amavisd-new15:47
rbasakDo you know about Launchpad bug patterns?15:47
Meadheh wrong window16:03
Meadso lets me iron this out "netplan apply" the creates the config files from the yaml file and places them in /run/systemd/network , and the generate config is run at boot to create those configs.  So with netplan there really isn't a static config for systemd that survives boot, it is generated every boot from the yaml?16:12
cryptodanits only done if you need a static ip for that machine, but if you dont then you dont need a yaml file16:16
Meadcryptodan: sure, defaults to DHCP16:18
cyphermoxMead: netplan apply runs "generate" and restarts networkd/NetworkManager.  netplan generates creates the config files from the yaml file and places them in /run16:19
cyphermoxMead: so; netplan is persistant config on disk, that always generates the same actual config for networkd provided the yaml isn't changed16:19
cyphermoxso sure, the networkd config itself isn't persistent (it's in /run), but it's always generated the same way as long as you don't modify the config in /etc/netplan16:20
Meadgot it, thanks.  This is good info.   So since ubuntu users netplan there is no need for configs to be placed in /etc/systemd/network16:23
Meaderr uses16:23
cyphermoxwell, that depends16:24
cyphermoxif there's something you can't do with netplan, you can add override files in /etc/systemd/network16:24
Meadso if there is a config file for an interface in /etc/systemd/network netplan epm16:27
Meadso if there is a config file for an interface in /etc/systemd/network netplan won't configure that interface?16:27
cyphermoxno, that's not it16:30
cyphermoxI mean you could write a file, say /etc/systemd/network/10-netplan-ens3.network.d/toto.conf16:30
cyphermoxand have some extra keys in there that you need to add to the netplan config that gets generated in /run/systemd/network/10-netplan-ens3.network, for example16:30
Meadso netplan will look there and add from the config stored in the /etc/systemd/... to the file it creates to place in running config?16:33
cyphermoxyeah, networkd merges a bunch of files together from various locations16:34
cyphermoxie. whatever is in /lib/systemd/network, /etc/systemd/network, and /run/systemd/network, in that order, last is most preferred16:34
cyphermoxso, files with the exact same name are replaced, but you can also "extend" them with this .d directory structure16:35
MeadThanks,  I could keep asking more question, but I'm getting farther and farther from my what I set out to learn.  It isn't every day I (knowingly) get to pick the brain of the author of the man file I'm studying.16:44
cyphermoxMead: don't hesitate. I idle in #netplan always too; but the best is to highlight me since I'm in quite a lot of channels16:52
MeadAwsome, I'll join and highlight ya next time I've got a netplan specific question.16:56
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codefriarcan a bond interface also be a bridge interface?17:54
sdezielcodefriar: you can join a bond device to a bridge17:56
ahasenackrbasak: is there a standard/easy way to create a debian patch that patches binary data? In this case, it's an ssl certificate used during tests, but it's in DER format (binary), not PEM19:30
rbasakI remember a thing19:30
* rbasak looks it up19:30
ahasenackI seem to remember a package that applied a patch via d/rules19:30
ahasenackand had it commented out in d/p/series19:30
ahasenackbut still, how to encode the binary diff in the patch19:31
ahasenackgit has --binary19:31
ahasenackbut it's a git thing only it seems19:31
rbasakdebian/source/include-binaries is what I'm remembering. From dpkg-source(1)19:31
rbasakJust looking to see if it's relevant19:31
codefriarare there big underlying changes to networking between 18.04 and 18.10?19:51
shibbolethyeah, hey decided to backtrack on netplan19:57
shibbolethoh, wait, that was wishful thinking19:57
cyphermoxcodefriar: not especially, no20:00
keithzg[m]Hmm, what could be causing a server to hang on an attempted reboot? That is to say, if I use `reboot` it seems to try and reboot, but then the machine is stuck in some weird limbo, where the 18.04 install seems to have indeed stopped running, and nothing is accessible remotely or displayed locally, but it never actually comes back up on its own, I have to manually power-cycle it then...23:27
keithzg[m]I suppose the answer is probably just "UEFI is black magic", particularly considering that this server, unlike most of the others at work, *is* booting with secure boot.23:27
keithzg[m](It does shut down cleanly with `poweroff`)23:29

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