flingHow to debug this? -> Fetched 32.6 MB in 0s (99.4 MB/s) dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting: reading files list for package 'libmp3lame0:amd64': Input/output error E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)00:33
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ApOgEEhi fling00:44
flingApOgEE: hello.00:45
ApOgEEtry dpkg --configure -a00:46
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OerHeksfling post the whole install + error log00:46
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:46
ApOgEEapt-get install --fix-broken00:46
flingOerHeks: where can I find these logs?00:46
OerHekslike you just copied from terminal?00:47
OerHeksor run the command again, should fail, right?00:48
flingOerHeks: https://bpaste.net/show/e793fc48094600:51
MrSelfDestructfling: I was able to find a AskUbuntu thread about error code 2 in dpkg. I hope it is of some help! https://askubuntu.com/questions/139377/unable-to-install-any-updates-through-update-manager-apt-get-upgrade00:56
Bashing-omfling: My input here - what shows ' dpkg -l libmp3lame0 ' ? Maybe we can work at removoving and re-installing ?00:56
RandolfI just installed Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS server without the GUI.  I'd like to install the GUI, but have it run in the background without displaying -- leaving the text-mode login prompt on the screen.  Is this possible?00:57
flingBashing-om: https://bpaste.net/show/7392a1f514a600:57
flingRandolf: try screen00:57
RandolfBeing able to login and start the GUI is something I'd like to be able to do as well, if possible, so that I can check on things locally instead of remotely.00:58
Randolffling: Yeah, I'm familiar with GNU Screen.  I'm asking about the GUI though, not text mode stuff.00:58
flingRandolf: running X in background?00:58
Randolffling: Yeah, just like how GNU Screen does it with text mode stuff.00:58
Randolf...but with the GUI / X.00:59
MrSelfDestructRandolf: You can install a GUI shell but remove any greeter so that it defaults to just the text login screen00:59
MrSelfDestructLike installing gnome-shell but removing gddm00:59
flingRandolf: try tigervnc00:59
RandolfMrSelfDestruct: Oh, that's interesting.  Thanks.  I'll look into that.  "GUI shell" is guess is the key phrase there.00:59
Randolffling: Yeah, VNC is not a problem here (and that's a good one).01:00
Bashing-omfling: What release is this ? As on ,y 18.04 I have "libmp3lame0: >> Installed: 3.100-201:00
MrSelfDestructRandolf: Yeah I used to run Slack and I didn't have a greeter but I did have XFCE so when I started up the system it presented with the traditional tty login but I could use startx to start XFCE if I wanted01:00
flingBashing-om: 18.1001:00
flingRandolf: tigervnc will allow you to run X using vnc server as a display.01:01
OerHeksi was waiting for that, nobody gives the ubuntu version, annoying .. like we have to ask and beg01:01
RandolfMrSelfDestruct: The machine will be running some WINE stuff, which depends on the GUI.  I don't want local people to have access to shut things down and start up web browsers, etc., and the text-mode "login:" prompt serves that purpose perfectly.01:01
flingRandolf: then you will be able to connect to it remotely or from localhost using a vnc client like ssvnc or something01:01
OerHekswhat does apt update give? any fancy ppa?01:01
Randolffling: Oh, now that's interesting.  I did no know that TigerVNC could do that.01:01
Randolfs/did no know/did not know/01:02
flingRandolf: x11vnc does the opposite by exposing your screen over vnc but it is not what you need.01:02
RandolfI'm just looking at the "tigervnc" stuff in apt.01:03
Bashing-omfling: Hummm .. well that is correct version .. and dpkg is not complaining . // Got to be away for a bit .. back in about 20 minutes.01:03
flingRandolf: you could go with x11vnc if you will run xvfb instead of xorg :>01:03
flingRandolf: this way X will run in a virtual frame buffer and x11vnc will do what I just told you…01:04
flingBashing-om: OerHeks: I will try purging the package01:04
MrSelfDestructfling: That sounds like a good idea. Was that link of any help, btw?01:05
flingSame error on purge :P01:05
Randolffling: It looks like I'll need to get tigervnc-standalone-server from apt.01:05
MrSelfDestructfling: Woah. Can you install literally anything else without the error?01:06
flingMrSelfDestruct: the solution in the link is not obvious01:06
flingMrSelfDestruct: no, this error on any package!!01:13
Randolffling: I just tried this with TigerVNC, but I get errors:  https://pastebin.com/raw/zSek6PGs01:15
RandolfI think I'm missing something.01:16
flingRandolf: don't run it as root01:16
RandolfAh, okay.01:16
flingRandolf: and specify and/or create a session01:16
flingRandolf: you could use something simple by just putting 'exec awesome' in a session file01:17
RandolfHmm, a session.  Okay.01:17
flingRandolf: or 'exec startxfce' or whatever runs your DE01:17
RandolfI don't have Xfce or any other GUI installed.01:17
RandolfJust TigerVNC server modules, including the xorg extension one.01:18
flingRandolf: then install something to run (in) a xorg session! :P01:19
RandolfAh, so the problem is that I don't have a GUI installed.  Okay.01:19
Randolf(This is new to me.)01:19
flingRandolf: maybe just 'dwm' if you want to run minimal01:19
RandolfYeah, I prefer to run minimal.01:19
RandolfI'll look into apt for dwm...01:19
RandolfThat resolved those errors.  Cool.01:21
flingRandolf: do you have it running now?01:22
RandolfYeah, but I'm having problems connecting, so I'm looking into logs...01:22
RandolfThis is a test system dedicated to this, so it's okay to blow things up.01:22
Randolffling: Okay, I had to add the "-localhost no" parameter to get connected from elsewhere.  This is fantastic!  Thank you so much.01:29
flingRandolf: yw!01:30
flingRandolf: What are you running? xvfb+x11vnc or tigervnc?01:30
RandolfAnd, wow, "dwm" is extremely cut down.  It's well-suited to running GUI stuff on a server.01:30
RandolfI'm using TigerVNC.01:30
flingHow do I fix dpkg not doing anythnig? :P01:31
Bashing-omfling: Back ... and how about " sudo apt autoclean ; sudo apt update; sudo apt full-upgrade ' . any errors there ?01:31
flingBashing-om: the same error01:36
flingBashing-om: I would debug it with strace but can't install it haha01:36
Bashing-omfling: Ouch ! . Lemme cogitate a bit .01:36
cyberbob_We have a large number of ubuntu 16.x machines in our environment and planning to upgrade those to 18.0.x01:40
Bashing-omfling: Let's hope it is a corrupted list file. What results ' sudo rm -fr /var/lib/apt/lists ; sudo mkdir -pv /var/lib/apt/lists/partial ; sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ' - where the update rebuilds the "lists" .01:40
cyberbob_We can use dist-upgrade and answer the questions on the go but that is not feasible for a few dozen machines to do (most probably will be using a shell script to get this done) but what is the ideal way to do this ?01:41
flingBashing-om: same error01:42
flingcyberbob_: probably using do-release-upgrade01:42
Bashing-omfling: Yukkie ! I will bow to others with greater experience before considering re-installing dpkg :(01:43
flingcyberbob_: and upgrade to the each next release one by one. Worked here.01:43
cyberbob_fling: thanks but what about the questions and answers (as this will be a shell script and a few dozen machines) ?01:43
flingBashing-om: I can always rollback a snapshot. Can't really break things by removing dpkg or anything01:43
flingcyberbob_: you could script this with gnu parallel01:45
Bashing-omfling: Well, in that case of a roll back,  can not loose ..but I sure would like to know the cause here :)01:45
flingcyberbob_: also consider using apt-cacher-ng to speed things up really01:45
flingBashing-om: same here so should I try tinkerding with dpkg?01:45
Bashing-omfling: re-installing apt while can be done with wget - going behind apt's back. Not real real confortanle but ....01:50
flingBashing-om: looks like a cosmic ray damage01:52
flingBashing-om: I got a permanent error in /var/lib/dpkg/info/libmp3lame0:amd64.list01:52
flingBashing-om: and also in /opt/wine-d3d9-staging/lib/wine/rsaenh.dll.so and /opt/wine-d3d9-staging/lib/wine/shell32.dll.so01:53
flinggoing to scrub to find more…01:53
Bashing-omfling: removing the directory and rebuilding I had expected to remove the error .. Kind of at a loss as to the reason the error now persists.01:54
flingBashing-om: should I just drop /var/lib/dpkg/info/libmp3lame0:amd64.list, then purge the package?01:55
flingBashing-om: how do I reinstall the same exact version to make it catch the files?01:55
flingDon't want to leave any orphanes with the upgrade01:55
flingBashing-om: scan: scrub repaired 172K in 0h2m with 46 errors01:57
flinggoing to restore this container from a backup instead ;P01:57
Bashing-omfling: Well the "procedure" is ' sudo mv /var/lib/dpkg/info/<packagename>.* /tmp/ ; sudo dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq <packagename> ; sudo apt remove <packagename> ; sudo apt autoremove && sudo apt autoclean ' Then do the update/upgrade.01:58
flingBashing-om: thanks!01:59
Bashing-omfling: :) but yeah - looks like the container is corrupted .02:00
flingBashing-om: the interesting part is all the damaged blocks are claimed by the files in the filesystem and it's snapshots of the same container. All the other files on the system are good.02:12
flingSo I dropped it, cleared and scrubbed again to confirm there is no more breakage present. copying the container over again :P02:12
Bashing-omfling: Adressing/memory mapping got messed up somewhere - ?02:14
flinganother issue I'm getting here is libd3dadapter9-mesa:i386 and libncurses6:i386 are not getting installed as deps on 18.10 and I need to install them by hand to fix gallium nine02:14
flingBashing-om: do you mean it could be hardware error in RAM?02:14
Bashing-omfling: Physical ram messed up is not too likely .. virtual addressing is what I had in mind.02:16
flingIs this a regular thing on linux? haha02:16
flingShould I upgrade to 4.20?02:16
flingI'm only getting this error on an only box running 4.19.602:17
OerHeksseems like you answered that one yourself ..02:17
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic cosmic02:18
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (cosmic), package size 2 kB, installed size 15 kB02:18
OerHeksomg.. complete custom vm install with gallium nine :-D02:19
* OerHeks runs to safety02:19
flingBashing-om: I'm not running ubuntu kernel. I'm only running ubuntu in an lxd container for nine :P02:19
flingOerHeks: why? haha02:19
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theoremI'm having a terrible time installing amdgpu drivers after upgrading to 18.0402:45
flingOerHeks: what is wrong with this?02:47
SweepyofaceHi, I'm getting `debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable`03:18
Sweepyofacebut `fuser -v /var/cache/debconf/config.dat` outputs nothing03:18
Sweepyofaceoh nevermind, I managed to fix the problem by removing mariadb-server-10.3 instead of mariadb-server03:20
GerowenChanging "AllowOverride" from "None" to "All", to get .htaccess / .htpasswd files to work, breaks symbolic links, even though the option "FollowSymlinks" is still there.03:41
GerowenOmg...I'm such a noob03:43
GerowenSo apparently the presence of a .htaccess file inside a directory means it won't get listed in the default Apache file viewer; it was working this whole time I just had to manually go to the subdirectory location.03:43
cyberbob_is there any equiliant of 'yum update -y' in ubuntu ?03:47
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EickmeyerSorry, premature enter there03:48
Bashing-omcyberbob_: try as ' sudo apt update -y '03:49
Eickmeyercyberbob_: 'sudo apt update -y && sudo apt upgrade -y'03:49
EickmeyerBashing-om: In Fedora, "{yum|dnf} update" does the same thing as "apt update && apt upgrade" for us.03:50
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EickmeyerIn (open)SUSE, that would be "sudo zypper up".03:51
Bashing-omEickmeyer: Thanks for that info . Been a proud user of ubuntu now many years - other distros have fallen by the wayside :P03:51
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* monkeyfoo greets04:05
Bashing-ommonkeyfoo: Welcome - you have a ubuntu support request ?04:09
monkeyfooBashing-om: No, just poking around.04:11
monkeyfoothanks for asking04:11
Bashing-ommonkeyfoo: Here is a good place to lurk.04:11
monkeyfooYus, I see much lurking04:12
Eickmeyermonkeyfoo: Do keep in mind that this is an official support channel and we're pretty strict about staying on-topic.04:12
EickmeyerDiscussions about Ubuntu go to #ubuntu-discuss and anything else goes to #ubuntu-offtopic. :)04:13
monkeyfooEickmeyer: Understood, I'll mind my P's and Q's.04:13
Eickmeyermonkeyfoo: Welcome. :)04:13
[rg]whats a good way to find the intall date from an install?04:27
Airee[rg], installed in what way? through apt-get?04:27
[rg]from the iso install04:27
ChiLLabiSah iso04:28
Airee[rg], maybe stat /bin/mkdir04:29
AireeIt's unlikely it was modified at any time after your install04:29
[rg]also, is it possible to have an dedicated package archive on say an external disk to install packages from?04:29
Airee[rg], A repository hosted on another drive?04:29
[rg]why mkdir? just a random coreutil?04:30
Airee[rg], I don't think you can add repos based on a directory. Should probably just spin up a local webserver.04:30
[rg]but how is it done for the install media?04:31
AireeDon't know.04:31
[rg]webserver is fine, but id like to carry some packages around :-D04:31
Aireethats cool, you could have an apache2 server pointed to the mountpoint.04:32
Aireewouldnt really be difficult to set up04:32
[rg]ok, ill put that adventure off for another day04:33
Bashing-om[rg]: My goto for install date: ' sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sdb1 | grep -i "Filesystem created"04:35
[rg]giving me a date thats a few days old04:36
Bashing-om[rg]: Humm .. ny result " Filesystem created:       Sun Oct 16 22:36:38 2016 " ..04:37
[rg]oh it seems the command errored for me04:38
[rg]tune2fs: No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/sdb104:38
[rg]Couldn't find valid filesystem superblock.04:38
Airee[rg], use fdisk -l to identify the filesystem you need to use.04:39
leftyfbsudo tune2fs -l $(df /|awk '{print $1}'|tail -1) | grep -i "Filesystem created"04:39
Bashing-om[rg]: sdb1 is an example where that is the 2nd hard drive and 1st partition. Change to suit your use case :)04:39
[rg]oooh right04:39
monkeyfooAssuming you have an sdb1.. try `lsblk`04:40
[rg]leftyfb comming clutch04:40
[rg]i never bothered to use awk much, guess I should now!04:41
leftyfbsudo tune2fs -l $(df /|awk 'END{print $1}') | grep -i "Filesystem created"  # cleaned up a litt04:41
leftyfbnot bad for just waking up in the middle of the night after breaking a fever :)04:42
[rg]not sure if anyones used bsd but pdksh != mksh ?04:42
[rg]at least for ubuntu04:42
[rg]leftyfb: yeah not bad at all :)04:42
[rg]also seems I can still get a good reference from history.log too04:47
[rg]end of install will be last requested by ubuntu04:48
duoiDoes Ubuntu support Plug and Play (PNP) hardware?04:49
[rg]linux has pnp, so I want to say yes04:49
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jcotton_PNP is "plug it in and it works*"04:59
jcotton_*except for printers sometimes04:59
jcotton_**the PNP spec actually requires that perfect functioning of a printer will result in the destruction of the known universe05:01
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[rg]anyone know if history.log shows successfull insatll or i have to check term.log also?05:13
stevendale!eol | stevendale05:13
ubottustevendale, please see my private message05:13
stevendaleNot helpful, dammit05:13
lotuspsychjestevendale: plz mind your language05:13
[rg]gday  retroispresto05:14
stevendalelotuspsychje: Are you an op?05:14
stevendaleI'm pretty sure there's a guideline somewhere about micromodding05:14
lotuspsychjestevendale: do you have an ubuntu question?05:14
stevendaleWhere will we 'send people away' to when 14.04 is EoL?05:14
jake3104logs are useless.05:14
stevendaleHi [rg]05:15
Bashing-om[rg]: Have a look in the /var/log/installer/ directory .05:16
SuicideKingWhere can i find the windows emulator05:16
[rg]sup stevendale05:16
lotuspsychjeSuicideKing: virtualbox and install windows05:17
monkeyfooor ReactOS05:18
stevendaleSuicideKing: WineHQ but that's not an emulator05:19
[rg]Bashing-om: i am wondering in there general case too thanks05:20
Bashing-om[rg]: There is nothing that happens on the system that is not logged "sonewhere" - but there is no general case, only specifics.05:25
stevendaleUbuntu 14.04 works great on a 2nd gen i5, ya know05:26
lotuspsychjestevendale: join #ubuntu-discuss05:26
stevendalelotuspsychje: -offtopic05:26
lotuspsychjestevendale: this channel is 'only' for ubuntu support questions05:26
stevendalelotuspsychje: I think I know more about that than you05:27
[rg]Bashing-om: yeah just wondering if is possible for a package to get logged in history but fail to install05:27
Bashing-om[rg]: package installs fall under the 'dpkg' logs .05:30
[rg]oh ok, thanks05:31
Bashing-om[rg]: :)05:32
[rg]seperate question, can kernel compiles be done for ubuntu? <or any other binary distro>05:32
lotuspsychje[rg]: do you have an actual question, or do you just ask questions randomly?05:33
lotuspsychje[rg]: tell us why you want to compile a kernel please?05:33
Bashing-om!kernel | [rg]05:34
ubottu[rg]: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)05:34
[rg]learn more about linux, i want to know if it is in ther realm of ubuntu05:34
* [rg] wonders off05:36
snappyhow do i get apt-get to keep packages after install in /var/cache/apt? i tried enabling the option '-o APT::Keep-Downloaded-Packages=true'05:53
Sliss_snappy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Personal might help you perhaps05:55
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snappyis this the onyl way, as in there isn't a way to keep the deb packages after apt-get runs?05:58
jaypadath /msg NickServ identify sivaparvathy@905:59
tomreynjaypadath: hi, you just sent your nickserv password to the channel. you should now replace it.06:00
jaypadathhmm yea thanks...I will replace now06:02
* monkeyfoo does facepalm06:02
Sliss_snappy: as far as I understand apt clean will delete them. /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10periodic has a setting APT::Periodic::AutocleanInterval "0"; but here it is set to 0 so I assume it isn't deleting06:07
Sliss_an other option is using apt-cacher-ng which acts as a local source all your local machines can point too06:08
Sliss_apt-mark can perhaps help to prevent specific packeges to be removed if that helps06:11
Sliss_e.g. sudo apt-mark manual <package name>06:13
tomreynsnappy: you could discuss your use case, then we could see if we can find a better solution. apt normally deletes packages in the apt cache after a while to not grow it too large. after all /var/cache/apt is often on the root ("/") file system, and you really don't want that to grow full.06:13
snappytomreyn: so this is for a ci/cd system, i want to make a cache from /var/cache/apt to improve build times06:15
tomreynsnappy: you'd grow your cache indefinitely then. probably not what you want. a local proxy cache could help.06:19
tomreynthere are also apt specific caching proxies.06:19
raniesantosHi, can someone check if 'wmctrl' installed by default on Ubuntu. I forgot whether I installed this or not.06:20
tomreynsnappy: if you just want to take a fixed state and create a repository from that, there's https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptMoveHowto06:21
tomreyn(but it'll get outdated soon as new security and bug fixes arrive)06:21
tomreynraniesantos: whihc ubuntu release?06:22
Randolfraniesantos: I don't have the "wmctrl" command on my Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS installation.06:22
raniesantosok thanks06:22
tomreynsnappy: coming back to the original question (but i think this isn't what you want): on 18.04, in addition to APT::Periodic::AutocleanInterval "0" in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10periodic (as Sliss already discussed), I also see APT::Archives::... settings in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20archive06:24
alan1I'm trying to set up a home apache server that serves different services. I'm able to set it up so that serves one service, :1001 another, and so on. I'd like to instead do /serviceB etc. All tutorials I can find on the subject require DNS changes. I'd like to avoid dependence on DNS (partly because I can't reliably change it. What to search for to learn how to do this?06:39
lotuspsychjealan1: maybe better join #ubuntu-server for server questions?06:40
alan1lotuspsychje: It's running on an ubuntu desktop netebook, and this seemed like novice question, but ok.06:41
lotuspsychjealan1: ok, try to mention this in your question next time06:42
eraserpencil1hi all, in https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/libs/libyaml-cpp0.5v5, I see that the source packages provided are 0.5.2, yet in the repo it's 0.5v5(does it mean it's 0.5.5?). How do i see the changes in src up to 0.5v5?06:43
eraserpencil1oh i just figured out06:45
panorainHi all!06:46
pd09041999Can anybody help https://askubuntu.com/questions/1109163/dell-inspiron-5570-fingerprint-sensor-driver06:46
monkeyfooalan1: Have you read up on apache server virtual hosts? That sounds like what you're looking for. https://httpd.apache.org/docs/trunk/vhosts/examples.html#port06:47
alan1monkeyfoo: I have, though not exhaustively. Your link is to what I've already figured out (specify a different port to go to a different site). Instead of remembering that port 25527 is for my Calibre OPDS server, I'd like to just write my.ip.add.ress/COPS.06:51
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qwebirc33909anybody there?07:04
Mr_Cyclopsqwebirc33909, Congrats! your keyboard is working :) Please go ahead and put your query, if someone is available and they have the answer, they will respond :)07:04
monkeyfooalan1: Hmm... ok, guess I didn't get the question then. You wanted named based subdomains pointing to ports on the same host?07:09
monkeyfooalan1: Something like this? http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/vhosts/name-based.html07:10
erle-what do I do with messages like "nvidia firmware xy not found for module nouveau"?07:12
erle-I tried reinstall with a lot of packages but it did not work07:13
erle-the computer used to have nvidia drivers but now has nouveau drivers07:13
erle-any suggestions what I should reinstall?07:19
erle-or can anyone check which package for example "ucode_unload.bin" belongs?07:19
magusariusGood morning07:24
tomreynerle-: are you trying to make nouveau or the proprietary nvidia driver work? which ubuntu release are you running, what is your graphics card?07:26
tomreynucode_unload.bin is in package linux-firmware.07:27
erle-tomreyn, 18.10, nouveau seems to work, but kind of slow07:32
erle-linux-firmware is installed07:32
erle-but every kernel update reports that it is missing07:33
erle-a long list of blobs07:33
erle-only on that single machine (Thinkpad W530)07:34
alan1monkeyfoo: thanks, but I think I've figured out it's simpler. I just need to put subdirectories in my /var/www/mysite as mysite/A mysite/B07:34
erle-I have another NVIDIA machine with no problem07:34
erle-on the affected machine, I had CUDA and all installed once07:37
erle-on both actually07:37
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tomreynerle-: some Thinkpad W530 models come with no nvidia chipset, some with nVidia Quadro K1000M, some with K2000M, and there may be other models (which is why i asked what you have there). this should tell: lspci -knn | grep -A3 VGA | nc termbin.com 999907:44
tomreynthere are also some with NVS 5400M07:46
alan1Next ubuntu/apache problem... I have a php app running in /var/www/COPS, but it needs read-only access to data on a mounted drive. It complains it doesn't have permission. I tried adding www-data to the group that has read permission for the files in question, but didn't work. What am I missing?07:46
tomreynalan1: both files and the directory containing them need to allow for access. test using    sudo -u www-data cat /path/to/file07:49
tomreynnote that this will allow anything running as www-data to access these files. you could further restrict this using fastcgi and run websites under different system user accounts.07:51
tomreyn(does not work with mod_php)07:52
tman904Hi everyone.07:52
alan1tomreyn: sudo -u www-data less /mnt/Path/To/A/File opens it up nicely.07:53
alan1tomreyn: never mind. Had to restart apache07:55
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pagios hi all, is there a way to activate motion upon screen lock automatically? also i would like to reduce sensitivity to reduce false positives08:01
tomreynpagios: what does "motion upon screen lock" do? sensitivity of what to what? i can barely make out you may be referring to some form of input device.08:04
pagiosmotion the software08:04
pagiosfor spycam08:04
tomreyn!info motion08:05
ubottumotion (source: motion): V4L capture program supporting motion detection. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.0-1 (bionic), package size 233 kB, installed size 717 kB08:05
pagioswanna run a command on screen lock , which happens to be motion08:06
tomreynand you're asking about which ubuntu release and flavour?08:06
tomreynnc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)08:07
alan1I have a permissions problem. A mounted drive has a directory I want www-data to read-only (via apache). I'm the owner, there's a users group that has rw permissions. Problem is, I don't want www-data to be a member of users because there's stuff it shouldn't access. My web app works if www-data is in the group. I tried doing chmod o+r for the files in question, but that didn't work (probably because www-data08:09
alan1doesn't (and shouldn't) have access to the parent directories. How can I solve this?08:09
pagiostomreyn, https://termbin.com/ik3y08:15
erle-tomreyn, it is wiht Quadro08:17
erle-tomreyn, but I think that does not matter at all, this is a dpkg/apt problem08:18
erle-I see no effects on Xorg or initramfs building08:18
tomreynerle-: show the commands you run and the output containing error messages (or warnings?) which it produces, on a pastebin08:19
erle-also there are no single packages for different video cards, there is a firmware package and nouveau packages08:19
erle-tomreyn, just "apt dist-upgrade" whenever there is a kernel update08:19
tomreynpagios: maybe this would help https://askubuntu.com/questions/429716/how-to-run-a-command-or-script-at-screen-lock-unlock08:19
erle-so only reproducable on kernel updates08:19
tomreynerle-: you can apt-get install --reinstall linux-image-$(uname -r)08:21
erle-tomreyn, I am just doing that right now :)08:22
tomreynor: sudo update-initramfs -c -k $(usname -r)08:22
erle-tomreyn, reinstalled all linux packages (image, modules, headers, etc.)08:24
tomreynerle-:  your configured resume (from suspend-to-disk) device does not exist. other than that there is no problem. the "possible missing firmware" hints are just warnings.08:28
erle-tomreyn, okay08:28
erle-Yes, I do not want Swap.08:28
erle-Suspend to disk never worked anyway, and I don't want memory on disk08:28
erle-it is just that the installer forces you to have swap08:29
erle-even if you remove all swaps from the installer partitioning, it will create one08:29
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tomreyni think the current desktop installer always creates a swap file, yes, but then that's easily removed.08:30
tomreynthe resume device is probably configure din /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/08:30
tomreynlook for a file which contains the line RESUME= and comment it out or delete the line.08:30
tomreyni got to go08:31
erle-tomreyn, the system was isntalled with a swapfile and no swap partition08:31
erle-but since it is butterfs as root, swapfile is not recommended anyway08:31
erle-installer ignores that as well (but that is fine, it is my choice of using butterfs)08:31
erle-it should actually ask for swapfile, not just create it, I think for 99 pecent of users it is useless, but it is a privacy risk08:32
erle-even if you are low on memory, as soon as it swaps it will be pretty much unusable and you should kill apps or reboot anyway08:32
erle-it is only useful to store memory leaks if anything08:33
erle-tomreyn, thanks for pointing out the resume configuration, I removed that :)08:38
djukiol0Hi. I'm trying to report a bug using "ubuntu-bug mutter", but after it collects data and I click "Send", it does nothing, it opens no browser window, it just finishes. No error is shown in the command line. I'm using 19.04 Beta. I understand it's a beta, but how can I report a bug if this tool doesn't work for me? Thank you.08:46
ducasse!ubuntu+1 | djukiol008:54
ubottudjukiol0: Disco Dingo is the codename for Ubuntu 19.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+108:54
murlidharhello all. i tried using deb https://weechat.org/ubuntu cosmic main09:01
murlidharbut says snap is not installed09:01
murlidharCommand 'deb' not found.09:02
murlidharwhat am i missing here ?09:02
tomreynmurlidhar: "deb https://weechat.org/ubuntu cosmic main" is an apt source, to be used with the apt or apt-get applications, to be stored in a file at /etc/apt/sources.list.d/   - it is not related to snaps.09:04
murlidhartomreyn: ok but why do i find this command deb not found ?09:06
tomreynMuligan: because "deb" is not a command, and you don't type this as a command in a terminal09:06
tomreynmurlidhar: which how-to / guide / documentation did you follow there?09:07
murlidharok i need to add that in the repository ?09:07
tomreyngo to https://weechat.org/download/debian/ and click on "installation instructions", then read, slowly and carefully, and don' forget to "choose your distribution/version" from the drop-down field.09:09
tomreynor just install weechat from ubuntu09:09
djukiol0ok, thank you ducasse09:09
murlidhartomreyn: yes. i remember we used have add-apt repository09:09
tomreyn...which is as easy as:  sudo apt update && sudo apt install weechat09:10
tomreynonly the latter approach is supported here. the former may be supported by #weechat09:11
murlidharthanks tomreyn09:11
murlidharwill look into it surely.09:11
murlidhartc all. laters.09:12
matteotancahi all, do you know why it.archive.ubuntu.com is down today?09:15
alan1If I have a sub-directory and want my user myuser and my group users to own the files with permissions 2770, and want another specific user not in users to have read only permission, yet don't want to grant access to all users, how can I accomplish that?09:18
alan1Is it insecure to grant www-data access to /mnt/private/private/public by setting permissions 751 for all of /mnt/private/private directories, where www-data is not the owner nor in the group?09:23
flingIs there a command for reinstalling all the packages owning files from a list?09:27
tomreynmatteotanca: no. i've re-posted your report to #ubuntu-mirrors09:27
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tomreynfling: no. you could get somewhat close (but it's error prone) by combining the output of "dpkg -S /path/to/file | cut -d: -f1" with "sudo apt-get install --reinstall"09:38
flingtomreyn: will try this now! thanks09:39
tomreynalan1: it is insecure if it poses a problem if other system users can access those files (and directories). we cannot evaluate this for you, it dpends on how you need (not) protect this data from other local users.09:42
tomreynif you're happy to expose the data to the web, you may be happy to expose it to other local users, too, though.09:43
tomreyn(just guessing there)09:43
flingtomreyn: it works -> while read line ; do dpkg -S $line | cut -d: -f1; done < broken-files.list | sort | uniq | xargs -n1 apt-get install --reinstall09:54
tomreynfling: congrats. now how did this situatio occur in the first place?09:57
flingtomreyn: not sure, probably bad ram and/or controller silently flipping bits09:58
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flingtomreyn: and it does not work if /var/lib/dpkg/info/something.*list is broken09:59
flingtomreyn: how to workaround this?09:59
flingtomreyn: /var/lib/dpkg/info/libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-0:amd64.shlibs and /var/lib/dpkg/info/libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-0:amd64.list are not readable09:59
flingtomreyn: can I just uninstall this only package without doing any checks?09:59
tomreynhi bluerid, we can read you09:59
blueridhi tomreyn10:00
blueridwhat do you from??10:00
tomreynfling: i recommend that you spend time on working out the root cause, then reinstall.10:00
flingtomreyn: dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting: reading files list for package 'libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-0:amd64': Input/output error10:01
tomreynfling: if your hardware remains defective and bit rot continues, you'll just make thiungs worse10:01
tomreynsee what i just wrote10:01
flingtomreyn: I've spent the whole day on scrubs, memtests, cleaning and flipping around ram modules etc10:01
tomreyn!chat | bluerid10:01
ubottubluerid: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:01
tomreynfling: did you check s.m.a.r.t.?10:01
blueridwhere do you from??10:02
flingtomreyn: the smart is good and I'm not getting read/write errors at block level. only the checksums are bad10:02
flingtomreyn: nothing at dmesg.10:02
flingtomreyn: so how do I reinstall without reading the file? Is it a bad idea to just drop the file? :P10:02
tomreyn'only'? ;-)10:02
tomreynwhich file system is this, what other layers do you have below it?10:03
flingYes. Now I'm experiencing only wrong checksums of some blocks of few files on multiple filesystems in different pools.10:03
flingtomreyn: zfs on luks10:03
tomreyndoh, ok, good luck. i'm not qualified to support you there.10:04
flingtomreyn: I'm not asking about any help with memtest or zfs or luks10:04
flingjust ubuntu, apt and dpkg stuff :P10:04
tomreynbluerid: see what ubottu told you. this channel is just for ubuntu support questions., you are welcom to join one of the other channels.10:04
tomreynfling: and i'm saying that's not where the problem is.10:05
flingtomreyn: the root cause is probably already solved by other actions. Now I'm trying to recover the damages.10:05
tomreynhttps://ubuntu.com/download actually10:06
flingcan't I recover from broken files in /var/lib/dpkg/info ?10:06
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tomreynmaybe. but i don't recommend it,a new installation is most likely a fast and most of all reliable fix.10:07
flingtomreyn: I already fixed one container with the oneliner I posted but there were no broken files in /var/lib/dpkg/info10:08
tomreynthe other approach is mix of guessing and luck.10:08
flingI hope I will be able to go this way for other containers10:08
tomreynmaybe someone else is happy to support you with it.10:08
flingtomreyn: I have a snapshots so I can always rollback if I will break dpkg or something10:08
flingI have container copies on another box but I'm not in the mood of transfering them over network again…10:09
flingI will just reuse the broken files in /var/lib/dpkg/info from another install…10:09
flingtomreyn: dropping broken md5sums, symbols and list files worked! Now reinstalling fine.10:12
tomreynfling: there's no need to keep highlighting me on this issue, I already explained my stance and that I will not support this approach.10:19
flingBut I fixed things! thanks anyway10:21
srulii ran do-release-upgrade on 16.04 after checking the packages which are no longer supported i cancelled (i need time to go through them carefully) now every time i run apt dist-upgrade it wants to install some ~1,500 packages, how do i stop that?10:26
tomreynsruli: can you show:  sudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo apt-get -qqy update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog; rm /tmp/aptlog10:28
tomreynalso: nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)10:28
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tomreynsruli: i have to leave for now.10:34
srulitomreyn: i am tying it to another PC, made a few typos sorry10:35
srulitomreyn: you still here? termbin.com/m0wyd10:40
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aroraHey, does gnome use upower by default?10:58
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evg__Hi, I want to install many os on one computer. There is virtual box that installs on bare hardware, how is it called?11:35
ioria!info virtualbox11:36
ubottuvirtualbox (source: virtualbox): x86 virtualization solution - base binaries. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 5.2.18-dfsg-2~ubuntu18.04.3 (bionic), package size 16635 kB, installed size 77065 kB11:36
evg__i mean it is like vb, but it needn't os11:37
ioriaah, kvm then11:37
ubottukvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM11:38
evg__NO, the first letter is E, it's short. etcd something like that.11:39
ioria ESX/ESXi, ?11:39
ioriaidk if available in the ubuntu rrepos11:41
bhuddahno. it is available from vmware....11:42
srulii ran do-release-upgrade on 16.04 after checking the packages which are no longer supported i cancelled (i need time to go through them carefully) now every time i run apt dist-upgrade it wants to install some ~1,500 packages, how do i stop that?11:49
ioriasruli, paste the output11:52
threadstackIs there a means to entirely disable password-only authentication in Ubuntu? I'm not asking for autologin or anything like that; rather, I've configured YubiKey login and that works great but if I install something like XScreenSaver and tell it to force authentication on lock, then it accepts password-only authentication, which I don't want.11:53
threadstack(Yes, I know I can shoot myself in the foot by losing my YubiKey and I would rather that "risk" than simple password authentication.)11:54
pragmaticenigmathreadstack: That limitation is on Xscreensaver, not the system11:54
sruliioria: output of apt list --upgradable termbin.com/cjcz11:55
pragmaticenigmathreadstack: You would need to reach out to the development group for Xscreensaver and ask when they might be able to accommodate alternative authentication mechanisms such as Fido devices11:56
threadstackpragmaticenigma: Understood but Xscreensaver must be depending on part of the subsystem to tell it that password authentication is allowed, which is allowing the password authentication, yeah? :)11:56
pragmaticenigmathreadstack: No11:56
evg__ioria: thanks11:57
ioriaevg__, yw11:57
threadstackpragmaticenigma: Xscreensaver isn't handling the authentication mechanism, though, yeah?11:57
pragmaticenigmathreadstack: xscreensaver has been documented to not be an effective way to protect a system. It can easily be overcome11:57
ioriasruli, and why you don't want to run it ?11:57
sruliioria: i dont want to upgrade that pc to 18.04 yet11:58
pragmaticenigmathreadstack: that is why it is no longer installed by default. And if you desire your FIDO device to work, should stick to the default system locking mechanisms11:58
ioriasruli, are you not on 18.04 atm ?11:58
sruliioria: not that PC11:58
sruliioria: on that PC upgrading will braek many things, i have to make some time to test many different things before i upgrade that one11:59
pragmaticenigmathreadstack: xscreensaver by default does not use PAM authentication be default (which is part of the requirements for FIDO based key logins.)11:59
ioriasruli, that list is about bionic packages, nonetheless11:59
sruliioria: yes and i dont want to install the bionic packages there, i want that to remain 16.0412:00
ioriasruli, ah ok12:01
sruliioria: so how do i stop that?12:01
ioriasruli, cat /etc/issue please12:01
sruliioria: Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS \n \l12:02
ioriasruli, sy, i don't get why/how  you have bionic sources12:03
ioriasruli,  i'd check /etc/apt/sources.list12:04
sruliioria: i guess because i ran do-release-upgrade at 1 point, (but cancelled after it listed the packages that are not supported)12:04
ioriasruli,  just starting do-release-upgrade does not change sources.list12:05
sruliioria: ^^ just checked, yes all point to bionic12:05
ioriasruli,  paste /etc/apt/sources.list12:05
ioriasruli,  and paste   apt-cache policy apt12:06
sruliioria: all pointing to bionic too (you want to full output?)12:07
mIk3_08hi guys. dropbox offered me 22GB free space on my ubuntu 18.04 but it needs python-gpgme; I try to install it but Reading package lists... Done12:07
mIk3_08Building dependency tree12:07
mIk3_08Reading state information... Done12:07
mIk3_08Package python-gpgme is not available, but is referred to by another package.12:07
mIk3_08This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or12:07
mIk3_08is only available from another source12:07
mIk3_08E: Package 'python-gpgme' has no installation candidate12:07
ioriasruli,   paste   apt-cache policy apt12:07
pragmaticenigma!paste | mIk3_0812:07
ubottumIk3_08: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:07
ioriasruli,  you probably need to revert the sources12:08
sruliioria: termbin.com/sd4s12:08
ioriasruli,  too late12:08
ioriasruli,  you are on bionic right now12:09
sruliioria: so should i replace all bionic with xenial in sources.list?12:09
mIk3_08forgot the location sources.list pls...12:09
ioriasruli,  it will break (probably); do you have back-ups ?12:10
sruliioria: how come? lsb_relaese shows 16.04.612:10
ioriasruli,  do you really wnat to do that ?12:11
mIk3_08just try to review it.12:11
sruliioria: do i want to do what?12:11
ioriasruli, reverse12:11
pragmaticenigmamIk3_08: You may not be aware, but you temporarily muted when you pasted in your terminal. The channel has no context of what you are saying right now.12:11
sruliioria: why do u say i am on bionic?12:12
ioriasruli, becasue your source12:12
sruliioria: yes i guess the source has changed to bionic when it seems that it has not installed the packages yet12:13
mIk3_08Thanks guys. I try to do what I can.... thanks all12:13
ioriasruli, you should now replace sources.list pointing them to xenial , but not sure of the outcome12:14
ioriasruli, did you install something from the bionic repos ?12:14
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sruliioria: i believe not, any way to check?12:15
ioriasruli, dpkg -l | awk '{print $2}' | xargs apt-cache policy  | grep bionic12:17
sruliioria: http://termbin.com/8uax12:20
ChunkzZI'm trying to refresh minidlnad with "sudo minidlnad -R" but it's not refreshing?12:21
sruliioria: it all states bionic12:21
ioriasruli, dpkg -l | awk '{print $2}' | xargs apt-cache policy  | grep bionic  -B 512:21
sruliioria: http://termbin.com/dgn8 all bionic12:24
ioriasruli, need to filter for Installed not Candidate12:25
ioriasruli, btw, revert sources.list12:26
sruliioria: so replace all boinuc with xenial in sources.list?12:27
BluesKajHey folks12:27
sruliioria: rin apt update and get the output of dpkg -l | awk '{print $2}' | xargs apt-cache policy  | grep bionic  -B 5 ?12:29
sruliioria: s/rin/run12:29
ioriasruli, nope, update and run   apt full-upgrade  (stop it if something weird in the output)12:30
sruliioria: what should i consider weird?12:31
ioriasruli, one moment :   apt list | grep installed | grep xenial12:31
ioriasruli, one moment :   apt list | grep installed | grep bionic , sy12:32
sruliioria: output of list --upgradable http://termbin.com/rzrg12:32
sruliioria: only 26 packages after reverting to xenial12:32
TJ-Has anyone hit DKMS build failures due to missing symlinked paths in /usr/src/ with the latest linux-headers-lowlatency-hwe-18.04-edge (that's the 5.0.0-8 build) ?12:33
ioriasruli, and      apt list | grep installed | grep bionic12:33
sruliioria: grep xenial http://termbin.com/nlcm grep bionic no output12:34
Rockwoodhttps://dpaste.de/VpLg  am facing this error12:35
ioriasruli,  so no bionic pkgs have been installed you can run the upgrade12:35
sruliioria: i guess i reverted in time before any bionic packages were installed, right?12:35
ioriasruli,  right12:35
sruliioria: apt dist-upgrade, right? (before you mentioned full-upgrade)12:35
ioriasruli,  full-upgrade12:36
Pynthon Heya, I am trying to install Ubuntu server 16.04 32 bit on a very old machine: Pentium 4 2.8 ghz with 1.5GB ram booting from a USB stick. Booting works, but when I press "Install Ubuntu Server" the screen freezes and I can't do anything.12:36
filifunkyHi I was in #mysql but they sent me over here.  I'm having a dpkg error trying to install mysql12:36
ioriasruli,  uname -r12:37
filifunkythis is what it looks like: http://www.mpaste.com/p/C7LIp12:38
filifunkyanyone know how I can resolve my problem...I just want my mysql back :(12:38
cryptodanRockwood: likely those services do not exist12:38
sruliioria: 4.15.0-46 but its now installing 4.15.0-4712:38
Rockwoodhow its is possible12:38
ioriasruli,  ok12:38
sruliioria: thanks again12:39
tachikomasfilifunky: what is your problem ?12:39
TJ-filifunky: have you tried "dpkg --configure mysql-server-5.7" ?12:39
ioriasruli,  yw12:39
ioriaPynthon, it's a desktop ? nad how did you do the usb media ?12:39
sruli!cookie ioria12:40
tachikomasfilifunky: looks like you have something wrong with systemd12:40
* sruli ooof how do you give the cooke?12:40
TJ-send it via a pipe12:40
Pynthonioria: Hey, yes its a desktop. And I created a bootable USB using the standard Ubuntu tool for that.12:41
cryptodanRockwood: youll likely need to install apache2 and php7-fpm12:41
filifunkyTJ, I have a while ago, I forgot what happened but it didn't work.  I'll try it out again now12:41
sruliTJ: lol, long time, how are you?12:41
filifunkytachikomas -- that sounds scary12:41
ioriaPynthon, i suggest use dd  ; you know how ?12:41
TJ-filifunky: OK, it sounds like the local mysql config is causing the issue. Is there some history here or a plain vanilla package install or upgrade?12:41
Pynthonioria: What is dd :P? Semi linux newb here ;p12:41
srulicookie ioria12:42
Rockwoodcryptodan, that is already working fine12:42
srulii give up12:42
ioria!cookie | sruli12:42
ubottusruli: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!12:42
TJ-sruli: Busy, confused and sweltering. I see you're still breaking things!12:42
cryptodanRockwood: if it was then you souldnt get those errors12:42
sruliTJ: always, what would life be without?12:42
TJ-sruli: quiet and peaceful ?12:43
sruliTJ: confused about?12:43
pragmaticenigmaPynthon: It would be better if you detailed what tool you used for creating the USB media... There is no "standard" there are recommended tools, and with so many, it helps the volunteers here to know which appraoch you used12:43
ioriaPynthon,   https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/creating-a-bootable-ubuntu-usb-stick-on-a-debian-linux/12:43
TJ-sruli: broken packages, but seems like I'm the only one using the -edge packages currently12:43
sruliTJ: quiet and peacful, sounds something i want in my grave12:43
filifunkyTJ - History:  I've been trying to run an old python script I have that uses mysql.  It doesn't know what import mysqldb is.  Whenever I get a notification of new updates...when I update it stalls at mysql 5.7.  I just did a dpkg --configure and I think it's also going to stall somewhere if I remember correctly.  so I followed some guy on stackoverflow.  I deleted all mysql files, then purged.  So now I'm trying to do a plain old install now.12:44
Pynthonpragmaticenigma: Hey, sorry. It was called Startup Disk Creator on Ubuntu.12:44
ioriaPynthon,   if i'am not mistaken, the tool you used is mainly for Desktop isos12:45
pragmaticenigma!usb > pragmaticenigma12:45
ubottupragmaticenigma, please see my private message12:45
TJ-Pynthon: the Python issue presumably requires the package python-pymysql ... but that won't solve a mysql-server-X.Y configure failure12:46
Pynthonioria: Wow thanks! And thats very interesting, I thought it didn't matter.12:46
pragmaticenigmaTJ-: I think you flagged the wrong user12:46
TJ-oh fooey!12:46
ioriaPynthon,   dd is  simple  : sudo dd  if=server.iso  of=/dev/sdX12:46
TJ-I'm working in bright sun and reflections so cannot see the screen very clearly :D12:47
Pynthonioria: I will try using dd12:47
PynthonTJ-: Hahahaha no problem ;p12:47
TJ-filifunky: the Python issue presumably requires the package python-pymysql ... but that won't solve a mysql-server-X.Y configure failure12:47
sruliTJ: bright sun? where r u?12:47
ace_meI have installed CISCO Anyconnect but when I launch it nothing happen and no logs are recorded12:47
ioriaPynthon,  apart from dd;  what video card do you have on that pentium 4 pc ?12:48
ace_meI did also tried some extra packages apt install network-manager-openconnect12:48
ace_meand apt install -y lib32z1 lib32ncurses512:48
filifunkyTJ -- are you saying I should go back into #mysql?12:48
pragmaticenigma!enter | ace_me12:48
ubottuace_me: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.12:48
sruliace_me: cisco anyconnect 64 bit? i have given up trying to get any cisco any connect to run on linux a few years ago12:48
TJ-filifunky: no, I'm trying to help narrow down where the precise error cause is12:48
ace_me:) sruli12:49
filifunkyTJ ok thanks12:49
TJ-filifunky: I think what we need do is force additional debug messages12:49
ace_methere are persons I know for which it works but they are not sure how do they make it12:49
TJ-filifunky: Try this: "sudo dpkg --debug=221 --configure -a"12:50
TJ-filifunky: the 22x will generate details about the config files, the xx1 will add general progress info12:51
Pynthonioria: Sorry, I am not sure. I think its just as simple integrated card. Sorry12:52
mIk3_08Thanks guys my dropbox is running smoothly now... Thanks thanks...12:53
filifunkyTJ:  http://www.mpaste.com/p/vXsz  I get that last line ALL THE TIME12:53
filifunkyTJ: how could it say its already upgraded when I deleted the files and purged?12:53
mIk3_08I did not used sudo. its the pop-up that i used to follow to completely installed.12:55
cryptodanace_me: i just installed cisco anyconnect just fine12:57
TJ-filifunky: aha! So, the conf script is trying to run a mysql_upgrade against an already-upgraded DB install, which returns a non-zero error code to dpkg which then fails - this seems like a packaging bug to me12:57
=== help is now known as Guest22925
Guest22925Hi i need help . i lost everything12:58
Guest22925can someone go private and manage to solve my issue12:59
filifunkyTJ - so do I just throw my computer in the trash and start my life over12:59
sruli!help Guest22925:12:59
sruli!help | Guest22925:12:59
ubottuGuest22925:: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:59
TJ-filifunky: this appears to be Bug #1817374 but that suggests its a local system issue, but the comments there may help you13:00
ubottubug 1817374 in mysql-5.7 (Ubuntu) "mysql-server-5.7 5.7.25 upgrade did not complete properly" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/181737413:00
filifunkyTJ - thanks am checking it out now13:01
sruliGuest22925: ask you question here in as much detail as possible on 1 line13:01
Guest22925i messed real bad with my computer partitions (have xubuntu and win10) now i don'g have any access to my computer , when i boot it i get an 1234F error and whenever i press a button the errors duplicates13:01
sruliwhat did you do to your partitions?13:02
Guest22925can i share  a link of askubuntu? i created a details thread13:03
Guest22925that was the problem i was solving but i downloaded a program and got it worse, not it does not even boot13:03
generalbadwolfhello everyone13:10
generalbadwolfanyone here13:10
JimBuntugeneralbadwolf, there are currently about 1,517 entities here, most are not paying attention.13:10
sruliGuest22925: so you checked and you windows data is there only you cant boot it?13:10
sruliGuest22925: i mean did you mount the windows partitions on xubuntu and check that you can access your files?13:11
Guest22925i could access my files at the moment i was writting that article,, but now i lost boot access, i can't boot my computer13:12
generalbadwolf2are you on EFI13:12
generalbadwolf2Your windows13:12
Guest22925now i downloaded  windows 10 iso and mount it on usb,,, i tried booting up there, when i entered some command  to rebuild the MBR it says succesfully but when rebooting the 1234F error is gone but now it says missing operatin system13:14
cryptodanGuest22925: at this time it would be wise that you boot a live distro and backup your data from c:\users and your d drive13:15
Guest22925how to boot live distro?13:16
cryptodanGuest22925: same way you booted xubuntu to install it13:20
Guest22925I have a copy of windows 10 and Live distro , which one should i use? reinstall windows or livedistro and reinstall ubuntu??13:20
horus125probably an offtopic question but can anyone help me set up vpngate server with openvpn commandline? or at least point me to an appropriate channel ;-;13:21
cryptodanGuest22925: boot to live distro and backup your data13:21
pragmaticenigma!alis | horus12513:21
ubottuhorus125: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"13:21
Guest22925when i booted to life distro,,, i couldn't find my C: folder , where my data was stored13:22
horus125ubottu: great thanks!13:22
Guest22925how to recover it?13:22
pragmaticenigmahorus125: Also, please feel free to join the #ubuntu-offtopic  channel for assistance, ##linux may also provide help13:22
horus125pragmaticenigma: will do, thanks again!13:22
GuestGuest22925: It will be there but it won't be called "C" - it should be available in the sidebar of the file manager13:22
cryptodanGuest22925: it would be in file manager under devices13:22
Guest22925i downloaded this, and once it boot it gets me to ubuntu directly13:25
rodrigot44does anybody know of a addon/script to show the duration of a video file on the properties popup ?13:31
cryptodanuh what rodrigot44 ?13:31
rodrigot44cryptodan: https://www.linuxuprising.com/2018/08/display-extensive-media-information-in.html13:33
hans_(someone pointed out at 4chan) going by the current release schedule and release naming scheme, in the year 2118 the LTS release will also be named 18.04..13:33
jcotton>assuming humanity will survive that long13:34
cryptodanrodrigot44: but what are you asking about it>13:34
pragmaticenigmahans_: Do you have a support item that we can help you with?13:34
rodrigot44cryptodan: you know when you right click a file right?13:35
hans_pragmaticenigma, no i'm just worried that in the future people may confuse the 2118 release with the 2018 release13:35
cryptodanso you are asking if anyone has installed it or something similar?13:35
pragmaticenigma!ot | hans_13:35
ubottuhans_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:35
rodrigot44cryptodan: no i tried installing that sript but its buggy!13:36
cryptodanrodrigot44: that would probably be related to exif data of the file13:36
pragmaticenigma!info mediainfo-gui | rodrigot4413:36
ubotturodrigot44: mediainfo-gui (source: mediainfo): graphical utility for reading information from audio/video files. In component universe, is optional. Version 17.12-1 (bionic), package size 104 kB, installed size 435 kB13:36
Guest22925let's say i have copied all my files to a hard drive, now what to do to recover my computer?13:36
rodrigot44cryptodan: so what are you trying to tell me im new to all this?13:38
ayekatGuest22925: what is broken?13:38
=== evg__ is now known as ckopn
Guest22925Ayekat, i have a very complicated problem, i can't write all details here13:39
pragmaticenigmarodrigot44: mediainfo-gui is a front end to mediainfo (the same dependency as that script plugin) it will install itself as an option when you right click on media files and select "open with..."13:39
Guest22925I messed  up with all my computer partitions, now nothing works, and some of my data are lost13:39
ayekatGuest22925: well, you were able to access the filesystem, so at least *that* part still works13:40
ayekatGuest22925: then again, if it's about "how to fix my broken windows installation", this might be the wrong place here - but what about your ubuntu installation?13:40
TJ-Guest22925: There's a Linux tool called "testdisk" that can search for and potentially restore the partition table, but it depends on how you managed to 'mess up' the table in the first place. If you were 'moving' or resizing partitions that could have done destructive writes that cannot be recovered form13:41
=== root___ is now known as homma
Guest22925testdisk is the one that i messed with13:42
Guest22925Ayekat my ubuntu installation is not working, i have downloaded Disk-repair and it boots me to Ubuntu and asks me i want to reinstall ubuntu13:42
ayekatah wait, you could *not* access your filesystem? how did you copy your files off? dd?13:43
TJ-Guest22925: so why were using testdisk? Trying to fix some earlier problem?13:44
Guest22925i did not copy, because i don't have an external storage so i hope they won't be deleted13:44
Guest22925Ok i will explain how this all happenned13:45
Guest22925Please see this article https://askubuntu.com/questions/1131964/xubuntu-i-lost-everything , this is were i was yesterday, before usung testdisk, now it's all messed up13:46
ayekatoh - I was about to say: "your partition table looks pretty OK, and apparently you can still boot into linux?"13:46
Guest22925no, now  nothing works, when i boot my computer i get operating system  missing13:47
prfoundcan someone give me help?13:51
BluesKaj!ask | prfound13:51
ubottuprfound: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:51
ayekatGuest22925: "can't boot" doesn't mean much - it could be anything between "There is a syntax error in your grub.cfg" and "You are trying to boot off a piece of salami in your CD drive"13:51
ayekatGuest22925: is the partition table still intact?13:52
tewardprfound: just ask your general question, don't ask for help.13:52
tewarddon't ask if anyone can give help*13:52
MadLambjoin #java13:52
TJ-Guest22925: Summary: You will need to use data recovery tools to locate and save any data you haven't backed up, then re-install. What you've done, even for me (an expert in this area) could be a multi-day task with no guarantee of file-system recovery13:52
prfoundi've a ubuntu server with an sql service on it... it spent like 2 min to put all ram in cached and also use swap... how can i fix this13:52
Guest22925Ayekat what i mean by  i cant boot is thatn when i switch on my computer i get missing Operating system and that's it, the only way i can access and boot normaly is to plug a usb with Boot-repair Disk within,,,and this works but the Xubuntu and win10 are messed up , so the computer can't boot them13:57
ayekatGuest22925: are the partition tables intact? do you see the system partitions?13:59
Guest22925how to check that?13:59
cryptodanGuest22925: have you mounted your windows drives in file manager under a live linux session13:59
Guest22925TJ how to recover data? give me some software13:59
Guest22925cryptodan i don't remember doing anything like that14:00
cryptodanGuest22925: first you should see if you can see the data in file manager14:00
Guest22925ok, i'm booting up the boot repair on USB, it's loading14:00
Guest22925it takes arround 10 mn to finalize the loading menu14:01
ayekatGuest22925: `fdisk -l /dev/sdX` should be a good start14:03
ayekatGuest22925: just to see if it finds any partition tables (and thus partitions)14:03
jcottondoes fdisk support GPT now?14:03
cryptodanayekat: naw it wouldnt best to see if they could see the data first14:03
ayekatcryptodan: ah yes, I was replying to their earlier question about how to see if the partitions are still intact14:03
ayekatbecause they were claiming that things are "messed up" - so I thought, "let's first check the basics"14:04
Guest22925ok when the loading is complete i will do it to check the data14:04
cryptodanayekat: if they can see the data they can copy the data over to a usb drive or a cloud service they use then reinstall windows and using the setup tool there to partition the drive in 2 parts one for windows and one for linux14:04
ayekatcryptodan: yes, and I'm trying to understand how badly they have broken their setup - so far they've described it as if it was the end of the world, so that's why I started from the bottom14:05
ayekatbut yes, if the partitions and filesystems are in fact still intact (and their only issue is that their boot process is somewhat borked) it's less of a problem14:06
=== hibbie1 is now known as hibbie
ayekatjcotton: yes, it does14:06
jcottonso you don't need to use gdisk anymore?14:06
Guest22925Boot-repair-Disk is a good way to start linux? or there is better14:07
ayekatGuest22925: your goal is not to "start linux" - your goal is to find out what state your machine (or data on it) currently is14:08
ayekatlike... understand the problem before trying to troubleshoot it14:08
ayekatjcotton: no idea ^^14:09
ayekatI use cfdisk for most operations, and only resort to fdisk for non-trivial stuff (which happens maybe once every 4 years or so)14:10
Guest22925im on terminal now, what should i type to check the data14:10
ayekatGuest22925: `fdisk -l` should give you a list of partitions14:10
jcottoni totally forgot about cfdisk14:10
jcottonthanks for reminding me of it14:10
ayekatit's the nano of partition editors - all the info is nicely displayed at the bottom ^^14:11
Guest22925i had to add sudo because of permission denied, well now  a lot of things appeared14:11
ayekatah yes, I was assuming that the boot-repair disk would default to root, my bad14:12
Guest22925so it's bad to use it?14:12
cryptodanGuest22925: open up file manager and go to devices14:12
ayekatGuest22925: so can you see your 700 GB disk in the output, and the partitions on it?14:12
Guest22925cryptodan, i can only see 3 devices,,, and none of them are my data14:13
cryptodanwhat 3 devices you will need to mount them14:13
cryptodanit would not be labeled as C drive or D Drive14:14
Guest22925ayekat  yes, there is 5 sda14:14
ayekatGuest22925: the same ones as in your screenshot at https://i.stack.imgur.com/rVXrL.png14:14
Guest22925cryptodan there is file system (linux i believe) and boot repair (doesnt work) 10go volume (i believe it's one of the partition i created, it's empty) and 8go (where i installed xubuntu the first time)14:15
cryptodanfile system might be your windows drive mount it14:16
Guest22925ayekat, no, but may i send u a screenshot of the actual Gparted stats?14:16
EriC^^Guest22925: did you paste "sudo parted -ls" ?14:16
Guest22925Eric what for?14:17
ayekatGuest22925: uh... fdisk output would be sufficient - but whatever you like14:17
EriC^^or fdisk whatever14:17
EriC^^sorry i just joined the party14:17
ayekat(then again, I guess gparted would also label the contained filesystems, that way we could already tell if your filesystems are intact)14:17
ayekatGuest22925: so preferably gparted, if you have that ^^14:18
Guest22925cryptodan the file system and the 8 go where i installed linux has the same files,,, doesn't look like windows14:18
Guest22925haha, sorry to ask this, but how can i screen shot?14:19
Guest22925and upload online?14:19
cryptodanGuest22925: in terminal run this "sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999" and share the link14:19
lordcirth__Guest22925, pressing PrintScreen will open the screenshot utility. Imgur will let you upload it. But if it's terminal, just use a pastebin as mentioned.14:20
Guest22925the problem is that i don't have acces  online14:20
cryptodanso the machine in question cannot connect to the internet?14:22
ayekatI'd have said "set up the network", but then again, I don't even know what this boot-repair-disk thingie is...14:22
cryptodanGuest22925: please boot up a live session that is not boot repair14:23
lordcirth__pretty sure the boot repair CD can do networking just fine...14:23
Guest22925cryptodan how to boot live session?14:24
cryptodanGuest22925: using the usb media that you used to install ubuntu from14:24
ayekatyeah, use the ubuntu live CD - I'm not sure if people around here can really help with some random distribution downloaded from sourceforge...14:25
Pynthonioria: Thank for the help. I got it working. I just had to wait 10 minutes on the freezed screen.14:25
Pynthonioria: I installed Ubuntu server but I dont have any internet right now lol.14:25
ioriaPynthon,  10 minutes ?14:25
Guest22925ah i remember when i installed xubuntu, i had to choose between install and try it14:26
Guest22925so you mean i gotta try?14:26
Pynthonioria: Yes, after that the installation went fine.14:26
PynthonVery weird14:26
ioriaPynthon,  did you install a DE too?14:26
lordcirth__ayekat, the boot repair ISO is quite popular and is recommended by at least one Ubuntu wiki article.14:26
Pynthonioria: No headless14:27
ioriaPynthon,  cat /etc/networkinterfaces14:27
ioriaPynthon,  cat /etc/network/interfaces14:27
ayekatlordcirth__: oh, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair - ok, I see14:27
Pynthonioria: I only have the loopback interface14:28
ioriaPynthon,  so you need to set it up : static or dhcp14:28
Pynthonioria: During installation it said that no network interfaces were found. But I found I probably have an Conexant Systems, Inc. HSF 56k HSFi Modem14:29
Guest22925i took the pic with my phone https://ibb.co/JQWQVLP14:29
ioriaPynthon,  you don't want to use that14:29
Pynthonioria: Ah okay. So ethernet will work fine without that? I only need to  setup an interface either static or dhcp?14:29
ioriaPynthon,  and i'am talking about the network config not the device14:30
ioriaPynthon,  yes, you know how ?14:30
ayekatGuest22925: not sure why your windows filesystem is mounted in /cdrom, but meh - it seems your partitions/filesystems are intact14:30
Guest22925so can you help me ?14:30
ayekatGuest22925: does /cdrom look like a windows filesystem?14:30
Guest22925how to know that14:30
Pynthonioria: Ah perfect. I dont know how.But I will watch some YT vids :p. I am a linux newb, although I used it for years on my desktop.14:30
ayekatGuest22925: looks what's inside /cdrom14:31
ioriaPynthon,  https://askubuntu.com/questions/431682/how-do-i-use-etc-network-interfaces-instead-of-network-manager14:31
Guest22925Ayekat you mean double click?14:31
ioriaPynthon,  are you sure you want the server edition ?14:31
ayekatGuest22925: ls /cdrom14:31
ayekatGuest22925: or yeah, double click, if you're using a graphical interface14:32
Guest22925im usung gparted14:32
Pynthonioria: Yes, I want to setup a home server for file sharing, streaming etc. Thanks for the link!14:32
ioriaPynthon,  ok14:32
=== fred_1121 is now known as Guest65457
Pynthonioria: And upgrade my linux skills ;p14:32
ayekatGuest22925: no, I mean, open your file manager, and look what's inside /cdrom14:32
ioriaPynthon,  sure14:32
TJ-Guest22925: ayekat The "unallocated" size makes me suspect there could be mismatched MBR and GPT14:32
TJ-but I'm struggling to read the screen so may not be seeing it correctly14:33
Guest22925ayakat there is no cdrom in file manager14:33
ayekatGuest22925: please open a shell (terminal), and type `ls /cdrom`14:34
ayekataccording to your screenshot from before, something is mounted there14:34
ayekatTJ-: yeah, just noticed... something is probably wrong there14:34
TJ-Guest22925: in the GUI it is likely just labelled "WINDOWS"14:34
Guest22925i did a lot of thing appeared14:34
ayekatGuest22925: please tell us what - take another picture if you want14:34
jcottonWindows by default doesn't actually label the OS partition14:35
cryptodanyoull want to copy everything from /cdrom/users/username/ to a usb drive14:35
jcottontho some OEMs do14:35
TJ-Guest22925: As an aside: if you use the Ubuntu Live ISO in "Try Ubuntu" mode it can have networking AND paste command output using pastebinit automatically14:36
Guest22925oh yeaaah, now i remember this things,,, thats the files i tried to rescue,,, like i said, why did i messed up  all this? because i tried to recover the Data i accidentely lost on D: ,, now there is a backup file and the C: (windows) are all here14:36
TJ-jcotton: if you note the gaprted screenshot the file-system has a label... usually GUI will use that14:36
jcottonoh i msised the screenshot14:36
Guest22925so my goal is to recover everything that appeared when entering the command cdrom14:36
Guest22925Here is the screenshot ibb.co/rwsvzwv14:41
Guest22925there is C: and D: files14:41
cryptodanso youll want everything from documents and settings/username to a usb drive then you can reinstall windows.14:43
Guest22925Cryptodan i just noticed, that not all my C: files are in the list14:46
cryptodanyoull need to find them but the root of that drive looks severely messed up14:47
Guest22925how can i do so?14:48
ayekatyeah... it's like some mad scientist crossed an ubuntu live CD with a windows system14:48
Guest22925Ayekat, told ya it's a Big messed up, and i have Tons of important files14:49
ayekatGuest22925: well, as others have mentioned, copy the files off to some external storage device, then clean up (better: reinstall) the mess14:51
Guest22925how to copy all the files?14:52
ayekatGuest22925: use the file manager and drag-and-drop... or cp (or probably better: rsync) from the terminal14:52
Guest22925i cant copy from file manager because i can't access the files there only by terminal14:53
ayekatGuest22925: you can't navigate to /cdrom with your file manager?14:53
Guest22925all i can navigate is the linux files14:54
Guest22925not Cdrom14:54
ayekatwell, then use cp or rsync or something14:55
Guest22925ayekat, i never used these commands so i don't know what to do with rsync14:55
filifunkyTJ - I think the ultimate conclusion even from that bug is to get rid of mysql and reinstall it.  Which I'm trying to do but need to try again some other time.14:56
ayekatGuest22925: if you don't care too much about what state the files are copied (as in: permissions and ownership), cp is sufficient14:56
ayekatGuest22925: (especially since linux can't properly handle file permissions/ownership on NTFS anyway)14:57
Guest22925some of my files are softwares and pictures14:57
ayekatGuest22925: yeah, pictures and stuff will be fine14:57
ayekatsoftware probably less so - because registry magick14:57
Guest22925yeah don't care about that14:57
Guest22925so how to recover? ,,,,, is there no way to fix all this without copying files and reinstalling?14:58
ayekatI would recommend making a copy no matter what14:58
ayekatand only then would I start tinkering around (and potentially breaking something)14:59
Guest22925Plus, my  win10 is original if i delete and reinstall i will loose the licence14:59
jcottonif it came on the machine then the license is stored in the firmware15:01
Guest22925Ayekat, can i copy all these folders and data to a new partition, then reinstall everything windows and linux on seperate partition and finnaly copy back my data?15:02
linuxconformerhow do i use puttygen so i can access my ubuntu server from windows (using putty)?15:10
bhhpersonally i've not had any luck with putty and ssh keys15:11
pragmaticenigmalinuxconformer: PuTTYgen isn't used to connect to linux servers, it's a key management component15:11
bhhi recommend gitbash if you're stuck on windows: https://git-scm.com15:12
linuxconformerpragmaticenigma: i didn't say it's used to connect to linux servers directly, but i get "no supported authentication methods available " when i try to connect to my server using putty, and apparently i need to use puttygen to generate a key that putty can use15:12
linuxconformerwhat's gitbash?15:13
bhhit's a minimal msys setup that's included with the windows builds of git15:14
bhhworks really well for ssh and keys with ssh-keygen15:14
linuxconformerbhh: problem is not that i can get terminal ssh working on windows, but i need a gui filesystem editor15:15
bhhvnc is probably what you're looking for then15:16
jcottoncan't he just do X forwarding?15:17
ayekatGuest22925: that would work, yes - note that just "copying back" the data will not restore your system as it was before15:17
pragmaticenigmabhh: please stop, you're just directing someone to random things without explination or providing any real help15:18
bhhmy bad15:18
bhhi didn't fully understand the software needs15:18
Guest22925Ayekat, can we go in another chat so that we will talk better? please15:20
pragmaticenigmalinuxconformer: Putty support isn't something this channel is really setup to manage. Putty doesn't usually require any special setup to gain access to a remote linux system. If you are looking for graphicall access to the remote machine there are a couple options. If the remote machine supports it, and your local machine is running an instance of X server, you can trying something like Xforwarding to launch a gui application on15:20
pragmaticenigmathe local machine15:20
linuxconformerpragmaticenigma: just to be clear local is windows, remote is ubuntu15:20
pragmaticenigmalinuxconformer: Putty will not provide you with a graphical interface for managing files. It gives access to a remote machines terminal interface15:20
ayekatGuest22925: I prefer to keep it here for 2 reasons: (1) everyone else can also see it and give their input if necessary, and (2) I'm about to go offline in a few minutes15:21
Guest22925okay ayekat, tell me how to rescue my data and even if i reinstall linux and loose software it's okay all i care about is data15:21
ayekatGuest22925: use cp or rsync15:22
ayekatGuest22925: cp {source} {destination}15:22
cryptodanGuest22925: you copy all data from documents and settings/username to an external drive and then find other data you want to save and copy it over to the same external drive15:23
pragmaticenigmalinuxconformer: personally, I use cygwin on my windows machines, with cygwin X server installed. This allows me to launch a terminal in windows, ssh to a remote machine, and if I desure I can use Xforwarding to allow me to launch graphical applications to be interacted with on my windows machines15:23
ayekatGuest22925: in your case {source} is /cdrom (unless you've changed that), and {destination} is some directory (ideally on another disk)15:23
Guest22925But when i plug a usb, there is nothing showing, how can i know the destination path?15:25
elias_aGuest22925: What kind of USB media are you plugging in?15:29
TJ-sounds like the booted Linux distro isn't using udisks to automount15:30
Pynthonheya when I run sudo lshw -C network I get no output back. Does this mean I have to install my networkcard drivers?15:33
cryptodanPynthon: is your card shown in dmesg?15:34
=== Orphis_ is now known as Orphis
TJ-Pynthon: it sounds like the network devices may not be identified, Is it a PCI(e) device? try "lspci -nn -d ::0200"15:35
linuxconformerguys how can i view files on ubuntu now that i've connected using putty?15:36
cryptodanyou can do so by doing ls -la15:37
PynthonTJ-: That also returns nothing15:38
OerHeksPynthon, ' ifconfig' should show networking15:39
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
OerHeksPynthon, else tell us what special setup you have?15:39
linuxconformerguys how can i access my ubuntu remote (ip only, no domain and no SSL) using filezilla?15:40
PynthonOerHeks: ifconfig only shows lo . And I am running Ubuntu server on a very old PC. Pentium 4 2.8ghz, 1.5gb ram. And probably a Conexant Systems, Inc. HSF 56k HSFi Modem as network card.15:41
ioriaPynthon,  lspci -nnk   , take a screenshot with phone and paste on imgur   (reduce the fonts with ctrl + - )15:41
ioriaPynthon,  and you have an ethernet port ?15:42
Pynthonioria: Hey ioria I added an interface to /network/interfaces file but it said "cannot find device eth0" . So I thought I have to find the name of my device correct?15:43
Pynthonioria: Will make a pic ty15:43
ioriaPynthon,  and you have an ethernet port ?15:43
linuxconformergot it15:43
Pynthonioria: Sorry, yes I have15:43
ioriaPynthon, don't mix it with the phone line port ....15:43
ioriaPynthon,  modem port, i mean15:44
Pynthonioria: Modem port is smaller correct?15:44
ioriaPynthon,  yes15:44
Pynthonioria: I have both. But I plugged an ethernet cable into the ethernet port15:45
ioriaPynthon,  ok, post the image15:45
Guest22925ok i will download Xubuntu again and run test mode15:47
Pynthonioria: https://imgur.com/a/XdIFN4d15:48
ioriaPynthon,  disabled in bios ?15:50
cryptodanmight be missing the via rhine module for that old computer15:50
Pynthonioria: The network card you mean?15:50
ioriaPynthon,  yes15:50
ioriaPynthon, check the leds15:51
Pynthonioria: I will check. Because we are looking for a ethernet controller right?15:51
ioriaPynthon, probably; check the leds15:51
Guest22925THANK YOU all for your support, will come back later have a nice day15:52
ioriaPynthon, another pci ethernet card it's not a problem, as well a usb-ethernet adapter or even a usb wifi adpter15:52
cryptodanPynthon: is this your motherboard https://www.cnet.com/products/via-p4x266-pe11-l-motherboard-atx-socket-478-p4x266/15:53
Pynthonioria: Cant find anything in the BIOS. So this basically means I don't have an ethernet controller/card in this PC :P?15:56
Pynthoncryptodan: I will check w815:56
Pynthoncryptodan: Its a p4x266e-8235 motherboard15:58
cryptodanyoull need to scroll through dmesg and look for something called via rhine as that is the network card to see if its even functioning15:59
hggdhounban *!*@pdpc/supporter/21for7/daftykins --deop16:00
TJ-Pynthon: cryptodan if it were in dmesg it'd show up in lspci16:00
=== argus is now known as argusbr
ZuverinkIn gnome, is there a way to clear favorite applications?16:16
TreyHarrisHey there--on bionic, I just installed gnulibs, which installed a number of .info files into /usr/share/gnulib/doc/ , but didn't install them into the systemwide info pages index. How does that happen? I just apt-get download'ed a '-doc' package that _did_ get its Info pages installed, and I can't see anything different in contents or control of the .deb16:17
lotuspsychje!crosspost | Zuverink16:17
ubottuZuverink: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.16:17
lotuspsychjeZuverink: whats your ubuntu version please?16:18
Zuverink19.04 Gnome16:18
lotuspsychjeZuverink: please only in #ubuntu+1 then16:18
Zuverinklotuspsychje, kk, Sorry, thought the same would work across different versions of Gnome and rolled the dice. My bad.16:19
OerHeksZuverink, open systemsettings > privacy > hit usage & history, then this pops up https://imgur.com/a/o6mRJ1s16:21
ZuverinkOerHeks, ty16:23
TreyHarrisIt is very difficult to search for an issue when the only identifiable keywords are "Ubuntu" "install" "info" "texinfo" "info-install" "deb" "debian package"... I get lots of returns, none of them relevant16:23
TreyHarrisI didn't see "texinfo" mentioned in the packager's guide, though, so if there's automagic resulting in new .info pages getting indexed, it just didn't fire when I installed gnulibs for some reason16:24
lotuspsychjeTreyHarris: perhaps can you define, what it is you are trying to do? volunteers could better help think along with you16:24
TreyHarrislotuspsychje: I did "apt install gnulibs". I would now like to search the manuals that came with that package. But right now, they are all just sitting there in files, unconnected with the systemwide Info index like most packages' Info files are. I could manually run "install-info" on each, but a) I haven't had to before, and b) I imagine that the next time I apt install a package that has an info file it16:26
TreyHarris_does_ install correctly, my manual additions will get overwritten16:26
lotuspsychjeTreyHarris: can the documentation section help you here: https://www.gnu.org/software/gnulib/16:30
Pynthonioria: If I buy a usb-ethernet adapter this problem will probably be fixed correct?16:34
transhumanisthi! have a friend using ubuntu 18.04 his audio for firefox works through hdmi on the kde desktop but chrome goes through the system speaker. how do I fix the latter?16:35
TreyHarrislotuspsychje: How? I don't follow... It's standard Texinfo files, that section just says they're "incomplete". They're on my system, though, I'd still like to read them like I do many other packages with Texinfo files16:35
TreyHarrisIf this was a packaging error on the part of whomever packaged gnulib, I can report a bug, but I'm not clear on what causes a given .info.gz or .texi file to get included in the system's index16:37
TreyHarrisgnulib is the first thing I've installed with apt since my first time installing something with checkinstall, so I fear the issue may be on my end somehow--that my checkinstall (which did _not_ install any Info files b/c the software I used it on came with .pod pages instead) somehow corrupted the Info index such that apt can't add new manuals to it maybe?16:41
TreyHarrisI can test this by installing a '-doc' package, though... let me try that now.16:42
lotuspsychjeTreyHarris: are you compiling gnulib yourself?16:42
TreyHarrislotuspsychje: no, I just did 'apt install gnulib'16:43
TreyHarrisNope, I just did 'apt install zsh-doc' and the Zsh Info pages are now in the system index.16:44
TreyHarrisI can of course load them up as individual files, but their use to me as part of the Info system rather than just being man pages is being able to search across them16:45
=== bhh is now known as benharri
JuJUBeeI have multiple displays and an interactive projector in my classroom.  I have a script I used to make my projector work on a particular display.  It is not working anymore...  https://pastebin.com/S3UPuZAr17:04
pragmaticenigmaJuJUBee: scripting isn't something that is supported here... to start with, I'd look at the output of xinput and see if anything has changed (drivers sometimes update device names)17:06
JuJUBeepragmaticenigma, the device names are the same as they used to be.17:07
ducasseJuJUBee: well, it's still beyond what is supported here, maybe try ##linux17:11
pragmaticenigmaJuJUBee: testing that command with my setup, I yield nothing. I think you will need to try in a different channel for scripting help... #bash or ##linux might be better able to help you17:11
JuJUBeethanks anyway, I think I figured it out.17:11
c_bluntishhey, my kb turns it self off / dead on boot17:22
c_bluntishmy boot screen is hanging17:22
c_bluntishand the kb turns itself off17:22
tomreynkb as in keyboard?17:24
tomreync_bluntish: which ubuntu version is this, what has recently changed about it which may be causing this (or is it a brand new installation)?17:25
c_bluntishits latest version, I had not logged into the desktop for a long time, tried and it hangs and now the kb is off17:26
c_bluntishthe only changes I have done to the system is apt-get update and upgrade17:26
tomreynthe latest version is 19.04 beta 117:26
tomreynso that's what you have?17:27
c_bluntishwell if apt-get upgrade install the latests version then yes thats what I have17:27
tomreynapt-get upgrade installs the latest bug and security fixes for your ubuntu release.17:28
c_bluntishis there a command I can type that will give me version number17:28
tomreynonly if ubuntu actually boots and the keyboard is functional, which you'Re saying is not the case?17:28
tomreynwhat, if anything, is shown on the screen when oyu power the system on17:29
tomreync_bluntish: ^17:30
TJ-JuJUBee: just been looking at your script; A more bullet-proof search of xinput report would be to use:  epson=$( xinput | awk -v IGNORECASE=1 '/epson/ {print gensub(/.*id=([[:digit:]]+).*/, "\\1", "g")}' )17:31
c_bluntishsorry tomreyn , erm it boots up going though bios bits etc17:31
c_bluntishthen kb comes on17:31
c_bluntishit boots up, hangs on ubuntu loading screen17:31
c_bluntishand the keyboard is turned off17:31
tomreync_bluntish: what does "kb comes on" mean?17:31
c_bluntishoh sorry17:32
c_bluntishkb meaning keyboard comes on, meanign it turns on, lights up then turns off when ubuntu hangs17:32
TJ-c_bluntish: how is the keyboard  connected? USB, PS/2, Bluetooth ?17:32
c_bluntishtried 217:32
c_bluntishsame issue17:32
c_bluntishif I boot to ubuntu live cd17:32
c_bluntishit works17:32
JimBuntuc_bluntish, just wondering... it it basically only the lights that go out... or does the keyboard stop working?17:32
c_bluntishwell I am hung at splash screen, f1 or any key that should work doesnt17:33
c_bluntishand all the lights on the kb dont come on, caps lock etc17:33
TJ-c_bluntish: you have keyboard at the GRUB boot menu though, so you could select the Advanced > Recovery option17:34
tomreynkeep pressing escape early on, see if you can get to grub menu17:34
c_bluntisht3 when i try to get to that menu, I just get a command line17:34
c_bluntishliked a limited grub input17:34
c_bluntishpurple screen with a grub command line17:35
c_bluntishno options17:35
TJ-c_bluntish: At boot-time you should be able to hold down Esc key to get to the GRUB menu, then navigate to Advanced sub-menu then the Recovery entry, and press Enter to boot it17:35
TJ-c_bluntish: If you get a GRUB command-line at that point you're pressed "C"17:36
c_bluntishok let me retry17:36
chisightwhat is the correct tool to use to look up the smallest network handle that contains a specific IP?  what is the tool to go from the network handle to the autonomous system number?  is this the best path to get an the autonomous system number for an IP?17:41
OerHeks the autonomous system number?17:43
OerHeksnmap is a tool to look for ips n your networking17:43
OerHeks!info nmap17:43
ubottunmap (source: nmap): The Network Mapper. In component main, is extra. Version 7.60-1ubuntu5 (bionic), package size 5106 kB, installed size 23598 kB17:43
chisighti don't want to know about my network.  i want to know about a network that is public on the internet.17:44
leftyfbchisight: is this for some class project/homework?17:44
chisightleftyfb: no, i'm not a student.17:44
eelstreborchisight, you can check any network with nmap17:45
tomreynthe "whois" command, run against an ip address, should return th ASN17:45
chisighteelstrebor: nmap probes the network, i don't want to probe it, i want the asn.17:45
TJ-chisight: "whois -h whois.radb.net <ip-address>"17:45
chisightTJ- / tomreyn, whois -h whois.radb.net
chisight%  No entries found for the selected source(s).17:46
chisight(you may not want to probe that IP, it's the FBI.17:46
tatertotsgood times17:47
* jcotton nmaps aggressively17:47
leftyfbchisight: ok, you're now well beyond the scope of this channel. Good luck.17:47
chisightnot kidding.  it is the fbi.17:47
tatertotsthis is what makes this channel entertaining lol17:47
chisighti regularly need the asn from an ip and have been using whois but it often doesn't have the information.17:48
TJ-chisight: you need to use a Looking Glass node for the BGP/ASN info17:48
TJ-chisight: you'd get more help in ##networking17:49
chisightTJ-: googling "Looking Glass node" didn't get me much of use.  got a link?17:50
leftyfbchisight: ##networking17:50
chisightyes, i'll go to ##networking after using up the information that's already here.17:51
leftyfbchisight: you're beyond the scope of the help provided here. Please go to ##networking for further help17:52
tatertotschisight: #networking is the most "top shelf" advise you'll get here...you'll just get a bunch of LMGTFY here lol17:52
chisightleftyfb: TJ- has already offered something that seems useful, i'm just asking for clarification on the answer they gave already.17:53
leftyfbtatertots: can we help you with something?17:53
tatertotsleftyfb: yeah my firefox won't open for some reason17:53
tatertotsleftyfb: think you can help with that?..i have to be someone in 10 minutes so can you make it snappy also?17:54
leftyfbtatertots: good luck17:54
tomreynhi jonas_17:55
=== jonas_ is now known as Guest84806
Guest84806im <jonas_> hello17:56
tomreynGuest84806: pick a less common nickname, this one was already in use. type: /nick myuniquenewnickname17:56
leftyfb!register | Guest8480617:56
ubottuGuest84806: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.17:56
Guest84806 /nick Jonas17:56
deadromE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)18:09
jcottonno other details?18:09
deadromjcotton: not at all18:09
lin999hi. i am trying the following "tar -cvpzf backup.tar.gz --one-file-system -C /media/usb" but it produces the following error: tar: cowardly refusing to create an empty archive. what is wrong here? /media/usb/ isn't empty. i am sure.18:10
deadromjcotton: oh wait. way further up... hang on, gotta translate18:10
OerHeksdeadrom, sure you did a command to install nvidia, how, and with an ppa perhaps?18:10
jcottonmaybe the --one-file-system bit lin999?18:10
lin999jcotton: what do you mean? /media/usb/ contains my sd card root system18:11
deadromjcotton: "attempted to overwrite shared »/etc/OpenCL/vendors/nvidia.icd«  which is different from other instances of package libnvidia-compute-390:amd64"18:11
lordcirth__lin999, try /media/usb/*18:11
lordcirth__(assuming there are no hidden files you need_18:12
lin999lordcirth__: it works, but i need all.18:12
lordcirth__ /media/usb is itself a directory on /18:12
lin999i need a full "backup"18:12
lordcirth__lin999, why are you using --one-file-system? Are there mounts inside your USB mount?18:12
lordcirth__I think if you remove that, it will work18:13
lin999lordcirth__: not really. they are actually no mounts but i need backup the root and the root is mounted on /media/usb/18:13
lordcirth__lin999, if there are no mounts inside /media/usb, then why do you need --one-file-system? I don't understand18:14
leftyfblin999: just remove --one-file-system, it will work18:14
lin999lordcirth__: tar -cvpzf backup.tar.gz -C /media/usb/ produces the same error18:14
leftyfblin999: that would only be necessary if you were backing up / and didn't want to include /media/usb, for example. Or like lordcirth__ points out, if you had other filesystems mounted within /media/usb18:14
lin999leftyfb: ok, but it doesn't help. i suppose the tar command needs something like "recursive"18:15
deadromOerHeks: apt-get install nvidia-driver-390 nvidia-settings , no ppa, 18.04 as it is18:15
lin999it only works if /media/usb/* but i need hidden files and all the stuff18:16
lordcirth__lin999, wait a minute, remove -C18:16
leftyfbyou don't need to remove C, you need to put it first18:16
lordcirth__Or that18:16
OerHeksdeadrom, oke, did you properly update, sudo apt dist-upgrade ??18:16
lin999lordcirth__: without -C it works but the output is /media/usb/... inside the tar, but i don't want to include the prefix "/media/usb". i need only the content18:16
lordcirth__lin999, ok, then move -C /media/USB to be the first argument18:17
deadromOerHeks: this is a fresh install of 18.04 from when LTS was released18:17
leftyfblin999: tar -C /media/usb cvf /path/to/backup.tar.gz # you don't need -p if you're running as root/sudo18:17
OerHeksdeadrom, well, only the update log can tell if there are packages waiting18:17
deadromOerHeks: i ran update/upgrade beforehand18:18
OerHeksand maybe  --install-recommends is a help18:18
OerHeksi would use the driver tool, btw18:19
deadrom"driver tool"?18:19
OerHeksin the updates settings > additional drivers18:19
vltHello. I installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on a new laptop. Every piece of hardware I tried so far seems to work fine. But when the machine wakes up from suspend mode there’s a process like [irq/140-SYNA308] running on top of top with a noticable cpu usage and a system load of 1.00.  Any idea what might cause this and how to fix it?18:19
lin999leftyfb: it gneerates the same error: cowardly refusing to create an empty archive. i think the position doesn't matter18:19
deadromthe update settings of what? I do everything cli18:19
leftyfblin999: the position does matter according to the man page18:20
OerHekssudo ubuntu-drivers list/devises or go wild directly: sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall18:20
lin999leftyfb: ok but "tar -C /media/usb/ cvzf backup.tar.gz" produces error18:20
lotuspsychje!acpi | vlt18:20
ubottuvlt: to debug ACPI issues on ubuntu make sure your bios is up to date and follow the procedure here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI18:20
vltlotuspsychje: Thanks, I’ll have a look.18:21
lotuspsychjevlt: might also be usefull to provide us the logs after comming back from suspend18:21
deadrombrb reboot18:21
lin999leftyfb: lordcirth__: i think i have a solution: 1. cd /mnt/usb/ 2. tar -cv... backup.tar.gz --exclude=/backup.tar.gz .18:24
leftyfblin999: put the full path to backup.tar.gz, elsewhere, then you don't need to exclude it18:25
lordcirth__lin999, why put your "backup" on the same drive?18:25
lin999leftyfb: yes, i will do this.18:25
lin999lordcirth__: yes, it is not necessary18:25
zack_hi, I have a home server, using for remote backus ovpn rsync, then I come up with installing ubuntu-desktop that brings ufw in, ruinning my communications, so I remove ubuntu-desktop and ufw, server boots up and does not accept incomming connection even though iptables has been flushed already, I need to ping out to start accepting connections, wtf?18:30
lin999and how to remove files containing "--" at the begininng?18:31
lotuspsychjezack_: try #ubuntu-server for likeminded volunteers18:32
vltlotuspsychje: `journalctl -k -b 0`: https://termbin.com/5nud18:34
tomreynlin999: rm ./--filename18:38
lin999thx ;)18:39
tomreynalso rm -- --filename18:39
lotuspsychjevlt: is your system up to date?18:41
* vlt checks18:42
vltlotuspsychje: Would "Linux version 4.18.0-17-generic" from the log tell me that?18:44
lotuspsychjevlt: uname -a && lsb_release -a plz18:45
vltlotuspsychje: https://termbin.com/r95qq18:47
lotuspsychjevlt: okay tnx18:48
lotuspsychjevlt: did you check if bios is up to date? you can also try fwupdate -l18:48
tomreynvlt's bios is up to date.18:50
lotuspsychjeallright, tnx for check to18:50
vltlotuspsychje: https://termbin.com/lew318:50
vlttomreyn: Wow, how do you know?18:50
tomreyncombined with "Apr 08 20:25:18 vacca kernel: DMI: HP HP ProBook 440 G6/8537, BIOS R71 Ver. 01.02.00 01/09/2019" from your journal18:51
vlttomreyn: Thank you! TIL18:51
lotuspsychjevlt: did your suspend work on other kernels?18:52
vltlotuspsychje: I have never tried. It’s a new notebook.18:52
lotuspsychjevlt: okay, what about your graphics driver?18:52
vltHmmmm, what about it?18:55
tomreyn"[irq/140-SYNA308]", the 'busy process' after return from suspend, will be the mount + touchpad (USB ID 06CB:8265), inputs 23, 24 and 27.18:56
lotuspsychjevlt: is it installed properly, check sudo lshw -C video18:56
vltI’m sorry, I’m quite inexpierienced with hardware stuff and grateful for your patience ;)18:57
lotuspsychjevlt: allright looks good too18:59
lotuspsychjevlt: other then trying some acpi bootoptions or create a new !bug, im out of ideas for you19:03
TJ-vlt: sounds like a candidate for using a matching acpi_osi=19:04
ioriavlt, and why don't you trace the PID of that process ?19:05
TJ-ioria: it's a kernel thread (irq/...)19:07
TJ-anything in [ ] square brackets is kernel19:07
strkis there any reason why the official bitcoin application is not packaged in ubuntu ?19:14
TJ-strk: it became outdated too quickly19:14
lotuspsychjestrk: apt-cache search bitcoin or snap find bitcoin19:15
TJ-strk: as I recall, the dev's asked for it to be removed because upstream was releasing updates frequently that weren't getting into Debian/Ubuntu until the next release cycle19:15
BobFranklynew ubuntu server in VMWare. Installer process kept re-starting when I tried to configure static IP, so it's currently DHCP. I installed network-manager and nmtui can't activate the profile because the connection is not available on the device at this time...19:30
BobFranklynot seeing a solution in google or the man pages19:31
ioriaBobFrankly, idk what means 'Installer process kept re-starting when I tried to configure static IP'; but i'd check  the renderer in /etc/netplan/*.yaml   (on server is set to networkd )19:32
BobFranklyioria: when I mounted the ISO to install ubuntu, in the setup process, there's an option to configure the network.19:35
ioriayes ?19:35
ioriaBobFrankly,  ah, not installed yet ?19:36
BobFranklyno, it's installed. I was just elaborating on the "installer process" bit19:36
ioriaBobFrankly,  paste your 01-netcfg.yaml19:37
ioriaBobFrankly,  or you stop/disable NM and configure static ip in that file; or change the render with NetworkManager19:42
ioriaBobFrankly,  when you use NetworkManager as the renderer, you will use the NetworkManager GUI to manage the interfaces (static or dhcp)19:43
mydataarelostplease, help19:44
mydataarelostI just came back home from work19:44
mydataarelostand it looks like ALL my data are lost19:44
mydataarelostI switched off PC via the button19:44
mydataarelostbut now I realize I shouldn't have done so19:45
kat1hi, guys, i have lubuntu 18.04 i clean installed on an Acer Chromebook. I can't get the upper right volume keys on the chromebook keyboard to work. Only the volume in the panel works. Not too long ago I had lubuntu 18.10 that had a keyboard shortcut option that i could change the keys, but not on Lubuntu 18.04 which i decided to stick with. help if you can.19:45
mydataarelostbecause my partition was lvm (?) encrypted19:45
lordcirth__mydataarelost, what kind of data? Anything saved to disk should not have been lost.19:45
mydataarelostlordcirth__: like `rm -rf ~/*`19:45
lordcirth__ah, it's possible you could corrupt your LVM or LUKS with power loss, but unlikely.19:45
lordcirth__mydataarelost, what happens when you turn your computer on? does it boot?19:45
mydataarelostlordcirth__: no, I switched off when I saw that my data are gone19:46
mydataarelostlordcirth__: I now booted via live usb19:46
mydataarelosthaven't tried yet19:46
lordcirth__And how did you see that your data was gone?19:46
mydataarelostmy home dir all of a sudden was almost empty19:46
mydataarelostthere was only 2 dirs instead of bazillion of files and dirs19:46
lordcirth__mydataarelost, are you using encrypted home, encrypted LVM, or both?19:47
lordcirth__If ecryptfs got unmounted, it would look like that19:47
mydataarelostlordcirth__: afaiu - encrypted home19:47
OerHekslvm encrypted,and then such foolish remove, your data is gone19:47
lordcirth__OerHeks, ?19:47
OerHeksthat is, if he had his encrypted unlocked19:48
mydataarelostafaik it was unlocked19:48
lordcirth__OerHeks, I don't think he actually ran rm19:48
mydataarelostbecause the browser was still opened19:48
mydataarelostand all the tabs were there19:48
lordcirth__mydataarelost, I would boot up normally, and I bet that ecryptfs will "just work". Or it will tell you why not.19:48
lordcirth__I think ecryptfs hit a bug and unmounted19:48
=== leshaste is now known as lessshaste
mydataarelostlordcirth__: shouldn't I change /etc/fstab to mount home in ro state?19:49
lordcirth__mydataarelost, you could.19:49
=== kreyren is now known as NeckbeardGod
lordcirth__mydataarelost, also, next time have backups.19:50
mydataarelostlordcirth__: I was about to, but then I learned that my backup drive is all in badblocks all of a sudden19:51
mydataarelostand that task of 'you need to backup your files' kinda hanged 'for a few weeks' (I thought)19:51
=== argus is now known as argusbr
=== NeckbeardGod is now known as kreyren
mydataarelostI've mounted root19:52
mydataarelostluks key is there, right?19:52
mydataarelosthow to retrieve it from a mounted tree?19:53
lordcirth__mydataarelost, I thought you said you were only using encrypted home? LUKS is for block devices.19:54
mydataarelostlordcirth__: yes, afaiu it is so.19:54
mydataarelostit can't be stored inside encrypted home, right?19:55
lordcirth__Your ecryptfs key is stored in /home/<user> on disk, iirc. But I don't think you need to get at it. Just boot up and log in.19:55
mydataarelostit must be somewhere on root or boot partition, can't remember19:55
EriC^^mydataarelost: i'd paste your partition layout so it's more clear what's wha19:56
EriC^^"sudo parted -ls"19:57
lordcirth__I am 90% sure that ecryptfs just unmounted itself.19:57
lordcirth__and 50% sure that it will just work if you boot up.19:57
mydataarelostlordcirth__: well, let's see... rebooting now after changing /etc/fstab to mount /home in `ro` state19:58
BobFranklyso how does one change the network renderer in ubuntu server?19:58
mydataarelostsomeone wish me good luck19:58
lordcirth__BobFrankly, you edit /etc/netplan, generally.19:59
CookieMmaybe https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=TT20:01
EriC^^oh, thanks CookieM20:04
BobFranklylordcirth__: thanks20:04
kat1hi, guys, i have an Ace Chromebook that i recently clean installed lubuntu 18.10 to. My volume keys didn't work, so I saw they had keyboard shortcuts which i successfully fixed my keys the way i wanted them, BUT, i decided i'd rather have the lts lubuntu 18.04, and they have no keyboard shortcuts. they have setup hotkeys which i set up to what people said online for the volume, but it doesn't work. What should i do? my keyboard volume keys on my chrome book are20:17
kat1the last three top keys next to the right shut-off key.20:17
connecttofreenodhello guys, whenever I start my lubuntu I get asked If I want to send info about an error. how can i discover what is this error ?20:22
rseveroI have a laptop with a secondary video port (HDMI). If I run Ubuntu on it the secondary video port recognizes immediately when I connect a monitor to it. On Devuan it doesn't. What software in Ubuntu is responsible for recognizing monitors in the secondary video port?20:22
FreeBDSMyes, turns out ecryptfs got unmounted or something20:24
FreeBDSMI've rebooted and everything works okay20:24
aldcorhi! has someone tried ubuntu 19 ?20:28
kat1i'm still trying to get someone to answer me here.20:29
aldcorkat1: are you on 18.04 ?20:30
kat1I liked 18.10, because it had a keyboard shortcut choice. It was easy to change the keys on my keyboard the way I wanted them. On 18.04 we can't. The Set UP Hotkeys in preferences doesn't help.20:32
aldcori will not use ubuntu anyway :)20:33
aldcoralthough it's great for most people20:33
kat1I know. I would rather use Linux-lite, but the way i set up my chromebook to clean install linux would only accept the lubuntu installation.20:34
kat1or ubuntu20:34
unrecitedso how common is it folks use a desktop-manager? would advanced linux users say they are good? for newbs? just curious20:43
jcottonif you want a GUI then you kinda need one20:43
jcottonwell, a useful GUI20:44
unrecitedwell my ubuntu came with unity i supposed? what would be a 'default' or is it entirely up to what version dist you use?20:44
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours20:44
unrecitedim referring to xfce, mate, cinnamon then i read something came with ubuntu-mate20:44
OerHekstons of different versions20:44
unrecitedubuntu flavor wow20:45
unrecitedi swear i never OPEN this channel and not learn something lmao I ACCIDENTALLY got xfce4 which let to xubuntu and though was too nice20:45
unrecitedso ubuntu wont come with unity or *fill in blank* everytime?20:46
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours20:46
jcottonif you want a GUI-less Ubuntu there's the server version20:46
unrecitedthere is no default manager? then20:46
unrecited100% terminal?20:46
OerHeksubuntu desktop gives gnome3 by default, that was unity20:46
jcottonit's just a console20:46
jcottonfor server20:47
OerHeksand tere are tiling wm's like i320:47
OerHekssorry, too much choice20:47
unrecitedman i dont wanna spend all day switching the manager cause they all seem to have some thing i like and dislike20:48
jcottonset up some VMs20:48
jcottonfind one you like20:48
OerHeksthis is more subject for #ubuntu-discuss20:49
unrecitedyeah guess its branching out - im switching gears then...20:49
unrecitedit it possible for a desktop manager to rid my mouse/keyboard controls of basic ubuntu?20:50
unrecitedcould just be too much and i lag/freeze but loading a bigger manager - i cant move after i log in - its frozen (xfce4+xubuntu20:50
unrecitedlooks like you can docker managers maybe try it or a VM and see if same problem? i dunno i might still be to far away from standard ubtuntu question here so ill migrate it to #discuss lol i figured it was closer but reading it..nah - thanks tho yall! u rock20:53
rigel_due to a lack of a physical menu key, i have `xmodmap -e 'keycode  76 = F10 Menu'` in /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc. non-qt apps like firefox, libreoffice and even wine shows a context menu on S-F10, but not qt apps21:32
rigel_qt bugtracker says that there might need to be a global shortcut or sth, but isn't the x server sending a menu key to the apps?21:32
rigel_but when using caps lock as menu key from a configuration  in System Settings, it works everywhere21:33
rigel_cd ~21:35
qwebirc18923hello! is that a proper way for mount storage hard disk? UUID=2F863A8F7125E793 /media/storage ntfs-3g defaults 0 021:39
qwebirc18923because I can read/write, but I have problem with steam. if I install steam games in storage hard disk, and I try to validate them, steam redownload all game21:40
pynthonHeya, i already was here earlier today but I still cant get it to work. I am trying to get ethernet working on ubuntu server. But lshw -C network shows nothing, and lspci shows also no ethernet controller. Should I just buy a usb/ethernet adapter?21:41
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qwebirc9839Hi I'm trying to add some packages to the base ubuntu cloud image and rebuild the image. So far i've downloaded and mounted the .img but i can't add anything because i get the "no space left on device" error22:06
fcastilloHi! Is there a way to force an app to open on a specific monitor? Specially if the app always opens on fullscreen22:20
xamithanFind the $Display and use "DISPLAY=number app" ?22:22
OerHeks The Gnome Extension "Auto Move Windows" will move applications to a specified workspace when they are opened.22:24
Nizumzenare there any ubuntu website admin people here? The package list page is down22:25
OerHeksnot sure in what extention that hides, extentions are managable with gnome-tweak-tool anyway22:25
OerHeksNizumzen, i see that a lot, does F5 reload help?22:25
Nizumzenoh was only tempory22:25
Nizumzensorry false alarm :)22:25
OerHekswhen i open github, with chrome, it asks for a firefox profile.. https://i.imgur.com/loECPmB.png22:29
seniwill I have to reinstall stuff after upgrading from ubuntu 16 to 18 ?22:30
OerHeksseni, not likely if you used softwarecenter only22:30
OerHeksno ppa's nor 3rd party stuff22:31
seniI don't use the software center...22:31
seniI'm talking about stuff like CUDA22:31
jcottonhow did you install it?22:31
OerHeks*if* installed by softwarecenter/apt ..22:32
seniCUDA is never installed via the software center22:32
OerHeksoke, then yes22:32
seniI installed it by adding a key then apt-get install22:33
seni(and install the repository metdata with dpkg -i)22:33
fcastilloOerHeks: I'll look into that extension. Also, using "DISPLAY=" hasn't really work22:42
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gdhWhere can I find where $NLSPATH is getting set?23:04
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