Jessedavid4Has anyone tried to connect a Samson G-Track pro before? I just bought one and it is not being detected by jack or anything it seems. If anyone has some information on how to properly get this to work, I'd appreciate the help.03:30
OvenWerksJessedavid4: have you tried arecord -l03:39
OvenWerksdoes it list there?03:39
OvenWerksJessedavid4: next question... are you using the mic for both input and out put or are you trying to use the mic for input and the computer for output?03:44
OvenWerksYet another question, how are you starting jack?03:45
OvenWerksOh and I should ask, which OS are you using? Which release number (ie I am using 18.04)03:46
OvenWerksI should also ask how you intend to use the mic. Music, pod cast, interviews (this looks like a good one on one interview mic)03:50
Jessedavid4It does not list on arecord -l || I am using the mic for both input and output, but have just tried to use it for input as well. || I should slightly rephrase this. I was using the Ubuntu Studio Controls to try and set up the mic. And it cannot recognize it. Nor when I open up QJack, it does not detect a device is even there. ||  Using 18.1004:30
Jessedavid4Planning on using it for Music (with hooking up my mandolin =) and for group calls via google voice.04:31
Jessedavid4Another thing. It is hooked up via USB.05:03
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