n-iCeI'm staying in xubuntu.00:56
Makerblakergood idea!01:02
n-iCeI know.01:02
n-iCeI have been using it for years, suddenly I get bored and try others distros01:02
n-iCeAnd always going back to xubuntu.01:02
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gnrphm, anybody knows how you can *spontaenously* change the DNS server system-wide with dnsresolv?10:06
gnrpI mean, like being on a computer, having a connection established, and then wanting (without GUI) to change the DNS server10:16
diogenes_gnrp, try with dnsmasq10:16
gnrpdiogenes_: Can you replace resolvconf with that?10:16
gnrpsorry, resolvconf was the name I was meant to say, not dnsresolv10:17
diogenes_gnrp, it takes over the systemd-resolved10:17
gnrpUhm, wanted to thank him, but now it's too late10:27
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zoidbergHi there16:00
zoidbergi found a problem with the latest installation media, as when i install from that, the resulting system is broken, it does not come back from sleep (resulting in a black screen) and updating kernels make problems with the resume device not being found16:02
zoidbergi installed with a crypted lvm16:02
zoidbergi tested it with 2 thinkpad x230 t with different downloads (the md5 is ok)16:02
zoidbergand a t41016:02
zoidbergits all the same with all devices  so it shouldnt be the hardware.16:03
zoidbergalso an older installation which i moved with my disk from my t410 to my x230 works fine (with the same kernel)16:03
zoidbergthese behaviours are really strange16:04
brainwashwhich xubuntu release is that?16:06
zoidbergbrainwash: the 18.10 iso was downloaded via torrent and http mirror16:11
zoidbergso it is not a problem with the mirror16:11
n-icelet me read16:11
n-iceusing usb?16:11
n-iceformat it as ext416:12
n-icethen use unetbootin to make the usb install16:12
n-icethen try again16:12
n-iceis what I would do16:12
zoidbergi dd the iso to the usb stick16:12
zoidbergi doubt formating it in ext would make any difference16:12
n-iceI would try what I said above.16:12
brainwashit's most likely this bug then  bug 180160916:12
ubottubug 1801609 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Fails to deactivate dpms off mode after user initiated wake-up events(not system-suspended, just locked and dpms active)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/180160916:12
brainwashintel gpu related16:13
zoidbergbut its only with new installations16:13
zoidbergalso it is not possible to install new kernels, as update-initramfs moans that the resume variable is not set16:14
brainwashread comment #2416:14
brainwashit may be the case that the xorg intel driver is not installed16:14
brainwashso, either replace install/setup the intel driver correctly, or disable or replace light-locker16:15
zoidbergi have one of those broken systems here16:15
brainwashfor kernel related questions I would suggest to head over to #ubuntu-kernel16:16
zoidbergi will see if te module is loaded16:16
zoidbergi will now try 18.0416:16
zoidbergif that works16:16
zoidbergand kubunut16:17
brainwash18.04 is the LTS release16:17
zoidbergto rule out that it is a problem with the iso16:17
brainwashwith long term support16:17
zoidbergi know but i can update from 18.04 to 18.10 if the update doesnt work its something else16:17
zoidbergas i wrote the update of the initramfs fails as well16:17
zoidbergnow i will try kubuntu 18.1016:20
zoidbergah, but that probably doesnt use xorg16:21
n-iCetry lubuntu16:22
zoidbergi am pretty sure there is something wrong with the iso file, but we'll see16:23
brainwashwhat problem are you trying to fix?16:24
knomen-iCe, try #lubuntu (:16:24
brainwashI don't think that switching to kubuntu will solve a kernel related problem16:25
knomeme neither16:25
n-iCehe wanted to try kubuntu I recommended lubuntu which is lightweight so he can check faster the error16:25
knomeand i'm pretty sure there is nothing "wrong" with the ISO, as the checksum is correct...16:25
knomen-iCe, the comment was partly ironic.. :P16:26
* n-iCe laughs16:26
knomeand tbh, i don't think changing the flavor - to kubuntu, lubuntu, ubuntu mate or what have you - really helps in this case...16:26
zoidbergi dont think that this is a kernel related error, if it woirks with kubuntu i have proven that16:26
knomei don't have the numbers, but i'm pretty sure it's damn hard to match the md5sum of any ISO. given the benefit of doubt, i'm pretty sure something should be much more messed up than this.16:28
knomethe issue you are having isn't exactly an uncommon one...16:28
zoidbergwhich one16:28
zoidbergthe waking up one16:28
zoidbergor the update-initramfs one16:29
knomelet's put it this way: if the ISO was faulty, i'm pretty sure you wouldn't have an installed system at this point16:29
zoidbergbecause i could live with the not coming back from sleep for the next 2 or 3 kernels16:29
brainwashthe black screen on resume bug has already been explained16:29
knomeall kinds of things are done to the files on the ISO when installing, so if anything was wrong with the files regarding, say kernels, the installation would have failed16:30
zoidbergthis is what i am wondering about as well, but it is so reproducable16:30
knomemaybe your hardware has some specific common things?16:31
zoidbergthis is what i thouht as well, but i tested it with 2 different thinkpads16:32
knomeyes -- all thinkpads though :P16:32
zoidbergand even took the hdd from the t410 (xubuntu 18.10) and put it in the x230 and it worked16:32
zoidbergyes all thinkpads but different cpu and graphics16:32
zoidbergalso what does update-initramfs have to do with the cpu16:33
knomeshouldn't have to do anything -- but again, as we do not know where the issue is, it's just guesswork.16:35
knomebut again, it's unlikely the ISO, because a broken ISO would likely lead to the md5sum not matching -- or the installation failing completely16:35
zoidbergi dont mean broken when downloading, but broken on the server16:36
knomeyou mean "has a bug"?16:36
zoidbergmaybe some commit somewhere broke something16:36
knomesure, it likely has many bugs ;)16:37
knomeyou're the first one reporting this issue.16:37
zoidbergmaybe there are not that many crypted fresh installations...16:37
zoidbergbecause it should work as far as i know16:38
knome19.04 is coming out very soon, you could try that16:38
knomewell this isn't xubuntu-specific, and i'm sure there are enough similar ubuntu installations that we would have a bug report for this16:38
zoidbergis it? maybe its a installer bug. i will see. if it doesnt work as well i will report a bug16:39
zoidbergi could even bisect this problem but nobody got time for that ;-)16:40
knomedue to be released on the 18th16:40
zoidberghmmm yea16:41
knome(the hint is in the version number: 19 for 2019, 04 for april... and releases usually happen around the halfway point of a month)16:42
zoidbergjap i know but most of the time i dont realize16:45
knomeheh :)16:45
zoidbergmost of the time it is a oh a release, nnnnice16:47
zoidbergbecause newer is always better16:48
zoidbergas new bugs are better than old ones16:48
knomewell, for me it's the "oh it's already april of XX" symptom16:48
knomeor "wait, it's the UI freeze week" panic16:48
knomenot so much lately any more, but historically it has always taken me by surprise..16:49
knomeanyway, time for other adventures... good luck with the issue(s)!16:50
zoidbergknome: thank you17:05

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