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mattflyhi, after restarting kwin to see if that would restore the desktop effects (which worked) the window borders gotta kinda small00:16
mattflyis there any way to solve this?00:16
kaosineanyone know a way to fix a sleeping issue on a mbp 11,5? Like today it's been especially bad to the point it runs hot(and yes I know the ironic nature of running linux on a mac....the thing is 4 years old and still works so eh)00:46
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lcarhola tengo un problema en varios escritorios por ejemplo kde y gnome y es que las ventanas hija no pueden salir sus bordes de la ventana madre y me resta mucho espacio sobre todo por que las ventanas sean no modificables en tamaño01:40
krytarik!es | lcar01:41
ubottulcar: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.01:41
luchoHi, someone speak english/español?01:44
krytariklucho: English yes, but Spanish rather goes in #ubuntu-es. :)01:45
kaosinekrytarik: oh....hey >_>01:47
* kaosine hides01:48
luchoThnks #krytarik01:48
krytarikkaosine: Shhhh! >_<01:48
kaosineI don't use standard ubuntu anyways, I was scared off of it during the unity days *shrugs*01:49
krytarikYeah, you aren't the only one there. >_>01:49
krytarik(I'm using Xubuntu myself currently.)01:50
kaosinesince even then I had a fairly decent toshiba laptop and it was slow as hell on it :P01:50
kaosinesince that was back during the v12-14 days according to cd's I have01:50
krytarikYeah, Unity proper wouldn't run on mine either - and not to even think about Gnome Shell.01:50
kaosinewhich is why I prefer kde, xfce, and qt XD01:51
kaosineno offense to people who can run it and it work fine on their stuff :P01:52
kaosinethough I do need to find a way to force this mbp to properly hibernate when I close the lid. Neither neon or kubuntu like to make it stay asleep and the battery is already bad enough without that helping it01:53
krytarikAre you saying it does go into hibernation at first but then wakes up again by itself?01:55
kaosineyeah, and i may have refound the solution I used last time, though it does cause me to need to use the power button to wake it back up01:56
kaosine(and oddly it's a solution from the arch wiki rofl )01:56
kaosinesupposedly the values in /proc/acpi/wakeup for LID0 and XHC1 should make it sleep but yeah it wakes up despite those apparently being enabled like they should be. So back to using this service fix so it will properly sleep. I'll just have to remember to press teh power button to wake it01:59
kaosineprobably what I get for using a 4 year old mac for this....just too broke to go out and replace the darn thing since this was originally a gift in the form of a 2012 model that apple replaced and has worked fine ever since....bar the random dead pixel or two near the bottom left02:03
kaosineI guess I'll see if this works like last time...no reason it shouldn't but eh *shrugs*02:05
Randunehi all..02:33
* Randune would like to know if anyone else has had any luck running Kubuntu 18.04 and using an AMD Raid controller?02:33
RanduneI understand AMD provides a driver, but it's only supported up to Ubuntu 16.10.02:38
Randunetoo bad it wasn't open source02:38
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IrcsomeBot<Albertostephan> Acces outside disk … Grub rescue.. … Any one knows the command,?10:42
IrcsomeBot<Albertostephan> Thanks10:42
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BluesKajHey folks11:51
IrcsomeBotAnnouncement ��t was added by: Announcement ��t12:39
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user|3997I have kubuntu 17.04 and i can't uptade to the 18.04 version14:49
ca_cabotagehey all, over on the side of my kubuntu desktop, there is a tiny little hamburger menu icon, and below that it says "Defaults", how can i make this go away14:53
acheronukca_cabotage: right click desktop > Configure Desktop > Tweaks > untick 'show desktop toolbox' > Apply14:55
ca_cabotagethanks acheronuk14:57
TyrasIs the "Always arrange tasks in columns of as many rows" option not working? I have set 2 rows and ticked the option, but it does nothing...15:28
Tyras*In the Task Manager Settings15:28
IrcsomeBot<mphoj> Hello, does anyone know how I can get Firefox Developer Edition, I searched for it on Discover, didn't get it, but there is an Ubuntu forum post about how to get it but I don't know if it applies to my sweet Kubuntu17:49
user|92106hello, i have a sample question18:26
user|92106the first my english is bery bery bad, but i understend18:27
user|92106how to burn iso in usb ?18:27
user|92106program, for windows18:28
geniiYou might look at https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-create-a-usb-stick-on-windows#018:30
genii..or not since they left now18:30
IrcsomeBot<mphoj> 🙄 if a program is compatible with Ubuntu does it mean it is also compatible with Kubuntu?18:34
IrcsomeBot<mphoj> Fwd from mphoj: Hello, does anyone know how I can get Firefox Developer Edition, I searched for it on Discover, didn't get it, but there is an Ubuntu forum post about how to get it but I don't know if it applies to my sweet Kubuntu18:34
geniiYes, you can probably use instructions intended for Ubuntu to install Firefox Developer Edition in Kubuntu. Also, yes, most applications which run under Ubuntu will also run in Kubuntu. Although they may not look very pleasing graphically without some additional effort18:38
IrcsomeBot<mphoj> thank you, now I can proceed with ease😋18:39
ubottufrancesco: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:52
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pinkrabbithello linux users :)20:36
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