tsimonq2I don't really know where to start in solving this s390x FTBFS: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kpmcore/3.3.0-500:10
tsimonq2Tests are failing with Invalid CBOR stream: unexpected 'break' byte00:10
tsimonq2It's Ubuntu-s390x-specific.00:10
sarnoldstep one, get an s390x...00:25
tsimonq2I'd try to repro it in a porterbox if Debian was having the issue too...00:39
dokotsimonq2: reproducible on a big endian 64bit system?00:39
tsimonq2I'll see.00:41
sarnoldwhich endianness is our arm64?00:41
tsimonq2doko: I can't repro on zelenka with a fresh sid schroot.00:50
mwhudsonsarnold: little, we're not crazy01:35
sarnoldmwhudson: hehe01:36
jamespagecpaelzer, doko: can we get python-os-ken, python-os-resources and python-websockify promoted to main pls - I think the MIR's are all approved and mismatched nova/neutron is currently blocking testing08:33
cpaelzerjamespage: I have no powers to do so08:53
cpaelzerjamespage: resolving acked MIRs by promoting is an AA task08:53
cpaelzerbut doko can and so does (considering the time and timezones) maybe apw ?08:54
jamespagecpaelzer: yep - hence my inclusion of doko in my request :)08:54
cpaelzerjamespage: well I was mostly commenting on my inclusion being useless on this task :-)08:54
jamespagecpaelzer: I was a bit unclear on the bug task status's - what's the normal status for 'Reviewed, ready for promotion'08:55
cpaelzerjamespage: "in progress" means ready, the next is "Fix committed" if you have put the stuff in proposed that makes the dependency appear08:59
cpaelzerjamespage: so in your case I think all of them are fix committed then right?08:59
cpaelzerjamespage: since I never understood the states I wrote this some time ago https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MIRTeam#Process_states08:59
jamespagecpaelzer: yes I think so09:00
jamespagecpaelzer: so do I do that?09:04
jamespagejdstrand_: hey - just tripped on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ufw/+bug/1823862 - something you where aware of?10:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1823862 in ufw (Ubuntu) "disco: unable to enable ufw" [Undecided,New]10:13
seb128xnox, vorlon, what is happening to bug #1816812? it's 1 liner fix and important to have in disco, you agreed when we discussed it during the foundation team meeting some weeks ago ... is it still on track to land before the freeze this week?11:22
ubottubug 1816812 in systemd (Ubuntu Disco) "desktop logout delays due to missing PropertiesChanged signal" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/181681211:23
cpaelzerrbalint: you are saving my day on 1823872 thanks a lot12:46
cpaelzersaw your update12:46
cpaelzerif I can help anything let me know12:46
cpaelzerlet me check on steps to reproduce and prep an SRU Teamplate for you at least12:47
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dokojamespage: python-os-* promoted13:16
jamespagedoko: ta13:16
dokojamespage: looks like websockify isn't yet ready13:19
jamespagewebsockify is, spice-html5 is not13:19
jamespageat least I think that's what cpaelzer indicated13:19
cpaelzerjamespage: yes you said you want to punt spice-html5 after my feedback13:23
cpaelzerdoko: what else seems missing on websockify - IIRC it had no hard dependency on spice-html513:24
dokoahh, ok13:25
dokowebsockify promoted13:28
coreycbcyphermox: jamespage: new heat-dashboard version uploaded to disco with tests running successfully13:58
cpaelzerrbalint: FYI I added you test steps and an SRU template as promised14:05
cpaelzerrbalint: if you have a PPA that I should test let me know14:05
cpachhi folks. today i noticed a strange behaviour in apt, that might be a bug in ubuntu or upstream. what place is best to report bugs? launchpad? ubuntuforums.org? some other place? please advice.14:17
cjwatsonNot the forums!  "ubuntu-bug apt" is normally best14:18
cpachcjwatson: looks neat. thank you!14:21
cyphermoxcoreycb: hurray :)14:34
cyphermoxcoreycb: mir approved14:51
coreycbcyphermox: thanks!14:51
rbalintcpaelzer, thanks, i'm adding build time tests as well because i'm fixing conffile moves in general (wip: https://github.com/rbalint/unattended-upgrades/tree/conffile-moves )15:14
cpaelzerok great15:26
tjaaltonkyrofa: hey, the darktable snap doesn't support opencl?15:28
kyrofatjaalton, it seems not, but I haven't had time to dig into why15:29
tjaaltonit tries to search for libOpenCL.so.115:31
tjaaltoncan't find it if it's installed on the system15:31
tjaaltonprobably the same for the drivers15:31
kyrofatjaalton, looks like we'd need to bundle opencl: https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/snaps-and-opencl/8509/1015:37
tjaaltonyeah, fun15:38
tjaaltonI've now packaged the intel neo driver15:38
tjaaltonand tested it using darktable. deb works, snap doesn't15:38
kyrofatjaalton, if you have ideas, pull requests are always welcome16:07
tjaaltonthere would have to be a platform snap for it16:10
tjaaltonor if there is, opencl support added to it16:10
tjaaltonotherwise it's just madness adding all drivers to each snap that might use opencl16:10
tjaaltonthough it might be an unavoidable madness :)16:14
jdstrandjamespage: yikes, no, thanks :)16:43
jamespagejdstrand: I tripped over it this morning - we use ufw to secure firewall comms between swift storage nodes for openstack16:57
jdstrandjamespage: I asked for more information17:00
dviolaI've been trying to deal with this bug for days now: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11021417:20
ubottuFreedesktop bug 110214 in Drivers/Gallium/radeonsi "radeonsi: xterm scrollback buffer disappears while Shift+PgUp and Shift+PgDn" [Normal,New]17:20
dviolabasically, xterm does not behave properly (the fonts become invisible when I shift+pageup)17:20
dviolahowever, on ubuntu this works fine... on other distros, I get the bug17:20
dviolaI was wondering if ubuntu devs can shed me some light into why it works on ubuntu and doesn't on other distros17:21
dviolawe tried a lot of things...17:22
sarnoldnone of the patches in xterm's debian/patches/ directory feel like they'd be involved17:26
JanCis it the same version on all those distros?17:26
JanCit might be a gallium/radeonsi patch thing too17:27
JanCor a default setting difference17:27
infinityMost likely to be a kernel/mesa/xorg difference than an xterm thing.17:27
JanCmight be freetype too17:27
infinityxterm's font rendering is from 1975, I don't suspect much trickery there.17:28
infinityIf it was gnome-terminal, I'd go looking for differences in pango.17:28
dviolaJanC: no, but we compiled different versions of Xephyr, mesa, xterm, etc. yet it only works on ubuntu for some reason17:30
JanCit might be as simple as a different default setting in Ubuntu?17:30
dviolaon arch it works if I disable GL_NV_texture_barrier or if I export R600_DEBUG=nodpbb, which seems strange, I wonder what ubuntu is doing different17:31
dviolaI tried looking at the patches ubuntu applies on top of mesa and there doesn't seem to be anything related17:33
wxlbdmurray: since you are so closely aligned with apport, can you explain to me why python3-launchpadlib is a suggest for python-apport rather than a depend as it once was?17:34
bdmurraywxl: Are you sure it was a depend?17:34
dviolanot sure if I'm looking at the right thing...17:35
wxlbdmurray: yeah, like back in saucy or something XD17:35
wxlbdmurray: since it is required for apport-collect, i can at minimum see it being a recommend. suggest seems way too weak17:35
bdmurraywxl: the rationale is in the bzr log and bug 1192330 although it may not apply anymore since there is python3-launchpadlib17:38
ubottubug 1192330 in apport (Ubuntu) "missing dependencies on Ubuntu Server" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119233017:38
wxlbdmurray: yeah, i saw that. i guess the question is why we haven't returned it back to the way it was given that that's not entirely relevant anymore.17:39
bdmurraywxl: because its not a huge priority17:40
wxlbdmurray: ok good enough for me :) if i submitted a fix i presume there would be no other reason to think it wouldn't be accepted?17:41
bdmurraywxl: well another reason it wouldn't be accepted might be the release coming up17:43
wxlbdmurray: yeah i didn't mean NOW. :) good enough, thanks17:44
jdstrandjamespage: thanks for the added info. please see comments (still can't reproduce)17:47
vorlonmdeslaur, stgraber: meeting?19:03
dviolawhere can I see how a package was compiled with? configure switches, etc19:23
dviolaor rather, how19:23
sarnoldbuild logs are available on launchpad19:23
sarnoldfrom eg https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xterm you can click the 330-1ubuntu2 under bionic beaver, then amd64 under builds, then buildlog on the left19:24
dviolagot it, thanks19:34
dviolafor mesa, I see it applies a few patches19:46
dviolae.g. Applying patch revert-set-full-thread-affinity.diff19:46
dviolado you know where can I see those patches?19:47
sarnoldthe easiest way is to have deb-src lines configured in your apt sources, then you can use apt-get source mesa and then it'll probably be in mesa*/debian/patches/19:47
sarnoldif you just want the patches you can find the deltas from debian on https://patches.ubuntu.com/19:49
dviolaI guess I'll compile mesa and revert that commit20:08
dviolaI can't see other patches that relates to radeonsi20:09
sarnolddviola: wow. if *that*s the fix I'm going to be very dissapointed20:09
dviolahrm, I have no idea :)20:09
dviolawe've spent crazy amount of time with this bug already... hopefully it's this one20:12
dviolaeverything we tried, it failed basically20:12
dviolaexcept this: export R600_DEBUG=nodpbb20:13
dviolaand the other extension20:13
dviolafedora is affected, arch is affected20:19
dviolaubuntu doesn't have the bug20:19
dviolaat least it reverted cleanly20:42
dviolaok mesa is compiling20:42
dviolanope, that wasn't it20:49
coreycbbdmurray: hi, would you happen to have cycles to take a look at tye python-oslo.cache fix in the cosmic unapproved queue? i just uploaded it today. it's currently tagged as a release blocker for the openstack charms release.20:53
bdmurraycoreycb: sure20:54
dviolafound another potential culprit21:03
dviolaa patch21:03
dviolaglamor-disable-logic-ops-when-doing-compositing.diff: Fix libreoffice with glamor. (LP: #1575000)21:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1575000 in xorg-server (Ubuntu Xenial) " font glyph corruption on dialog box" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157500021:04
dviolathat patch is already merged upstream, so it can't be that21:19
coreycbthanks bdmurray21:20
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