beaver04/09/19 02:38:40 < beaver> okay :), can I be awarded a cloak, who distinguishes my "paternity" with my bot ubotu|packages?, for example : /founder/bot/ubuntu/ubotu-search ?01:34
beaver04/09/19 03:35:53 -!- uBOTu|packages [~ubotu@ubuntu/bot/ubotu-search]01:36
beaver04/09/19 02:36:57 <*-emerson> It depends on what the ubuntu IRC Council says, they are the only ones who can request an ubuntu/ cloak01:36
beaverI'm going to sleep, it's late at home, I'll read your answers when I wake up01:38
krytarikbeaver: I figured you went to bed right away after anyway, and you were already told everything about what the Ubuntu namespace can provide you wrt cloaks, but: 1.) Ubuntu Member cloaks which are dealt with here, are only given to Ubuntu Members, and you seem to be none yet.  2.) Due to the Ubuntu cloak scheme, it wouldn't achieve what you want anyway, which I think is showing an affiliation ...02:27
krytarik... with your bot merely by the respective cloaks.02:27
hggdhthere is no provision for bot cloaks different from what is already in use for the bot: ubuntu/bot/ubotu-search02:32
hggdhall bots are cloaked ubuntu/bot/<name>02:33
* hggdh goes to bed02:33
krytarikYeah, and an Ubuntu Member cloak follows "@ubuntu/member/<name>" - so there is no way to show an affiliation between the two.  Whereas e.g. in the unaffiliated scheme one can have "@unaffiliated/<owner>/bot/<name>"02:41
beaverwhat should I do ?04:36
beaversorry, I'm French, I have a little english04:41
Unit193If you then decide that an ubuntu/member/beaver cloak would be desirable, then you'd want to apply for Ubuntu membership.04:42
beaveryes, how can I ?04:43
beaverthe cloak is desirable04:46
ubottuUbuntu Membership means recognition of a significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.  For more info see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/NewMember04:47
beaverthat it is complex, ok04:50
beavercontribute to a bot, for the community is not enough ?04:52
Unit193beaver: It very well might be, one needs to apply for it at some point.04:55
beaverthank you04:57
Unit193Sure thing, I hope to see you back here soon as an Ubuntu member! :)04:57
beaveryes, if I get there :)04:58

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