beaverhello, i have question00:37
beaverokay :), can I be awarded a cloak, who distinguishes my "paternity" with my bot ubotu|packages?, for example : /founder/bot/ubuntu/ubotu-search ?00:38
beavermy robot is recognized here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots00:39
beaveremerson tell me privately -> 04/09/19 02:36:57 <*-emerson> It depends on what the ubuntu IRC Council says, they are the only ones who can request an ubuntu/ cloak00:40
beaverI think I'm in the right place00:42
beaveri think i'm a trusted user, niko can testify01:10
Unit193The namespace has to be first, ubuntu/founder certainly isn't right.  If you'd like to apply for Ubuntu membership, we can give you the usual ubuntu/member/beaver though.01:11
beaverok it suits me, thank you for trust01:14
beaverand sorry for my bad english01:15
beaveri have to stay on the channel ?01:21
krytarikbeaver: Are you already an Ubuntu Member then?01:24
ubottuUbuntu Membership means recognition of a significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.  For more info see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/NewMember01:24
krytarikIf so, please link your Launchpad profile.01:25
beaverI have no launchpad page01:26
beaverI just have a profile here: https://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/users/beaver01:27
beaveroops https://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/utilisateurs/beaver (sorry)01:27
beaverno, i am not Ubuntu member01:30
beaverI am looking for a cloak, in correlation with my bot01:31
beaverif possible01:31
hggdhbeaver: cloaks are provided at #freenode, not here. Ubuntu cloaks are dealt with t #ubuntu-irc (also not here)01:32
beaverok thank you01:32
hggdhbeaver: and an Ubuntu cloak is only given to Ubuntu members01:32
hggdhbeaver: so your best option is to go /join #freenode, and ask there01:33
beavermy bot has a cloak ubuntu/01:33
shibbolethi am seemingly still muted in the main channel?16:49
CarlFKshibboleth: I don't know.  Did you do something to get muted?16:53
shibbolethwell, i did "voice concern" about how fwupd updates were handled in bionic16:53
shibbolethlike... over a week ago16:54
hggdhshibboleth: yes. And we asked you to stop, and explained why.17:00
hggdhshibboleth: multiple times, by the way17:00
hggdhshibboleth: do you understand *why* you were quieted?17:00
shibbolethyou asked me to refrain from any further profanity17:00
hggdhand to keep on-topic17:00
shibbolethhow was what i way saying "not" on-topic?17:01
hggdhand you did not, so I had no other option but to quiet you17:01
CarlFKshibboleth: please read  over   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines  (again, now.)17:01
shibboleth=i did. please point out the section pointing out that pushing questionable new features as a security update=totally not an issue and therefore not on topic?17:04
CarlFKshibboleth: both you and everyone here are volunteers.  If you can't figure it out, you won't get much help.17:05
shibbolethand how do those two sentences tie in with what happened then and now?17:06
hggdhshibboleth: there are other channels more appropriate for discussing security, or package policies. #ubuntu is for *support*17:06
hggdhshibboleth: and I *did* point you to one such channel, and sugguested you to discuss it with developers. You refused17:07
shibbolethok, but there is hardly any activity in -hardened and -kernel17:07
CarlFK "Recommendations from channel operators"17:08
hggdhboth channels also deal with specific points. For the record, every time I asked on either I was answered.17:08
shibbolethand whenever a real issue is brought up ops are quick to refer to those, basically giving users the cable-company-runaround17:08
shibboleth"please hold" :)17:09
hggdhalthough I disagree, we are not, here and now, discussing if you are told to wait or not. We are, or so I expect, discussing *why* a moderator had to act17:10
shibbolethi get why it happened17:11
shibbolethbut i'm surprised it is still the case a week later17:11
hggdhshibboleth: OK. You understand why it happened. Will you keep on-topic, and mind your language?17:12
shibbolethyes. can i kindly ask that you at least consider the urge to knee-jerk "other channel" every time you simply can't think of a good answer?=17:13
CarlFKshibboleth:  you answered my simple question with ...  "they may imply skepticism or disagreement"  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scare_quotes17:14
shibbolethfwupd and lvfs *can* be great for say dell server operators who don't run windows bare-metal17:15
shibbolethbut making firmware "changes" that easy on everyone and their moms box will lead to blood and tears17:16
shibbolethand releasing the mechanism for that as a "security update" is questionable.17:16
hggdhshibboleth: and this is the wrong channel to discuss this. Again.17:17
hggdhshibboleth: anyway, I un-quieted you at #ubuntu17:17
shibboleththanks, i noticed17:17
hggdhshibboleth: now, please keep in mind that the CoC *is* to be followed (not only at #ubuntu, but on all of the Ubuntu IRC namespace)17:19
hggdhshibboleth: is there anything else we can do for you? If not, please /part; this channel is a no-idling channel17:20
ubottuIn #lubuntu, won said: !ping is a command ....18:03
stevendaleOh Unit193 owns TheRedQueen, was worried I'd have to welcome a new member of the op team23:54
stevendaleWell congrats on making a bot Unit19323:54
Unit193Been there for years, mate.23:54
stevendaleOh it was Drone all along23:54
* stevendale faints23:55
Unit193Anything we can help you with?23:55

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