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* keithzg[m] has decided for the time being to use the workaround of enabling the livepatch service, although of course that won't help when there's things like the systemd vulnerability whose update came down today00:01
wylelkeithzg[m]what happens when you bring the server back up?00:15
wylelworks as intended?00:15
keithzg[m]wylel: Yup. I have to hold down the power button for a bit to force it off, but then it comes back up and reports as if it cleanly power cycled.00:16
wylelwhat output do you get when the reboot command happens, or just a black screen?00:17
keithzg[m]wylel: Just a black screen. A completely unlit screen, in fact; the monitor is not being told there's any signal.00:18
keithzg[m]That is to say, there's the standard stuff flashing by going for a reboot, but then an endless blankness.00:18
wylelis the server physically on at this time?00:19
wylellike after the monitor is getting no signal00:19
keithzg[m]wylel: Yes, in the sense that the power light is indicating its on, as are I believe the ethernet LEDs, and the fans are still running.00:20
wylelkeithzg[m] that is strange, sounds like something is failing to tell it to start again, but there are no logs after the discs unmount01:25
keithzg[m]wylel: Yeah, 'tis why I only half-jokingly blame UEFI's eldritch horrors for this01:26
wylelI mean, its not out of the realm of possibility.01:27
wylelbut then again, I feel it would also happen when booting01:27
wylelfrom an off state01:28
keithzg[m]One might think, which is why I'm not just solely blaming UEFI. But it could be as simple as there being some sort of bug in the ACPI (or whatever, but I assume this stuff still uses ACPI?) call the Ubuntu install is making to tell the motherboard firmware to reboot rather than poweroff.01:36
keithzg[m]Motherboard firmware is weird, oft-broken stuff. I'm sure it's at least partially due to the motherboard firmware, heh.01:40
kolamanhi all03:57
kolamancan we automate apt full-upgrade -y  ?03:57
kolamanwe haev some ubuntu 16.x and some ubuntu 18.x03:57
benharriapt full-upgrade does not upgrade releases03:58
kolamanbenharri: yes, I'm just upgrading packages not release . .03:59
benharriapt update && apt full-upgrade -y03:59
kolamanapt full-upgrade -y asks for yes/not/keep old etc questions. Can i bypass those ?04:00
benharritha'ts what -y does04:00
kolamanbenharri: unfortunately that is not true, I used apt full-upgrade -y04:01
kolamanand was asked qustions like where to install bootloader select drive or select both on safe side and a couple of other etc.04:01
benharrisearch for -y in man apt-get04:02
kolamanbenharri: apt or apt-get ?04:03
benharriif you look at the manpage for apt, it directs you to apt-get04:03
benharriin the upgrade and full-upgrade sections04:03
kolamangreat, but -y works fine in centos yum update -y but not here04:03
benharrinot sure what you mean by fine04:04
kolamanby fine mean in centos /yum this -y switch works as desired (doesn't ask any question etc.) but for apt it asks for questions and doesn't bypass those04:05
benharrioh are you talking about the prompts that some packages show when there are conflicts?04:08
kolamanbenharri: yes, I want to bypass those ..04:08
benharrii've never looked into that04:08
kolamanlike select the best avaiable option (default one)04:09
kolamanhave been searching throughout the day and not able to find anything better04:09
benharriafter a quick google, i found this: https://stackoverflow.com/a/2304898704:10
benharriexport DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive && sudo apt-get -q -y full-upgrade04:11
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cpaelzerrbasak: FYI I have heard but not known about the bug patterns11:17
cpaelzerrbasak: I'm trying to read about it let me know if you have a great link somewhere11:17
cpaelzerI think finding https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-bugcontrol/apport/ubuntu-bugpatterns was the important step, I'm good now11:21
rbasakcpaelzer: there's a wiki page too11:22
rbasakcpaelzer: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Apport/DeveloperHowTo#Bug_patterns11:22
rbasakcpaelzer: I wondered if an apport hook or a bug pattern would be better to solve this particular problem11:23
cpaelzerit is worth to read myself into it for a few minuntes to have an opinion about that decision11:23
rbasakcpaelzer: for example I think bug 1512344 is pointed to by a bug pattern rather than an apport hook11:24
ubottubug 1512344 in nginx (Ubuntu) "[Master Bug] Package nginx-* failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1 (due to "Address in Use" issue)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151234411:24
rbasakcpaelzer: sure :)11:24
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ahasenackrbasak: question about d/rules and dh,12:57
ahasenackrbasak: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/x5KhhwryVj/12:57
ahasenackrbasak: the second dh statement in the %: target was not being run12:58
ahasenackI saw that the apt-hook binary was actually being built in the install target, as that had an override and called dh_auto_install twice: once for pybuild, once for makefile12:58
ahasenackthe %: target is special in that regard I assume? Multiple dh invocations just don't work?12:59
ahasenackI "fixed" it with the pastebinned patch. Now the apt-hook is built at build time12:59
ahasenackis there another way to do this in "%:"? Or just by, for example, using just makefile, and have the makefile build the python module properly?13:00
rbasakahasenack: I think running twice would fail horribly even if it did work, because you'll end up with the various debhelper commands running twice and not in the right order13:03
rbasakI'm not sure if there's a way to tell debhelper to use two different build systems13:03
rbasakSo perhaps your override_dh_auto_build is the best way to do it.13:04
rbasakI don't see any problem with it in any case13:04
ahasenackand I just saw that this attempt at two build systems is messing up the clean target13:06
ahasenackthe tarball has an empty __pycache__ dir in it13:06
ahasenackbecause of this13:06
rbasakDo you also need to override with override_dh_auto_clean?13:07
rbasakThough I normally wouldn't notice as I always use a clean build (eg. using sbuild)13:07
ahasenackyeah, I'm overriding dh_auto_clean now13:08
ahasenackit was calling setup.py clean, because dh was told pybuild is the buildsystem13:08
ahasenackbut there is more cruft that needs to be cleaned13:09
ahasenacklet's see if this works13:09
ahasenackfunny that pybuild wasn't cleaning __pycache__: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/6HJ9GZckNj/13:09
ahasenackthat tarball it build in line 24 contains an empty __pycache__ dir13:10
ahasenackit's a native package, so it would just pack everything it found :(13:11
DammitJimI know 14 is eol this month13:28
DammitJimbut is there a particular day? the 20? 28?13:28
TJ-There was an email notification recently about it13:44
lotuspsychjeDammitJim: just dont wait till the end to upgrade, take measures13:45
TJ-ESM starts April 25th13:45
TJ-so presumably April 24th?13:45
DammitJimyeah, I've been working on it, but I have servers that depend on developers to update their stuff and I know they are going to ask me the specific date... I just need to upgrade 6 more servers out of about 20013:46
TJ-tell them April 15th!13:47
TJ-give yourself some breathing space :D13:47
DammitJimmy date is actually the 10th13:47
DammitJimit's been the 10th since last year, but I even got confused one day thinking that was the actual EOS date :D13:47
TJ-I bet that gave you hot and cold sweats :)13:48
DammitJimI already have the hot/cold sweats because there are 6 servers we won't be upgrading. can't wait for the day when I turn those off13:49
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JamesBensonDoes anyone use 10G card: "NetXtreme II BCM57711 10-Gigabit PCIe"?16:53
JamesBenson^ ...from Broadcom...16:54
geniiJamesBenson: Perhaps a description of what issue regarding this adapter you are trying to resolve might be more useful for someone to assist17:05
JamesBensongenii: Sure, sorry, I'm trying to use these 10G cards as our backbone for some older servers, dell 11'th generation.  It seems I can SSH over them, copy files, etc. But ansible for example, doesn't seem to work over them.17:06
JamesBensonour end goal is to deploy openstack over them, previously using 1g connection.  No issues.  upgrade to 10g network issues.17:07
codefriarI've a dell r710 with 4x NetXtreme II BCM5709 Gigabit Ethernet (rev 20) - but the 18.04 lts installer can not seem to pull a dhcp address. 18.10, however CAN17:11
JamesBensonyeah, we have a bunch of the 710's using 16.0417:12
JamesBensongood to know about 18.04...17:12
tomreyncodefriar: which installers did you test?17:29
codefriartomreyn the standard ubuntu-server installer you can download from ubuntu17:29
tomreyn.2 is out17:30
sarnoldthere's also two installers, the newer one and the debian-install one. there may or may not be differences in networking bringup17:31
tomreynalso, a bug report would be great to have if there's none, yet17:32
tomreyncodefriar: ^17:33
codefriarsarnold using the new one, i believe.17:38
ahasenackcodefriar: 18.04.2 is probably using a newer kernel, that might help with your nic issues18:56
ahasenackthe installer environment, I mean18:56
shubjeroHey there. I'm looking to do some Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 do-release-upgrade and I use a 3rd party repo for Ceph packages. I noticed that the do-release-upgrade wants to remove the ceph packages during the upgrade. Any way I can tell it not to do this? Ideally it should just choose the 18.04 ceph packages from the ceph repo.19:04
sarnoldshubjero: does it appear to remove that repo entirely? or does it just not use those packages because version numbers are lower?19:05
shubjeroWell. Ubuntu 18.04 is also packaging the same ceph version as the official ceph repo.19:06
shubjeroFor example, on 18.04 you can get Ceph 13.2.5 from the ubuntu repo OR the ceph repo.19:06
shubjeroOur starting point is Ubuntu 16.04 with Ceph 13.2.5 from the ceph repo.19:07
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