gislaveddoes anyone know if I can exclude a bridge interface in ufw ?00:15
gislavedor just an interface ?00:15
MrSelfDestructgislaved: Do you mean to specify a rule on a per-interface basis?00:17
gislavedMrSelfDestruct I think yes, I have tap interfaces as well, they seem to work pretty well so far00:17
gislavedbut bridges... meh00:18
MrSelfDestructgislaved: I found this link in regards to ufw rules on specific interfaces https://serverfault.com/questions/270715/ubuntu-ufw-set-a-rule-on-a-per-interface-basis?newreg=26fa2be18c8d4568b33e6021e045999100:18
MrSelfDestructI hope it helps!00:19
gislavedMrSelfDestruct Let's hope so, thanks!00:19
gislavedMrSelfDestruct I found the same actually ;)00:19
MrSelfDestructgislaved: Is it what you need?00:20
gislavedMrSelfDestruct sort of... I have a whole subnet on a bridge so that might be difficult maybe00:20
MrSelfDestructHmmmmm I'm not exactly sure how to filter traffic the way you want but I'm sure there is some way to00:23
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gislavedMrSelfDestruct when I do a default allow would it be possible to make a from only on a port and dro the rest ?00:36
learningcIs there a shortcut to clear the terminal buffer?00:37
MrSelfDestructgislaved: Like set a specific port to be the only allowed outbound/inbound?00:37
benharrilearningc: ctrl-l00:37
MrSelfDestructlearningc: What buffer? control+L has the same effect of 'clear' basically if that's what you want00:38
gislavedMrSelfDestruct yes, I need to allow everything but want to bound ssh for an example to a specific port00:38
MrSelfDestructgislaved: Yes you can set UFW to allow only certain IPs and/or ports while dropping everything else00:39
gislavedMrSelfDestruct with a default of ALLOW ?00:39
MrSelfDestructgislaved: If you set the default to allow it will allow everything but then you can set specific things to reject if that's what you want00:41
mnathaniI know this is not recommended, but it is in my test lab. I am trying to ssh as root on a non standard port on Ubuntu Server 18.10 and get Password Failure messages00:42
gislavedMrSelfDestruct indeed I want that I think as it's undoable to allow everything on a routed subnet that love on a bridge00:42
mnathaniI have enabled password authentication, and set permit root login to yes00:42
learningcbenharri, MrSelfDestruct ctrl+L will clear the screen. What I want is to have just the output of a process on the terminal and buffer.  Example if I ls a big directory, I don't know where it starts so I have to scroll all the way up to search the start. If I can shortcut key to clear the terminal buffer, I just scrool all up for the start00:42
MrSelfDestructlearningc: So do you want to view just the start of a large buffer? You can pipe it through head if you just need to view the top00:44
MrSelfDestructNot sure if I'm understanding though so sorry if that's not the right answer00:44
MrSelfDestructgislaved: If you can route the things on the bridge through a NAT and limit the NAT to a few thousand specific ports you can set rules for those ports specifically00:45
gislavedMrSelfDestruct yeah pretty complex on such setups00:46
MrSelfDestructgislaved: Yeah if it's bridged the way I think it is the only way I can think of doing it is via a NAT-type setup00:46
MrSelfDestructe.g. limit the things on the subnet to the NAT ports 40000-43000 and set rules for those00:47
gislavedMrSelfDestruct or allow everything and deny other shit00:47
gislavedMrSelfDestruct how could I allow ssh from some IP only ?00:47
gislavedwhen allowing by default ?00:47
MrSelfDestructgislaved: `ufw allow from [IP] to any proto tcp udp port [port]`00:48
MrSelfDestructYou can also specify an IP range00:48
MrSelfDestruct`ufw allow from to` or similar00:48
gislavedMrSelfDestruct that blocks the rest, you are sure ?00:49
MrSelfDestructgislaved: As long as your default rule is to block everything else on that port then yes00:49
MrSelfDestructYou can speciifcally set00:49
gislavedMrSelfDestruct so I first need to setup a rule that that00:49
MrSelfDestruct`ufw [reject | deny] udp tcp port [port]` to specifically deny or reject that port00:50
gislavedMrSelfDestruct I'm locking out a proxmox box this way, don't want to messup with it's own firewall ;)00:50
MrSelfDestructThen if you set an allow rule it will only allow things from the IPs you specify00:50
gislavedMrSelfDestruct ah nice, you understand why I do this don't you ?00:51
gislavedmy subnet is attached to my virtual FW's :)00:51
gislavedso I manage the rest there00:51
gislavedMrSelfDestruct what is preferred, deny or reject ?00:52
MrSelfDestructgislaved: Deny tells a connecting service that the port is closed/filtered while reject just drops the packet and doesn't tell it's closed (making it appear like the IP is offline)00:54
MrSelfDestructI normally go for reject but there are times where you want deny00:54
gislavedMrSelfDestruct true!00:56
MrSelfDestructAlso if you're remotely setting the SSH rules you want to specify the allow rule before you set any deny or reject rule00:57
MrSelfDestructgislaved: If you set the deny or reject before allow and all of the sudden your connection is forbidden the firewall then it won't allow you to reconnect00:58
gislavedMrSelfDestruct true but I have some nice local VPN option build in ;)00:58
MrSelfDestructgislaved: Nice nice, just making sure you didn't lock yourself out (cuz I may or may not have done said thing before)00:59
gislavedMrSelfDestruct yeah I don't like to set an allow in general actually but you cannot do different in this way... NATTING will be a mess00:59
gislavedMrSelfDestruct don't you think ?01:03
MrSelfDestructgislaved: Definitely. NAT is a mess for sure and I haven't messed with bridges that weren't NAT much but I don't blame you for not wanting to mess with it LOL01:03
gislavedMrSelfDestruct heh yeah what would be a rule for it then because I think my main interface, like eth0 is involved as well01:04
MrSelfDestructgislaved: A rule for NAT or a rule for a specific interface?01:05
kaosinehuh, getting curious about other flavours and I just noticed something. The page on the flavour page for lubuntu links to lubuntu.me but if you google it, it links to lubuntu.net. Is that supposed to be intentional? XD01:07
MrSelfDestructgislaved: Once you got NAT setup you could deny/allow out/inbound via the NAT ports that you set up (you can specify only a few thousand NAT ports and set up rules just for those and set up specific rules for NAT port forwarding too!)01:08
gislavedMrSelfDestruct so it ucks :)01:10
MrSelfDestructgislaved: Networking is hard so yeah :)01:11
gislavedMrSelfDestruct true01:12
gislavedmeh ufw doesn't drop a port anymore01:17
krytarikkaosine: lubuntu.net is subject to a domain dispute between the current flavor contributors and someone who thinks he is still any part of it and won't give the domain up - hence the alternative domain was created.01:29
kaosinehuh  makes sense but still weird01:29
kaosineis that also why the logo doesn't match up on the site either?01:30
gislavedMrSelfDestruct ah now I see the order :)01:31
filifunkyHi guys, I try to get rid of mysql then install it again but it doesn't work.  I always get this:  http://www.mpaste.com/p/KPlSOI  I've removed it, purged it and I still get the same error.  Anyone with any ideas?01:31
krytarikkaosine: Yeah, since the flavor team doesn't have any control over lubuntu.net, it can be anything between outdated and outright wrong.01:31
MrSelfDestructgislaved: Oh? What do you see now?01:32
gislavedMrSelfDestruct I first need to allow then deny01:32
gislavedMrSelfDestruct but all in user.rules or .after is possible as well ?01:32
krytarikkaosine: There is also a bug report on Launchpad about this, but I'd have to look it up again first. >_>01:32
kaosinekrytarik: which I probably needed to have looked there before asking tbh. I'm hoping to one day know enough programming to be able to contribute lol01:33
MrSelfDestructgislaved: I think you can specify a rule to be at the highest priority with `ufw insert 1 [rule text]` or change that number to specify where it goes in the rule list and that new rules default to going on the bottom01:35
krytarikkaosine: Well, there are various things one can help a project with other than just coding. :)01:36
gislavedMrSelfDestruct yeah never touch the after or before files I think01:36
kaosineyeah but I am a programmer or at least going to school for that :P01:36
MrSelfDestructgislaved: Yeah don't touch those just use the regular rule ordering (I'm not sure if you can change a rules ordering without deleting then remaking it with insert though)01:37
gislavedMrSelfDestruct user.rules works o the fly if you save it01:37
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luizE AI01:58
gislavedMrSelfDestruct meh!!02:05
kolamanHi All, in CentOS we have 'yum update -y' to update all the packages to latest version. Do we have anything in ubuntu like that ?02:05
MrSelfDestructgislaved: What's going on?02:05
kolamanwe are planning to patch all machines on monthly basis and updating all packages is requirement for that02:06
MrSelfDestructkolaman: 'apt full-upgrade'02:06
benharriapt update && apt full-upgrade -y02:06
gislavedMrSelfDestruct I needed to reboot a box... I messedup ufw :)02:06
gislavedyou can!02:06
MrSelfDestructgislaved: Dang LOL02:06
kolamanMrSelfDestruct: butmost of the time 'apt update && apt full-upgrade -y' breaks  on running upgrade thingy02:06
jcottonwhat does full-upgrade do that upgrade doesn't?02:06
jcottonalso hasn't dnf replaced yum kolaman?02:06
benharriit's equivalent to apt-get dist-upgrade02:07
gislavedMrSelfDestruct seen it before, never do a flush of iptables when it's installed...02:07
MrSelfDestructjcotton: I believe full-upgrade will remove obsolete packages if necessary while upgrade will only add and upgrade without removing anything02:07
kolamanbenharri: that what about do-release-upgrade ? is that not for same purpose ?02:07
benharriit will remove packages that are unneeded02:07
benharrido-release-upgrade is for moving between releases02:07
benharriLTS releases are every two years and do-release-upgrade is better done by hand02:08
kolamanbenharri: a bit confused dist-upgrade / release pgrade arent' they are same02:08
benharriapt full-upgrade is the same as apt-get dist-upgrade02:08
benharrinote apt vs apt-get02:08
gislavedMrSelfDestruct this is weir this box doesn't reject on a default allow anymore02:11
MrSelfDestructgislaved: Oh what?02:11
gislavedMrSelfDestruct indeed, don't ask me why02:11
kolamanbenharri: thanks but still yum update -y only update the packages and not upgrade distribution completely  ..  please correct me i I'm wrong here. While apt full-upgrade does distro upgrad02:11
OerHekswith systemd era, 'apt' alone is enough, and has more functions02:12
benharriapt full-upgrade does not do distro upgrades02:12
benharriyou need do-release-upgrade for that02:12
MrSelfDestructkolaman: full-upgrade does not do a full distrubtion upgrade. It will upgrade according to your apt targets and those won't change02:12
MrSelfDestructYes do-release-upgrade is the distrubution upgrade02:12
bambanxi installed ubuntu on a 1 giga ram machine hp dv250002:28
bambanxwhen the osload it works ok but restarting is very slow , any to make the start faster?02:28
bambanxwithput aadding more hardware02:28
plongshotWhat does async do? Do anyone think it could be used to automate "git push --mirror ..." ?02:29
plongshotI want to automate a process in ubuntu (locally) based on whether or not changes occur to the local copy02:30
Bashing-ombambanx: Not to responsive, huh with 1 Gig ? .. the (u)buntu needs 4 Gigs for a good experience: Outdated but -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements/ .02:30
bambanxhow i can see how much ram i have on the laptop on ubuntu?02:31
benharrifree -h02:32
Bashing-ombambanx: lubuntu is targeted for low spec systems - will be a much better experience - xubuntu is not to shabby on low resources either :)02:34
kaosinejust about anything is better than gnome if you have low resources XD02:36
OerHeksbut 1 gb ram ... no browser will run more than 2-3 pages without lag02:37
kaosineyou also have to realize how complicated things like web browsers are now, especially with people doing everything we used to do offline but now through the browser XD02:40
kaosineunless you're running a raspberry pi now a days 8gb is the bare minimum a computer should have and that's still not enough imo :P02:40
OerHekswhat? just 256 Tb? (2021)02:41
kaosineFor me it's a dream to even have 32gb of ram just because yeah I want it XD02:47
dabbill/ quit03:10
gislavedMrSelfDestruct I'm done :)  needed to ACCEPT FORWARD Packages :)03:29
gislavedsleep well03:29
MrSelfDestructgislaved: Ohhhhhhhh yes yes03:29
gislavedindeed, great!03:29
plongshotWhere can I ask questions about using async on my operating system? Does anyone know? I am running ubuntu 18.o4 right now.03:32
lotuspsychjeplongshot: how did you install async?03:34
plongshotlotuspsychje: I just found out that it is not installe :)   I was googling how to install it:   https://www.google.com/search?client=ubuntu&channel=fs&q=install+async+on+ubuntu+18.04&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8  but the information does not seem to be forthcoming  :(03:36
plongshotCan help?03:36
OerHeksasync is standard in mount, sync flushes cache direct03:37
OerHeksand is much slower that way03:37
plongshotI just want to accomplish a goal in the siimplest most efficient way03:38
plongshotI like to play with code. I have a github acct  :>   Since I am the only team member, I want to mirror my local repository (git repository) upstream. And I want to automate the process in such a way that, changes to my local repo are detected and a script is run as a consequence?03:40
plongshotOerHeks: hi03:41
plongshotasync is a part of mount command? What? I thought async was its own program?03:43
OerHeksthere are tons of guides to sync git, i wonder if that is smart, without proper version control03:44
OerHeksjust sync on change is lame03:44
OerHekshttps://github.com/gitwatch/gitwatch is such project03:45
SirisianCan you rollback a kernel if you don't have grub installed? I accidentally installed a kernel that's incompatible with software I'm using.03:45
lotuspsychjeSirisian: are you using ubuntu without grub?03:46
plongshotOerHeks: "FILESYSTEM-INDEPENDENT MOUNT OPTIONS" <-- afaik, when I got started with linux (ubuntu 10.04 like 8 or 9 yrs ago?) that at that time async was its own program that had to do with automatically sycronizing changes to files (and more) with some other <target>.03:47
plongshotwhat happened?03:47
plongshotDid I make a boo boo to begin with?03:47
leftyfbplongshot: are you thinking of rsync?03:47
Sirisianlotuspsychje, yes. As far as I can tell the image I used doesn't have it. Pressing any of the keys at boot does nothing and there's no grub configuration.03:47
OerHeksah, leftyfb, good spot, rsync sounds plausible03:48
leftyfbplongshot: regardless, neither of these tools are going to help you with the terrible idea of automatically "syncing" any local changes with your github repo03:48
plongshotleftyfb: you are correct. Thank you. I' forgot the correct name03:48
lotuspsychjeSirisian: pastebin: uname -a && lsb_release -a && apt-cache policy grub203:48
OerHeksrsync & grsync gui03:49
leftyfbneither of those are going to "sync" with github. And even if they did, that completely goes against the whole idea of git. Use Dropbox if you want something like that03:49
leftyfbplongshot: ^03:50
plongshotleftyfb: I am a one man team. It is a hobby (my own personal hobby) to program. It is hte mos convenient thing for my needs at this moment. If, at some time in the future, anything I do becomese popular enough to have contributors - then I'll change my workflow.03:50
leftyfbplongshot: that's not how you use git.03:50
plongshotOerHeks: grsync nice!03:50
plongshotleftyfb: man git comes with a --mirror flag?03:51
leftyfbplongshot: no03:51
plongshotman git clone, man git push,  man git <other stuff uses that flag>03:51
plongshotlook at the man page leftyfb03:51
plongshotman git clone (for one example)03:52
leftyfbplongshot: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/bionic/man1/git.1.html   The word "mirror" does not show up anywhere in the git man page for ubuntu03:53
Sirisianlotuspsychje, https://pastebin.com/Sx9mnm5L It's Ubuntu mate if that matters.03:53
lotuspsychjeplongshot: maybe the #github is more the git class03:53
plongshotjesus - hold on03:53
leftyfbplongshot: yes, I fully understand git and it's uses. Automatically "syncing" every single local change is NOT how it's meant to be used. Not without commits and push03:53
lotuspsychjeSirisian: you have an arm device running on kernel 4.1903:54
leftyfbplongshot: regardless, you're terrible idea is beyond the scope of this channel. Try asking in ##linux03:54
lotuspsychje!arm | Sirisian03:54
ubottuSirisian: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.03:54
Sirisianah thanks03:54
lotuspsychjeSirisian: how did you install kernel 4.19 if i may ask?03:55
plongshotleftyfb: Here is the pastbinit link to $ man git clone | pastebinit  on my system.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5zGn2PbtNv/03:55
plongshotDo you see "--mirror" there?03:55
plongshotI appreciate ya'all03:55
kolamanhi all03:56
kolamancan we automate apt full-upgrade -y  ?03:56
lotuspsychjekolaman: are you on ubuntu-server?03:56
kolamanyes, ubuntu 18.x and some machines are ubuntu 16.x03:57
lotuspsychjekolaman: join #ubuntu-server please03:57
plongshotDoes anyone know a reliable resource for rsync? So I don't waste my time with garbage?03:57
Ben64man rsync?03:58
plongshotwell of course03:58
plongshotbut I mean someone explain / expand on it03:58
plongshotlike an official ubuntu doc03:58
plongshotor somethign03:58
Ben64might be easier if you ask about what you want to do03:59
guivercplongshot, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/rsync03:59
guiverc(but why not just do a search for it yourself?)03:59
lotuspsychjeplongshot: i agree with Ben64 there's different purposes to use rsync03:59
Sirisianlotuspsychje, you're a genius. I pasted a random rpi update command thinking it would bring me to 4.16, but by default it goes to the latest. I just realized this command takes in a parameter allowing you to install any kernel version. I'm going to experiment.04:00
bambanxi am installing ubuntu from usb and is stuck here https://imgur.com/a/Lnb9P5Q04:01
lotuspsychjeSirisian: kernel play on ubuntu, we reccomend to use !mainline04:01
plongshotBen64: ty. I want to automate the process or mirroring a locoal git repository upstream. This can be done with native git features but requirees specially taylored commands. I don't want to manually enter thos commands. I need to automate changes and propagete them upstream. This is not normal workflow, I know. It is specific to my personal needs.04:01
bambanxi should remove the usb ? not sure what is wrong04:01
plongshotguiverc: ty I will see this04:01
lotuspsychjebambanx: tell us more about your ubuntu version and computer specs please?04:01
bambanxis 32 bits lotuspsychje04:02
lotuspsychjeSirisian: see if the arm channel can guide you on !mainline arm kernels04:02
bambanxmaybe 16 version lotuspsychje04:02
plongshotBen64: or\of mirroring a local..04:03
lotuspsychjebambanx: what about your maybe specs?04:03
bambanxis a hp paviliondv2500 lotuspsychje04:04
lotuspsychjebambanx: is it a default ubuntu 16.04 desktop or another flavor like lubuntu, xubuntu?04:04
bambanxdedault lotuspsychje04:04
lotuspsychjebambanx: how did you create your usb stick please?04:05
bambanxusing etcher tool lotuspsychje04:06
bambanxand i change the bios for boot primary from usb that is correct?04:06
lotuspsychjebambanx: can you try enter system with !nomodeset please?04:06
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | bambanx04:07
ubottubambanx: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:07
bambanxnot sure  howi can do that lotuspsychje04:07
lotuspsychjebambanx: alternate for those specs, personally i would also try lubuntu or xubuntu as a test04:08
bambanxwhat is the differenceof lubuntu and xubuntu? desktop ?04:09
noalternativeJust installed a minimal version of ubuntu 18.04 on a compute stick attached to a nexdock dumb laptop.  I need to enable bluetooth somehow to get the keyboard and touchpad working.  Can someone help?04:09
bambanxwhich is more friendly is for a non tech lady friend04:09
lotuspsychjebambanx: they are both lightweight flavors of ubuntu, its your users choice really04:09
lotuspsychje!flavors | bambanx04:09
ubottubambanx: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours04:09
noalternativeThis is a linuxium version of Ubuntu customized for a bay trail processor with a 32bit uefi04:10
bambanxi removed the usb now is booting lotuspsychje04:10
lotuspsychjenoalternative: to make BT more easy for yourself, try blueman04:10
noalternativeok through apt-get?04:11
lotuspsychjenoalternative: also note, minimal install might lack essential packages you might need04:12
noalternativeIt is just a 32gb sdcard.04:12
noalternativeso the specs didn't look promising04:13
bambanxlotuspsychje, should i set primary boot usb ?04:14
lotuspsychjebambanx: you just said your system booted?04:14
bambanxits boot fromusb04:15
macopythonIs there a way to run SMART job periodically without cron ?04:15
lotuspsychjemacopython: if a harddisk is faulty, syslog will catch the errors automaticly04:17
guivercmacopython, you could add it to a login script (it kicks off when a user logs in), have it `sleep` - but I can't think of any better than cron04:17
macopythonguiverc: User will not login mostly or say she will login very rarely.04:18
macopythonlotuspsychje: I see. SMART does prediction I believe. Just catching an error is not enough.04:19
lotuspsychjemacopython: whats your end goal exactly to automate this?04:20
Mr_GreyWhat channel do I use to get help regarding Ubuntu 18.04?04:20
lotuspsychjeMr_Grey: here04:20
macopythonlotuspsychje: I want to know if OS performs SMART test itself ever ?04:21
Mr_Greylotuspsychje, Oh. Okay. Thank you04:21
macopythonlotuspsychje: If it performs it, I want to get its results. That is the end goal.04:21
lotuspsychjemacopython:  i understand you want the results of your harddisk, but why do you want to automate it?04:22
lotuspsychjemacopython: your bios will notice smart issues, and your syslog will..04:23
plongshotIt doesn't look like rsync is a viable soln to my problem. What I need to do is execute a script whenever a local change is made to a <neme> repository.04:23
macopythonlotuspsychje: The thing I am working on is monitoring system.04:23
lotuspsychjemacopython: in my opinion, scanning a system with full smart test is just silly way of fear04:24
lotuspsychje*every day04:24
Mr_GreyRelatively fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04 (perhaps 5 days). Having issues getting DVDs to play with default application or VLC. Tried this link: https://itsfoss.com/play-dvd-ubuntu-1310/          ...          Tried installing libdvd-pkg and then did the configuration as per the instructions in the link, but now the problem is not only still present, but VLC seems to be freezing my machine when I attempt it. Have tried multiple04:25
Mr_GreyDVDs. including ones that worked on my previous Ubuntu install (also 18.04). DVD drive tested and working on Windows 10 as well as previous install of Linux Mint 18 and Ubuntu 1804:25
Mr_GreyIs there any way to make the text in HEXCHAT bigger? That is the client I am using04:26
Mr_GreyI don't see well04:26
macopythonlotuspsychje: I don't want to schedule SMART. I just want to get the results if at all it is performed by OS.04:26
lotuspsychjemacopython: <macopython> Is there a way to run SMART job periodically.. make up your mind?04:27
lotuspsychjeMr_Grey: take your mouse pointer to hexchat preferences you can change your fonts there04:29
lotuspsychje!dvd > Mr_Grey04:30
ubottuMr_Grey, please see my private message04:30
Mr_Greylotuspsychje, Excellent! Cheers04:30
macopythonlotuspsychje: Made up my mind. Just want to know the results of SMART if OS performs it.04:32
lotuspsychjemacopython: ubuntu doesnt automate a full smart scan, but it will warn you when problems arise, from Os and from bios04:34
macopythonlotuspsychje: I see. Thanks a lot for help :)04:35
lotuspsychjemacopython: there are several tools on ubuntu you can test your HD with: bonnie++ hdparm for example04:36
macopythonlotuspsychje: Got it.04:37
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lotuspsychjewelcome median-systems04:58
median-systemsthank you04:58
median-systemsnice to meet you04:58
lotuspsychjemedian-systems: how can we help you today?04:58
median-systemsoh thank04:59
median-systemsnice day05:02
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xyphanhi, am i allowed to ask for help here related to drivers customization?05:48
nohsigood morning, i require some linux help. I am coming from Windows, but i am fed up with it. NOw my question is:05:50
nohsiI have 150GB of free space and i am not sure how to setup it during Ubuntu instalation05:50
xyphan30 GB - root05:51
xyphan1 GB - boot, rest space - Home05:51
xyphancan give swap double of your ram05:51
nohsiSo if understood it correctly: 10GB linuxswap; 30GB /. ; rest /home ?05:53
xyphangive some to boot if you want to install other OS as well05:54
nohsiThanks, i hope Ubuntu works better on Surface Book 2 then Manjaro KDE.05:54
xyphanalso enable esp or boot flag for boot partition05:54
nohsiShall i enable both flags?05:55
xyphanyeah that would be fine05:55
nohsiThe format shall be on home ext4?05:56
nohsiand what would be the format on the other partitions?05:57
tyreseext4 is fine for /05:57
nohsiDo i need to create something for /var too?05:58
tyrese/ or root can contain home, so home can be ext405:58
nohsiWell, I will be back if it did not work:D06:00
xyphani prefer separate home partition06:00
nohsisee you later06:00
xyphani am working on a project where i have to customize hdmi video output06:01
xyphanfor that i thought i will start with existing drivers but couldn't found it06:01
xyphanplease need help or suggestions06:02
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dirtwashin 18.04, with netplan, where are other configs stored besides /etc/netplan? I cant get rid of my old interface config, even after reboot its still there06:40
Meaddirtwash:  there is the /lib/netplan /etc/netplan and /run/netplan  but that just holds the yaml file06:42
tarzeaunow i remember why we get rid of netplan06:42
dirtwashtarzeau: yea im frikkin annoyed by it06:43
dirtwashMead: thanks I have a look06:43
Meadyour network config is actually held in the /lib/systemd/network /etc/systemd/network and /run/systemd/network06:43
dirtwashI love how devs always think they must change things that worked problemlfree for many many years, 'uh here is an idea, lets get rid of network/interfaces, its too simple'06:43
dirtwashyea systemd cancer06:43
tarzeaudirtwash: say thank you to redhat and canonical06:44
tomreyn^ this is a discussion. and good morning.06:44
dirtwashtarzeau: apparently they got nobody on the team who speaks their mind06:44
dirtwashcant imagine they all agreed this was a great idea06:44
MeadI find it rather confusing when looking for help making configs and finding stuff for the predicessors to systemd, iproute2, and netplan06:45
* Mead has been studying netplan and how it interacts with systemd06:46
dirtwashnot to mention ip, ifconfig...06:46
dirtwashits a mess06:46
tomreynplease move to #ubuntu-discuss - thank you.06:46
Meadthe ip command is superior, too bad it doesn't create precistant changes, just to the running config06:47
dirtwashMead: well thanks for the info, I am gone here06:47
Guest98418is any one here06:53
Guest98418i am new to irc06:53
tomreynGuest98418: many. do you have a question on ubuntu support?06:53
Meadhello, new to irc, I am Mead06:53
Guest98418actually can you able to see my ip?06:54
Meadif you are root@ yes06:55
tomreynGuest98418: we can see an ip address you may have connected from. you can    /join #privacy    - a channel where privacy is discussed.06:55
tomreynon #ubuntu, we just do ubuntu support questions06:55
Guest98418oh ok06:56
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:56
Guest98418hello ?06:56
Guest98418is any one here06:56
tomreynyou just asked the same question 3 minutes ago06:56
Guest98418oh my god sorry i though i was in another channel06:57
tomreyn/join #freenode     for general irc help.06:58
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deancMorning. I set up ubuntu 18.04 fresh last night. I have an old logitech g15 keyboard. Unfortunately the windows key is not triggering the super key. I confirmed the keys are working using "xev" package (as in the keypress is detected). What would my next steps be? I googled around and solutions were varied. I am quite surprised to have such a hostile experience as this out the box :)07:29
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deanchttps://askubuntu.com/questions/1059783/my-super-key-is-disabled-how-to-enable-it Do I really have to do this?07:35
tomreynhi deanc, i never heard of this issue, it must be quite specific. what do you mean is hostile?07:37
deanctomreyn: Hostile as in to new users such as myself. I happen to be quite comfortable with linux (on the server-side at least). having the keyboard work as expected (it's not an entirely unusual keyboard) should not require me to have to remap keys using a package that isn't installed by default07:38
deancAnything that my mother couldn't figure out, I consider hostile (in terms of UX)07:38
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tomreyndeanc: i see. it surely is specific in that your super key doesn't work as expected out of the box, since it does for almost everyone else.07:39
deanctomreyn: unfortunately that seems to be the case07:40
tomreynno, no, fortunately it is. unfortunate for you that you'Re one of the few.07:40
tomreyndeanc: does the workaround you found work for you, then?07:42
deancI'll try tonight, when home from work. I'd like to know if there's something obvious and less involved than going to the cli that I might try first?07:42
deancI have tried to check the config using sudo dpkg-recongigure keyboard-layout or whatevret the cmd is to no avail also07:42
Ben64i think you've got the wrong layout or some config thing you did changed it07:44
Ben64if xev is showing "ISO_Next_Group"07:44
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deanc_Ben64: I've not done anything on this system whatsoever yet other than install vim :)08:01
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XsiSecAny very technical guy who knows lvm very well can take a question?09:25
EriC^^XsiSec: ask your question is somebody knows they'll answer09:28
XsiSecI have installed a ubuntu full encrypted on Disk SDB then I have another disk 'Disk SDA' fully encryped with veracrypt, though if I remove SDA(hardware from my computer) my system went into rescue mode, the disk is not even in fstab or in vg group09:29
XsiSechow can I safe remove the disk without loose data I have read several threads online but couldn't find a good solution that worked for me.09:30
Mr_GreyI've got a relatively fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04 here on a machine that has had it before. I dual-boot into Windows 10 so I can cross-examine hardware as well. My issue: I have had difficulty getting DVDs to play. I've tried the default video application as well as VLC to no avail. I've also tried https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs   ...   Since installing libdvdcss (and rebooting as per09:31
Mr_Greyinstructions), VLC is freezing when I try to run a disc with it, and the default application remains unchanged (i.e. not working). I;m thinking something went wrong with the installation of libdvdcss. I'm here to see if someone more saavy than I can help with its complete removal for a reboot and reinstallation. I'm also open to ideas and suggestions. Please note this disc drive is verified functional on Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows09:31
Mr_Grey10, along with the DVDs being used for testing. The region of the disc drive is set to match the DVDs being used as well.09:31
Mr_GreyI;m betting I could use Synaptic to remove the codecs, but I don't want to remove something vital by mistake09:33
Mr_GreyI'd wager sudo apt remove libdvd-pkg would suffice, were I a betting person. I am not.09:35
Mr_GreyOr sudo apt-get remove libdvd-pkg perhaps09:36
EriC^^XsiSec: sounds like the bootloader is on sda?09:39
EriC^^XsiSec: do you have a live usb you can boot?09:40
Mr_GreyEriC^^, Yes, I do have a live USB09:43
Mr_GreySorry, wrong person09:43
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justaddcoffeegreetings all-im starting to use terminal a lot more and am having problems invoking multiple options simultaneous for the one command10:08
justaddcoffeecase in point sudo macchanger -Arb10:08
justaddcoffeehow do i invoke more than one option for the command10:08
rustyrocketI've got a weird problem that makes no sense and I'm wondering if anyone understands why.  I have a program that, at the start of running, opens the file "errors.dat" in append mode, and writes to it whenever an error appears.  Meanwhile, a crontab job will periodically run "tail -n 3600 errors.dat > errors_short.dat; cp errors_short.dat errors.dat".  The original appending program can continue to write to errors.dat, so10:16
rustyrocketthis has the effect that the file is continually truncated to its last 3600 lines periodically.  HOWEVER, on another computer running same version of ubuntu, it's all the same except "cp errors_short.dat errors.dat" is instead mv.  However on this system, the logging program somehow loses its ability to write to the truncated file.  Is this intended behavior of mv/cp to a target destination of a file open in append mode?10:16
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rustyrocketI figure it's somthing like mv filename1 filename2 first unlinks any file that exists at filename2, and then changes file at filename1 to have its filename be filename2, whereas cp actually opens the file @ filename 2, then writes all of the contents of filename1 to filename2, then closes both files.  Is this interpretation accurate?10:18
rustyrocketThis should also mean that it's dangerous to run the cp with a target destination of a file which is currently open by another process, right?10:19
XsiSecEriC^^, sorry was in a meeting you are right the boot-loader might be on sda10:25
XsiSecEriC^^, I think you are wrong since the system loads things OK but then in the end it goes to rescue mode10:28
lotuspsychjewelcome hctvs10:40
Rubix_Rifleguys there's problem in Ubuntu... I can post it here right?10:42
lotuspsychjeRubix_Rifle: yes10:42
Rubix_RifleI dual booted my PC sometime ago.... now GParted displayed i have only used 18 GB of available 55 GB of Ubuntu...so i downloaded some stuff on windows partition. But it's not visible on windows partition and GParted shows only 5 GB of my Ubuntu is used10:43
Rubix_Riflethanks for help in advance10:43
Rubix_Rifledoes anyone know what can I do to fix it?10:44
julientmRubix_Rifle, why can't you just manage your files, to take less space?10:46
Rubix_Rifledidn't get that10:47
Rubix_Riflecan you elaborate on that?10:47
lotuspsychje!patience | Rubix_Rifle10:50
ubottuRubix_Rifle: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/10:50
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Rubix_Riflethis is a global chat room?10:51
lotuspsychjeRubix_Rifle: no, this is the ubuntu support channel10:51
lotuspsychje!chat | Rubix_Rifle is here10:51
ubottuRubix_Rifle is here: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:51
Rubix_Riflehow can i find global chat rooms and can I join more than one chat room?10:52
lotuspsychje!alis | Rubix_Rifle10:52
ubottuRubix_Rifle: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"10:52
TJ-Rubix_Rifle: You'll find a lot of useful help for using FreeNode here: https://freenode.net/kb/all10:54
Rubix_Riflehow can i can i chat privately to a person11:03
zambaaccounts-daemon is consuming a lot of cpu11:04
Rubix_Rifleany help??11:05
willksm./query <name>11:05
willksmRubix_Rifle, ^11:06
lotuspsychje!pm | Rubix_Rifle11:06
ubottuRubix_Rifle: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.11:06
willksmor that.11:06
Rubix_Riflei'm using hexchat for the first time....was that question inappropriate?11:07
lotuspsychjeRubix_Rifle: nobody said your question was bad11:08
de-factoRubix_Rifle, btw there is also #hexchat on freenode (e.g. for specific program options) or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Internet_Relay_Chat_commands for general irc commands11:12
cpachhi folks. does anyone know if it's safe to have multiple ocurrences of DPkg::Post-Invoke in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d?11:14
cpachright now there is one ocurrence in 99update-notifier, but i would also like to add a custom script that runs on Post-Invoke11:14
cpachbut i'm uncertein wether adding one more ocurrence would cancel out the one in 99update-notifier?11:15
TJ-cpach: Dpkg:Post-Invoke is a list of shell commands so I'd *assume* a later occurance would replace an earlier11:17
TJ-cpach: best thing is to test it with innocuous commands11:17
cpachTJ-: yeah i could run some tests in a lab vm before i change in prod. ty!11:18
TJ-cpach: or just make your script do: Dpkg:Post-Invoke "touch /tmp/it-worked"11:19
TJ-cpach: can test that easily on a local system11:19
cpachTJ-: good idea. i'll try that!11:19
Rubix_Rifleguys i have one question11:22
blackflowRubix_Rifle: well, don't keep us in suspense, we're on the edge of our seats!11:26
cpachRubix_Rifle: shoot :)11:26
julientmI have a question for you guys. What kind of linux tech blogs types do you like the most?11:29
blackflowjulientm: the ones discussed in #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic ;)11:30
julientmokay thank you blackflow11:30
surianph00would anyone know a way to use systemd.mount to mount one drive over multiple directories or if even possible ? dont want to use fstab11:34
TJ-surianph00: that's a question you should ask in #systemd where the experts are :)11:35
surianph00youre right thanks11:36
BluesKajHey folks11:51
lotuspsychje!no | ChiLLabiS11:53
ubottuChiLLabiS: Hvis du vil diskutere på Norsk, vennligst gå til #ubuntu-no. Takk!11:53
unshackledhttp://releases.ubuntu.com/19.04/   NOW INSTALLING Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo) Beta --   F&#%$ YES ! I have been waiting my whole life on this11:53
lotuspsychjeunshackled: 19.04 support in #ubuntu+1 please11:53
lotuspsychje!party | unshackled or join the party11:54
ubottuunshackled or join the party: Please remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !disco release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/3339/11:54
amosbirdis it possible to isolate cpu without rebooting?12:39
amosbirdisolcpus=5,11 rcu_nocbs=5,1112:39
ddoobbwhat is the alternative for anaconda on ubuntu?12:40
JimBuntuddoobb, you can simply use anaconda.12:41
amosbirdhmm, what's the purpose of doing this IRQ affinity: Failed to write '000000ff,ffffffff' into /proc/irq/default_smp_affinity12:42
julientmI am trying to answer this questions and I can't figure out, if it's the secret key tool, or the crypt application that is responsible for setting the decryption default setting12:54
tomboy64how can i install packages without touching their current installed status? so that next time i run apt autoremove those packages get collected and removed as well if they were not installed beforehand?12:56
tomboy64rftm did not yield results so far12:56
pragmaticenigma!language | tomboy6412:57
ubottutomboy64: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList12:57
tomboy64sorry, i presumed that read the fine manual was universally understood12:57
pragmaticenigmatomboy64: You cannot install a package along side an existing package, or in the manner you seek, with the built in package management tools. You can install the software you desire directly by compilation or following it's installation instructions for installing to a specific directory.12:59
tomboy64pragmaticenigma: i am specifically looking at apt here for a bunch of build-time dependencies of a package i want to build. and after building that have `apt autoremove` uninstall them again. now i know how to alter the status of the package's installation with `apt mark`, toggle between manual and auto but is there no way to tell apt not to change it (if already installed) and make it auto if it is?13:01
TJ-tomboy64: you can use "dpkg-deb -X package.deb /path/to/directory/" to install under /path/to/directory/ and then directly execute the application and/or create symlinks from, say, /usr/local/bin/ or $HOME/bin/ but you'd also have to deal with shared library paths (LD_LIBRARY_PATH=...) - an easier way is to create a container using LXD and install the program there13:02
pragmaticenigmatomboy64: Again, it's not possible. That isn't a use case apt was designed for13:03
TJ-tomboy64: Or you can use the more lightweight 'chroot' method13:03
TJ-tomboy64: lastly, if you really want to install into the existing system then create an overlay file-system over the root-fs and install. Then you can remove the overlay and the original system is unaffected.13:05
tomboy64o/ thanks for the responses13:05
tomboy64i was really doubting my google-fu here13:06
TJ-tomboy64: are you aware of "sbuild" which specifically handles all this for building packages?13:06
TJ-!info sbuild | tomboy6413:06
ubottutomboy64: sbuild (source: sbuild): Tool for building Debian binary packages from Debian sources. In component main, is extra. Version 0.75.0-1ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 83 kB, installed size 275 kB13:06
tomboy64now that looks interesting13:06
TJ-tomboy64: it wraps a chroot with a base OS image and switches to it to install the build-deps and do the build13:07
tomboy64yup, about what i'm looking for13:08
TJ-tomboy64: sbuild is the standard way for building/testing package builds locally by devs prior to uploading to the archives, it tries to replicate the build server environment as close as possible13:09
TJ-tomboy64: prior to that we used to use 'pbuilder'13:09
tomboy64reading the docs now13:12
tomboy64that thing looks really promising13:12
qwebirc8700Anyone in here familiar with setting up cuda, etc. on ubuntu?13:14
TJ-tomboy64: in case you've not already found it: http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/setting-up-sbuild.html13:18
tomboy64reading through debian's wiki page right now13:19
tomboy64so thanks, your page should be a bit more buntu specific ^^13:19
x6e69636fHello all, I've installed Ubuntu 18.04 on a small laptop and its pretty slow ... I can't manage to reinstall Xubuntu instead, so I wondered if I could instead just remove completly gnome and use it without any desktop environnement, and maybe install XFCE or LXQT later13:25
x6e69636fwill I face any "risk" desinstalling all the gnome desktop environment13:26
pragmaticenigmax6e69636f: There is always a risk. You won't get the full optimizations of running are freshly installed Lubuntu or Xubuntu machine. But it is possible to replace the desktop environments and desktop managers13:28
TJ-x6e69636f: not at all, you can install Xubuntu DE alongside with "sudo apt install xubuntu-desktop" and then select it from the login-greeter's cog icon (settings)13:28
El_Jochoswhy can't you just reinstall with Xubuntu?13:29
ZZEEZZhi peole... did anybody has a link to a tutorial/recupe to install and boot ubuntu from a VHD... or better from a VHDX... ?13:29
x6e69636fok thanks pragmaticenigma and TJ-, the main reason I wanted to just remove it is that the pc is so slow that it crashes whenever I try to download something ...13:29
TJ-El_Jochos: reinstallation of the entire OS just to change the DE package preferences is like taking a sledgehammer to a nut13:29
TJ-x6e69636f: that is likely due to the GUI requiring compositing and so on, which XFCE avoids13:30
El_JochosOh I haven't read the thing with the de-package...sorry TJ-13:30
x6e69636fEl_Jochos: I try but the pc is a bit capricious and I can't manage to do it ... will try with another key tonight13:30
x6e69636fTJ-: what is compositing ?13:31
cryptodanx6e69636f: fancy effects13:32
TJ-x6e69636f: effectively an off-screen buffer for applications to render to, before being copied to the display. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compositing_window_manager13:32
TJ-x6e69636f: the overhead often comes from fancy effects like shadows and fades being added13:33
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x6e69636fthanks TJ-13:36
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knightwisehey everyone14:27
knightwiseis IRC still alive or have all of you moved to Discord14:27
lotuspsychjewelcome knightwise14:27
knightwisehey Loshki_14:27
knightwisehey lotuspsychje_14:27
lotuspsychjeknightwise: ubuntu support is still alive, but for chat we use #ubuntu-offtopic & ubuntu-discuss14:28
knightwiseah ok thanx14:29
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TomyWorkhttps://forum.ubuntuusers.de/topic/autologin-funktioniert-nicht-3/2/ on ubuntu 18.04, when following this article, I got the automated login exactly once and that was with a "service gdm restart" and not a reboot. after that, it refuses to work and i need to enter the password every time. in auth.log, i now see "gdm-autologin]: gkr-pam: no password is available for user", might that be related?14:37
pragmaticenigmaTomyWork: You might need to ask that in the german specific ubuntu chat or ask in that forum14:50
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!14:50
pragmaticenigmaI don't think that was the language I wanted14:51
transhumanisthi can anyone point me to a current document for setting up rw permissions for a user to write to root of secondary drive without destroying existing permissions? thanks in advance14:52
TJ-TomyWork: does the system have the file /etc/gdm/PostLogin/Default ?14:53
TomyWorkTJ- it's empty14:53
TJ-transhumanist: That sounds like you'd need to use ACLs, via setfacl and friends. See "man setfacl" and "man acl"14:54
TomyWorkactually no, it doesn't exist14:54
TJ-TomyWork: OK, that's good14:54
TomyWorkthere's a Defaults.sample there that's empty except for comments14:54
transhumanistthanks acl is there a gui interface into acl by chance? Need to make this easy for a user to manage14:54
TomyWorkTJ- it's not manjaro :D14:54
TJ-TomyWork: no, I didn't think it was, but that's a place where some scripts/package might add 'stuff'14:55
deancI don't have a mouse, and im really struglging to navigate gnome-control-center :/14:57
deancany assistance? i can manage to focus the search and type my query, but then i can't select a result14:57
TJ-TomyWork: gkr-pam is the PAM Gnome Keyring module. I can find sparse bug reports on that going back to 2016 but no obvious explanation or fix, so far14:58
TomyWorkTJ- should i just switch to lightdm maybe?14:59
TomyWorkthis is mostly a dashboard tv thing, so i don't mind if some features don't work, like standby or something15:00
TJ-TomyWork: see Bug #173362615:02
ubottubug 1733626 in gdm3 (Ubuntu) "Autologin doesn't work when gdm3 launches an X11 session as a fallback" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/173362615:02
TJ-TomyWork: also see Bug #171912815:03
ubottubug 1719128 in gdm3 (Ubuntu) "Automatic login works only for wayland session" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/171912815:03
TomyWorknot gonna deal with wayland15:04
TomyWorkalso, i already have "WaylandEnable=false"15:05
TomyWorki'll switch to lightdm15:05
donofriowhy is it everytime I try to get xeyes (xapps and such) working I follow the steps outlined at https://kb.iu.edu/d/bdnt and all I get is xeyes on my note8 and not on my notebook/desktop even when I do export display to the notebook ip address.....15:06
TJ-TomyWork: I've found something that suggests your issue may not be the login password but the password required for gnome keyring. Usually, both user and keyring passwords are the same, so pam_gnome_keyring uses the login password to unlock the keyring. When using autologin that cannot happen so you get prompted to unlock the key-ring. The only option there is to remove the keyring password15:08
TJ-TomyWork: this explanation matches the gkr-pam message you're getting15:09
TomyWorkTJ- i'm not even sure i ever used gnome's keyring15:11
TJ-TomyWork: usually the key-ring password is set on first log-in so you might not be aware of it15:12
TomyWorkbtw, this german ubuntu is annoying me, is there a way to set it to english, system-wide?15:13
TJ-TomyWork: using "update-locale"15:13
TomyWorkTJ- i see. yes the user password was changed, too, using passwd. that probably didnt catch the keyring15:13
TomyWorkTJ- that did nothing. i assume i need some arguments?15:15
TJ-TomyWork: Bingo! that'd do it, I was about to write that if you don't use the GUI password tooling the passwords will become de-synced15:15
TJ-TomyWork: see "man update-locale"15:16
TomyWorkhow does "update-locale LANG=en_US.UTF-8 LANGUAGE=en_US" sound?15:16
TJ-TomyWork: fine :)15:18
TomyWorkalso did a dpkg-reconfigure locales for good measure15:18
TJ-it will build the required files if needed (assuming the language packs are installed) and change /etc/default/locale15:18
donofrioon my desktop I have the note8 ssh config with x11forward=yes and then xhost + I use ssh -Y to note8 from notebook then export display to desktopip:0.0 then xeyes still doesn't show up on desktop though tunnel ;(15:20
pragmaticenigmadonofrio: what os is running on the mobile device15:22
socommHello I've question regarding bionic -- namely journald having logs over 40G in the lapse of a day. THe majority of the log is taken up by something like "date host systemd[pid]: failed to get udev device from devnum #:#: permission denied"15:23
pragmaticenigmasocomm: I wouldn't worry about journald and instead focus your attention at figuring out that error message. Your machine has a problem15:24
socommpragmaticenigma: This is across multiple machines.15:26
pragmaticenigmasocomm: Doesn't change my response, the setup of those machines have an issue. You should resolve that issue15:27
pragmaticenigmaand it appears to be a permissions issue, should be easy enough to resolve15:27
socommpragmaticenigma: thanks . . .15:28
pragmaticenigmasocomm: If you want help, changing your tone would go a long way15:29
socommpragmaticenigma: I dont want *your* help, but thanks for the answer.15:31
donofriopragmaticenigma, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/cZbsvqSYkt/15:32
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donofriopragmaticenigma, whole write up is at http://www.tinyurl.com/donofriodexnote815:33
TomyWorkTJ- deleted the keyring, rebooted, it got recreated with an english name instead of a german one :D15:33
TomyWorkand now it automatically unlocks on login15:33
TomyWorkbut(t), the autlogin still does not work15:33
TomyWorkstill "gdm-autologin]: gkr-pam: no password is available for user"15:34
TomyWorkoh after a gdm restart it again did log in: "gdm-autologin]: pam_unix(gdm-autologin:session): session opened for user my_user by (uid=0)"15:35
TomyWorkbut now the display is blank15:35
TomyWorkdamn, i was gonna send him this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFTRmjimtCc15:37
pragmaticenigmaTomyWork: Trolling is off topic here, please focus on support15:39
qwebirc73219hello. where should I add an internal IP that I add on a ubuntu vps inside a KVM Node?15:39
qwebirc73219I only have SSH access to the VPS, no graphical interface.15:40
TomyWorkpragmaticenigma did you read what that guy wrote?15:41
TJ-qwebirc73219: Presumably it's ubuntu-server, so systemd-networkd, so /etc/systemd/network/ .network file, see "man systemd.network"15:41
pragmaticenigmaTomyWork: Again, this channel is not for chat. If you would like to chat, please head over to #ubuntu-offtopic. Thanks15:41
TomyWorki see, having a little fun is off-topic15:41
qwebirc73219its not ubuntu server, regular 18 LTS15:42
TomyWorki will try not to have fun while i'm here15:42
hggdhTomyWork: please keep on-topic15:42
TJ-qwebirc73219: you said it's a VPS, which is Virtual Private Server15:42
willksmTomyWork, this is gold15:43
qwebirc73219yes, but its a regular instalation inside a KVM VPS15:43
qwebirc73219is that location the same for non-server distro?15:43
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tomreynqwebirc73219: ubuntu desktop uses network manager. use nmcli (or nmtui) then.15:45
donofriopragmaticenigma, my machine needed to be restarted but I'm back now...did you type anything (is this channel logged anywhere?)15:50
donofriooh in topic, yep I'll read more15:50
deancNone of the instructions about remote desktop are working for me. In the gnome control center the screen sharing box is disabled and i had to do it via cli /usr/lib/vino/vino-server os next step was to do it at boot, but adding it to "startup applications" means it's not available pre-login. i want to be able to login to this machine using vino on boot15:50
pragmaticenigmadonofrio: I have not replied. I was going to ask if this is ubports15:50
pragmaticenigmadeanc: The latest versions of gdm3 and sddm do not allow for VNC sessions to start prior to being logged in15:51
deancpragmaticenigma: what are my options?15:51
deancThis is a requirement for my system, it's a machine sat in the corner without a monitor15:51
donofriopragmaticenigma, ubports?15:52
pragmaticenigmadeanc: You can switch your desktop manager to lightdm or setup your machine to auto login, which would then allow the vnc server to pick up15:52
deancI don't know what lighdm is15:52
TJ-deanc: lightweight display manager, lightdm15:53
TJ-!info lightdm | deanc15:53
ubottudeanc: lightdm (source: lightdm): Display Manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.26.0-0ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 156 kB, installed size 875 kB15:53
deancHow involved is the process of switching? Do I not have any other options?15:53
deancI am trying to leave this installation as stock as possible15:53
pragmaticenigmadeanc: What you log into your computer with is a pre-environment Desktop Manager. gdm3 is used by Gnome-Desktop , sddm is used by KDE, and lightdm is used by XFCE and LXDE by default with Ubuntu flavors.15:53
pragmaticenigmadeanc: If you are attempting to leave it as stock as possible, then the recommended process is to setup the login to auto-login, and launch the vnc service once the session is started15:54
TJ-deanc: I got around it recently using a startup service script that has VNC connect to the display-manager greeter session15:56
deancI can probably live with auto-login15:56
pragmaticenigmaTJ-: really!?! do you by chance have a link to that?15:56
deanclet's try15:56
deancWhile I have your ear, i mentioned earlier my super key (windows keys on an old g15) don't register as keypress events in xev15:57
deancanything worth checking?15:57
pragmaticenigmadonofrio: I think your question might be better directed at the ubports team. I have a feeling that there are some limitations with in the ubports releases to slim them down that things like xforwarding might not have been added15:57
JonelethIrenicusi am trying to fix a steam issue when launching games but it supposedly requires setting the correct user on NTFS drives, but when i try to copy their example I boot to emergency shell15:57
TJ-In my case I was working with a remote lighdm DM, but the principle applies to any DM, the command used (for lightdm) is "sudo -u lightdm x11vnc -display :0 -auth /var/lib/lightdm/.Xauthority" (the trick is to run as the DM process user and pass the path to the AUTH file the DM uses)15:58
pragmaticenigmadonofrio: Try asking in #ubports  ... I can't find anything online about x-forwarding from a ubports instance, but I suspect to save space in the release (since these run in limited space environments) those types of features are removed15:59
baristaawhat is the difference between using apt install and apt-get install?15:59
JonelethIrenicushere is an example of my fstab after change15:59
pragmaticenigmabaristaa: Different tools to achieve a similar end result15:59
baristaaso which should I use and why?15:59
TJ-baristaa: apt-get is targeted at scripts, apt at humans, but otherwise apt is a wrapper around apt-get and other apt* tools16:00
TJ-baristaa: 'apt' is more friendly and informative for humans, e.g. "apt list --installed *linux*"16:00
pragmaticenigmaTJ-: I think your approach only works with lightdm... gdm3 and sddm require a magic cookie/token that doesn't get generated until after a successful login16:00
TJ-pragmaticenigma: the DM Xorg session must have one16:01
TJ-the cookie being used is the DM cookie, not the user cookie. It allows VNC to connect to the greeter session and log-in as whichever user16:01
pragmaticenigmaTJ-: I don't remember the exact details... I just recall that something with a token/cookie wasn't accessable or "known" until post login16:02
TJ-pragmaticenigma: that'd be for the user log-in which makes sense, but the greeter session DM has its own, usually somewhere under /var/ or possibly /run/ depending on the DM in use16:03
deancokay mystery solved: https://support.logitech.com/en_us/article/31731?product=a0qi00000069vBzAAI16:04
pragmaticenigmaTJ-: I tried several guides that recommended those areas... but there was never anything in those locations when only the login screen was up16:04
TJ-pragmaticenigma: could be under /tmp/16:05
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TJ-pragmaticenigma: there's a good explanation here: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/77315/how-does-gdm-authenticate-to-the-x-server16:07
pragmaticenigmaTJ-: last attempt I made at it... I was dealing with sddm/KDE ... so maybe what I read was specific to sddm16:08
TJ-pragmaticenigma: then this probably applies (note the GUID path) which might explain why you could not find it16:11
TJ-pragmaticenigma: https://github.com/sddm/sddm/issues/62216:11
pragmaticenigmaTJ-: Yeah, that would be the one16:12
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TomyWorkTJ- I ended up switching to lightdm. worked perfectly right off the bat16:18
TomyWorknow there's a crash popup which temporally correlates to a syslog message about some snapcraft URL, possibly due to proxy issues. I don't need snapcraft, will removing gnome-software-plugin-snap get rid of that?16:19
TomyWorkgnome-software[2008]: failed to call gs_plugin_add_popular on snap: Get https://api.snapcraft.io/api/v1/snaps/search?confinement=strict%2Cclassic&fields=anon_download_url%2[...]16:20
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baristaaI'm using the Ubuntu app on windows 10 where does it store it's files?16:25
tomreyn!wsl | baristaa16:27
ubottubaristaa: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide16:27
tomboy64on bionic, what is the default networking service? network-manager doesn't seem to be it. i read netplan somewhere? is that what's being used these days?16:27
TJ-tomboy64: systemd-networkd in -server, network-manager in -desktop16:29
tomreyntomboy64: systemd-networkd on ubuntu-server, network-manager on ubuntu-desktop, netplan can be used as a management 'frontend' for either.16:29
tomboy64ahhhh, nice. wanted to enable networkd and prevent getting locked out in the process <316:29
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TomyWorkthere was something in the gnome startup applications that queried snapcraft. i disabled that, the error is still there. "system program problem detected" - most helpful error message ever16:40
icecube45Anyone mind helping diagnose my laptop's poor audio quality on 18.04? Laptop has an intel CM23816:41
KrisWoodHi everyone!16:41
dabbillHello :)16:42
TJ-TomyWork: that's usually the title of the notification, error mnessages should be available via "Details" but sometimes there are none available because a crash report couldn't be captured16:42
TomyWorkthere's no details button16:42
KrisWoodI've inherited an old HP ProLiant DL380 G7 server that I'm trying to get Ubuntu installed on but I can't get it to boot. Could anyone help me troubleshoot how to get this thing running? It seems versions 17 and 18 aren't compatible but I think maybe I'm just downloading the wrong ISO.16:43
KrisWoodAll the ISOs I see on the Ubuntu website are labelled AMD, is there not an intel based one anymore?16:44
tomreynKrisWood: amd64 is an architecture, consider it 'intel-compatible 64-bit'16:45
tonytKrisWood ubuntu 64 bit iso run on both amd and intel based machines16:45
KrisWoodtomreyn: good to know, so that's not the issue at least16:45
tonytthere is no specific one for either16:45
ryuoKrisWood: what's the CPU?16:45
tomreynKrisWood: we have #ubuntu-server for server questions16:46
JamesBensonKrisWood:  Nothing wrong with HP ProLiant DL380 G7... all of ours is old like that, mostly 11Gen Dells16:46
ryuoKrisWood: I have a Proliant G8 running ubuntu.16:46
KrisWoodXeon X566016:46
KrisWoodryuo: which version?16:46
ryuoKrisWood: 18.0416:46
tomboy64something else does set the ip16:46
JamesBensonI've gotten 16 & 18 running on similarly old hardware.16:47
KrisWoodI can't even get the live USB to boot16:47
dabbillWhat errors are you seeing?16:47
ryuoKrisWood: can you get anything to boot from USB?16:47
tomreynicecube45: i can help you find out whether you have the latest mainboard firmware installed, and how you could maybe install it, if there is an upgrade, if you like. this may or may not be related.16:48
ryuoKrisWood: I'd also suggest checking the BIOS, ILO, etc, to see if they're current.16:48
TomyWorkTJ- https://imgur.com/a/hgkh9La that's the message16:49
ryuoKrisWood: it's possible you may need to tweak the boot settings in the BIOS even.16:49
cryptodani have an hp proliant ml350p running ubuntu 18.04 server16:49
ryuoKrisWood: my server i installed through debootstrap in a live CD.16:49
TomyWorkif i click "Report problem...", the message box disappears and no other dialog appears16:50
KrisWoodryuo, dabbill: I'll try booting it from the live USB again, just a moment.16:50
TJ-TomyWork: ahhh... if you press "Report problem..." you can see the additional details *without* actually sending them16:51
TomyWorkthe "..." suggests that that is the plan, yes. but that isn't what's actually happening :)16:51
KrisWoodBooting from the 17.10.1 live USB it gets to the installer screen and I click the Live button. It gets a few errors then stays there with a blinking cursor forever16:53
KrisWood[Firmware Bug]: the BIOS has corrupted hw-PMU resources (MSR 38d is 330)16:54
KrisWoodERST: Failed to get Error Log Address Range.16:54
KrisWoodsd 2:0:0:0: [sda] No Caching mode page found16:55
KrisWoodsd 2:0:0:0: [sda] Assuming drive cache: write through16:55
KrisWoodand that's where it stops with the blinking cursor16:55
plongshotDoes 18.04 still have files listing repositories that that package manager uses (I don't recall the name - the physical files or the data). Where are they located cause I don't remember the name to google for the answer.16:56
JamesBensonKrisWood : https://community.hpe.com/t5/ProLiant-Servers-ML-DL-SL/ML350-G9-BIOS-has-corrupted-hw-PMU-resources-MSR-38d-is-330/td-p/6831360#.XKzOc-tKjOQ16:56
cryptodanKrisWood: [    0.066966] [Firmware Bug]: the BIOS has corrupted hw-PMU resources (MSR 38d is 330) on my HP ML350P and it still booted up with no issues16:56
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.16:56
KrisWoodcryptodan: yeah I think I've booted it with this error before too16:56
TomyWorkTJ- the window belongs to the update-notifier process16:57
plongshotOerHeks: ty16:58
plongshotvery much16:58
KrisWoodryuo: I know how to check the BIOS version, how do I check the ILO, etc that you mentioned?17:01
plongshotI also wanted to find out if the pipe sybol in apt's "Suggeste packages: " section is meant as an or condition?  I have the following output in that section and not sure if I need to choose between git-daemon-run | < the other stuff >   or not ?? " git-daemon-run | git-daemon-sysvinit git-doc git-el git-email git-gui gitk gitweb git-cvs git-mediawiki git-svn "17:02
ryuoKrisWood: you'd have to connect to it through ssh, see it in the boot output, or check from a booted OS i believe.17:02
KrisWoodryuo: if I had a booted OS I wouldn't be here right now XD17:02
ryuoKrisWood: indeed.17:02
ryuoplongshot: those are "alternate depends".17:02
ryuoplongshot: either one will satisfy a given depend but the first is the default i believe.17:03
ryuoplongshot: you commonly see it on java packages that work with multiple versions of the JRE.17:03
plongshotryuo: I almost get what you saying but how do I (practically speakining) install some of those w/o causing a conflict? Can I just copy past the line and append it to "sudo apt install "?17:04
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plongshotryuo: By depend do you mean dependency? Or is that a different word / meaning?17:04
ryuoplongshot: yes.. i should say alternate packages i guess, since it's used in more than depends.17:04
ryuoplongshot: other packages that can satisfy the role it serves.17:05
ryuoplongshot: suggested/recommended are not dependencies, but they are extra packages that may provided added benefits.17:06
dabbillKrisWood:  have you tried like CentOS 7, or any other distros to see if just a problem with Ubuntu?17:07
tomboy64it looks like my /etc/systemd/network/10-wired.network is not being parsed at all. it's root:root owned and its permissions are -rw-r--r--17:08
tomboy64according to journalctl -u systemd-networkd, however, it's configuring as if the file didn't exist17:09
* tomboy64 scratches head17:09
tomreynKrisWood: you should get yourself a copy of the firmware update DVD HPE provides to (support contract) customers17:10
TJ-tomboy64: what is in the file?17:10
plongshotso I'm to choose either "sudo apt install git-daemon-run " or "sudo apt install git-daemon-sysvinit git-doc git-el git-email git-gui gitk gitweb git-cvs git-mediawiki git-svn " But not "sudo apt install git-daemon-run | git-daemon-sysvinit git-doc git-el git-email git-gui gitk gitweb git-cvs git-mediawiki git-svn " because that pipe makes iit a malformed command that will fail.  What about "sudo apt install git-daemon-run git-daemon-17:10
plongshotsysvinit git-doc git-el git-email git-gui gitk gitweb git-cvs git-mediawiki git-svn " (without that pipe). This failed for me when done along with upgrading to git 2.21 at the same times  ( the exact command was "sudo apt install git-daemon-run | git-daemon-sysvinit git-doc git-el git-email git-gui gitk gitweb git-cvs git-mediawiki git-svn " because that pipe makes iit a malformed command that will fail.  What about "sudo apt install17:10
plongshotgit git-daemon-run git-daemon-sysvinit git-doc git-el git-email git-gui gitk gitweb git-cvs git-mediawiki git-svn  ") ("git" added to the install list - it's the first item after "install"). Failed.17:10
tomreyn!paste | plongshot17:10
ubottuplongshot: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:10
KrisWoodtomreyn: I don't have a support contract XD17:10
tomreynKrisWood: there may be other ways to get a copy. i forgot what they call those exactly, though.17:11
plongshotNow I have run sudo apt install git (after adding the upstream repository) and now have git 2.21. I'm trying to understand the usage of the pipe in this context. In the context bash commands it pipes data from one command into another. (not the same).17:11
plongshotits fine17:12
plongshotI'm sorry17:12
plongshotI'l find out17:12
tomreynKrisWood: "Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP)"17:12
TJ-KrisWood: remind me which model it is again?17:12
cryptodanKrisWood: is your hpsa raid controller working properly?17:12
TomyWorkplongshot you don't use a pipe there17:12
TomyWorkno idea where you got that17:13
glickim really tempted to install ubuntu as my main OS on my laptop17:13
JonelethIrenicusanyone know why on steam games with proton you have no sound17:13
tomboy64TJ-: [Match] has Name=eth0 (also tried with MACAddress, double-checked that), and [Network]17:13
KrisWoodcryptodan: I have no idea. I doubt it because I took the drives out and then put only one of them back, so at the very least it's not configured right now. I didn't think that would stop the live usb from booting though17:14
glickit seems like everything except my games and nik collection works great in ubuntu17:14
TJ-tomboy64: I would expect the interface name to be predictable, as in enp1s9 not eth017:14
tomboy64TJ-: [Network] has DHCP=ipv6, Address, Gateway, DNS set17:14
glickand i dont play my games often17:14
TJ-tomboy64: did you disable predictable naming on the kernel command line?17:14
cryptodanKrisWood: recreate the usb and see if it works after that17:14
lordcirth__glick, do you have a support question?17:14
KrisWoodI reformatted it through the installer and it copied the files over but when I try to boot without the live usb it just gets a grub rescue prompt17:14
plongshotTomyWork: Ty. I understand. I don't know if I can install every package in that suggested package list or not. I mean, whether that is the intention. Is it a choice between packages being listed or is it to install every single one.  The only thing I'm asking is if I installed ever single package in that list would it break? Is that wrong to do and against the intention of the packag managere?17:14
KrisWoodcryptodan: I've recreated it three times. I'll try again in a moment, gotta get to a meeting now.17:15
KrisWoodThanks everyone!17:15
plongshotI'll probably not intall any of it bc if I don't know what it is I don't need it. But I wanted to learn the answer17:15
TomyWorkplongshot why would you even install suggested packages that you don't know?17:15
tomboy64TJ-: well, yeah. but journalctl -u systemd-networkd shows eth0 being assigned its address via dhcp. IPv6 being enabled, but not assigned. and no, i didn't explicitely disable it, but `ip link` only shows eth0 and lo17:15
plongshotSo I keep rephrasing the question but not getinga a direct answer. I guess eventually I find out ok17:15
TomyWorkthey're optional, and if you really ought to have them, they'd be recommended, not suggested17:16
TJ-tomboy64: OK, so there is eth0, that answers that!17:16
glicklordcirth__ just trying to see how or if i can run nik somehow17:16
plongshotI flat out ask but notne eve says look here or look there for the answer. They come sideways with a question to my question and asking my motives. Wh care? I ask a sdirect question17:16
lordcirth__glick, what's nik?17:16
TomyWorkplongshot you still didnt tell me where you got that pipe from so i can tell you what it means17:16
TomyWorkgive me a link or command that you ran to get that17:17
plongshotDon't matter I not entitle - it not that. But when a direct question is asked why not respond head on?17:17
TomyWorki just told you i cannot answer it without context17:17
glicklordcirth__ image filter program17:17
plongshotTomyWork: One momenet I wil show u17:17
TJ-tomboy64: did you configure a netplan file for this interface too? in /etc/netplan/ - sounds like a there may be a cloud-init netplan config over-ruling it via /run/systemd/network/17:17
OerHeksplongshot, why do you not share the howto you are using?17:17
TomyWorkhe's about to17:18
tomboy64TJ-: thank you, that seems to be it.17:18
TJ-tomboy64: Yay :)17:19
tomboy64time to google how to get rid of cloud-init17:19
TJ-tomboy64: or delete/remove netplan.io!17:19
TJ-tomboy64: for statically set systems (not ephermeral VMs) it is an un-needed layer of abstraction and indirection17:20
tomboy64that's the next thing ^^17:20
pragmaticenigmaplongshot: You're being asked a question to your question to help the volunteers better understand the situation. There is no way to know what you are attempting to do. And with such a specific package listing, it's helpful to know where you got that from so that the volunteers here can better forumlate an answer for you. It's not about being indirect, it's about making sure everyone is provided the most accurate information.17:20
tomboy64why is that installed per default?17:20
tomboy64i feel very tempted to go back to debian17:20
TJ-tomboy64: "cloud"17:20
tomboy64please, don't swear at me ^^17:20
ryuotomboy64: netplan? it's the default network soup on ubuntu now.17:20
TomyWorkpragmaticenigma he said he will show it, so... chill17:21
ryuotomboy64: networkd as well.17:21
tomboy64networkd is fine17:21
TJ-tomboy64: remember Ubuntu (Canonical) makes money from 'cloud' servers17:21
tomboy64and sufficient17:21
tomboy64but ... ugh17:21
ryuoi just leave netplan unconfigured. what else is there to do?17:21
TJ-tomboy64: all netplan does is write the systemd-networkd config at boot-time, every boot, so it is not required17:21
TJ-ryuo: it's the interaction with cloud-init being installed too that threw this spanner17:22
ryuoI see.17:22
plongshotThis is where I get the pipe symbol.   I prepared the screenshots but the persone is now gone. https://imgur.com/a/x3zU6cE17:30
plongshotThere is a pipe symbol bieng use in apt package manager output17:30
plongshotIt must mean something17:30
TJ-plongshot: the pipe symbol should not be there. It looks as if it was copy/pasted directly from the output of "apt-cache depends git" - the script presumably removed the "Suggests:/Recommends:" but left in the "OR" operator "|" (which means THIS-PACKAGE OR THAT-PACKAGE)17:35
neureis there any decent image inspection app?17:35
ioriaor might mean 'conflicts'17:35
TJ-plongshot: note the git-daemon-run | git-daemon-sysvinit17:36
TJ-plongshot: that matches the "apt-cache depends git" output where it shows:17:36
TJ- |Suggests: git-daemon-run17:36
TJ-  Suggests: git-daemon-sysvinit17:36
ioriaplongshot, basically, or one or the other17:37
ioriaplongshot, check also   apt-cache depends git-daemon-run17:38
TomyWorkplongshot dw i'm still there17:38
TomyWorkplongshot yeah, apt is stelling you what dpkg -s git will tell you17:39
TomyWorkexcept it doesnt show the commas that dpkg -s will show you17:40
TomyWorkwhich makes that a bit confusing17:40
TomyWorkFor me, "dpkg -s git | grep ^Suggests" says:  Suggests: gettext-base, git-daemon-run | git-daemon-sysvinit, git-doc, git-el, git-email, git-gui, gitk, gitweb, git-cvs, git-mediawiki, git-svn17:40
TomyWorki definitely wouldnt install *all* of those17:41
TomyWorkgit-svn maybe, if you're forced to interact with SVN repos17:41
TomyWorkgitk definitely, git-gui if you're masochist17:41
TomyWorkgit-email if you're one of Linus' lieutenants17:42
TomyWorkoh wait, this one is for the other side17:42
TomyWorkso, git-email if you're sending patch mails around17:43
EickmeyerI'm a fan of git-cola.17:43
benharriyup, which can be pretty handy if you don't want to make an account on every git hosting platform17:43
TomyWorkyou can probably get more info on #git17:43
TomyWorkbenharri well github and gitlab. who cares about bitbucket and sourceforge17:44
TomyWorkplongshot so, question answered?17:45
tomboy64TJ-: thanks again. networking works like a charm now17:46
donofriopragmaticenigma, always looking to test and try something, if you have any advice or steps outlined as to how to get xeyes run though 'ssh -Y' and then xhost+ and 'x11forward yes' on server17:50
pragmaticenigmadonofrio: as I mentioned before, #ubports is your best option for that question. I'm not familiar with the platform, and it's not supported in this channel. The limitation of xeyes is coming from the remote host (Your note8 running ubports) which is why I'm directing you to their resources.17:52
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TomyWorkTJ- thanks for all the help, i wish you a good day or whatever time it is for you :)17:59
donofriopragmaticenigma, what are you talking about I have two X11 servers/clients both running ubuntu 18.04 (desktop is x64 and note8 is running arm64 as you should have seen in my paste link, so I'm lost as to where ubports enters into this?  just wanting to know where to go and who to ask to get this working reliably.18:04
pragmaticenigmadonofrio: I'm done trying to help you... see the bot18:05
ubottuInformation about the mobile port of the Ubuntu platform (formely Ubuntu Touch) for Phone and Tablet is available here: https://ubports.com/. Support and discussion in #ubports18:05
pragmaticenigmadonofrio: Your note8 setup is not supported here... it is supported at #ubports ... that is where you will need to go for help.18:05
donofriopragmaticenigma, fine you don't have to help me just let me know why your trying to send me to a dead project room.....for 40+ years of xorg use in unix?18:06
hggdhdonofrio: we support UBuntu and official flavours. Unfortunately, we do not support phones. #ubports does18:07
donofrioand I joined that channel - 40 people in it, it's a dead project room....18:07
hggdhstill. Please keep on-topic18:07
donofrioI'm not using a phone it's a proot install of stock 18.04 for arm6418:07
ub3g33kdonofrio:  It's a smaller project.  Be patient with your question there (#ubports)18:09
donofriowithout sounding like I'm beating a dead horse, why would I goto a desd project room for xorg x11forwarding that has been in unix/linux for over 20 years, just seemed like a brush off (unless I misread the "your on a phone go away" responce18:09
donofriobut I'm not using touch I'm using ubuntu 18.04 stock arm6418:09
ub3g33kOn what device?18:10
donofriotouch is dead as far as I knew18:10
pragmaticenigmadonofrio: The only support offered here is for the official and stock installations provided by Canonical on Canonical's and Ubuntu's official websites and falvor websites. Anything else is considered a derivative work and can only be supported by the team that created that work. The members of this channel do not have the documenation or the knowledge of the team from the other project. That is why we are saying it's unsupported18:10
pragmaticenigmahere. You don't walk into a car dealership to ask why your toaster is broken.18:10
donofrioub3g33k, on my note8 (www.tinyurl.com/donofriodexnote8)18:10
ub3g33kWho built the image you're trying to run?18:10
pragmaticenigmaub3g33k: It's off topic, please stop18:11
ub3g33kpragmaticenigma: I'm trying to find where, exactly to direct donofrio to.18:11
pragmaticenigmaub3g33k: They've already been informed where to go18:11
ub3g33kIt might not be #ubports, but #ubuntu-arm, for example18:11
ub3g33kor, not irc, and xda-developers.com...18:11
donofrioI'm in -arm channel...I'll go ask there but my desktop is ubuntu 18.04 desktop so I'd think they would send me here for desktop issues...so I'm like ok where? what, agin this is probably my lacking knowledge of what is a server and what is a client of x1118:13
plongshotioria: TomyWork18:13
plongshotI appreciate it very much. I was getting frustrated w/ my own inability to communicate such a simple question :p18:14
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ub3g33kThat is probably the proper channel then, since there isn't an official arm64 build of Ubuntu; rather than here18:16
donofrio37 people in -arm fwiw.....1530 folks here that is why I ask my questions here.....just tryin to find answers...thank you to all who have listened.....I'll just lurk till someone can help me unstand x11 forwarding better18:16
ub3g33kIn fact, I might even surmise r/LinuxOnDex is really where you want to be.18:17
hggdhdonofrio: last warning. Please keep on-topic18:17
=== xrosnight is now known as xroslight
donofrioub3g33k, I'm there'ish I'm not using samsung linux cause I'm note8 and not note9..that is why I'm bootstrapping from UserLAnd.....again I'll go back to lurk was to keep OP's happy18:18
pragmaticenigmadonofrio: It's not the computer, I xforward all the time between ubuntu machines without any trouble. The issue is that the ubports version has limitations. One of those limitations might be that there is no xforwarding capability, a question that can only be answered by the team working on the project. You can verify that it's not a client issue by using the same client to SSH into a regular computer running Ubuntu to verify.18:19
ub3g33kbut what pragmaticenigma is saying18:20
bilb_onoIm having trouble installing apache on ubuntu. If you see here https://bpaste.net/show/d4ca35a25b01 it says its running, but when I try my ip address - that I get with ifconfig, it says Requested URL / Not found18:28
bilb_onoit almost seems like the only steps are apt install apache2 and then visiting your ip address in your browser18:28
bilb_onoim not sure what to try next?18:29
JimBuntusudo netstat -tunelp  to see if it is listening to a port and exactly which one bilb_ono18:30
cryptodanbilb_ono: try http://localhost18:30
JimBuntubilb_ono, it also looks like there is an error/warning being cut off in the logs18:31
bilb_onoJimBuntu, I see https://bpaste.net/show/14976f45ee7d18:31
bilb_onolocalhost has the same issue18:31
leftyfbbilb_ono: is this ubuntu machine a regular machine on the same network or a container or VM guest?18:32
bilb_onoleftyfb, its a VM guest18:32
bilb_onothis is the full apache2 status https://bpaste.net/show/1c758ddc80f618:32
leftyfbbilb_ono: and is the network for the VM setup as bridged or the default NAT?18:32
bilb_onodefault NAT18:33
leftyfbthere ya go18:33
bilb_onowhich one do I want then?18:33
leftyfbbilb_ono: it's not a real device on the network. It's NAT'd on your local machine. Bridge the interface so it gets a proper ip from your network18:34
bilb_onohmm would I have to restart? ifconfig no longer gives me an ip18:35
bilb_onook after restart it give me a real sounding ip address but it doesn't resolve in my browser18:37
bilb_onothough apache says its active and running18:37
leftyfb"real sounding". Is it the same ip scheme that your machine has?18:37
bilb_onoyeah my host ip is
bilb_onoooh ethernet adapter vmware network adapter has IPv3 address
znfHi. I'm having a weird issue with an upgrade from Ubuntu 14.04 -> 16.04 -> 18.04; Once finished the upgrade to 18.04, my "curl" is not working - it requires libssl.1.0.2, but 18.04 doesn't ship with it. Which is weird, because on a fresh install of 18.04, curl depends on libssl.1.1 - how do I fix this?18:40
leftyfbbilb_ono: ok, can you ping the guest's ip from you machine? Better yet, from another machine on the same network?18:40
Eickmeyerznf: Have you updated yet?18:40
TJ-znf: is this after a reboot?18:40
znfEickmeyer, yes18:40
znfTJ-, yes18:40
pragmaticenigmaznf: Do you have any 3rd party repositories or PPAs enabled?18:40
TJ-znf: what does "apt-cache policy curl" report?18:41
bilb_onoleftyfb, yes I can18:41
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:41
znfTJ-, https://hastebin.com/owarejoleq.cs18:41
znfpragmaticenigma, only ondrej/php, but that doesn't ship a curl package18:42
TJ-znf: that looks correct18:42
znfI know18:42
znfand the binary is identical to fresh install (same md5)18:42
TJ-znf: how about "which -a curl"18:42
znfit's properly /usr/bin/curl18:42
znfoutput of ldd /usr/bin/curl - https://termbin.com/gx5c18:43
leftyfbbilb_ono: ok, then in your browser, type: # don't forget the http://18:43
bilb_onoleftyfb, no luck - in both my guest and my host machine it says Not Found. The requested URL / was not found on this server18:44
leftyfbznf: I do not think curl is the issue. I think it's an openssl version that got left behind18:44
cryptodanbilb_ono: whats the ip of your host machine18:44
leftyfbcryptodan: they already gave that info18:45
JimBuntuI think we reached the part where you need to have a /var/www/html bilb_ono18:45
froopyhi@ll, is apache from the pov the more secure webserver than nginx?? (cause apache is in the repositories of ubuntu.)18:45
Eickmeyerznf: try "sudo apt full-upgrade" just to make sure you're completely synced with the repos.18:45
leftyfbJimBuntu: that should have been installed by default18:45
znfEickmeyer, it's fully synced/upgraded18:45
leftyfb!ot | froopy18:45
ubottufroopy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:45
pragmaticenigmaznf: I think part of the issue is that ppa does provide openssl which would be the source of libssl. Try disabling it and letting apt remove those packages18:45
plongshotThis article https://help.github.com/en/articles/duplicating-a-repository   shows a command "git lfs fetch --all" but when I run the command I get "git: 'lfs' is not a git command."  What gives? Cause I need the functionality it is purported to provide.18:45
bilb_onomy guest ip is
znfleftyfb, dpkg -l | grep openssl reports only 1.1 installed18:46
Eickmeyerznf: Did you at least try that? (doesn't do the same operation as "sudo apt upgrade")18:46
JimBuntuleftyfb, I agree, but look at their apache2 startup log...18:46
cryptodanbilb_ono: and your host18:46
znfEickmeyer, yes, ofc I di18:46
JimBuntualso, bilb_ono , when you get that message... you notice how it says on this server... look below that, what version of apache is listed18:46
znfpragmaticenigma, trying18:47
plongshotIt's "git-lfs" not git lfs. It has to be installed18:47
leftyfbJimBuntu: ah, I missed that18:47
froopyhi@ll, is apache from the pov the more secure webserver than nginx?? (cause apache is in the repositories of ubuntu.)18:47
leftyfb!ot | froopy18:47
ubottufroopy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:47
bilb_onocryptodan, my host is
TJ-froopy: both are in the archive; it is a matter of functional choice and preference for the most part18:48
bilb_onoJimBuntu, Apache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 8018:48
JimBuntubilb_ono, Ok, now we know it's running... and it's configured root directory doesn't exist.18:49
bilb_onoooh ok. is that something thats listed in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf18:49
leftyfbbilb_ono: start by re-creating the directory ( the apache install from the official ubuntu repo's will create it so you must have deleted it )18:50
bilb_onoleftyfb, which directory do I create?18:50
leftyfbbilb_ono: look at your error message18:51
cryptodanbilb_ono: is there a html directory in /var/www ?18:51
froopyTJ-: , thx.18:52
TJ-bilb_ono: that directory (/var/www/html) should be created by the apache2 package18:52
cryptodanbilb_ono: run "sudo apt reinstall apache2" on the guest18:52
bilb_onoInvalid opration reinstall18:52
cryptodanbilb_ono: then "sudo apt-get install --reinstall apache2"18:53
mbaybarskcan we ask random questions here? like this one -> https://askubuntu.com/questions/1132506/ad-pam-authentication-stopped-working-after-security-update18:53
bilb_onoyessss it says Index of /18:55
bilb_onouh it looks kinda weird though - definitely not the "It worked" apache2 page18:55
TJ-mbaybarsk: please /join #ubuntu-hardened  and ask the security team, that looks like their work!18:55
leftyfbbilb_ono: that's because you deleted the html directory which had the stock index.html in it. Just put your website ther enow18:55
bilb_onoit has Name, Last, modified, Size, Description and if you click one it gives a link like;O=A18:56
bilb_onoah ok18:56
bilb_onoyeah when I edit the html it gives hello world18:56
bilb_onoawesome, thanks everyone!18:57
bilb_onohmm so did I still need bridged over NAT?18:57
leftyfbIf you want other machines to access it, ye18:58
leftyfbother machines on your network18:58
leftyfbbilb_ono: if you only care about your host machine accessing it, then you can put it back to NAT18:58
bilb_onowhat if I just want it to be able to access the internet? - like it needs to serve stuff but18:58
bilb_onoah ok18:58
leftyfbbilb_ono: if you want your website on it to be accessible from the internet, then you need it bridged. But, it sounds like you might not be ready to expose your machine to the internet18:59
hggdhmbaybarsk: just asked about it on #ubuntu-hardened -- you shoudl open a bug with 'ubuntu-bug samba'19:00
hggdhmbaybarsk: and please /join #ubuntu-hardened to keep on with it19:01
znfpragmaticenigma: I installed the openssl from the distro, same thing19:01
hggdhmbaybarsk: oh, BTW: right now you will need to register with freenode to join that channel. Please see /msg nickserv help register19:05
znfSo, I'll ask again - I have a server upgraded from 14.04 to 18.04 (via 16.08, with do-release-upgrade); For some reasons, "curl" is broken, and requires libssl.so.1.0.2; which 18.04 doesn't have it. I checked against a freshly installed 18.04, it's the same curl binary (md5 matches), the same package source (I checked apt policy on both ends); yet... here I am with a non-working curl19:12
znfSure, I could symlink 1.0.2 to 1.0.0 and call it a day (hopefully), but I would still like to know what the hell is going on19:12
leftyfbznf: type -a curl19:13
znfleftyfb, curl is /usr/bin/curl19:13
leftyfbznf: and it's things like this that make be prefer to always install fresh and restore from backup19:15
znfnot an option :)19:15
znfrather, the weird thing is that curl loads libssl twice for me19:18
znfor, rather, it tries19:18
geirhaznf:  ldconfig -p | grep libssl19:19
OerHekslooks like you miss libssl1.0.0 on your upgrade, perhaps apt install -f # fixes things?19:20
OerHekslibssl1.0.0 gives 1.0.2n-1ubuntu5.319:20
znfOerHeks, it's there19:20
znfOerHeks, I'm aware, but it doesn't actually have libssl.so.1.0.2 (or a symlink)19:21
OerHeksreinstall libssl1.0.0 , or apt install -f and see what happens?19:25
znfalready did19:26
znfI reinstalled both libssl1.1 and libssl1.0.019:26
znfalready did -f19:26
TJ-znf: where/when do you get an error using curl? can you pastebin an example?19:27
znfTJ-, just trying to use the binary19:28
znf# curl19:28
znfcurl: error while loading shared libraries: libssl.so.1.0.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory19:28
OerHeksnot sure one needs to reboot for the libssl fix take effect..19:29
TJ-znf: OK, so let's capture some useful info: "strace -o /tmp/curl.strace -f -e trace=file curl http://www.ubuntu.com; pastebinit /tmp/curl.strace"19:29
znfTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/7xbnNgPCjB/19:29
znfOerHeks, a new shell should be sufficient19:29
geirhaafter libunistring, it tries libgnutls on my system19:30
geirhaznf: dpkg -l '*gnutls*'19:33
znfgeirha, https://termbin.com/drmo19:33
geirhaSee if installing libgnutls-openssl27 helps19:34
TJ-znf: try "debsums curl"19:34
znfTJ-, all OK19:35
=== hibbie1 is now known as hibbie
TJ-znf: are there any env-vars set, like LD_LIBRARY_PATH for example?19:36
znfTJ-, nope19:36
TJ-if debsums reports OK then the binaries match the package install, but we need to check *which* package, so "pastebinit <( apt-cache policy curl)"19:37
znfalready did, package is correct: pastebinit <( apt-cache policy curl)19:38
TJ-znf: this could be caused by one of the other SOs linked to curl's binary being old (from 16.04 or 14.04) and itself having been linked to 1.0.219:39
znfok, but which?19:40
znfmore importantly, why the hell is it looking for libssl1.0.2 in /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/tls/x86_64/x86_64/libssl.so.1.0.219:41
znfnotice the weird path19:41
ioriaznf, ldd /usr/bin/curl | grep ssl19:41
TJ-znf: the paths are due to ldconfig19:42
znfioria, https://termbin.com/kyxi19:42
TJ-znf: ld searches the paths in the ldconfig in order19:42
TJ-znf: how about "pastebinit <( dpkg -S libssl )"19:47
znfTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/95gwvN65xd/19:47
znfI'm gonna walk all the libraries with readelf19:48
TJ-znf: in 14.04 or 16.04 did you have any PPAs added? Because Ubuntu has never shipped a 1.0.2 version that we can trace. Debian has, and I see some PPAs that did19:49
znfTJ-, I did in 14.0419:49
znfI had the toolchains-thingie repo, but I did a ppa-purge of it already19:49
ioriaznf, you probably have local things installed19:49
TJ-znf: right, if you can identify what it was, that might get us closer to finding the culprit!19:49
znflike I said, I had newer gcc & deps19:50
TJ-znf: as I said, it looks like there's a non-archive .so that is linked to libssl.so.1.0.219:50
znfyeah, but which? :)19:50
TJ-check the last .so that curl managed to link to, and its linked SOs, and so on /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libunistring.so.219:51
ioriaznf, like librtmp (idk if relevant)19:51
TJ-znf: generally, the dyanic linker will load a library, then descend into its links, and so on, before continuing with the next curl link19:52
znfyeah, I'm aware of that19:52
znflet's see https://termbin.com/n1sx19:53
znffound it19:53
znfgod damn it19:54
znfthis took freakin forever19:54
znfcurl works19:55
OerHekssome learn from this odd situation too, znf19:55
leftyfbznf: and this is why we encourage only installing packages from the official repos19:55
TJ-ioria: nice spot - I missed the /usr/local/ path there19:55
ioriaTJ-, heheh19:55
znfleftyfb, yeah, but I forgot that I needed that back then19:55
znfit's been a while since I've done stuff on this server19:55
analogicalcan I use the apt command to uninstall an app from the terminal??20:02
lordcirth__analogical, yes, apt remove, or apt purge.20:03
AtomVelvetHow do I install pip for python 3.7?20:06
lordcirth__AtomVelvet, you probably want pipenv20:09
OerHeks!info pip320:11
ubottuPackage pip3 does not exist in bionic20:11
AtomVelvetlordcirth__: hm, why?20:11
naccOerHeks: python3-pip20:11
lordcirth__AtomVelvet, what Ubuntu version are you on? Is 3.7 the version of python3 that comes with it?20:11
lordcirth__In that case, yeah, python3-pip20:11
OerHeksthank you nacc, logical20:12
AtomVelvetlordcirth__: 18.10, though I use a light wrapper over it called Pop OS20:12
AtomVelvetseems to ship with python2 and python3.720:12
AtomVelvetpython3.6 *20:12
lordcirth__PopOS, while cool, isn't Ubuntu and is not supported here.20:12
AtomVelvetah, okay20:15
naccAtomVelvet: also keep in mind 18.10 goes EOL in a few months :)20:30
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julientmtest ok20:57
Bashing-om!tab | julientm20:58
ubottujulientm: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.20:58
julientmthanks Bashing-om20:58
Bashing-omjulientm: :) Welcome to our world.20:59
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onizuwhat's the difference between apt and apt-get ?21:11
onizuwhich one to use?21:11
=== tom__ is now known as tomracing
ub3g33kuse apt, as for the differences?  verbiage, and style of output, mainly21:11
ub3g33kapt is the newer thing, apt-get is on the line for deprecation, I believe21:12
onizuso both would do the same thing?21:12
onizuI'm used to using apt-get.. Nowadays I see just sudo apt install on the web at places21:13
=== BrianG61UK_ is now known as BrianG61UK
julientmonizu, yeah they do the exact same thing21:13
onizuok, thanks21:14
KrisWoodHow do you find out if there's anything on a hard disk before reformatting it?21:15
tomreynformatting refers to file systems, not entire storages (such as hard disks)21:16
Bashing-omKrisWood: Mount the partitition(s) and "ls" ?21:16
tomreynand / or look at the partition table, if any.21:17
KrisWoodok simpler question, how do you tell if there are any partitions to mount on a hard disk?21:18
Bashing-omKrisWood: "sudo fdisk -lu ' .21:18
KrisWoodSorry guys, it's been years since I've touched any kind of linux and I've long since forgotten all this stuff21:18
Bashing-omKrisWood: NP - long as you are trying we are here to help :)21:19
tomreynalso   sudo parted -ls21:19
KrisWoodparted says "Partition Table: unknown"21:20
KrisWoodit correctly shows the model and size and whatnot though21:20
tomreynas a result of running which command?21:20
KrisWoodtomreyn: sudo parted -ls21:20
tomreynit would say so for virtual storages, such as md RAID arrays21:22
Bashing-omKrisWood: ^ "md RAID arrays" the tool 'wipefs' to know. See: 'man wipefs' and then we re-assure you of the syntax.21:24
Bashing-omKrisWood: Mind you the desktop install does not have the modules to deal with server environments ( raid, ect).21:26
KrisWoodThere's a good chance this drive is empty, I just wanted to make sure before installing Ubuntu on it XD21:27
KrisWoodI'm on a desktop live usb right now, so probably don't have server stuff I guess21:27
KrisWoodIt looks like wipefs would erase the drive. How would I use this to find out if there's recoverable data?21:28
Bashing-omKrisWood: If it is a raid component that will drive 'parted' nuts :P21:28
=== sinner is now known as Guest28728
KrisWoodok, so you mean to erase the filesystem info so parted can recreate it somehow?21:29
Bashing-omKrisWood: Where the target is the 1st hard drive: ' sudo wipefs /dev/sda ' adjust sda as needed, With no arguments the tool will just list all visible filesystems (and in this case, RAID metadata) and their offsets.21:30
KrisWoodBashing-om: it didn't do anything21:32
KrisWoodjust right back to a prompt21:32
JamesBensonKrisWood, I wipe disks like this: sudo sgdisk --zap-all --clear --mbrtogpt /dev/sdb21:33
KrisWoodJamesBenson: not trying to wipe it, just trying to find out if it's already wiped or if there's anything to recover off it21:33
Bashing-omKrisWood: Odd ! my result " sudo wipefs /dev/sdb >> sdb    0x1fe  dos " .21:34
KrisWoodBashing-om: yeah it's like that for /dev/sdb21:35
KrisWoodthat's the live usb21:35
KrisWoodbut /dev/sda has no output whatsoever21:35
KrisWoodand it's definitely the internal HDD21:35
TechnologicalHave you tried Testdisk?21:35
Bashing-omKrisWood: Then I guess there is nothing on that target drive .. might fire up the GUI 'Gparted' tool  and verify :)21:36
KrisWoodyeah gparted says it's unallocated. I guess that's a good sign then!21:36
Bashing-omKrisWood: Yup :P21:37
KrisWoodTechnological: not yet, I think I'm just gonna install over it and call it good enough :)21:37
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TechnologicalSounds good. I thought you were trying to recover data.21:38
KrisWoodTechnological: It's a machine I inherited and a drive that I may or may not have previously used to back up data. Since there's nothing apparently on it, I'm just going to reformat it and hope it wasn't an old backup drive.21:39
KrisWoodIt could just as easily be the drive that came with the inherited machine21:39
KrisWoodmy memory is toast these days21:39
TechnologicalIt could have the best porns tho21:39
KrisWoodMore likely my kids' baby photos and all my backed up video games but those are also on two other drives so no biggie if it's not what I hope it is21:40
Technologicalhaha no need to explain anything to me, I'm just messing with ya21:41
KrisWoodno worries, I'm just playing, too. :)21:41
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Joelhttps://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/ca-certificates - Does the misc part of this means it's coming out of a 'misc' repo?22:15
Joelhm n/m22:17
Bashing-omJoel: K; - ' apt show ca-certificates ' says it is in the main repo :)22:19
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hllowhat any of you doing?22:33
=== onur is now known as hasanibrahim
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LevierMRQHi.  I just installed a fresh BBeaver.  I did read a bit about the interface, and i fear i still need help.  Gnome flashback or MATE?22:42
angelkdeLevierMRQ,  the best is mate22:43
LevierMRQangelkde: Thanks.  In case i do not like it, still possible to replace by flashback?22:44
LevierMRQI mean apt remove then apt install...22:44
angelkdeis possible22:44
LevierMRQangelkde: Thanks22:45
=== angelkde is now known as AngelKde
Bashing-omLevierMRQ: However ! removing an unwanted DE is not that easy or straightforward; for references: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelubuntu ; https://github.com/aysiu/purebuntu . Study with care.22:49
ekaj_Trying to help a friend over the phone.. is "ip neigh" going to show ipv6 arp resolutions?22:52
rypervencheekaj_: It will, yes.22:52
rypervencheekaj_: ip n for all, ip -6 n for just IPv6.22:53
ekaj_thank you22:53
GoopHow do you create your own certificate authority, create your own certificate signed by the certificate authority, and have Thunderbird digitally sign using the certificate, and trust the certificate?23:04
GoopI have already tried it, but I keep getting this error: certificate manager can't locate a valid certificate that can be used to digitally sign your messages with an address of <user@mail.example.com>.23:04
rypervencheGoop: Is there a reason for your wanting to do this?23:09
OerHeks'create your own certificate signed by the certificate authority' is in contradiction, use a trusted one like letsencrypt, comodo, or the like23:09
Gooprypervenche, I'm currently working on an open source project and would like to get my emails signed. It's a thing that is part of a bigger picture, and I need to get my emails signed.23:10
rypervencheGoop: Why not use PGP (GPG) keys for that?23:10
CodeMouse92Agreed, that's what I always do.23:11
Gooprypervenche, I do not intend to encrypt the emails, as the emails will not contain sensitive data, but need to be signed and trusted. While I am in the development stage "trust" can be "self-signed".23:11
rypervencheGoop: GPG is not only for encryption, but also signatures.23:12
rypervencheGoop: I would expect your organization to be more familiar with GPG keys than S/MIME.23:12
Gooprypervenche, encryption will go against what I need. I want people to download the emails from a publicly available website, but I want them to be signed.23:13
rypervencheGoop: As I said, GPG does not need to encrypt your emails. You can use it simply for a digital signature.23:13
CodeMouse92Seconding that. Goop, GPG is used for *signing*, even apart from encryption. I sign all my emails, but any recipient can read them WITHOUT having my public key.23:14
LevierMRQBashing-om: I will copy actual BBeaver partition before then.  Thx for advice :)23:15
rypervencheGoop: With GPG, you will give the people reading your mail your fingerprint/public key and they can then verify that an email was sent by you. You can have your public key placed on a server online so they can easily access it or you can give it to them personally.23:16
GoopIf you must have an explanation, I am working on Mail-in-a-Box (a FOSS project that puts together a mail/postfix/dovecot server), and I am trying to propose a feature where we can make announcements that would email administrators (i.e. vulnerabilities). Since it is a privacy project, our "emails" will be saved in Maildir format and uploaded to a Github repository. Everyone's server will periodically pull from the Github repository; if there is a new23:17
Goop"email", it will email the administrators using localhost on Postfix.23:17
CodeMouse92They can read it even without having your public key, but they use your public key to VERIFY it is from you. Thunderbird, and many other email clients besides, already understand how to handle GPG keys.23:17
rypervencheGoop: The solution/suggestion is going to remain the same.23:22
GoopSo I would like to have the "emails" saved in plaintext, but cryptographically signed. Since I'm not too familiar with Maildir/Thunderbird's backend, I am trying to generate an "example" email that is digitally signed, so I can work from there, since I need two different scripts--one to receive emails and upload them to Github, and another to pull "emails" from Github and send emails to the local Postfix server.23:22
OerHeksinteresting, signed emails stored on github23:22
rypervencheYeah, I feel there's a much better way to implement what you want to do :P23:23
Gooprypervenche, since it is a privacy project, I'm trying to limit the amount of information given to our domain/server. The project already does HTTPS requests to the github to check for the newest version, so I am using that as a model of ethics for upholding the privacy.23:25
GoopSo I cannot do the traditional "mailing list" because then we would have everyone's email address, plus we probably couldn't handle the amount of emails we'd need to send.23:27
Gooprypervenche, CodeMouse92 here is there error when I try PGP: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/7v43pfYRjH/23:29
rypervencheGoop: Did you create a GPG key?23:30
rypervencheGoop: You'll want to create a GPG key pair and then use a mail that supports GPG. I'd recommend GPG/MIME and not inline GPG.23:31
Gooprypervenche, okay so I found that, that you were talking about, and I was able to send a "test" email. However, I don't see any signing when I look at the source.23:32
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GoopAlso, LetsEncrypt will not sign my emails.23:35
GoopSee: https://community.letsencrypt.org/t/s-mime-certificates/153/223:35
gislavedMrSelfDestruct yo! I forgot to thank you today!23:38
gislavedit was 5am here, that is why :)23:39
MrSelfDestructgislaved: Oh no problem! Just happy to help ^w^23:39
gislavedMrSelfDestruct this setup is sexy!23:40
MrSelfDestructgislaved: Got it all working nice now?23:41
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gislavedMrSelfDestruct I can login with openvpn on my proxmox proxes, unbound kicks in so all hostnames, the only one for that box actually resolved to local and done :)23:42
MrSelfDestructgislaved: Nice!23:43
gislavedMr_Pan indeed and from my main vpn when everything is up, the same :)23:44
gislavedMrSelfDestruct it's full HA puppetized setup23:44
gislavedso puppet is also HA :)23:44
gislavedca's, everything!23:45
gislavedyap takes weeks/months/year to come to such perfect solution23:45
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