miiauuWhere can I find the power manage options? But not the "power off when X minutes inactive"  I mean the processor energy profile like "powersaving", " high energy", "equilibrated" and so on05:26
krytarikmiiauu: You got an answer in the Telegram cafe group, where you asked this first earlier.05:28
miiauuain't got this option on ubuntustudio options05:30
miiauuonly 2 options05:32
miiauupoowersave and performance05:32
krytarikYeah, you won't get more.05:32
miiauuthere's no "high energy" option?05:33
krytarikWhat does that even mean?05:33
miiauumy 2,2 cpu goes 1,9ghz05:33
miiauuintel boost put cpu at 2,7ghz.......not on linux05:34
krytarikWell, if you want to overclock, you need something else than the CPU governor indeed.05:35
miiauuintel turboboost is nnot overclock05:36
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OvenWerksEickmeyer: It looks like we need a doc page on CPU governors and such based on the conversation krytarik had with miiauu last night (22:30ish)15:09

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