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xubuntu68iHello, I have a screen tearing on AMD 5350 APU,HD8400 cpu + gpu, on 2560 x 1080, in 2D desktop fresh installation. What I can to do now ?10:30
xubuntu61wHello all! Does anyone know how to add in Thunar symbolic icons of sync process and status on folders and files included in the Dropbox folder like the ones in Nautilus? It used to be a Thunar-dropbox package in the store back in 14.04 and 16.04 but not in 18.04.13:21
pmjdebruijnxubuntu61w: thunar-dropbox-plugin ?13:25
pmjdebruijnnot sure if that's the same or not13:25
xubuntu61wHi! Thanks for the response! I've installed thunar-dropbox-plugin but this plugin only adds submenu context, meaning that when right-clicking on a file or folder it gives you the options of moving the item in the Dropbox folder to be uploaded etc. You can see here what it does: https://github.com/Maato/thunar-dropbox13:31
xubuntu61wI am looking for something that was possible back in 14.04 & 16.04: http://www.linux-magazine.com/var/linux_magazin/storage/images/dropbox_png/244033-1-eng-US/dropbox_png_reference.png13:33
donaldkbrownHi everyone. I'm having a bit of weirdness on Xubuntu 18.04. The other day, my panel was missing. So, I used ALT+F2 to run xfce4-panel --preferences. It said it wasn't running and asked if I wanted to execute, so I did. Then it said how the panel couldn't be changed because it was running in Kiosk mode. After a reboot, it was missing again, so I followed the same process and this time I checked "save session for future logins" before re19:18
donaldkbrownbooting. Now, every time I boot, the same two dialogues (asking if I want to execute and then saying it is running in kiosk mode) appear upon log-in. Anyone know what's going on?19:18
Spasshello donaldkbrown, can you see something weird in your session options? open 'xfce4-session-settings' and see what's listed in the Session tab - https://docs.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-session/preferences#session19:22
Spassad when you want to start the panel, just type "xfce4-panel" in that Alt+F2 window, no need to run that command with "--preferences" first19:23
donaldkbrownNothing too weird. xfce4-panel is listed as "Immediately" under "Restart Style".19:24
donaldkbrownI've cleared my saved sessions. I'm going to try logging out/back in and seeing if it continues acting weird.19:30
donaldkbrownClearing saved sessions and not saving my current one worked. Panel is back, no dialogues about Kiosk mode. However, I did get a "System Problem Detected" dialogue this time. I might just go back to stock Ubuntu.19:33
Spassyou can see files in /var/crash/ to see what's causing the problem19:39
donaldkbrownYep, just checked. Looks like it's Keybase related, so I'll hold off on switching DEs for now :P.19:44
Spassif that "report a bug" dialog will be showing on every start, you can then try to remove all files from /var/crash/, it helps sometimes for that issue19:47
pikapika.seen diogenes20:45
xubuntu28wI've just installed Ubuntu from a mini.iso on a USB drive, chose Xubuntu, but it boots into the command line.21:28
Spasshow did you choose Xubuntu? by installing "xubuntu-desktop" metapackage?21:32
avataris it possible to emulate right mouse button on touchscreen?22:26
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