Unit193Heh, awesome rejection reason: [lplibrarian-public-upload.internal:10004]: [Errno 113] No route to host01:48
plongshotI'm wanting information about the development environment with ubutu. I'm wondering how ubuntu manages upstream dependencies in a project? I don't know where else to ask so maybe someone can give a real life example?03:16
plongshotI b using git03:16
plongshotbut that doesn't matter03:17
sarnoldwhat do you mean?03:17
CarlFKplongshot: do you mean how are ubuntu releases managed. or how does someone develop a project that depends on packaged libs?03:20
plongshotsarnold: I may have a tough time answering succincly bc I'm so newb. I decided to fork a project privately so I can base a new work off an old one (github / local git). I don't understand how to handel (workflow, strategy, skills) a project that has an upstream dependency. In my case the upstream dep is the project I forked off of. There will be changes coming from that upstream src that I'll have to deal with as my project03:20
plongshotI'll have two remotes in my local repo03:20
plongshotI been asking all over irc all day03:21
plongshotSomeone have mercy on my soul!03:21
plongshotI was hoping that since I love ubuntu so much I would be welcome  :)03:22
sarnoldplongshot: it might be easier with specifics03:22
plongshotcan I pm you?03:23
plongshotsarnold: ^03:23
sarnoldplongshot: I'm about to go cook dinner03:23
sarnoldbesides, irc is best in the open, because you can get a variety of opinions that way03:23
plongshotit ok03:24
plongshotI too newb to know better ok then03:24
sarnoldplongshot: if you're asking about how to manage upstreams with git, maybe one of the github or gitlab tutorials would work out well; I've heard mixed things about the git book on git-scm.com, some said it's not focused enough on just getting work done03:25
plongshotI forked gimp by making cloiing the gimp repo locally. Then I create a repo on github (a private one wiht a unique name). I push the cloned gimp repo from local to my new private repo, delete the original gimp repo and then clone my private repo (with gimp in it). Now I add a remote to my private repo that points to the original gimp repo (that becomes the upstream dependency in my project). Mow I barely know how to use all03:29
plongshotthis crap so far as workflow and toos are concerned. Now I have two remotes. One I depend on once I get going with my project because the changes made in gimp will affect my new program as time goes on.  Where to find in depth information how to handle this situations (situation where you have 3 repos and 2 remotes in play one is a dependency and one is what you're doing).03:29
plongshotSorry so long but like I said I'm too newb to know how to phrase the question even. I just want to find information relevant to my situation.03:29
plongshotAnd I'm sorry if I ask in wrong place. I love ubuntu and I though ubuntu propably deal with this too03:30
sarnoldplongshot: I found these instructions very helpful when I was working with this repo: https://github.com/CVEProject/cvelist/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md#sending-data-about-cve-entries-to-mitre03:30
plongshotI will look03:30
sarnoldplongshot: hopefully you'll be able to figure out what the equivalent commands are for your gimp repos :)03:31
plongshotsarnold: enjoy you dinner sir03:31
plongshotI appreciate you sarnold03:31
sarnoldthanks! have fun plongshot03:31
plongshotyou know it  :)03:31
Kolargol00rbasak: I've updated LP#1822069. Is that the analysis you were looking for?07:59
Unit193LP 1822069.08:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1822069 in xmltooling (Ubuntu) "SRU: Shibboleth SPv3 for bionic" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/182206908:03
rbasakKolargol00: that's very useful, thanks!08:17
rbasakKolargol00: note though that "Usage of the libraries for other purposes is generally not supported" is not applicable to Ubuntu.08:18
rbasakUbuntu released it with a stable release promise; breaking particular use cases because upstream don't consider them "supported" is still not acceptable.08:18
jamespagejdstrand: its -virtual vs -generic08:19
rbasakKolargol00: we still need to weigh them up whether upstream support them or not08:19
rbasakKolargol00: does that change your analysis? Please could you update the bug to cover all possible use cases, including upstream non-supported ones?08:19
jamespageapw: around? bug 1823862 is worrying me08:24
ubottubug 1823862 in ufw (Ubuntu) "disco: unable to enable ufw under -virtual kernel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/182386208:24
cpaelzerthanks seb128 for the explanation on usbguard09:15
seb128cpaelzer, np, thx for the review and all the details!09:15
cpaelzerand take no offense in the reivew please, this was one of the first times I could not just say ack after a while09:15
* cpaelzer is afraid of backfire :-)09:15
seb128no worry, I do agree with the things you wrote there and it makes sense to fix/improve those09:16
cpaelzerseb128: yeah given that I now struggle to use my keyboard here I really think it might need some work09:16
cpaelzerpurging it makes it still blocking things on replug09:16
cpaelzerI assume it has swicthed something deep in sysfs that controls the defaults09:16
cpaelzerbut I don't want to reboot to hopefully clear it09:17
seb128cpaelzer, reinstall, desactivate with the tools and re-uninstall? ;)09:17
seb128but yeah, agreed, would be nice to fix09:17
seb128though "I uninstalled that service which is installed by default and I don't want to reboot" isn't probably a common/important usecase09:18
seb128still would be better if it worked though09:18
cpaelzerseb128: I have done "reinstall, desactivate with the tools and re-uninstall" already - does not help09:18
cpaelzeryou need it active to apply the "allow" rule09:19
cpaelzeras I said it seems to have swicthed there kernel/controllers default09:19
cpaelzerand if the daemon does not say "yes" then you are blocked09:19
cpaelzeranyway, not an issue for now09:19
cpaelzerIt is some sort of anti-theft protection on my laptop for now09:19
seb128xnox, thx for the system upload!09:20
Kolargol00rbasak: I know nothing about usage of these libraries outside of the context of running a Shibboleth SP. Is there a way to discover such use cases? for example with reverse dependencies?09:32
rbasakKolargol00: yes - explore the distribution release's dependency tree, and for each package found, consider how users might use the package directly.09:34
rbasakKolargol00: an exhaustive search is obviously impossible, but we do need to make a reasonable effort. For me to read "other use cases are not supported" is worrying because it sounds like the opposite is being done.09:35
Kolargol00rbasak: Well "other use cases are not supported" is upstream's [Shibboleth project] position, not really mine. I was repeating it here since I'm not aware of other uses. I've been backporting this set of packages for Debian and Ubuntu for 3-4 years now and I don't remember someone complaining that their program broke because I updated a library. However, this is no excuse not to dutifully assess the impact of this SRU. :)10:22
Kolargol00rbasak: `reverse-depends` already brought up shibboleth-resolver and moonshot-gss-eap, is there any other tool you'd recommend to explore dependencies?10:23
rbasakKolargol00: that should be fine, but make sure you use -r to specify the release in question. Otherwise it'll do the development release which may miss stuff if packages have been removed.10:29
rbasak(I've never used -r - I use chdist and apt-cache rdepends)10:30
Kolargol00rbasak: yeah reverse-depends -r bionic src:<package> is what I've used to write comment #1010:38
=== ricab is now known as ricab|bbl
Kolargol00rbasak: Running `apt-cache rdepends` with all binary packages yields the same set as reverse-depends (shibboleth-resolver, moonshot-gss-eap, wordpress-shibboleth) so I think what I wrote for these packages in #10 still stands. Is there something else missing from this analysis?11:27
rbasakKolargol00: as long as you haven't discounted anything on the basis of "not supported by upstream", it looks good to me from a quick glance. I need to go over it in detail. It's rather complex :-/11:46
Kolargol00rbasak: I've looked at the changes (git log) in opensaml2-tools and xml-security-c-utils to find out whether the programs they provide had changed, but apparently there are only internal changes, nothing changing the CLI. The man pages didn't change either.11:56
rbasakKolargol00: that sounds good. Please keep updating the bug :)11:58
rbasaktsimonq2: in your mixxx upload, the changelog says "New upstream release" but the upstream version number isn't bumped. What am I missing?11:58
Kolargol00rbasak: ok, I'll add that comment :)11:59
tsimonq2rbasak: ...what? :)11:59
tsimonq2It's for Cosmic but it's a direct backport of Bionic.12:00
rbasakKolargol00: thank you for working on Shibboleth for Ubuntu users, BTW. Please note that I might not get to it today though - it's rather large to review12:00
rbasaktsimonq2: ah, right.12:01
rbasakI'd have mentioned that it was a backport, but never mind.12:01
Kolargol00rbasak: I understand it's not an easy thing to review. You're welcome :) I'm now trying to have all my packaging/backporting work included in the official Ubuntu repositories so that people don't have to use third-party repos and it benefits a much wider community.12:23
rbasakKolargol00: great! Once you're familiar with Ubuntu development process, we'd love for you to become an Ubuntu developer - then you won't need sponsorship any more.12:31
Kolargol00rbasak: That would be nice! I do appreciate the review that the sponsorship process provides though.12:36
jdstrandjamespage: thanks13:41
jdstrandsforshee (cc tyhicks, jamespage): I'm not sure who to ping about this, but it seems there is a regression surrounding the virtual kernel or where netfilter modules are being shipped (or perhaps a seedingg issue): https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/182386213:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1823862 in linux (Ubuntu) "disco: unable to use iptables/enable ufw under -virtual kernel" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:43
sforsheejdstrand: looking13:43
jdstrandsforshee (cc tyhicks): I would argue that iptables should be workable without extra modules (and ufw's check-requirements), but perhaps there are other reasons against that13:44
jdstrandOdd_Bloke: fyi, I wonder if this was your "iptables v1.6.1: can't initialize iptables table `filter': Memory allocation problem". cause with a virtual kernel, I see that locally when extra modules aren't installed13:46
Odd_Blokejdstrand: Ah, it certainly looks like it could be adjacent at least!13:49
jdstrandOdd_Bloke: I added a comment to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/iptables/+bug/182011413:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1820114 in linux (Ubuntu) "iptables v1.6.1: can't initialize iptables table `filter': Memory allocation problem" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:49
jdstrandsforshee: an easy fix would be to have linux-image-virtual pull in linux-modules-extra-... like linux-image-generic does13:53
jdstrandsforshee: but perhaps something got shuffled around and the netfilter modules are in linux-modules-extra-... when they shouldn't be13:54
sforsheejdstrand: then there would be no difference between linux-virtual and linux-generic. What we want to do is figure out exactly which module(s) are missing from linux-modules and move them from -extras to there13:54
jdstrandsforshee: or, maybe things *should* be shuffled around so you keep cloud images small but still have iptables support13:54
jdstrandsforshee: if you go that route (the last thing I suggested), please at a minimum use /usr/share/ufw/check-requirements to make sure it at least works (I suggest starting with all netfilter)13:55
jdstrandsforshee: thank you for looking at it13:56
=== ricab|bbl is now known as ricab
sforsheejdstrand: I put a test build on the bug that passes check-requirements for me. All that was missing is bpfilter15:20
jamespagesforshee: testing now16:04
tyhicksjdstrand: hey - I'm confused how test_python from QRT's test-apparmor.py has been passing for your apparmor 2.13.2 testing16:08
tyhicks(in disco)16:08
tyhicksjdstrand: it uses python and python3 to test the libapparmor bindings but python-libapparmor no longer exists in Disco16:09
tyhicksjdstrand: I've got a fix for QRT to only test python3 in Disco (I'm running the test script now) but I'm thinking that maybe I'm missing something because I know you use test-apparmor.py as part of your testing16:11
jamespagesforshee: tested ok added comment to bug16:21
sforsheejamespage: thanks!16:22
jdstrandsforshee: woohoo! :)16:57
jdstrandtyhicks: I think what may have happened is I had 2.12 installed, then upgraded to 2.13 and ran qrt16:58
jdstrandtyhicks: which didn't remove the py2 bindings16:58
tyhicksjdstrand: ah, that makes sense17:00
tyhicksjdstrand: I found one other problem with that test and am rerunning all of test-apparmor.py one last time and then I'll push17:01
jdstrandsforshee: does it make sense to add to your smoke tests running check-requirements? I ask cause next cycle we are likely going to have iptables 1.8.3, and I suspect (but don't know) there might be a module or two that will need to move over17:01
sforsheejdstrand: I was already thinking about adding a test, problem is that I'm not sure if we're testing with only linux-virtual anywhwere currently17:02
sforsheebut yeah, I'll look into it17:02
jdstrandtyhicks: ack thanks. I can definitely say for the first upload to disco, it passed :) subsequent uploads I didn't do all that cause they were just some small packaging fixes, so it hasn't been run for a number of weeks17:03
jdstrandsforshee: cool, thanks17:03
tyhicksjdstrand: what you suspect regarding the upgrades would explain why the failures are just now showing up17:04
* jdstrand nods17:04
tyhicksjdstrand: and it gives me confidence that skipping the py2 tests is the right thing to do :)17:04
jdstrandheh. well, we did drop them so it seems fairly reasonable :)17:04
jdstrandI should've noticed that. thanks for taking care of it17:05
jdstrandtyhicks: ^17:05
LeviMI'm trying to build openmpi from sources. Using `apt source --compile openmpi` seems to fail (with what I think is the relevant snippet). https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/z6GqV7nv/18:40
LeviMAs far as I can tell, bionic is using Java 10, and so javah doesn't exist.18:41
LeviMIs there some other command I should be using?18:41
LeviMMy eventual goal is to build OpenMPI with Slurm's PMI2 support, but I can't even get it built without modifications yet.18:42
LeviMI assume someone got it built since I can install it.18:42
sarnoldLeviM: did you apt-get build-dep beforehand?18:47
LeviMLooking through command history, I ran exactly `sudo apt build-dep -y openmpi`18:48
FauxI'd wildly guess it only builds with a Java which is different to the version you have installed.18:49
LeviMAssuming that is true, does that mean it's probably broken? lol18:56
LeviMIs there a way I can see how the official packages get built?18:57
LeviMThis is my first foray into source packages.18:58
LeviMI installed openjdk-8-jdk. Got past that step, so it probably does only build with an older version.19:13
LeviM> Error: Could not find class file for 'mpi.CartParms'19:13
LeviM^ Need to investigate this, now.19:13
sarnoldLeviM: you can scrape the build logs on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openmpi -- click whatever version you've got, then the arch you care about, then buildlogs19:27
LeviMsarnold: thanks. I can see it does used jdk-8.19:53
LeviMIs there a way to see what script it is running?19:53
sarnoldapt-get source openmpi  then look in openmpi*/debian/rules19:53
LeviMNothing in there installs jdk8, unless I ran the wrong command.19:54
LeviMWhich indicates to me the build bot is using more than the source package, unless I'm mistaken on something.19:55
naccLeviM: what version and arch?20:03
naccLeviM: more than likely the version is via a metapacakge (e.g. default-jdk)20:05
naccLeviM: fwiw i think this is 'documented' as http://people.canonical.com/~doko/ftbfs-report/test-rebuild-20181222-test-bionic.html (test rebuild of bionic)20:13
naccspecifically you're hitting the move from openjdk8 to jdk11 as the default in bionic20:14
LeviMUbuntu 18.04, amd6421:05
LeviMJust got out of a meeting, will poke around. Thanks.21:07
LeviMnacc: looks to be the same issue, yes. Given that I'm a newbie, how can I help here?21:19
LeviMMy (limited) understanding is partly that it (OpenMPI) tries to find `javah`, which fails. `javah` is roughly `javac` with some arguments, right?21:20
LeviMWhat is the best angle of attack?21:21
FauxUse the version of java it wants (8, which is in bionic), and tell apt to ignore the problem.21:23
LeviMFaux: in this case the project has a later commit that fixes it -- can we backport the commit? I'm testing to see if it will work, but I was wondering about getting it fixed properly.22:03
LeviMHmm, the build is still failing for me even with older JDK.22:08
LeviMIs there a command like `apt-cache depends` for source packages?22:41
LeviMThe built packages do not need openjdk, apparently (not by any listed deps, anyway), but clearly the source package needs it.22:42
LeviMHow does the buildbot know to install JDK one way or another?22:42
sarnoldthe build-depends field; apt-get build-dep can install them22:43
LeviMCan I list them without installing them?22:43
vorlonapt showsrc $pkg22:44

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