apb196316.04, I'm experiencing weirdness.  I did a cp 18.04-image /dev/sdd and then installed it on a different machine ("blue"), booted it and all was well.  Then I realized I goofed and created the wrong username for myself; worse my password wasn't working; another goof?  So I figured I'd just reinstall; so I reinserted the USB flash drive and long story short, it wasn't booting off the USB.  So I brought it back to this machine 02:58
apb1963(yellow) and did some testing.  I can mount /dev/sdd1 and ls shows files living there.  fdisk -l fails to show /dev/sdd    fdisk /dev/sdd1 shows multiple (secondary??) partitions on this 16GiB flash drive, adding up to over 1TiB.  gparted /dev/sdd1 shows 56MiB and an unknown filesystem, nothing else.   Using the exact same command as before, when it worked: cp ubuntu-18.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso /dev/sdd02:58
apb1963cp: cannot create regular file '/dev/sdd': No medium found.  So I'm a bit conflexed.02:58
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nacccascardo: any update on that makedumpfile update? I did another look (for something unreleated and ... `makedumpfile` seems to not support anything greater than 4.14.8 ...?15:36
naccthe bionic version thereof. That seems like a rather glaring issue :)15:36
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cascardonacc: it does support 4.15 bionic kernel16:19
nacccascardo: does that go through a different path? just looking at value of LATEST_KERNEL16:28
nacccascardo: just looking athe changelog entry for 1:1.6.3-1 ...16:28
socratisHey everyone, really n00b here, not sure if I'm on the right channel to begin with, feel free to correct me... On my Grub menu, I have (for example) two entries: 4.18.0-17 and 4.15.0-47. If I boot on either of those, and update the system, will I be updating 4.18* and 4.15* respectively? I.e. two different "generations" of the kernel? TIA.16:50
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