genii..seems not00:02
sudobashthink I could get my ban removed? it's been an awfully long time...05:10
sudobashI don't even remember what it was over anymore05:10
sudobashso I'm betting no one else does either unless you keep some sort of obsessive compulsive list of grievances which I entirely wouldn't put past any of you...05:11
sudobashany ideas why it is still active and never released after years?05:12
sudobashI find it highly unlikely no one is active here...05:13
sudobashOr should I got to the UbuntuIrcCouncil about this issue regarding willful negligence?05:15
sudobashhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil ?05:16
sudobashSeems a lot like discrimination to me...05:16
sudobash74any answer?05:46

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