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gislavedMrSelfDestruct I never want to sleep when I'm this far :D00:08
MrSelfDestructgislaved: I hear ya when I get involved in something like that I can't sleep until it's done x300:08
gislavedMrSelfDestruct ;)00:09
NaliasHello everyone00:11
xamithanHi,  did you have a problem?00:11
xamithanWhy yes,  this is a support channel after all00:12
NaliasNo, I did not, however, I need help.00:12
NaliasI'm on anonymous.os00:12
NaliasI don't know if this is the real deal00:12
Naliasand I want to know how to use this to my advantage.00:13
OerHeksno support for that, ubuntu only00:13
NaliasAnonymous.os is ran on Ubuntu 11.1000:13
NaliasIf I'm correct.00:13
OerHeks11.10 is a long time ago, and no, no forks, maybe they have a channel here on #freenode00:14
xamithanMaybe someone in ##linux knows.  definitely not supported here00:14
NaliasI will search, thank you anyways. Have a good day.00:14
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"00:14
OerHeks^^maybe a help00:14
Naliasthank you00:15
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RabidWeezleAnyone know of a channel for pop os? (it's an ubuntu derivitive)00:46
leftyfb!alis | RabidWeezle00:49
ubottuRabidWeezle: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"00:49
leftyfbRabidWeezle: you might also try #system7600:50
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k_sze[work]Does anybody know how to use the compose key to type a "v" or "V" with an apex (acute accent)?01:47
k_sze[work]compose + ' + v doesn't work01:47
leftyfbk_sze[work]: an apex?01:49
k_sze[work]That's correct name for the diacritic used in writing classical Latin.01:49
k_sze[work]It's often approximated with the modern acute accent.01:50
k_sze[work]The equivalent in medieval/modern Latin alphabet would be U with a macron01:51
k_sze[work](macron is a horizontal bar above the letter)01:51
k_sze[work]Shift+Ctrl+U is supposed to allow me do unicode composition, but it doesn't work either.01:55
k_sze[work]I just get a "u" typed out when I press Ctrl+Shift+U01:55
k_sze[work]and my current keyboard inpud method system is IBus01:56
k_sze[work]which is supposed to support unicode composition.01:57
benharripress shift+ctrl+u, release u, enter the codepoint, then release shift+ctrl01:57
k_sze[work]tried that01:57
k_sze[work]doesn't work01:57
benharrialternately, press and release shift+ctrl+u, enter the codepoint, then press enter01:57
RabidWeezleSo this laptop has 2 drives, the ssd and the hard drive. The ssd is formatted ext4 and the hard drive is NTFS I believe (it was a windows 10 data drive). I want to mount the drive writable on boot. It's been a while since I last edited a fstab... is there an easy way to set it up?01:58
benharriif you're in gnome, the disks tool can set up automounts for you01:59
k_sze[work]benharri, odd, really doesn't work01:59
benharriwhat codepoint is it?01:59
RabidWeezlebenharri, thanks02:00
k_sze[work]benharri, the unicode codepoint for the combining acute accent is 030102:02
k_sze[work]doesn't work for me. :(02:03
transhumanisthow do I make a repository available to apt install for only a particular instance of apt or for a particular set of packages?02:03
benharrii typed v, then ctrl+shift+u, then 0301, then enter02:03
k_sze[work]yeah, that's what I tried.02:03
k_sze[work]somehow it's broken in HexChat in Ubuntu 18.0402:04
benharritranshumanist: apt pinning might be what you need02:04
benharrii'm using weechat on my vps02:04
leftyfbtranshumanist: why do you need to do this?02:04
k_sze[work]And this is hexchat from the ubuntu-bionic-universe apt repo, not from the snap store.02:04
benharrimy local machine is debian testing though and it appears to work as expected (also using gnome here)02:05
benharriin hexchat02:05
RabidWeezlebenharri, under the mount options?02:05
benharriyeah, mount options, disable the defaults thing and turn on automount02:05
k_sze[work]I wouldn't be surprised if unicode compose doesn't work with the one from the snap store, but I don't get why it's not working with the one from the apt repo.02:05
transhumanistleftyfb because I am trying to get a later version of dolphine on ubuntu with the kde desktop installed for 18.04 since it fixes the ability to run dolphine as root02:06
benharrii wouldn't expect that to be a differentiating factor02:06
leftyfbtranshumanist: doing those types of things is usually a bad idea02:07
transhumanist  yes I know I have warned the person involved but they don't care02:07
k_sze[work]benharri, it works in Firefox, :/02:07
benharriis there a newer version in backports?02:07
benharrik_sze[work]: i'd be inclined to think it's somewhere in your input02:08
transhumanist how do I get the newer version from backports?02:08
benharriyou can check for a newer version across suites with rmadison or packages.ubuntu.com02:08
k_sze[work]benharri, thing is, I don't even get the "u" with an underline that waits for the codepoint input. I just get a "u" committed.02:09
transhumanistok thanks I know that wasn't directed at me but I think its a better idea02:09
benharrimy last message was in response to your question02:10
benharrik_sze[work]: that's really strange; i can't repro it either02:10
benharritranshumanist: if there's a new version available, you can do apt install -t bionic-updates <package_name>02:11
leftyfbtranshumanist: I don't seem to see any package with "dolphine" in the name, nor any file containing "dolphine" in any packages02:12
leftyfbnor snaps02:12
transhumanistI am actually looking to perhaps compile the version for testing on 18.0402:12
benharrii'm not seeing that either02:12
transhumanistsorry its dolphin02:12
leftyfbtranshumanist: ok, that is not supported here and has nothing to do with adding repos02:12
transhumanistmiss spelled02:13
transhumanistok thanks02:13
k_sze[work]Aaaand unicode composition doesn't work in the Terminal app, heh.02:15
k_sze[work]typing v, then shift+ctrl+u, then 0301, enter02:15
k_sze[work]oh wait, it ... does?02:16
k_sze[work]just that it's not really displayed correctly02:16
k_sze[work]$ v<0301>02:16
k_sze[work]zsh: command not found:  v́02:17
benharrii wonder why compose key won't do that one02:17
benharriseems reasonable02:17
k_sze[work]I think the default X.org compose key list only has the acute accent for vowels.02:18
k_sze[work]So if I can edit the list, *maybe* I can then use the compose key for  v́02:19
RabidWeezlebenharri, is there a mount option that doesn't mount ntfs as readonly?02:21
RabidWeezleright now the options are nosuid,nodev,nofail,x-gvfs-show02:21
benharrinone of those options explicitly mount as readonly02:22
jcottonit will default to readonly if the volume is dirty02:22
jcotton(you see this in hibernation or the hybrid shutdown in 8.1/10)02:23
benharriwhich is what nofail does iirc02:23
RabidWeezlehrm... so if I take out nofail I should be good? cause I took 10 off this machine, this was just an extra data drive02:23
RabidWeezleor can I convert to like ext4 without losing the data?02:24
jcottonit wasn't a Windows OS?02:24
jcotton*OS drive02:24
hggdhk_sze[work]: you can try https://github.com/raelgc/win_us_intl.git02:24
RabidWeezleright, it was just extra storage drive02:24
RabidWeezlethe os drive has linux on it now :)02:24
hggdhk_sze[work]: you can re-configure key sequences there02:24
benharriyou're unlikely to run into a readonly mount if it's not windows02:24
jcottondmesg might tell you why it decided on a readonly mount02:25
RabidWeezleit was a windows partition, without windows installed on it02:25
benharrithen you're probably fine02:25
jcottonif it says it's dirty then chkdsk from a Windows install USB can make it clean02:25
RabidWeezleyeah, I don't dualboot02:25
jcotton(no need to install)02:25
RabidWeezleblarg, that sounds like a pain, I might just format it XD02:26
jcottonor attach to a Windows VM02:26
RabidWeezleI thought I remembered a magic command that could covert a partition to ext4 without losing data02:27
jcottonbut it would be easiest if you can just copy off, format, copy back02:27
leftyfbRabidWeezle: if it says it's dirty, you'll need to boot into Windows (or live USB) and run chkdsk TWICE(boot into twice and run chkdsk twice).02:27
jcottonwhy twice?02:27
leftyfbRabidWeezle: cuz Windows?02:27
leftyfbjcotton: ^02:27
benharricopy stuff off and reformat would be the way to do it02:27
leftyfbjcotton: I've seen it in documentation and experienced it myself02:27
* RabidWeezle thinks02:28
leftyfbRabidWeezle: there is and never has been such a command02:28
leftyfbis not*02:28
RabidWeezlesay I format it to ext4... can I mount it in such a way that it just adds to the free space on "/"?02:29
leftyfbRabidWeezle: no02:29
jcottonthat's a RAID02:29
leftyfbRabidWeezle: not unless you have / as an LVM volume already02:29
jcottonor LVM02:29
leftyfbjcotton: adding drives to RAID does not add space. Only with LVM02:29
leftyfbjcotton: let me rephrase, RAID does not allow for growing volumes. That is what LVM is for02:30
jcottonLVM is like Windows' Storage Spaces right?02:31
leftyfbRabidWeezle: that said, what you could do it format as ext4, copy all the contents of you /home to it and mount it as /home. Verify everything works after boot. Once you do, take the mount out temporarily, reboot and clean out the original /home, put back the mount in fstab and reboot02:32
transhumanist solution for me was to install dolphin402:32
leftyfbjcotton: I don't really use Windows so I can't answer that02:32
leftyfbRabidWeezle: and by copy, I mean you should use rsync02:33
leftyfbRabidWeezle: and have a backup elsewhere regardless02:33
leftyfbRabidWeezle: as long as your / is about 6-10G or bigger in size, most of the space of your system is typically in your /home. So putting a larger drive there makes sense02:35
k_sze[work]Hmm, I can't add a compose key for v with acute accent02:39
k_sze[work](tried doing that in ~/.XCompose)02:39
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plongshotSoes ubuntu have an upstream source? (namely - Debian) ?03:08
plongshotSince ubuntu is based on debiean do ubuntu maintainers need to manage upstream changes?03:09
hggdhplongshot: some Ubuntu devs are also Debian DDs (and vice-versa)03:09
plongshothggdh: Thst's cool03:10
hggdhplongshot: many packages are just sync-ed from Debian; some have local deltas. Also, dependencies may be different03:10
plongshotI'm trying to wrap my brain around the idea of a work base on a work as it pertains to managine a repo (your repo / work).  You end up having another remote source I think and now you have two remotes to deal with. It's confusing.03:11
plongshotThat's what I need to know - a deeper understainding of the different ways to deal with having an upstream dependency in your project.03:12
plongshotI don't know how to manage having an upstream dep03:12
hggdhactually this is better discussed on #u-discuss than here03:12
plongshotok ok03:12
* RabidWeezle sits around watching mc copy over his entire home folder to his new data drive...03:39
RabidWeezlejust realized I just started a copy of ~/* to it... and I think I'm supposed to do /home/*03:41
RabidWeezleguess I could mount it as /home/<name>/03:43
lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:12
dsg_i have the nfs and I want to know the read and writes stats that get performed in the nfs volume04:45
dsg_how can i get04:45
lotuspsychje!nfs | dsg_ can this help?04:48
ubottudsg_ can this help?: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.04:48
dsg_lotuspsychje: nope that didnt help04:50
brendantcc|webwait, 14.04 is still supported?04:59
brendantcc|webalso, hello!04:59
lotuspsychjebrendantcc|web: not long anymore, but yes04:59
brendantcc|webkk :)05:00
lotuspsychjebrendantcc|web: now would be the time to upgrade, or move to other releases05:00
brendantcc|webik ik, i was just curious05:01
brendantcc|webi noticed it in the topic and was like "holy HECK"05:01
brendantcc|webi sent my brother down to a nearby shop to buy a USB key, is 16gb all good for the 18.04 LTS installer ISO?05:01
lotuspsychjebrendantcc|web: yes, plenty05:02
brendantcc|webokie thanks man05:02
brendantcc|webi just got an iMessage from him that says hes just waiting for a bus home05:03
brendantcc|webalso, does the default WM work okay with dual screens?05:04
brendantcc|webin extension mode?\05:04
argusbrhttps://pastebin.com/raw/tDUXmrX0 how to print line by line out put?05:05
lotuspsychjebrendantcc|web: dualscreens are supported in gnome yes05:07
brendantcc|webis it relatively easy, like in windows?05:07
oskie_is there a way to control when the system does "apt-get update"? it seems to happen every now and then on my servers05:09
lotuspsychjeoskie_: for ubuntu server try #ubuntu-server for likeminded volunteers05:09
oskie_thanks lotuspsychje05:09
lotuspsychjeargusbr: maybe try ##linux as its not really ubuntu related?05:10
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argusbrubuntu related05:10
QuozlImagine 32 classroom computers running Ubuntu 18.04.  Apart from reinstalling them each from USB drive, is there any method for re-imaging or cloning by wireless?05:16
guivercbrendantcc|web, usually when you boot it'll make one screen the left, the other to the right of main screen  (your hardware dictates the order, so at worst you just change position once)05:16
guivercQuozl, at CBV we would remove hdd's & clone the wanted system to them, they'd be installed on systems and check booted to ensure perfect (fine-tuning for video card & sound variations between boxes mostly)05:18
Quozlguiverc: thanks.  how did you deal with connector wear or theft of hdd's?05:19
guivercQuozl, CBV isn't a school, so theft wasn't a problem for us..05:20
CarlFKQuozl: I would pxe boot a preseeded installer over a wired lan05:20
QuozlCarlFK: ah, as in a "preseed/ubuntu.seed" file referenced on the grub kernel command line?  neat.05:22
CarlFKQuozl: https://github.com/CarlFK/veyepar/wiki/System-Stack#what-to-do05:22
CarlFKQuozl: or if you want to dive into the deep end, the goal is https://debconf-video-team.pages.debian.net/ansible/advanced_usage.html05:23
brendantcc|webcool, thanks guiverc! :)05:24
brendantcc|webalso is anyone here from Canonical?05:24
Quozlfwiw, i'm from one laptop per child, in this context i'm working as a derivative of debian and ubuntu.05:25
CarlFKQuozl: you should also look at https://clonezilla.org05:30
Quozlyes, i've tried that.  it kinda works okay.05:31
CarlFKQuozl: cloning is faster, but harder to update.  which  include both patches and testing.  and adding new features.05:31
Quozlthe trouble comes in reproducing the solution for others, without one being there.05:32
Quozli might have a look at ostree, as i've heard it can be used like that.05:33
CarlFKpxe/preseed is pretty good.  and the server can be installed from a usb stick (kinda)05:33
lotuspsychjebrendantcc|web: there are canonical members all over ubuntu channels05:36
brendantcc|webokay so ive booted to the ubuntu disk successfully05:54
brendantcc|webi wanna change the title bar buttons to that they're a lil more mac-y05:54
brendantcc|web(move them to the left side of the titlebar05:55
aniruliaIs my understanding of network manager correct? There's 2 parts: NetworkManager which is common across all *buntu distros and a different 'front end' based on the DE the distro is running06:03
aniruliaeg: KDE has the 'Network Connections' frontend and ubuntu uses a frontend developed by gnome06:04
aniruliaSo if NM adds a new feature, all distros can update and use it via the CLI06:04
aniruliabut to use the GUI, the distros maintainers will have to update the front end06:05
brendantcc|webheya peeps, is Ubuntu 18.04.2's installer meant to close when you get to the disk allocation step and you click "Install no"?06:07
fosslinuxbrendantcc|web: why am i here again06:08
brendantcc|webexplaining later, rebooting06:08
brendan|zncwhy did znc part ubuntu? idk06:10
brendan|zncfossy: can you please catch me up?06:10
fosslinuxwhat on06:10
fosslinuxfreenode does some weird things sometimes06:11
brendan|zncanswers man06:11
brendan|zncdid anyone reply?06:11
fosslinuxreply where06:11
brendan|zncwhen i asked if anyone knew about the installer06:11
brendan|zncand could help us06:11
fosslinuxis it still crashing06:11
brendan|znci just rebooted the machine06:12
fosslinuxto the liveusb?06:12
fosslinuxis the installer crashing06:13
brendan|zncnot yet, havent gotten to the step06:13
fosslinuxoh is the MACHINE still rebooting06:13
brendan|zncim in the installer now, and its working properly06:14
fosslinuxdid you make a decision about hardware clock06:14
brendan|zncill let it do its thing while i take a shower, and no06:15
brendan|znchaha oof the entire thing froze06:15
fosslinuxwhats your cpu06:15
brendan|zncwhile the write changes to disk window was closing06:15
fosslinuxis it always crashing on the disk??06:15
brendan|zncby the looks of it lol06:16
brendan|zncnext reboot, ill get it to check for defects06:16
fosslinuxbefore you reboot06:16
brendan|zncrofl i gotta send you a photo man but i cant06:16
fosslinuxdo you have internet on the livecd?06:16
brendan|zncim connected to the wifi06:17
fosslinux1 sec06:17
fosslinuxat paste.ubuntu.com, can you paste the output of06:17
fosslinux`cat /proc/cpuinfo`06:17
fosslinux`cat /proc/meminfo`06:17
fosslinux`sudo hdparm -I /dev/sda`06:17
fosslinuxeach one seperatley06:18
brendan|zncit isnt even respnding thats the thing haha06:18
fosslinuxwell at some point can you do that pl0x it will make debugging a hellt0n easier06:18
brendan|zncrebooting and will tell it to check for defects06:18
brendan|zncits probing06:19
fosslinuxif it fails and says there are defects, take the usb back to the shops and tell them it's broken and you want a replacement06:20
brendan|znclol dual screen bootup screen unlike windows06:20
fosslinuxoh i know wat you mean06:20
brendan|zncubuntu is showing the bootup on both displays06:20
brendan|zncbooting direct to the installer06:21
fosslinuxwere there defects06:21
brendan|zncwas all good06:21
brendan|zncwhich surprises me06:22
fosslinuxonce it boots, can you pb those 3 commands06:22
fosslinuxthe defects thing is the usb, not your internal hard drive06:22
bryanroderyckhi ubuntu im having a gnome bug after installing python3 can somebody help me please06:24
fosslinuxhi bryanroderyck! what is this gnome bug?06:24
guivercbryanroderyck, what release of Ubuntu are you on?  python3 is already installed by default, so doesn't need installing06:25
bryanroderyckim on 16.04 the version was 2.706:26
fosslinuxahh, thats python2 then06:26
bryanroderyckthe python version was 2.706:26
fosslinuxcan you describe this 'gnome bug' in more detail? what exactly is the issu06:27
bryanroderyckmy terminal is not working and the update from ubuntu sofware is broke also06:27
guivercbryanroderyck, python will default to python2, but if you use `python3 --version` you'll note python3 is installed also by default (just not default for `python`)06:27
fosslinuxwhy did you install python 2?06:28
bryanroderyckpython 2.7 was preinstalled then i upgrade to python 3.706:29
guivercbryanroderyck, if you made python3 default; tools written that expect python2 the default may have issues; default needs to be python=python2 for stability; python3 executes python306:29
bryanroderycki use this link to upgradehttp://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2017/07/install-python-3-6-1-in-ubuntu-16-04-lts/06:29
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fosslinuxahh sorry i misunderstood you06:30
fosslinuxi get you now06:30
blebriddle me this. why wouldn't i be able to reference a machine on my local network by name? i can do this on void linux, not ubuntu.06:30
fosslinuxbryanroderyck: oh a ppa *me backs away*06:30
bryanroderyckyeah i use ubuntu 16.04 cause my machine work on 32 bit06:31
guivercbleb, your DNS server isn't setup correctly!06:31
blebguiverc: so void linux is able to learn the name from an incorrectly set up dns server?06:32
guivercbleb, i suspect you setup other-linux differently.06:32
fosslinuxbryanroderyck: i'm pretty sure that ubuntu 18.04 still works on 32 bit, there just isn't an install image06:32
fosslinuxbleb: whats the output of /etc/resolv.conf on both systems06:33
bryanroderyckno i have tried many times my laptop overheat and doeswork06:33
guivercbryanroderyck, fosslinux is correct; net install x86 iso is still available for 18.04, just not the desktop ISO (in x86 - few people would want it; but it's still supported)06:33
fosslinuxbryanroderyck: anyway, to fix your problem, run `sudo update-alternatives --config python3` (without the backticks) and select python 3.506:34
fosslinuxthis will set 3.5 to the default06:34
blebfosslinux: ubuntu machine has nameserver
bleboptions edns006:34
fosslinuxand whenevery you need to use python 3.6, simply run python3.6 mypythonfile.py06:34
fosslinuxbleb: and void linux?06:34
blebfosslinux: the file has only comments06:35
blebon void06:35
* fosslinux dosen't know much about dns06:35
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bryanroderycki have selected python 3.5 what the next step?06:36
fosslinuxbryanroderyck: does it work now?06:37
bryanroderyckthe gnome terminal working ..on the top there an error message..do i have to reset06:39
fosslinuxwhat's the error message?06:39
bryanroderyckan problem occured when checking ofr the update06:40
bryanroderyckthanks fosslinux06:45
brendan|zncasking out of curiosity, but does my ubuntu installer disk act as a repair disk once ubuntu is installed?07:04
gnomethrowerbrendan|znc: netinstall or live cd?07:04
guivercbrendan|znc, if the ubuntu install media has a 'live' mode, yep it's wonderfully useful for repair07:05
guiverc(live mode = 'try ubuntu' on most)07:05
brendan|znclive cd peeps07:06
gnomethroweryep, it's good for repair as guiverc said :)07:06
brendan|znccool, cheers07:07
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eggsBotUbuntu ssl web server error, any ubuntu enthusiast around?07:53
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[twisti]anyone know how to close this text editor ? https://i.imgur.com/bFYMQEz.png i tried the common ways but i dont recognize this one, it seems to be the default set for git08:19
ckopnWhat do you use to read epub books?08:23
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guivercckopn, https://askubuntu.com/questions/14378/what-software-can-i-use-to-view-epub-documents contains a few answers (different options)08:26
pagioshi, i would like to take the output of the 'set' command (env variables') from system 1, and set that to another user, how can i export/import?08:30
stevenmis there anyway to show memory usage per process like a pie chart?  it's just when i count the memory used for every process i get to about 3.5 GB - but it claims 14.5 GB is in use in total08:41
solderfumesstevenm: https://www.linuxatemyram.com/08:45
geirhapagios: if it's bash, you can dump the environment variables with   declare -xp   that output can safely be evaled by bash on the other end08:50
hillstoneHello Experts, Is there a command line tool to use IRC rather than x-window? thanks08:50
stevenmsolderfumes, if that was the case surely I'd see it the moment I'd booted up and landed as my normal desktop08:53
stevenmbut at that point it was only using 3.5GB08:53
padarchillstone, weechat for example or irssi are popular08:53
pagioshow can i evaleD?08:53
stevenmsolderfumes, also I'm using 6gb of swap - when I shouldn't need to be08:54
stevenmsolderfumes, also if I close say a VM using 4Gb - i do see it go down by 4gb08:54
stevenmnot down by 4gb - the reclaimed for disk caching so it goes back up08:54
hillstoneThank you Padarc! I will try the tools08:55
hillstoneIRC is a really good tool to communicate with you, especially in China.08:56
eeerik9Hello, I am running nfs-kernel-server and can mount it and access locally but when accessed via network during boot I got stuck there is in syslog I do  wonder if these three lines might be related:  Apr 10 10:41:38 ubuntu-Latitude-E6440 rpc.mountd[3975]: authenticated mount request from for /home/rootfs (/home/rootfs) Apr 10 10:41:38 ubuntu-Latitude-E6440 kernel: [ 1465.873692] ax88179_178a 4-6.2:1.0 enx000ec6fabc67: a08:56
eeerik9x88179 - Link status is: 1  and Apr 10 10:41:39 ubuntu-Latitude-E6440 systemd-resolved[608]: Server returned error NXDOMAIN, mitigating potential DNS violation DVE-2018-0001, retrying transaction with reduced feature level UDP.08:56
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aldcorhi! what have you found to be best thing about ubuntu?09:32
guivercaldcor, this is a Support room; #ubuntu-discuss I suspect would be more appropriate for non-support questions09:33
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ogurklooking for docs on adding local ca cert to rubygmes on Linux - anyone could help?09:45
blackflowogurk: first result on google for "Ubuntu install CA certificate":  https://askubuntu.com/questions/73287/how-do-i-install-a-root-certificate09:50
blackflownow the question is, is this really what you want? To add a custom CA?09:50
paul9811maybe a really stupid question, does ubuntu handle the time as  utc +1 for example? e.g on windows you can do utc then set to london which is in effect utc+1,  i run sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata and set the time zone to europe/london which when tou do date it lists it as bst, is this the same as utc+1?09:58
blackflowpaul9811: yes, BST is UTC+1 (in the summer, otherwise the zone is GMT). In Ubuntu you can configure the hw clock both ways: to store local time like Windows (and needed for dual booting with windows) or to store UTC time10:01
paul9811yup that makes sense @blackflow thank you10:02
paul9811I just wanted to make sure it was correct and I wasn't going mad! Thanks10:03
filifunkyOK guys I still need some help.  mysql has been screwing up for me.  It times out my system updates.  My python scripts can import mysqldb.  So I've tried a bunch of things and brought it to this chat a couple days ago.  We found a bug page that is related to my problem.  bug #1817374.  When I read the comments though it seems like the ultimate solution is to uninstall, purge, then run again.  But I still end up with the same problem:10:17
filifunkyhttp://www.mpaste.com/p/wZMv  Any ideas what I should do?10:17
ubottubug 1817374 in mysql-5.7 (Ubuntu) "mysql-server-5.7 5.7.25 upgrade did not complete properly" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/181737410:17
tomreynhi filifunky, what's your ubuntu release?10:18
filifunkytomreyn, 18.0410:22
tomreynfilifunky: .0 , .1, .2? fully patched?10:22
filifunkytomreyn 18.04.2 LTS....I honestly don't know if it is "fully patched"10:23
tomreynfilifunky: can you share some more info on your system? i'll pass you some commands to assemble it.10:24
tomreynnc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)10:24
tomreynsudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo apt-get -qqy update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog; rm /tmp/aptlog10:24
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tomreynubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999910:25
tomreynfilifunky: those will post to termbin.com, a pastebin-like site10:25
filifunkytomreyn, do I just copy and paste all of that into a terminal, even the nc termbin.com 9999?  or do I paste everything excluding those10:26
tomreynfilifunky: yes, you can copy and paste those to a terminal window. each of these lines will return one url, you can then paste here10:27
filifunkytomreyn ok I will try it out10:27
filifunkytomreyn, I think that worked10:29
tomreynfilifunky: yes. looking now. the first one looks good, you're runnign the latest bionic kernel image.10:30
tomreynfilifunky: the second one show that you have an apt repository configured hwich is broken / not useable for this ubuntu 18.04.10:31
tomreynfilifunky: you want to    sudo ppa-purge gwendal-lebihan-dev/hexchat-stable10:31
filifunkytomreyn ok, interesting.  ok will do that10:32
filifunkysudo: ppa-purge: command not found10:32
filifunkytomreyn does that make sense?10:33
j0sephfilifunky: sudo apt install ppa-purge10:34
tomreynfilifunky: this second paste also shows that you have some pending updates, none of which should be related to myswl issues, though. however, it also shows that you run this mysql server on a computer which also runs a graphical desktop. this is an unusual configuration. unless you're using the mysql server for development purposes, i guess (but even then you may want to run it in a container instead).10:34
tomreynfilifunky: what j0seph says10:34
tomreynfilifunky: so when you'Re doine with the ppa-purge, please comment on the combination of a mysql server and a graphical desktop.10:35
filifunkyj0seph, tomreyn - I did the sudo apt install ppa-purge and got this http://www.mpaste.com/p/zw10:35
filifunkytomreyn - I have a dual boot setup is that helpful or related?10:36
tomreynfilifunky: yes, the mysql package is still broken, but ppa-purge installed fine10:36
TDMainiachow do i hide a user from the login screen?10:37
tomreynthis was in response to http://www.mpaste.com/p/zw10:37
filifunkytomreyn ok10:37
tomreynfilifunky: dual boot is unrelated10:37
j0sephyeah, ppa-purge set up fine. it's just still trying to set up msql client and server which it can't do.10:37
filifunkytomreyn -- I can say I did not intend to make that unusual configuration10:38
filifunkyI like how that last paste has a warning that says it failed "for some reason" lol10:39
tomreynfilifunky: about ppa-purge: this is a bug / shortcoming of ppa-purge which i did not think about. you will need to remove this apt source manually. it will be configured in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gwendal-lebihan-dev*.list*10:39
j0sephfilifunky: it may be an edge-case where the specific error hasn't been specified but what caught anyway10:40
j0sepha bit frustrating, but better than a crash10:40
filifunkytomreyn really weird I can't cd into etc/apt...I can see the folder though10:41
filifunkyit worked10:41
mboardhi all, I have a printer Brother MFC-J480DW which I am trying to connect to Ubuntu 18.04 via network.  I can see the printer and it shows that the printer is "ready" but whenever I attempt to print anything it gives me an error.  I have no idea how I can find out what is wrong with this.  Will there be any logs potentially that will give more details on why this is giving an error and not printing?10:42
tomreynfilifunky: about mysql sevrer + graphical desktop on the same computer: what i'm wondering is why you run a server-like service such as a mysql server on the same computer you are running a graphical desktop on. normally you would run a mysql server on a headless server on server hardware, and a graphical desktop environment on a home or mobile computer10:42
filifunkytomreyn should I just rm that gwendal file?10:42
tomreynfilifunky: yes, either rm it or edit it and comment out all lines10:42
tomreynyou can keep the .save file if one exists10:43
tomreynit's a 'backup' copy10:43
filifunkytomreyn I always thought using a mysql server seemed weird to me.  Are you saying I shouldn't be installing mysql server, I should install a more regular version of mysql?10:43
tomreynfilifunky: no, not saying this. what do you use it for?10:43
filifunkytomreyn ok, its removed10:43
filifunkytomreyn - in order to practice coding I wrote a script that after I answer some mental math questions it reaches into mysql for a database that has a bunch of quotes that I come across that I like10:44
filifunkytomreyn and it spits out a quote for me...ideally that's how I'd start my morning lol10:45
youkilledkennypipe it into cow say?10:45
tomreynfilifunky: i see. it's not strictly wrong to run a mysql server on a primarily desktop computer, i was just wondering why you would. there are more light weight alternatives which may be more suitable for your use case, such as an sqlite database.10:46
j0sephyoukilledkenny: then pipe it into lolcat, and get a rainbow cow!10:46
tomreynfilifunky: but if you want to train working with mysql explicitly then you're doing fine.10:46
filifunkytomreyn - ah ok, I do have a backup file from my database.  If I go with sqlite would I be able to upload that in?10:46
youkilledkennyj0seph now you're talking10:47
j0sephyoukilledkennt: i do talk a lot, yes :P10:48
tomreynfilifunky: probably not, the sql syntax differs a bit. sqlite is a file database, a very simple alternative which basically just pretends to be a regular database server, but is really just a single file without a daemon. read up on it.10:48
tomreynmboard: if you'Re on ubuntu 16.04 or newer, check your system journal, it may have error message about it. journalctl -b10:49
tomreynoh you said 18.04, good.10:50
filifunkytomreyn oh ok maybe.  Yeah I already have about a hundred or so of entries in this mysql database.10:50
mboardtomreyn I have just found a step by step on how to install this printer but it is giving me an input which I have no idea what to put :D10:51
tomreynfilifunky: but you have a backup, right? so if we just purge all of mysql and reinstall it then you should be fine?10:52
tomreyni.e. you will be able to re-import the dump you have into the mysql server?10:52
mboardwould lpd:// be the correct option for a network printer?  It is giving me, ipps, https, hp, lpd, cups-brf:/, sock, beh, http, ipp, hpfax, lpd://BRWD46********, Specify IP address, and Auto usb -_-10:52
filifunkytomreyn I've tried to purge everything and reinstall and I get the same problem.  I can try it again right now it doesn't take long.10:53
tomreynmboard: personally i'd prefer ipps or https.10:53
tomreynfilifunky: i assume you didn't successfully purge all of it.10:53
mboardtomreyn, hmm ok let me try ipps first and see what happens10:54
tomreynfilifunky: dpkg -l | grep mysql | nc termbin.com 999910:54
tomreynmboard: does your network printer have a static ip address assigned to it?10:55
ren0v0Hi, i'm trying to install Wine, but getting stuck in a dependency loop?10:55
filifunkytomreyn https://termbin.com/5zov10:55
tomreynmboard: you'll probably configure this in your router, by hadning out, via dhcp, the same ip address to this device consistently.10:55
filifunkytomreyn yeah still stuff there10:55
tomreynfilifunky: so apt purge those three10:56
tomreynfilifunky: sudo apt purge libmysqlclient18:amd6 mysql-client-core-5.7 mysql-server-core-5.710:56
mboardtomreyn yes, I set it to use
tomreynmboard: okay, you'll want to have this ip address in your printer url, the one you're configuring on your computer right now.10:57
mboardtomreyn ok, let me see what happens10:58
ren0v0 wine32:i386 : Depends: libwine:i386 (= 3.0-1ubuntu1) but it is not going to be installed    < this is what i'm getting10:58
ren0v0official ubuntu repos10:58
filifunkytomreyn https://termbin.com/zc0w  Ok I've got one more.  How would I purge that one?  I purged the other two from getting the line from a website10:58
tomreynmboard: once the brother installer is done, if printing still doesn't work, check the administrative area at http://localhost:63110:59
tomreyn<tomreyn> filifunky: sudo apt purge libmysqlclient18:amd6 mysql-client-core-5.7 mysql-server-core-5.710:59
tomreynoops, i made a typo10:59
tomreynfilifunky: sudo apt purge libmysqlclient18:amd64 mysql-client-core-5.7 mysql-server-core-5.711:00
filifunkytomreyn ok, so just reinstall mysql server right/11:00
tomreynren0v0: show the url returned by: sudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo apt-get -qqy update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog; rm /tmp/aptlog11:01
tomreynfilifunky: not yet11:01
tomreynfilifunky: see what you have left in /var/lib/mysql - if anything11:01
tomreynfilifunky: also /etc/mysql11:01
ren0v0tomreyn, https://termbin.com/aj6211:02
filifunkytomreyn I don't have those folders anymore11:02
tomreynfilifunky: okay, now show the full command you ran that generated the above error message, as well as the full output of this command, on a https://paste.ubuntu.com11:03
tomreynfilifunky: ok, then you can now: sudo apt install mysql-server11:03
filifunkytomreyn I just ran this sudo find / -iname 'mysql*' -exec rm -rf {} \; and got this  http://www.mpaste.com/p/cO63Sao9  Is this ok?11:03
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tomreynfilifunky: that's a very bad command to run.11:04
filifunkytomreyn which above error message?11:04
filifunkytomreyn oh ok11:04
filifunkytomreyn yeah it could remove a lot of things without me knowing11:05
tomreynfilifunky: it will simply delete anything which happens to contain the characters "mysql" in this order. so if you have a file "How to use MySQL.png" in your home directory, it would have deleted it.11:05
mboardI do not get an error anymore but it is stuck on pending, tomreyn I will check that link you mentioned.  It should be localhost or printer ip?11:06
JimBuntuWell, I think only if the filename started with mysql, since it's lacking the '*' at the start, but... typos can be bad11:06
filifunkytomreyn ok, which error message were you referring to earlier?  Or should I do the mysql server install?11:06
tomreynyou're right, JimBuntu . stillthis is a bad command, should not be run like this.11:07
mboardtomreyn don't worry found it, seems like no printers were added to this.  I think I will get an admin at some point because this is a bit meh for me11:07
tomreynfilifunky: sorry, please ignore that i said this: <tomreyn> filifunky: okay, now show the full command you ran that generated the above error message, as well as the full output of this command, on a https://paste.ubuntu.com11:07
JimBuntutomreyn, I completely agree.11:08
tomreynren0v0: okay, now show the full command you ran that generated the above error message, as well as the full output of this command, on a https://paste.ubuntu.com11:08
filifunkytomreyn ok, will install now11:08
tomreynfilifunky: alright. in case you will install a different way, please tell so.11:08
filifunkytomreyn looks like it worked!  first time.  I guess that purge of those three files was what I was missing11:09
tomreynfilifunky: yes, this may be why. also you didn't install the right packages last time, i think.11:10
filifunkytomreyn I see, thanks11:10
tomreynfilifunky: there's something else you need to look at, the third of the initial posts i had you make.11:10
filifunkytomreyn ok11:11
tomreyn"You have 341 packages (11.3%) that can not/no-longer be downloaded"11:11
tomreynthe are listed further down the page11:11
filifunkytomreyn yeah a lot of those look like from when I was trying to make music on my computer11:11
tomreynthese packages have no way to get security patches or bug fixes, since no apt source is known for them11:11
filifunkytomreyn are these some sort of a security risk then?11:12
tomreynfilifunky: if they are not now, they will be when vulnerabilities in these versions are discovered and are not (can not, since there is no upgrade path) patched on your computer.11:12
tomreynfilifunky: personally, i would remove all these packages with the exception of those where i want to accept the risk.11:13
tomreynand where i am very aware of it.11:13
tomreynsome of these look like they can be remainders from a previous ubuntu installation11:14
filifunkytomreyn ok, my music making days are on hold anyways.  Should I do a sudo apt purge each of those individually?11:14
tomreynsome seem to be from 3rd party apt repositories (or PPAs) which you since removed, but did not uninstall those packages11:14
tomreynfilifunky: that'S what i'd recommend if you don't currently need them.11:15
filifunkytomreyn ok will try it now11:15
ren0v0 @tomreyn https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/BV8bnwcCjR/11:15
tomreynfilifunky: alternatively you could search for apt sources which provide those packages, and where you can rely on the apt repository mantainers that they'll provide you with security patches.11:16
filifunkytomreyn true11:17
tomreynren0v0: please post the url returned by:   apt-cache policy libwine:i386 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999911:18
ren0v0tomreyn, https://termbin.com/4wal11:18
tomreynren0v0: please post the url returned by:  ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999911:20
ren0v0tomreyn, https://termbin.com/hbex11:20
ren0v0termbin convert  <<11:21
filifunkytomreyn so I always read how linux has no viruses....what is the nature of these "security risks"?11:23
tomreynren0v0: hmm i'm not sure why it's failing to install wine32, since libwine:i386 is available. let's make it tell us by explicitly asking it to install it:  sudo apt install -syV wine32 libwine:i386 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999911:24
JimBuntufilifunky, Not really an Ubuntu thing... but, there are absolutely viruses that effect GNU+Linux as well as other malware and vulns.11:24
ren0v0tomreyn, https://termbin.com/z78y11:24
ren0v0tomreyn, it's like an endless loop11:25
filifunkyJimBuntu ok I see11:25
filifunkytomreyn, JimBuntu - so I get that I am getting rid of packages that can't be downloaded.  Why am I not worried about the 364 packages that are unsupported?11:28
tomreynfilifunky: what we discussed is not about viruses or malware, though. software tends to have bugs. most of the time these just inpact functionality, so something doesn't behave the way you expect, or an application crashes. sometimes, if someone else can trigger these bugs (usually remotely, or on your own computer, if they got in by other means, which is tough), and make them fail in a certain way, they can exploit security vulnerabilities.11:29
tomreynusually to increase the access level they can have on your computer. and once they got that they may do bad things such as install viruses, attack others on the internet, encrypt all your files, leak your data etc.11:29
tomreynbut this is really outside of generic ubuntu support, we could move to #ubuntu-discuss if you'd like more details on this.11:29
tomreynfilifunky: does this output anything?   apt-mark showhold11:30
filifunkytomreyn it's ok don't want to make a big deal of it...but thanks11:30
tomreynfilifunky: sorry, ignore this line11:30
tomreynren0v0: does this output anything?   apt-mark showhold11:30
JimBuntu!cookie | tomreyn11:31
ubottutomreyn: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!11:31
tomreynfilifunky: it's not very likely to be a problem for applications which don't conmmunicate with the Internet. but it can be for those which do.11:31
tomreynthanks Jim ;)11:32
tomreynmboard: it should be localhost, sorry for not responding earlier.11:33
tomreynmboard: so http://localhost:631/printers/ would list the printer 'profiles' you have setup.11:33
tomreynthese may all be broken, or some, or none. just the fact that they are listed there does not mean they will work.11:34
ren0v0tomreyn, nope11:34
marshwallowHi guys! What is the latest and most official way to add stuff to PATH? .bash_profile? .xprofile? .profile? `export` or no `export`? I've seen a lot of conflicting information on SO/SE, so I really have no idea anymore.11:35
marshwallowI'm trying to add Composer binaries to my PATH.11:36
tomreynren0v0: so this situation you have there is usually introduced by having some package or package version installed which is not the one available in ubuntu, but one from a PPA or third party repository.11:36
ren0v0tomreyn, like gphoto?11:36
marshwallowThis guy here (https://stackoverflow.com/a/37676949) suggested using .xprofile, but it did not really work for me.11:36
marshwallow*suggested using .xprofile for stuff that ought to be visible in IDEs.11:37
tomreynren0v0: i would not know. there is this script i wrote which can list all of these:  https://github.com/tomreyn/scripts#foreign_packages11:37
ren0v0tomreyn, I've saying i know this is a newer package, but how can I know which package is the offending one, and whats the solution?11:38
marshwallowI see that ~/.pam_environment and ~/.profile are suggested on official Ubuntu wiki, but that's directly contradicting with the previously provided link.11:39
filifunkytomreyn, so I was purging one of those packages that can't be downloaded and I got this: http://www.mpaste.com/p/xHK6s82  Should I be worried11:40
filifunkythat's like 4G of stuff, I'm guessing I shouldn't11:40
tomreynren0v0: what do you mean by "I've saying i know this is a newer package"?11:41
ren0v0So I know there is a newer version of libgphoto2 as i've installed that via PPA11:42
pagioshillstone, bitchX11:42
tomreynren0v0: any packages and package versions listed by the script i posted are possible sources of such issues.11:42
ren0v0tomreyn, and if that returned 100 packages there would be no way to find out which one?11:42
ren0v0And the the question is, what is the solution? remove packages other software uses?11:42
tomreynren0v0: if you installe dit from a ppa and this ppa is still configured on your system then it's less likely to be a problem.11:43
tomreynren0v0: uninstalling those packages and package versions which are not also provided by your existing apt repositories is a good approach.11:44
tomreyn(and that'S what this script lists)11:44
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ren0v0tomreyn, they were all here https://termbin.com/aj62  - You can see (http://ppa.launchpad.net/mutlaqja/libgphoto2/ubuntu bionic/main i386 Packages), nothing else is installed that isn't via PPA apart from sublime text11:45
tomreynren0v0: let's talk again when you ran the script i pointed to and can show its output. an alternative approach is to continue going down the dependency tree by specifying the depedency packages to install manually, as we did it before.11:47
tomreynthis will eventually lead to the root cause of your dependency issues, and once you downgraded or removed this package you should be ablw to install wine32 properly11:48
pagiosgeirha, i did declare -xp  > dump  on system one, and chmod +x dump  ; /tmp/dump on system 2 but still i see differences when i do env on the systems11:49
ren0v0tomreyn, pretty uneventful  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/kfjnK595dQ/11:50
tomreynren0v0: hmm, this is strange indeed. you didn't do anything like editing your dpkg package state database or something?11:51
ren0v0I ran a command about architecture for wine installation as recommended11:53
marshwallowSorry. Tried some more hacks in between, but it didn't work. Did someone ... maybe ... perhaps ... took a look at my question?11:53
ren0v0sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386  <<11:53
BluesKajHowdy folks11:54
tomreynren0v0: that'S ok. can you point us to the how-to you followed?11:57
tomreynfilifunky: sorry, i missed your message. no, you should not proceed with this. which package did you try to remove there, and which section was it listed in?12:00
tomreynfilifunky: if this package was listed in the section which lists packages which have a version which is not known / available, then you should not remove this package but downgrade it.12:01
tomreynfilifunky: but downgrading essential packages can also be problematic, so let's discuss the very package first12:02
tomreynmarshwallow: which ubuntu release are you running (this should always accompany your question, since it can make for a different answer)?12:04
marshwallowSorry, Ubuntu 18.10, Cosmic Cuttlefish.12:04
tomreynmarshwallow: do you want this PATH change to apply to your own user account, or to the entire system?12:05
tomreynprobably your own user only based on <marshwallow> I'm trying to add Composer binaries to my PATH.12:06
marshwallowtomreyn, yup.12:06
tomreynwhich shell are you using (for your user)?12:06
BluesKaj!crosspost | marshwallow12:09
ubottumarshwallow: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.12:09
marshwallowBluesKaj, sorry.12:09
marshwallowdidn't see much response at the moment here, so I switched channels. I'll stick to ##linux then?12:09
tomreynmarshwallow: this command should confirm it:  getent passwd $(whoami) | awk -F: '{print $NF}'12:10
BluesKajdon't apologize to me, it's others who need help who need the attention12:10
tomreynoh right dont CP12:10
marshwallowI'll be going then.12:11
ren0v0tomreyn, the howto was this one  https://tecadmin.net/install-wine-on-ubuntu/12:11
tomreynren0v0 i see, i guess this looks ok. but you don't have this ppa configured, or did not have it configured when you posted what you have configured?12:13
tomreynren0v0: so i'm saying that https://termbin.com/aj62 does not show the https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/ubuntu 3rd poarty APT repository configured.12:17
filifunkytomreyn, this was the package: libmonosgen-2.0-1 libmonosgen-2.0-dev libnorm1 libopenjpeg5 libpcre312:17
filifunkytomreyn -- I'm glad there's a warning before removing those!12:17
tomreynfilifunky: yes, there always is before removing essentials. so which section were those packages listed in?12:18
tomreynlibpcre3 is probably the essential / required package of these12:19
filifunkytomreyn, "no longer downloadable"12:19
filifunkytomreyn:  my current list https://termbin.com/dxbv12:19
tomreynfilifunky: this suggests that you removed a default ubuntu apt source12:20
filifunkytomreyn:  that sounds bad.  But didn't get any warnings.12:21
tomreynfilifunky: was this your output? https://termbin.com/aj6212:21
tomreynah no it wasnt12:22
tomreynthis was yours https://termbin.com/980c12:22
filifunkytomreyn I can run it again, if you send me the command line12:23
tomreynsudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo apt-get -qqy update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog; rm /tmp/aptlog12:23
tomreynfilifunky: ^12:23
filifunkytomreyn: https://termbin.com/jnlp12:24
tomreynfilifunky: carry out those pending changes first, then post again, please.12:25
JediWedhey there. Could someone help me with VPN? I have installed xl2tpd and ppp on a ubuntu server and connecting to it from a client. I would like to start a service on the client which shall be available from the static IP address of my server. Is this possible? Does it work like port forwarding on a router?12:26
filifunkytomreyn, pending changes...hmmm.  Like getting rid of those not downloadable files except the one that will delete essential files?12:27
tomreynfilifunky: run   sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -V    and review the pending changes, and packages which are no longer needed (and can be removed). run    sudo apt --purge autoremove    to remove those old packages which are no longer needed.12:28
tomreynyou can omit -V, it just adds version info to the output.12:29
geirhapagios: running it won't help you. You have to source the file or eval the content12:29
filifunkytomreyn, https://termbin.com/hpny12:31
tomreynfilifunky: much better already, now show the list of foreign packages again12:33
filifunkytomreyn, https://termbin.com/piwb12:36
tomreynJediWed: no, it's layer 2 tunnelling, ask in ##networking for details. it sounds like you're trying to convert a client(-to-server) VPN into a site-to-site (server-to-server) VPN here. these are very different models / architectures, and this will most likely not work on your domestic internet access unless you have a static ip address and your border gateway (customer premise equipment / SOHO modem/router) supports it.12:37
tomreynfilifunky: ok, it's still listing libpcre3 as 'no longer downloadable' eventhough you have the apt source providing it configured. i'm a bit puzzled. maybe this will hint on what's causing this:    apt show -a libpcre3 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999912:40
tomreynfilifunky: maybe you can also try this, it may provide better output: https://github.com/tomreyn/scripts#foreign_packages12:40
filifunkytomreyn: https://termbin.com/0edg12:41
filifunkytomreyn ok looking at that now12:41
tomreynfilifunky: okay this explains it. you had a ppa installed, but removed it, but did not downgrade the packages installed from there. you are now on a newer package version than ubuntu provides.12:42
tomreynthis is one of the main reasons PPAs are not supported.12:42
filifunkytomreyn: ah ok that makes sense...should I avoid PPAs in general12:43
TJ-tomreyn: I have a bright idea. As part of add-apt-repository when the target is a PPA, it creates an overlay file-system to contain the installed system files... on purge, the overlay is removed :)12:43
tomreynfilifunky: generally, yes, try to avoid them, but effectively you will probably end up having some.12:44
filifunkytomreyn ok good to know, so I should downgrade some things now?12:44
tomreynTJ-: well, if you are happy with supporting this increased complexity over an already complex system? :-) but it surely could prevent such situation very well.12:45
tomreynTJ-: i.e. it'd probably be worth it.12:45
TJ-tomreyn: I said it was a bright idea, not necessarily a workable one :D12:45
tomreynfilifunky: run the other script and post its output, please, then we'll see12:46
filifunkytomreyn, this one? https://termbin.com/2kwz12:47
TJ-tomreyn: it'd be no more whacky than having loads of snap loop mounts/processes12:47
tomreynfilifunky: the important thing about picking PPAs is picking those which don't mess up your system. unfortunately it's not that easy to tell which ones may and which ones won't. so then the general recommendation wshould indeed be to try to avoid PPAs in genmeral.12:48
filifunkytomreyn ok12:48
ioria filifunky  for that i'd go with ppa-purge ; and can you paste :     apt-cache policy gimp-gmic12:48
tomreynTJ-: i smiled, and cried, at the same time. and am happy to discuss more in -discuss12:49
tomreynfilifunky: no, this one ;)  <tomreyn> filifunky: maybe you can also try this, it may provide better output: https://github.com/tomreyn/scripts#foreign_packages12:49
filifunkyioria gimp-gmic is one of my favorite things I hope we don't have to get rid of that one12:50
ioriait's old; xenial version i think12:50
ioria filifunky    apt-cache policy gimp-gmic | nc termbin.com 999912:51
filifunkytomreyn: here's the installation output http://www.mpaste.com/p/RieFw8cI, moving onto the running section12:53
filifunkytomreyn oh wait, I wasn't able to do the chmod +x foreign_packages12:54
filifunkytomreyn chmod: cannot access 'foreign_packages': No such file or directory12:54
tomreynfilifunky: you must have downloaded it to a different directory then12:54
tomreynor the download failed12:54
tomreynthe 'wget' command12:54
filifunkytomreyn, I have to search for wherever I downloaded it right12:56
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tomreynfilifunky: no, not really. i assume the download failed for some reason. you are runnning this in a terminal window, right?12:58
=== josef64 is now known as sonOfRa
tomreynplease run this: wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tomreyn/scripts/master/foreign_packages 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999912:59
filifunkytomreyn: https://termbin.com/7s5v13:00
filifunkytomreyn: do i need to sudo someplace to get permission13:00
tomreynfilifunky: okay, you're running this in a directory where you cannot write to.13:00
filifunkytomreyn ok so I have to cd to some folder13:01
filifunkytomreyn any preference?13:01
tomreynfilifunky: type this, then re-run everything starting with the wget command: cd13:01
tomreynfilifunky: this will change to your home directory13:01
tomreyn...where you should have write access13:01
filifunkyok, looks good https://termbin.com/852l tomreyn.  Will continue with the rest from that page13:02
filifunkytomreyn: how does this look from the running section: http://www.mpaste.com/p/0xey13:03
filifunkytomreyn do all the "newer than version in archive" have to be downgraded?13:04
tomreynfilifunky: looks terrible and helpful for recovery ;)13:04
tomreynfilifunky: yes,  all the "newer than version in archive" have to be downgraded13:05
filifunkytomreyn: what are the magic words lol for downgrading those13:05
tomreynand all the "No available version in archive" you should consider either purging, removing or configuring an apt repository which provides these packages.13:06
filifunkytomreyn I'll just purge since I feel destructive13:06
tomreynsudo apt install package1=VERSION_IN_YOUR_RELEASE package2=VERSION_IN_YOUR_RELEASE13:06
tomreynsomething like this13:06
tomreynbut you'll need to find out what is VERSION_IN_YOUR_RELEASE first of all13:07
filifunkytomreyn, ok so the release being my version of ubuntu right?  18.04?13:08
=== hibbie1 is now known as hibbie
tomreynthis will tell:  apt-cache policy package1 package213:09
tomreynyou'll want the versions which are from archive.ubuntu.com13:09
filifunkytomreyn: so for example: apt-cache policy libexiv2-14:amd6413:09
filifunkytomreyn did you include package 2 because I can just keep adding all those packages on for one big run?13:10
tomreynfilifunky: "package1" and "package2" were examples here13:11
tomreynuse the packages listed under "No available version in archive"13:11
tomreynif this is too complicated i can script it for you13:11
filifunkyso this is my output from that example command I wrote: http://www.mpaste.com/p/y713:12
filifunkytomreyn ^13:12
tomreynfilifunky: right, this shows which versions this package is known in. the one with the *** is what you have installed13:13
tomreynthe newest one from ubuntu.com is the one you need to have13:13
tomreynso 0.25-3.1ubuntu0.18.04.213:13
filifunkytomreyn so to install the correct one, I should do: sudo apt install  0.25-3.1ubuntu0.18.04.2 50013:14
tomreynalmost, you still need to specify package=13:14
tomreynand you can omit the 50013:14
filifunkysudo apt install package1= 0.25-3.1ubuntu0.18.04.2 50013:14
filifunkyomitting 50013:14
filifunkyoh and it should be just package13:15
tomreynsudo apt install libexiv2-14=0.25-3.1ubuntu0.18.04.213:15
filifunkyahhh ok tomreyn13:15
filifunkywill give it a shot tomreyn13:15
filifunkytomreyn so this downgrades it and I don't have to get rid of the "upgraded" version right13:16
tomreynyou can specify multiple such package=version pairs on one apt command if you like13:16
tomreynfilifunky: that's right13:16
filifunkytomreyn it seems like I'd have to do it one by one because I have to find the correct version and if I wrote a big one and it didn't work it'd be hard to find out what was the problem?13:16
=== BurekzFinezt is now known as Burek
tomreynfilifunky: it's 44 packages, so i guess one by one is an option13:22
ren0v0tomreyn, back13:23
ren0v0Yes i removed this PPA as I got the same errors with it13:23
tomreynfilifunky: or i can script it for you if you want to wait another 3-5 minutes.13:23
ren0v0so thought it might be that so tried to install the wine version from ubuntu repos13:23
filifunkytomreyn yes please13:23
filifunkyI just did a couple on that list tomreyn13:24
filifunkytomreyn: current list http://www.mpaste.com/p/4lISwF13:24
tomreynfilifunky: https://termbin.com/dsp713:30
filifunkytomreyn: ok, how did you get all the right package versions so quickly? lol13:31
tomreynsudo apt -q install devscripts; echo; UBUNTU_CODENAME=$(lsb_release -cs); APT_LINE='sudo apt install'; for PACKAGE_TO_DOWNGRADE in $(cat downgrade | cut -d' ' -f1); do TARGETVERSION=$(rmadison -s $UBUNTU_CODENAME $PACKAGE_TO_DOWNGRADE | cut -d'|' -f2 | tr -d ' '); echo "Will downgrade package $PACKAGE_TO_DOWNGRADE to version $TARGETVERSION"; APT_LINE="$APT_LINE $PACKAGE_TO_DOWNGRADE=$TARGETVERSION"; done; echo 'Run this command:'; echo $APT_LINE13:31
filifunkytomreyn: yeah that's what I would have done13:32
tomreyni had previously written the lines listed in the "[ Newer than version in archive ]" section into a file 'downgrade'13:32
tomreynfilifunky: oh then why did i do it? ;-)13:32
filifunkytomreyn was testing to see if you knew how to do it....lmao13:33
tomreyn:-P so let's see if it works13:33
filifunkytomreyn ok, so I'm just going to purge all the things in the "no available version in archive" section and that's it right?13:33
filifunkytomreyn, it worked -- that whole section got wiped out13:34
tomreyn<tomreyn> and all the "No available version in archive" you should consider either purging, removing or configuring an apt repository which provides these packages.13:34
tomreynhow you do it is up to you, obviously13:34
filifunkytomreyn got it, thanks!13:34
tomreynyou'll need to provide a cake for this13:35
filifunky!entire_cakeshop tomreyn13:35
filifunky!cookie tomreyn13:36
filifunky!cake tomreyn13:36
filifunky!weightwatchersmembership tomreyn13:36
tomreyn... some of these packages you might want to keep, such as teamviewer, which i don't think provides an apt repository and thus will have to remain installed without an upgrade path13:38
tomreynthat is, if you insist on using it.13:38
tomreyni consider this done, and will now take a shower to scratch those dirty package versions off my skin.13:39
filifunkytomreyn sounds good thanks13:39
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kid5how to learn hack ?13:46
BluesKajkid5, not here13:48
Joel16.04->18.04 in place relatively painless?13:49
cryptodanJoel: i would backup data just incase something doesnt go right13:51
lordcirth__Joel, should be, but always have backups, on general principles.13:53
Joelyeah, already have those, so not too worried13:54
Joeljust making sure I didn't miss a kurfuffle13:54
graingertanyone know why I'm getting a load of -dbg packages from https://gist.github.com/graingert/d0af634662428bb60ae1de7a6317fba6#file-dockerfile-L6 ?13:56
graingerteg https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/libjavascriptcoregtk-3.0-0-dbg13:57
CookieMJoel, from my experience with upgrading you may have problems with display drivers (nouveau not working) or scrolling (up and down directions vice-versed) (14:00
JoelCookieM I have display driver issues with every kernel release in 16.04 LOL14:00
Joelultrawide monitor that doesn't seem to be loved14:01
graingerthttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/AptElfDebugSymbols#apt_changes it looks like there was going to be an 'apt-get debug' command that implemented this14:01
graingertdid it get rolled into 'apt-get install' ?14:01
BluesKajJoel, gpu?14:10
cryptodanJoel: what video card do you have?14:11
horus125hi, how can I disable only one wireless network card?14:14
JoelBluesKaj cryptodan GeForce GT 71014:15
Joelbesides having problems with the ultrawide monitor, once the monitor powers off, moving the mouse never wakes it up, I have to manually power it back on. All reasons I'm hoping to jump up to 18.04 and hope there's some magical fix I haven't found yet.14:15
cryptodanJoel: you wont have issues with that card and ubuntu 18.0414:16
Joelto be fair, I could be having issues if the monitor has crappy edid data or whatever, but could swear I dumped it and it looked right14:17
graingertlooks like I needed --no-install-suggests14:17
graingerthorus125: my network manager lets me disable individual ports14:17
horus125graingert: thx I'll try that14:19
graingert!hello @ amcclure14:21
ubottugraingert: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:21
jcottonwow, making the bot insult itself14:21
graingertnope no-install-suggests doesn't help14:24
graingertI still end up with libjavascriptcoregtk-3.0-0-dbg14:24
graingertand it's 300MB!14:25
BluesKajJoel, hdmi or display port to the monitor?14:27
jcottoni think you want -recommends not -suggests14:29
jcottoniirc suggested packages aren't installed by default to being with14:29
tomreynren0v0: so what puzzled me with your output is the discrepancy between the outputs of ubuntu-support-status and foreign_packages. but thinking more about it there is actually an open bug against ubuntu-support-status (1820329) which may explain it, and suggest that some of the packages it lists as unsupported are actually supported. however, this exercise has unfortunately not really brought us closer to determine why your system thinks it14:31
tomreyncannot resolve dependencies to in allow installation of wine32.14:31
graingertjcotton: I've got both14:32
graingert--no-install-recommends and --no-install-suggests14:32
graingertjcotton: can you repeat my issue with that Dockerfile?14:32
tomreynren0v0:so long story short - i guess you will need to walk down the dependency tree by specifying the depednencies on your apt command line.14:32
tomreynren0v0: reading again what you responded last suggests that you may have made changes to your apt sources or installed and removed packages while we were working on the same earlier. if so, this was counter rpoductive.14:34
thraxHello and good afternoon. I have a generic question, if anyone knows, is there a way to recover DATA from a "dead" phone or tablet's internal memory with dd  or ddrescue or testdisk and what should i google exactly to find the "how" ?thank you.14:41
tomreynthrax: if you can attach (or make available by other means) the storage to the ubuntu system and the data there is stored in a way ubuntu understands, then yes, otherwise no.14:50
CarlFKhow do I list alsa devices?14:50
=== decoder_ is now known as decoder
BluesKajCarlFK,  lspci -v | grep -A7 -i "audio"14:55
BluesKajor F6 in alamixer14:56
tomreynls -1 /dev/snd/14:56
CarlFKBluesKaj: I have no lspci - maybe becuase arm doesn't have a pci buss?14:58
BluesKajarm ok14:59
CarlFKalsamixer f6 worked - thanks14:59
JoelBluesKaj hdmi15:00
tomreynCarlFK: you'd still have the pciutils package installed if this was a standard ubuntu installation.15:01
BluesKajJoel, was hoping it was dispalyport , but that's too much to ask from nvidia these days15:01
CarlFKtomreyn: my install comes from https://wiki.odroid.com/odroid-c2/os_images/ubuntu/ubuntu - I wish I knew how it was built15:03
tomreynCarlFK: please be sure to point out that you don't run a supported ubuntu installation here before asking questions about this installation in the future, so we can point you to other channels and don't waste time on it.15:04
FurretUberWhat is the correct procedure to report a bug from a system which the graphical interface does not load?15:06
tomreynFurretUber: the same: ubuntu-bug PACKAGENAME15:06
FurretUberThen I choose to send the report (291 kB)?15:07
tomreynFurretUber: that's for you to decide. probably, if you want to report the bug.15:07
FurretUberOh, it provides a link to open the bug report page from another computer, nice15:07
thraxtomreyn thanx for the answer15:14
tomreynthrax: a generic answer to a generic question ;-) hope it helps nevertheless.15:15
thraxhaha better than no answer!it helps thanx :D15:16
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stronk1Having a small problem. I have a script that creates some directorys and .txt files. I can see and open the .txt files in the terminal with vim.  But if i for exampel do locate and data.txt i cant find it. So when i try to recall some files with another script i get No such file or directory15:44
lordcirth__stronk1, 'locate' uses a pre-built database. run 'sudo updatedb' then try again.15:45
ioriastronk1, maybe you need to call sudo updatedb15:45
ioriastronk1, why not 'find'15:45
tomreyn/join #bash15:45
stronk1lordcirth__, ioria, Didnt solve my problem. The script worked before but then i did some small changes that shouldt affect the wc command.15:47
stronk1and the path to the file is correct, tripple checked it15:47
lordcirth__stronk1, pastebin the script?15:47
lordcirth__Or yeah, ask on #bash15:47
stronk1wc -l Laborationtva/enkatalog/data.txt15:49
stronk1wc -l Laborationtva/katalogtva/data.txt15:49
stronk1Will ask on #bash, thanks for the reply!15:49
graingertjcotton: can you repeat my issue with that Dockerfile?15:50
lordcirth__stronk1, are you sure the relative path is correct / you're in the right directory? And are you sure that's supposed to be an uppercase 'L'?15:50
stronk1lordcirth__, yeah, im positive. Been copying it from the touch comand that creates the files in the other script just to be certain =P15:51
graingertaptitude doesn't know why this -dbg package is installed either https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/aysLsKFv/15:52
yossarianukHi - I am planning to install ubuntu-server in a restricted network  - where outgoing traffic is restricted- in order to connect to apt (gb.archive + security) what ip's do I need to whitelist for? Also do I need to enable the port for GPG ?16:03
yossarianuki.e is it just a case of doing a nslookup on  gb.archive.ubuntu.com + security.ubuntu.com  and whitelist those ips ?16:09
ioriagartral, why don't you check your history.log ?16:09
pragmaticenigmayossarianuk: The updates servers are part of a network of mirrors. The IP addresses always change.16:09
rypervencheyossarianuk: Essentially, yes, but you'll likely need to update them whenever they change. Might need to script it.16:10
ioriagraingert,  why don't you check your history.log ?16:10
graingertioria: don't think Docker keeps that16:10
pragmaticenigmayossarianuk: would be wise to create an internal mirror inside the firewall... then allow that system access out, but others access the mirror for updates16:10
ioriagraingert,  idk Docker, sy16:11
graingertioria: and I don't think it would be very useful it shows what I pasted already16:11
graingertanyone know why I'm getting a load of -dbg packages from https://gist.github.com/graingert/d0af634662428bb60ae1de7a6317fba6#file-dockerfile-L6 ?16:11
graingertioria: ^16:11
graingertioria: not that related to Docker tbh, just apt16:11
graingertfor somereason that apt command pulls in a load of -dbg packages I don't need16:12
ioriagraingert,  i think is  libwebkitgtk-3.016:12
yossarianukpragmaticenigma: thanks for the advice16:12
graingertyeah but it doesn't depend on libwebkitgtk-3.0-dbg16:12
graingertapt just pulls it in for no reason16:12
graingertioria: ^16:12
ioriagraingert,  or libwebkit2gtk-4.0-3716:12
ioriagraingert,  do you have debugsymbols repository enabled ?16:13
graingertioria: well not me personally but ubuntu:xenial16:14
ioriagraingert,  you don't need extra repo in xenial16:14
graingertioria: do you know how to remove it?16:14
ioria!info libjavascriptcoregtk-3.0-0-dbg xenial16:15
ubottulibjavascriptcoregtk-3.0-0-dbg (source: webkitgtk): JavaScript engine library from WebKitGTK+ - debugging symbols. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.4.11-0ubuntu0.1 (xenial), package size 74640 kB, installed size 307968 kB16:15
graingertioria: this is the file on ubuntu:xenial - https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/IfZuEwJk/sources.list16:16
ioriagraingert,  that is ok16:17
graingertioria: ok so why is apt installing the -dbg file when I don't ask for it?16:17
graingertand nothing depends on it16:17
ioriagraingert,   can you run and paste   apt-cache rdepends libjavascriptcoregtk-3.0-0-dbg xenial16:18
MrAureliusRhey folks. having an error when trying to update lvm2 for some reason. I'm not even using lvm in this installation, would it be safe to just remove lvm2?16:18
ioriagraingert,    apt-cache rdepends libjavascriptcoregtk-3.0-0-dbg16:20
graingertlibjavascriptcoregtk-3.0-0-dbg\nReverse Depends:\n  libwebkitgtk-3.0-0-dbg16:21
graingertioria: ^16:21
graingertlibwebkitgtk-3.0-0-dbg\nReverse Depends:16:22
graingertnothing depends on it16:22
graingertit shows up un-bidden16:22
=== Mr-Potter_ is now known as Mr-Potter
ioriagraingert,    is libwebkitgtk-3.0-0-dbg  already installed ?16:26
graingertno it gets pulled in with my apt install command16:27
graingertyou can check this with docker run -it ubuntu:xenial apt-cache rdepends ibwebkitgtk-3.0-0-dbg16:27
graingertdocker run -it ubuntu:xenial apt-cache rdepends libwebkitgtk-3.0-0-dbg16:28
graingertE: No packages found16:28
ioriawell ,  libjavascriptcoregtk-3.0-0-dbg  is a dep of libwebkitgtk-3.0-0-dbg16:28
graingertyes and I don't want either!16:28
graingertlibwebkitgtk-3.0-0-dbg is not a dep of libwebkitgtk-3.016:28
graingertso it shouldn't be installed16:28
ioriagraingert,   anything in /etc/apt/sorces.list.d  ?16:29
tomreynMrAureliusR: it should be safe to purge lvm2 if you don't depend on it for booting since "apt show lvm2" states that "Priority: optional"16:29
MrAureliusRit's just strange that it suddenly won't update16:29
graingertdocker run -it ubuntu:xenial ls -altr /etc/apt/sources.list16:30
graingertioria: (no)16:32
tomreynMrAureliusR: right, this should not be happening.    dpkg --configure -a   may provide more information on why it's failing.16:34
tomreyngraingert: /etc/apt/sources.list != /etc/apt/sources.list.d/16:35
graingerttomreyn: yes but that's also empty16:35
tomreyngraingert: i see. an unusual sight, but i'm not really into docker.16:36
graingertwell it's not related to docker16:36
graingertI'm just using docker as my repor16:36
graingertso that you can all see the same problem I do16:36
tomreyngenerally, an ubuntu system without /etc/apt/sources.list is misconfigured.16:36
graingert(without having to ask me to run commands and see)16:37
graingertyes it does have a sources.list and it's not empty16:37
graingertI posted it earlier16:37
tomreynokay, you said /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ is "also empty", making me assume the other thing that's empty was /etc/apt/sources.list. looks like i was jumping to conclusions there,16:38
graingertioria: so no idea why this is happening?16:47
Atizscat /proc/sys/kernel/threads-max     returns 14000 as maximum number, but how can this be if default stack size allocated for a thread is 8MB? When I run thread creation in loop, I get ¨out of memory¨ at 25016:54
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tomreyngraingert: if you want to sum up the issue again, i'll try to help.17:09
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
tomreynwhat i understand is that you have package libwebkitgtk-3.0-0-dbg installed but don't know why it was installed?17:10
unshackledI keep getting a notification about "plasma-browser-integration" not being installed but I do have it on all the browsers i use anyone?17:20
johnnyfiveI want to verify that the ubuntu mirrors don't sign packages, just the Release files?17:25
johnnyfiveand the Packages.gz, to be more specific17:26
tomreynhttps://wiki.debian.org/SecureApt discusses how apt repository signing works.17:27
pragmaticenigmajohnnyfive: Your question, as written, does not make any sense to me17:27
ioriagraingert,    gdbserver running ?17:27
johnnyfiveDoes archive.ubuntu.com serve packages that are signed? or are only the Packages.gz and Release files signed?17:28
ioriagraingert,    can you run the same install command but with   apt-get  --simulate  and paste the output ?17:31
tomreynjohnnyfive: release files are signed and contain hashes over package files, which contain hashes over packages.17:31
pragmaticenigmajohnnyfive: From what I understand all of the packages are signed from all sources17:32
johnnyfiveI understand the chain of trust, I just wanted to verify that packages are *not* natively signed by ubuntu17:32
johnnyfiveeven though the capability exists17:32
pragmaticenigmajohnnyfive: This channel is staffed by volunteers, that would be an architecture question that Ubuntu devs would know. You can try asking in #ubuntu-devel or #ubuntu-app-devel17:33
tomreynjohnnyfive: what does "natively signed by ubuntu" mean?17:34
tomreynbut i agree with pragmaticenigma, we should move17:34
johnnyfiveI figured it out. This isn't that hard a question. *Are the packages you download from archive.ubuntu.com signed*. The answer is no. They are not.17:35
johnnyfiveThanks gents17:35
johnnyfiveor ladies, peeps.17:35
lordcirth__johnnyfive, what do you mean they aren't signed? apt will refuse to install unsigned packages from the default repos.17:41
johnnyfivelordcirth__, I just download several packages from the official repo and ran `debsign-verify` and none of them contain signing information.17:43
pragmaticenigmajohnnyfive: Try: gpg --verify {Package}17:43
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ubottuTuoNik: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:14
GrievreIs this the right channel for Upstart questions?19:20
Bashing-omGrievre: Ask :)19:21
ioriaGrievre, are you still on  14.04  ?19:21
OerHeksGrievre, ubuntu + upstart, yes19:21
GrievreI have a system on which mountall is failing but I have no idea where its output is going (since it's definitely not going to the serial console)19:21
GrievreSo the only information I'm getting is that mountall failed with exit code 1, but that doesn't really tell me very much19:22
Grievreis there a way to change upstart's config so that one particular job's output goes directly to the console?19:23
Grievrekinda surprised this isn't easier19:24
Bashing-omGrievre: System issues are often depicted in 'dmesg' or the log file - var/log/syslog .19:25
=== qwebirc16822 is now known as Chucara
GrievreBashing-om: yes, thanks, I already checked dmesg and it'd be hard for it to be in syslog since root is still read-only at that point19:26
Grievredmesg generally only outputs kernel messages though, and mountall is a userspace tool19:26
ChucaraHi. I hope someone can help me with a minor problem. I am unable to mount samba shares from Ubuntu server when I run mount -a.19:28
ChucaraMy fstab entry looks like this: //nas/Share1  /media/Share1  cifs  credentials=/home/usr/.smbcredentials,vers=3.0,iocharset=utf8  0  019:28
ChucaraI get the error "Unable to find suitable address."19:28
Chucaranslookup nas returns the correct IP.19:29
dcgreets. on 18.04 when i go to a volume (via other locations) and bookmark it, if i then log out and log back in again and click the bookmark, it says unable to find the requesed file. if i then navigate via other locations to the voluem in questions, the bookmark magically works again19:29
dcThis is no desirable behaviour. Any ideas why this is happening?19:29
lordcirth__dc, what kind of volume? Something that's automounted?19:36
dclordcirth__: it's just a normal hard drive19:37
dci found another person talking about this in a comment on a tutorial that showed me how to do it19:37
dcso it's not just me ;-)19:37
lordcirth__dc, yes, but you haven't configured it to mount? It's just being mounted for you in nautilus?19:37
dcyes i presume so19:37
dczero config on the drive, i boot up and it's there under other locations19:37
OerHeksChucara, i think it cannot find your smb credentials as they are stored in your home folder19:37
lordcirth__dc, while what you're doing ought to work, I would just configure it properly in /etc/fstab.19:38
ChucaraOerHeks: I should probably mention that the line in fstab worked prior to me getting a new router.19:38
dclordcirth__: i don't want to have to configure anything on the cli unless i have to19:38
dcThis is something that *should* work no?19:38
ChucaraDoes anyone know whether mount even uses DNS lookups to resolve host names?19:39
lordcirth__dc, it should work, yes, but you'll likely need to learn the basics of Linux at some point anyway.19:39
dclordcirth__: i was looking into fstab to automount an nfs share. what would an example row be for a normal drive that i want to behave completely as it would and does currently19:40
dc*looking yesterday19:41
dcisn't the drive already mounted, or is that the issue? external volumes aren't mounted by default?19:41
ioriadc, in /media/<user>  usually19:43
lordcirth__dc, For a hard drive? Something like: UUID=stuffandthings    /media/mountpoint    ext4  defaults,x-systemd.automount    0   219:43
lordcirth__you can find the UUID with lsblk -f19:43
lordcirth__Labels are also an option, if it has one set. Don't use /dev/sdx paths, they can change.19:44
dcI am still a little perplexed as to why i need to do this in the first place. Is it that the drive is not automounted until i click it in nautilus?19:45
dcis not possible (using some gui tool) to change that behaviour?19:46
EriC^^dc: try "disks"19:46
ioriadc, but why ?19:46
dcBecause I'm still learning, and that /etc/fstab config looks very much like something I could get wrong.19:46
ioriadc, you simple umount and re-mount in another location19:47
dcAt least a GUI can abstract this complexity away for me to such a menial task19:47
ioriadc, fstab is not sutitable for external drives19:47
dcin the "Disks" app, i can see the volume is set to auto mount at startup19:47
EriC^^dc: as with anything, there's numerous ways to go about it, personally i wouldnt put it in fstab cause if you remove the disk, it might hang for a while during boot up 'waiting' for it, you could use a one liner script that does 'if not mounted -> gvfs-mount disk' which is the way nautilus usually mounts it19:50
dcI could live with that if you can help me with said one-liner19:51
dcI do know how to create the startup scripts already, im using it to start vino :)19:51
ioriawe're  mixing things here19:52
EriC^^ioria: we're open to suggestions as always19:52
ioriadc is this an internal or external drive ?19:52
dcit's an internal sata drive, ioria19:52
dcIf you didn't catch my earlier message, im just looking to make sure my bookmark to it works on boot in nautilus :)19:53
ioria<dc> isn't the drive already mounted, or is that the issue? external volumes aren't mounted by default?19:53
dcioria: the issue is that on a fresh boot, the bookmark when clicked in nautilius to this drive says it can't be found (dont have message handy)19:54
dcsoon as i navigate to other locations and click the drive, the bookmark magically works19:54
EriC^^dc: is the stuff grayed out in the disks -> gear thingy for the filesystem?19:54
lordcirth__ioria, EriC^^, dc I specifically recommended using systemd automounting to solve the problem of hanging on boot.19:54
iorialordcirth__, yeah19:54
EriC^^dc: that's pretty odd19:55
dcEriC^^: right now everything is fine as i clicked on the drive in question in other locations :)19:55
OerHeksdc, sounds like it is not in your fstab, so it does not automount19:56
dclordcirth__: there is no hanging on boot that im aware of.19:56
EriC^^dc: i think in the disks tab if automount options is set to on, it doesnt use anything below, it uses some default options19:56
ioriadc   'moun' should tell you the options in use19:56
lordcirth__dc, not yet, EriC^^ said above that adding it to fstab could cause hangs. That's why I recommended x-systemd.automount.19:56
EriC^^apparently the gui disks just adds a line in fstab, it added this for me /dev/disk/by-uuid/6AF6F434F6F4025D /mnt/6AF6F434F6F4025D auto nosuid,nodev,nofail,x-gvfs-show 0 019:57
ioriadc   'mount'19:57
EriC^^i wonder about the options it uses lordcirth__ , what's the "nofail" ?19:57
ChucaraChris, I'm an idiot. My mounting woes are resolved. I forgot I had put an entry with an old IP in /etc/hosts19:57
EriC^^these options seem interesting dc lordcirth__ ioria https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/53456/what-is-the-difference-between-nobootwait-and-nofail-in-fstab19:58
lordcirth__EriC^^, 'nofail' will make it wait, timeout, then continue booting, as opposed to dropping to recovery19:58
lordcirth__But setting automount is better, as it will not even try to mount until you access it.19:58
EriC^^yeah that'd be pretty nice, he says its not finding it at first and he has to browse around then click again19:59
dcit's there, under other locations19:59
dcit's the bookmark that doesn't function20:00
dcI can't find any reference on how to do what you suggest lordcirth__ on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions20:00
EriC^^the 'nobootwait' seems pretty decent in fstab20:00
lordcirth__dc, that's because that article was last edited in 201420:01
OerHeksmaybe your fstab is right, but you never ran update-grub20:02
dcThis is all a little overwhelming for a new user who just wants a bookmark to run20:03
EriC^^dc: did you add the bookmark? mine just appears in the lower region next to computer20:03
dcyes EriC^^20:04
dcyou need to follow the steps i gave exactly (when i joined channel)20:04
EriC^^hmm i didnt have to add anything maybe nautilus has some option20:04
dcadd bookmark, logout, log back in, click bookmark20:04
Robulljoin #usa20:04
EriC^^dc: ah i see the problem i got the same error when i bookmarked my other filesystem20:05
EriC^^then clicked on it, it says unable to find the requested file, please check spelling blabla20:06
EriC^^the problem is that it's attempting to go to "/media/user/blablala' but it's not actually mounted yet20:06
EriC^^the bookmark only goes to the file location, it does not mount it for the user20:06
jmicheladd "user" in option20:07
EriC^^jmichel: it's not a permissions issue, i think, i could try myself hold on20:07
EriC^^it does seem to work! dc add it to fstab with the "user" option20:08
EriC^^you could instruct fstab to not mount it on boot with "noauto"20:08
EriC^^!cookie | jmichel20:09
ubottujmichel: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!20:09
dc/dev/sdd1 on /media/dc/Sawyer type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=0,group_id=0,default_permissions,allow_other,blksize=4096,uhelper=udisks2)20:09
dcThat is what i see on "mount"20:10
EriC^^dc: go to disks -> gear option -> set the auto mount defaults to off, then in the line that says options add to it "noauto,user"20:10
dcAre you suggesting that would avoid having to /etc/fstab edit?20:10
EriC^^dc: it would put the options there in fstab20:10
EriC^^dc: the "user" option basically lets anyone mount it, even without any sudo permissions20:11
dcalright is there any way for me to test that theory without logging out ;-)?20:11
dcotherwise i need to part here for a moment20:11
EriC^^seems kinda like a bug that nautilus would attempt mounting it but flunk at the permissions part if you click on a bookmark20:11
EriC^^dc: yeah sure, just unmount the filesystem, then click on the bookmark, it should work and not mention no file found20:12
EriC^^i already tried it here so it should work20:12
dcsudo umount /dev/<device_id> right?20:12
EriC^^dc: yeah /dev/sdxY20:13
dcokay it unmounted but clicking through the bookmark doesnt work20:13
EriC^^dc: what's in your fstab currently? type "cat /etc/fstab | nc termbin.com 9999"20:14
EriC^^also type "lsblk -f | nc termbin.com 9999"20:14
dc/dev/disk/by-uuid/0A80906780905B51 /mnt/0A80906780905B51 auto nosuid,nodev,nofail,x-gvfs-show,noauto,user 0 020:15
fleabeardhello friends, trying to figure out how I can run a .sh as a user that was created with --disabled-login. Problem I'm having is when I try and run the script with su - newuser -c "/opt/newuser/mycmd.sh" I get an error "su Authentication Failure" which is to be expected since that user doesn't have login. Any ideas how to get this to work?20:16
naccfleabeard: uh, '-' means '--login'20:17
naccfleabeard: read `man su`.20:18
EriC^^dc: oh nevermind, it's just accessing the dir it created for me, i thought it was mounting it too cause that filesystem is empty for me, my bad20:18
EriC^^i guess you could always add it to fstab with "auto,nobootwait" minus the "user" option20:20
dcso keep it as is, but with those extra options?20:20
EriC^^it should mount it every time you boot and the bookmark would work, but if you do, fix the mount location20:20
EriC^^dc: yeah remove the 'noauto,user' and replace with 'auto,nobootwait'20:20
dcwhat do you mean fix the mount loc20:21
EriC^^dc: also change the mountpoint from "/mnt/0A80906780905B51" to "/media/<your username>/0A80906780905B51"20:21
EriC^^so it's consistent with nautilus mounting scheme20:21
EriC^^and do "sudo mkdir /media/<your user>/0A80906780905B51"20:22
dc/dev/disk/by-uuid/0A80906780905B51 /mnt/myuser/0A80906780905B51 auto nosuid,nodev,nofail,x-gvfs-show,auto,nobootfail, 0 020:22
dcso i have that now in /etc/fstab20:22
dci should run your mkdir cmd and reboot?20:22
EriC^^come to think of it, i think if nautilus finds the dir there, it'll create an extra /media/user/numbers-here(1)  instead20:23
EriC^^dc: there's a typo it's "nobootwait"20:23
dcso what are you my next steps with the line as pasted above with the typofix?20:24
EriC^^dc: also actually just leave it as /mnt/0A8.... bla bla bla without user20:24
geniidc: in fstab I think you want more syntax like UUID=0A80906780905B51 /mnt/myuser/0A80906780905B51 <filetype here, for example ext4>  <options here>20:24
dcgenii: im just using what "disks" added in there when i turned off automount at boot20:25
EriC^^same thing i'd guess20:25
dcEriC^^: do i need to do this mkdir thing still or should i try a reboot now or?20:25
EriC^^dc: ah there's one more thing, the bookmark is set to /media/user i think20:26
EriC^^dc: so change it to /mnt/0A.....20:26
dcit is20:27
dcso should just clicking on it now after an unmount, er... mount it?20:27
dcah i guess i need to do something to pick up the new fstab config20:27
=== hibbie1 is now known as hibbie
EriC^^dc: nah now it should automount on boot up20:28
dcalright so a reboot needed here?20:28
EriC^^dc: yeah, is the dir in "/mnt" created?20:29
=== X230t is now known as \\server\share
dcokay, be back shortly!yeah20:29
dc* yeah20:29
dcsorry got excited and pre-typed my message20:29
EriC^^ok cool try rebooting and we'll see from there20:30
dcbe back then!20:30
dcLooking good EriC^^ !20:32
EriC^^dc: nice, is the bookmark working?20:32
dcnow i need to do it with 2 other drives :)20:33
dcHas a crappy name, but rename should be fine i guess it's cosmetic20:33
dcI presume I can avoid that 0001203120 by editing the mount location in /etc/fstab also?20:33
dcso i can navigate using /mnt/vanityname instead of /mnt/012120312320:33
EriC^^dc: you can actually mount it where you want, just change the /mnt/uuid to /mnt/something-meaningful in fstab and create the dir for it20:34
dcthank you for your assistance and help EriC^^20:35
dcUltimately, as you suggested already, I'd argue this is a bug :)20:35
EriC^^dc: no problem20:36
vakketTRYING to install ubuntu from usb, but dont see usb in boot options (only cd and hd)20:51
vakketis it possible there is no usb-boot? (even if there are usb ports on computer)20:53
EriC^^vakket: how old is the pc20:56
EriC^^vakket: do you have the live usb plugged in while checking?20:56
vakketEriC^^: about 12 years more or less. No i didnt plug it in, so it makes a difference?20:57
vakketEriC^^: 10 years20:58
EriC^^vakket: it should have usb capabilites i'd think21:00
bilb_onowhy doesn't sudo work when I Try and delete all the text from a file? I do  sudo echo "" > /var/log/apache2/error.log21:00
bilb_onoand it gives me permission denied21:00
bilb_onobut I can edit it with sudo using vim21:00
vakketEriC^^: is lubuntu the lightest version of ubuntu? which one should i install?21:00
EriC^^vakket: try plugging the usb into various ports, if one doesnt work try the other, also try to get the bios's one-time boot menu where you can select something on the fly, it might be there21:00
EriC^^vakket: it's up to you, what's the cpu/ram ?21:01
vakketEriC^^: i think i'll go with the lightest one, which one is it?21:01
EriC^^bilb_ono: the ">" doesnt cross over sudo to it, cause bash uses that as a redirection before even running the command sudo21:01
EriC^^bilb_ono: you can do 'echo "something" | sudo tee /path/to/file'21:02
vakketEriC^^: how to check cpu/ram from terminal?21:02
bilb_onook thanks21:02
EriC^^bilb_ono: or, sudo bash -c 'echo "" > /path/to/file'21:02
EriC^^vakket: "sudo lshw -c cpu; free -h"21:03
vakketEriC^^: is it Mem?21:07
vakketcpu is 1.60GHz21:08
EriC^^vakket: yeah it's mem21:09
EriC^^look under "total"21:09
vakket EriC^^: 983M21:09
vakket EriC^^: where does it say about dualcore?21:10
EriC^^vakket: try "sudo lshw | grep cores"21:11
vakket EriC^^: it didn't give an output21:12
EriC^^vakket: i think you could try 'xubuntu' and see how it goes, its said it needs minimum 512mb of ram, it depends a lot on the usage and stuff21:13
EriC^^if you find it getting too slow,using swap a lot etc you could try the lighter lubuntu i guess21:13
vakket EriC^^: thankyou for all the help, can you also please tell me which is the lightest of all versions of ubuntu (lubuntu?)21:14
EriC^^vakket: yeah lubuntu is the lightest, it's also more optimized for older hardware21:14
EriC^^do you mean which version like 14.04 16.04 etc?21:14
vakketEriC^^: superlast question: there is no way to see that thing about usb-boot from terminal?21:15
EriC^^vakket: no idea, but there is a software thats very small that fits on a cd and used to boot usb's if the pc doesnt have usb booting, it's called plop iirc21:17
vakketEriC^^: maybe version was the wrong word21:18
vakketEriC^^: ok thankyou, byebye21:18
EriC^^no problem, bye21:18
tomreyn!flavors | vakket21:19
ubottuvakket: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours21:19
tomreynthat's how we call them21:19
tomreynflavo(u)rs or variants21:19
tomreyn:) ttyl21:21
texlatomreyn, Is Backbox regarded as a favor..It run 16.04 and can be upgraded to 18.04 from the software manager21:24
tomreyn!backbox | texla21:25
ubottutexla: Backbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.21:25
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ckopn how to switch keyboard languages with alt+shift?21:56
=== ozgur is now known as Guest42843
etronikeek how the heck do I log-off from my 18.04 session?22:31
rekhi everyone why do i get packet filtered trying to ping an external host? i connect to the internet through my 3g key usin wvdial22:31
the2048So it seems that audio sources don't play until the first 10 seconds have gone by22:44
the2048What's going on with my pulseaudio stuff22:44
the2048It's mplayer, VLC, and rhythmbox that are affected22:47
the2048VLC only misses the first 3 seconds, rhythmbox doesn't play at all, and mplayer only misses the first 1022:48
ayehohii !!23:34
pnwiseIs there software to stream to linux machine23:37
pnwiseLike casting to a tv23:37
OerHeksthere is a plex snap, but prop stuff23:41
OerHeksvlc can stream, ffmpeg23:41
pnwiseI want to have something like server/daemon that will listen and when something is casted to it will start automatically23:44
pnwiseLike I can go and manually find the thing I want to play on that machine23:44
pnwisebut the idea is to be convinient23:44
OerHeksoh, any mediaplayer can listen23:44
pnwiseI usually leave it it browser having emby open23:44
OerHeksxbmc/kodi perhaps23:45
pnwiseI will build one myself I guess23:45
pnwiseonly thing I found is cast-server for rpi23:45
CarlFKhow do i config usr/sbin/sendmail (exim4) to send using smtp.gmail.com ?23:54
hacktivishelp me please !!23:54
hacktivishii !!23:54
hacktivishii !!23:55
hacktivissubscribe my channel hacktivis_23:55

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