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xubuntu74wI have a laptop that is permanently connected to a T.V. is there a way to setup the output in Pulse Audio permanently to HDMI, whenever I shudown and restart the laptop, it keeps defaulting to the laptop speakers.14:18
Spassxubuntu74w, isn't there an option in the "pavucontrol" for that?16:03
Spassyou shout be able to mark an output device as default iirc16:03
loptaIs there a PowerPoint player that works on Xubuntu?16:13
brainwashlopta: libreoffice impress16:14
loptabrainwash: Thanks.  I was hoping for something lighter and more complete (it didn't work with the test files).16:14
brainwashlighter? not sure if that is possible16:15
loptaPerhaps I just need to find the right video player to plug into it though.16:15
brainwashmaybe WPS Office or SoftMaker FreeOffice offer better compatibility16:16
brainwashboth free16:16
loptaThanks, I'll write those down.16:16
loptaAs an office suite I really do like LibreOffice.16:17
lopta...this was more for a kiosk application.16:17
loptaWell, that and the training rooms.16:17
xubuntu98wNeed some help and direction on this Error = Xfce4-notifyd: fatal IO error 11 (resource temporarily unavailable) on X server : 019:44
xubuntu98wThis message came after doing an "sudo apt udpate" on version 18.0419:46
xubuntu98wand a lot of other Errors followed after this top listed error19:46
xubuntu98wAfter logging in on my laptop, I receive a box asking me to report my troubles and yet it does not19:49
xubuntu98wreport what the errors are that this box wishes to report.19:49
xubuntu98wSo I'm guessing that it has to do with this apt updating upgrading ......19:50
Spassxubuntu98w, you can look at your /var/crash/ folder and see the file names of files in there, they should tell you which package/program is causing a trouble19:52
avataris it possible to emulate right mouse button with touchscreen?19:52
avataralso dubleclick(tap?) don`t work properly19:53
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xubuntu98wThanks Spass for the assist of where to go next. ....19:55
xubuntu98wI will check this area and see what is next.  It looks like there is going to be some issues to work through ...19:56
xubuntu98wThanks Again !19:56
avatari want to use xubuntu on winpc tablet19:57
avatari added 32 uefi boot and .. wifi works, touchscreen works19:57
Spassas great as Xubuntu is, I don't think that it's the best option for a tablet, just my opinion20:18
avatarSpass, this tablet has 1GB of RAM and 16GB for storage ...20:18
Spasswell, in that case it's not good for gnome3... but yeah, you probably have to make some tweaks to the Xfce interface to make it more touchscreen friendly20:20
avatarSpass, xubuntu is working, only sound and few other devices is not working20:24
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