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Greenfrogon a restart my panel changed from black to white and the k gear was replaced with three dots and the > symbol, any ideas how to change it back?00:59
Greenfrogthe add widgets panel is also white01:00
Greenfrogits just difficult for me to read01:03
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valorieGreenfrog: what version?02:21
valoriefor awhile the plasma symbol (what you're seeing) replaced the KDE gear02:21
valoriebut that was awhile ago02:21
valorieand it didn't last long02:22
Greenfrogok was distracted for a min02:22
Greenfrogthats ok now, i dunno how i fixed it but a reboot02:23
Greenfrognow the panel wont auto hide02:23
Greenfrogit was working now not02:23
Greenfrogha, me either :)02:24
Greenfrogits just odd that many quirks show up after reboot02:25
Greenfrogi have chosen windows can hide, etc...no change02:25
Greenfrogok, i guess i'll live with it for now02:28
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Greenfrognevermind, everything was fixed by a reboot. sorry to say03:27
Greenfrogi was told by a linux user to never reboot linux, but apparently that isnt true anymore03:28
IrcsomeBot<Xin HU> Xin HU, [10 Apr 2019 at 22:41:18]: … Hey mates I've got an issue with my newly installed kubuntu 18.10 os … I'm runing the kubuntu system on my laptop (with Win10 installed on another disk) and trying to link the laptop with my wireless mouse and keyboard but found it says "link failed " … 🤔 … does anyone know how to resolve it ? million thanks ^^03:29
valorieis it bluetooth?03:44
valorieif so you might have to turn on bluetooth03:44
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup03:45
IrcsomeBot<Xin HU> yep it's bluetooth and I've turn it on already, I found the device and pressed "connect" then it shows "failed"03:46
valorieI don't know anything beyond what's in the link03:54
valorieI don't use it for my computer; just my phone03:54
IrcsomeBot<Xin HU> can I link to bluetooth device on kubuntu ?03:55
IrcsomeBot<Xin HU> should work well03:55
valorieit should work, yes03:57
valorieI would try it both ways03:58
valoriefrom the computer03:58
valorieand from the mouse03:58
Olivierhome-MGood morning06:00
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BluesKajHi folks10:02
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electronorbitalsI booted into kubuntu once using a live usb but had to cancel the installation because of a lack of free space then I rebooted it after making enough free space I couldnt boot into kubuntu using the same usb I've written the iso over and over again without any change but when I wrote elementary os iso it booted up after that I stll couldnt boot into kubunto the error was17:15
electronorbitalsI'd like to know what happened17:16
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