Zuverinkthe last kernel update hosed my ubuntu boot splash image. Its now super small and off center to the upper left. How do I fix this?01:01
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bittin_Ubuntu 19.04 RC1 installed16:15
lotuspsychjeoh right april 1116:17
lotuspsychjebittin_: you just updated, or clean install?16:17
bittin_lotuspsychje: updated runned since Beta 216:18
bittin_also first episode of this season of Ubuntu Podcast was released today: http://ubuntupodcast.org/2019/04/11/s12e01-bombjack/16:18
EickmeyerRC1 hasn't even been spun yet. :/16:30
Bashing-ombittin_: Caught ^ for UWN :)16:43

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