GerowenBeen a long time since I wrote a wiki page, but I did a search and couldn't find anything on this topic, so I banged this out real quick. Thinking of revisiting it later to maybe improve the layout or add some screenshots, and perhaps research more details on how to use it with older UPSes that don't use USB (all I have access to is my own USB units), but for now I got it up.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/apcupsd00:12
Bashing-omGerowen: A cursory look at ^ - looks great - you do good work :)00:34
GerowenBashing-om: Thanks, hopefully somebody finds it useful, :-)00:35
Bashing-omGerowen: No doubt.00:38
krytarikguiverc_d: Heh, I see Bashing-om killed the General section header on issue 573 and put the New Members and Devs header in its place.. :P  However, I mean we'd rather like a formatting like there rather than having a subheader for each contributor.01:28
guiverc_dI didn't look that closely; and would NOT have noticed a missed heading; I just copied the formatting of the Rik Mills entry alone (no regard to what was further above that sorry)01:30
krytarikWell, I see he did the same on issue 570 - but there is a formatting similar to in issue 573.01:31
krytarikAnd of course, since the header there has the usual "===" still rather than "==" as the General section header, it's ordered under the issue summary section.01:33
krytarikguiverc_d: Also, I'd like so say I have no idea why you guys make your lives artificially harder by compounding the various parts of the article summaries in the Google Doc like you do for as long as I know, when there need to be empty lines between them on the wiki anyway - just makes the life of the one doing the latter harder.01:38
guiverc_ddon't follow you there krytarik sorry01:39
krytarikhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue570#Welcome_New_Members_and_Developers - in fact here the formatting is totally off the usual, since there have also been used hyphens rather than asterisks (and there is also an empty line missing in the raw format, but that doesn't translate into the HTML one).01:41
guiverc_dI tend to read content; and barely (if at all) notice formatting  (you may have noticed with fridge)  I'm not a good person to notice those changes..01:44
krytarikguiverc_d: There need to be empty lines between the summary header, the summary itself, and the link to the article - and you always sqeeze the summary between the other two when writing them.  (But apparently also don't an empty line between the header and link when adding it yourself.)01:44
guiverc_dsqueezing is to make more fit on my screen; when I consider it 'complete' or 'finished' then & only then do I add 'spacing'  (ie. 2-3 read thrus were done post write)01:46
guiverc_d(if I didn't space it out, I didn't complete my 'later' (or cold) read-thrus of article, and consider it needing check-read..)01:47
krytarikWell, the wiki needs to be put in a certain formatting eventually - and since I've been doing it myself for quite some time, I can tell you it's no fun to consistently have to add empty lines because they are routinely omitted by someone in the Google Doc.01:47
guiverc_dsorry krytarik01:48
krytarikDuring all this time, I've never seen you complete them by adding empty lines.01:48
guiverc_di have - but it's usually 'some' (earlier written ones; the latter written ones may never get to 'complete' stage with me; needing editor to do it); i never saw it as a problem sorry.01:49
krytarikI mean you two are doing the bulk work there currently, just thought I'd mention to make it easier for you.01:49
guiverc_d(when i copied from gdoc to wiki; it was easy to fix i felt; so never noticed it as an issue)01:50
guiverc_d^ last comment was pre-issue 514??, or Simon/me days.01:50
guiverc_d512 is wrong, 52?01:51
krytarikI guess if you are the one doing both parts anyway, then it doesn't matter.. :P  But it does make a difference if you can just copy-paste like 10 items in a row as-is, or if you need to finish the formatting of each one individually after it.01:57
krytarikhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue572#Welcome_New_Members_and_Developers - oh, and here, as the font size indicates, the section containing the info isn't actually part of the New Members and Devs section, but has its own header on the same level.02:07
krytarikAlso, as I've advocated for in the past, if a mail is sent to various lists (usually including the news team one), I think it's best to link to the one that is highest up in the chain and seen most - so e.g. <https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2019-April/040640.html> rather than <https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-news-team/2019-April/002848.html>02:12
guiverc_dBashing-om  ^   (i've never sent email for any issue)02:14
krytarikSimilarly when the release team sends something to their own list as well as to ubuntu-announce for everybody else to see it too, then we should pick the latter one.02:14
krytarikguiverc_d: It's not about sending mails, but linking the ones we get in an issue.02:15
guiverc_dthat I acknowledge I've been told many times (ML entries), but I don't see my ever getting that right reliably sorry02:16
guiverc_d(on days when pain is better managed i do better, other days I'm just happy to get something near-right..)02:16
Bashing-omguiverc_d: ^^ looking.02:19
=== guiverc_d is now known as guiverc
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