OvenWerksfor example, my i5 rated at 3.2Ghz will run at 3.4Ghz with all 4 cores running at 100% with the odd core bouncing up towards max boost. Temperature keeps it from running higher00:00
OvenWerkskrytarik:  yes there is. I am not sure which version it first showed up on though00:01
OvenWerks I have been running a version quite far ahead of the released versions for some time due to the time it took us to finally get things released. (someone with upload rights)00:01
krytarikYeah, I've read that yesterday.00:01
OvenWerksIn any case the person you were talking to yesterday (or before?) seemed to think performance turned boost off which is not true.00:02
OvenWerksIf they are not seeing boost working it is probably because they are not running their machine hard enough.00:03
OvenWerksBuilding Ardour is 4 cores at 100% for about 15 minutes straight00:03
OvenWerksThis is quite a good test of such things00:04

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