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xubuntu73wHi, I am installing xubuntu on a Mac mini.01:51
xubuntu73wIt is doing this wired thing where it is using only the center portion of the screen.01:52
xubuntu73wThe UK does not stretch full screen01:52
xubuntu73wHas anyone seen this problem?01:53
Eickmeyerxubuntu73w: That likely has something to do with your video chipset. If it's nVidia, it's a common problem on macs.01:53
EickmeyerOther than that, there are some tweaks that need to happen in my experience to get the OS to make full use of the mac, but that varies model to model.01:54
xubuntu73wI see.01:54
xubuntu73wActually xubuntu 16.04 was okay.01:55
xubuntu73wBut my USB got corrupted somehow and thought I might want to try 1801:55
EickmeyerConsidering 16.04 is nearing end-of-life this month, that was probably a good idea. However, as with any mac, it probably requires a little tweaking to get it to work properly.01:57
EickmeyerSadly, it's been a long time, so I don't quite know what resources to give you.01:57
xubuntu73wI will try to look around some more.01:57
EickmeyerOkay. Best of luck, and the #ubuntu IRC room is also a resource for you.01:58
EickmeyerIt's much busier than here, and supports #xubuntu equally.01:58
xubuntu73wOut for now02:02
OldSwabbieEvery Time I login, I have to report a crash.  I have found this file named _sbin_plymouthd.crash. My version is 18.04 and from an Answer from Askubuntu - suggested for this version to do an apt-get install plymouth-x1105:04
OldSwabbieI have tried this and received this message - unable to locate ....05:04
OldSwabbieOther suggestion were to - chown or chmod - both to location /lib/plymouth  ..  Would this be the proper location of this program ?05:09
diogenes_OldSwabbie, run: sudo apt update then apt search plymouth05:14
krytarikOldSwabbie: Do you usually get the boot animation Plymouth provides or not?05:18
OldSwabbieI have run your suggested update previously.  Would I still need to execute it again for this process and always prior to any install ?05:18
OldSwabbieSince my original install, the answer would be, No.  This issue has occurred two normal independent update then upgrades since the install ....05:20
OldSwabbielibplymouth4/bionic-updates,now 0.9.3-1ubuntu7.18.04.1 amd64 [installed]05:33
OldSwabbie  graphical boot animation and logger - shared libraries05:33
OldSwabbieplymouth/bionic-updates,now 0.9.3-1ubuntu7.18.04.1 amd64 [installed]05:33
OldSwabbie  boot animation, logger and I/O multiplexer05:33
OldSwabbieThese showed up among others listing ....05:33
OldSwabbieplymouth-label/bionic-updates,now 0.9.3-1ubuntu7.18.04.1 amd64 [installed]05:35
OldSwabbie  boot animation, logger and I/O multiplexer - label control05:35
OldSwabbieThis additional and three (3) others .....05:35
diogenes_scroll thru that list and look for plymouth-x1105:36
OldSwabbieplymouth-x11/bionic-updates 0.9.3-1ubuntu7.18.04.1 amd6405:38
OldSwabbie  boot animation, logger and I/O multiplexer - X11 renderer05:38
OldSwabbieThis showed up as the last item that was listed ...05:38
diogenes_sudo apt install plymouth-x1105:40
OldSwabbieBTW, diogenes - Thanks for the assistance ! ....05:40
diogenes_no problem05:40
OldSwabbieHere is a partial results :  (Reading database ... 178290 files and directories currently installed.)05:43
OldSwabbiePreparing to unpack .../plymouth-x11_0.9.3-1ubuntu7.18.04.1_amd64.deb ...05:43
OldSwabbieUnpacking plymouth-x11 (0.9.3-1ubuntu7.18.04.1) ...05:43
OldSwabbieSetting up plymouth-x11 (0.9.3-1ubuntu7.18.04.1) ...05:43
OldSwabbieupdate-initramfs: deferring update (trigger activated)05:43
OldSwabbieProcessing triggers for initramfs-tools (0.130ubuntu3.7) ...05:43
diogenes_!pastebin | OldSwabbie05:44
ubottuOldSwabbie: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:44
OldSwabbieI would thing the proof would be in doing a Restart and log back in to see if this is now corrected ....05:45
OldSwabbieThanks for the instruction for this Newbie of the IRC ....05:46
diogenes_ok reboot05:46
OldSwabbieOldSwabbie is back .....05:57
OldSwabbieIt looks like I have some more work to do.  I received another report button to press and the named file was only slightly different _sbin_plymouthd.0.crash  ......05:59
diogenes_you could try: sudo systemctl disable plymouthd06:01
diogenes_the; sudo update-initramfs -u06:01
OldSwabbieGot it and will try even though it is 0200 in Ohio and will also update you as the results per execution ...06:07
diogenes_maybe first you need a nap?06:08
OldSwabbieI need more than a nap especially when you have Sleep Apnea ....  good comment he, he ....06:10
OldSwabbiefirst command results = plymouthd.service does not exist  ....   This could be the issue due to my other updates along with upgrade and that it wasn't there and now something is needing this service ....06:13
diogenes_sudo apt install plymouth06:14
OldSwabbieresults = plymouth is already the newest version (0.9.3-lubuntu7.18.04.1).  0 upgraded,  0 newly installed,  0 to remove and 15 not upgraded.  ....06:17
diogenes_did you install the system or upgraded?06:19
OldSwabbieI installed fresh from DVD from Linux Mag more than four (4) months ago and did not receive this issue until I had done a more recent, like say two (2) weeks ago a matched set of sudo apt update and then upgrade ...06:21
diogenes_then it might be a bug, you could try: sudo apt purge plymouth06:24
OldSwabbieOk !  see you on the other side .....06:27
OldSwabbieReceived a =  dpkg : Warning :06:31
OldSwabbieWhile removing lightdm, directory ' var/lib/lightdm-data ' not empt so not removed  ....06:33
OldSwabbieShould this be a worry ? ? ...06:33
diogenes_lightdm should not be involved06:34
diogenes_pastebin the entire output06:35
diogenes_before hitting Y06:35
OldSwabbieBut that was the Warning.  Yes was already entered and this was the resultant output ....  First time for pastebin ...06:37
krytarikWell, that will have left you without a display manager, i.e. login screen.06:39
OldSwabbiestill want a pastebin or should I recover or reinstall lightdm ?06:41
diogenes_OldSwabbie, something is very wrong with yoursystem.06:42
diogenes_first you got plymouth installed but no plymouthd service06:42
diogenes_then you went ahead to purge it but it hooked up the lightdm06:42
OldSwabbieYeah,  I guessed at that after the report button showed-up ....06:42
diogenes_OldSwabbie, run this: apt list --installed | grep lightdm06:44
OldSwabbieyou got it ... and to use pastebin is this done seperately or with imgur,  this is my confusion at this point ....06:46
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:46
diogenes_you open https://paste.ubuntu.com06:47
diogenes_paste the output and share the link06:47
OldSwabbieHere is the address -- https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/4nF6BM93sr/  .....06:52
OldSwabbieThanks for the patience ....06:52
OldSwabbieWould you still want the purge listed information ? ?06:53
diogenes_no problem06:53
diogenes_and run: sudo apt install lightdm06:54
OldSwabbieGot it !  ....06:54
OldSwabbiehttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/vt2Mvhvgb5/  ....07:00
OldSwabbieWhat ! ? ?07:01
OldSwabbieHolding on install at this time,  just-in-case .....07:02
diogenes_that's insane amount of important packages that have been removed, run: sudo apt install light-locker lightdm xubuntu-artwork xubuntu-core xubuntu-default-settings xubuntu-desktop07:02
diogenes_and don't reboot untill those all finish installing07:03
OldSwabbieThen Thanks !  for that OMG .....07:03
OldSwabbieI figure that this may take a while,  from your comment of experience .....07:04
diogenes_normally when you purge plymouth it should only remove its related packages and not touching your other system packages but this one was unexpected, no clue what is that and why did it remove even lightdm, very strange and weird.07:05
krytarikdiogenes_: https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/lightdm - because lightdm depends on plymouth.. for some reason.07:06
diogenes_krytarik, oh that's wrong in my opinion, i wasn't aware of that because i'm using a slightly different distro now but well, that's sad they did hook it up to lightdm.07:07
krytarikdiogenes_: I went back till Trusty on packages.u.c and it's there already too.07:08
OldSwabbiesetting to run this lengthy install,  any other info prior to execution ?  I'm not sure which Mag was the DVD was from since I do have Linux Format and Linux Pro also and I would have to check which to inform you it actually came from for your info possible needs .....07:10
diogenes_krytarik, not on debian strectch: https://packages.debian.org/stretch/lightdm07:10
diogenes_OldSwabbie, if you continue having this issue AND if it's your only working machine and you have no others, then i'd strongly recommend you BEFORE rebooting, download the latest LTS xubununtu iso, write it to a flashdrive or burn it to a DVD and just have it nearby in case you gonna end up with a broken system so you have a media to re-install it from.07:13
OldSwabbieUnderstood and this is why I had created this install with a separate mountable -- slash Home directory and I have not backedup as yet.  So this laptop will be left on till your suggestion and backed up home, then  .....07:16
diogenes_if it has a separate /home then it's ok and you still need to have an installation media with you and then all is fine, now i'm gonna be offline for a short while, there is plenty people here that could help you further on, good luck.07:19
OldSwabbieSince it is almost 0330 and I need my beauty rest,  I'm going to set it run the install and then download the LTS iso  ...   Here I go and thanks to all your support .....07:23
OldSwabbieThe full line of installed ran only about > 8 minutes <, and I have captured the text from execution of the install command.  ....  I then captured the results after saying Yes ....  I will create two new pastebin if requested.  I need to get some sleep and I will leave the system on and running ....07:53
OldSwabbieHere is the pastebin for prior to executing the line of Installed  --  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Jp3cmTWff8/07:56
diogenes_any errors?07:57
OldSwabbieAND here is the text of the Command AFTER execution  --  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/DDHg45d7J3/07:59
diogenes_you should be fine, now run: sudo apt upgrade08:00
diogenes_let's make sure u got the latest upgrades08:01
OldSwabbieHere is the text results Pastebin for this Upgrade command  --  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/tKqJWkP6yW/  .....08:03
OldSwabbieMy wife will be up in about two (2) hours for her Work .....08:04
diogenes_now you gonna have to reboot08:05
diogenes_and it should be ok08:05
OldSwabbieI have Not executed the Upgrade and I have not downloaded the ISO ....  I a bit light in my head needing rest, at this time and need to sleep and leave this system running .....08:06
diogenes_that's the best idea i suggested at the beginnjng.08:08
OldSwabbieI will now say Yes and it should not be long for it to execute,  I guess.  I see that we are on the same page as to leaving the system up and running and the Human to obtain rest .....08:09
OldSwabbieHad a slight interruption with my Wireless connection while at about 70% of the progress bar and then it reconnected and then completed....  Making a final pastebin for this info .....08:14
OldSwabbieHere is the resultant Pastebin for the Upgrade processing -- FYI  .... --  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6d48RB4kJP/  ....08:18
diogenes_looks good08:20
OldSwabbieI have say that this is my first time to use IRC for support of anything and I have to say even though I am becoming a bit hazy ...  This has been a Positive experience and I again Thank You !08:20
diogenes_you can now rest with no worries08:21
diogenes_you're welcome.08:21
OldSwabbieThanks !  I am now going to leave everything as planned and pickup in my AM after hopefully at least six (6) hours of rest considering I have Sleep Apnea .....  Your assurance is appreciated ! ....08:22
diogenes_ok sleep well!08:23
OldSwabbieI will say Good Morning for where ever you are and also Good Night ......08:24
ochosiand gtk is at fault (sort of) for not ensuring the tooltips are shown within the display constraint711:22
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SwizzyHey everybody I am curious about one thing in particular. I am running Xubuntu LTS 18.04 on my Intel NUC. This small computer only has a combined headphone/Microphone jack. Generally speaking will Xubuntu support adapters that split the signal into mic/headphone jack?21:33
SwizzyIF NOT, what about usb adapters that provide Headphone/mic jack? (though I would much prefer not to use a usb port for that)21:33
gnrpSwizzy: I would have thought this is already supported?21:42
gnrpI am on a Thinkpad X1 Carbon here and I think I used that functionality already21:42
SwizzyOkay that's good to hear. Just wanting to make sure before I purchase one21:43
gnrpdon't take my word for granted, though!21:45
gnrpI have no way to test it right now, but I have already been using that, pretty sure21:45
SwizzyBecause if I remember correctly, using a headphone that has mic/headphone (like the iphone headset) didnt seem to work on my thinkpad some time ago21:45
gnrpactually, let me check21:46
gnrpyes, works. Tested with Bose something 200 headphones (in-ear noise canceling) and a 6th Thinkpad X1 Carbon21:47
Swizzyah sweet, thanks !21:47
SwizzyWill see if anyone else has an opinion on the matter, but this does push me towards actually selling my desktop computer and only using the nuc21:47
gnrpif you want that, is another question.... ;)21:48
gnrpI personally would never trade my desktop for a nuc or anything similar21:49
SwizzyI mean here is the deal, it has a decent two core Processor with hyperthreading21:49
Swizzy8GB of RAM and an m.2 ssd21:49
gnrpI mean, the big benefit of a desktop for me is that I can upgrade it (GPU, RAM, CPU, infinite HDDs/SSDs) and that I can replace parts if something break21:50
Swizzyalmost no energy consumption. It does have its appeal to me21:50
gnrpif you have space constraints, it totally makes sense21:50
SwizzyAlso not being able to play classic wow when it comes out will save me from losing all my free time >:>21:51
gnrphehe, that I can understand. ;)21:51
gnrpon the other hand, are you sure it won't run on modern integrated GPU? It is 14 years old, after all21:52
SwizzyThey are releasing an upgraded version21:52
SwizzyIts not running on the old engine, just looks that way if you want to21:53
SwizzyI mean maybe at 720p.. but I don't think I want to do that to myself21:53
gnrphow decadent! :O21:53
gnrpbut that might actually be an option for me. Although there are too many other games to be played first21:54
SwizzyBut well the NUC can run Runelite (an open source oldschool runescape client)21:55
Swizzyand also SNES emulation should be okay, maybe even N64(?)21:56
gnrpI was actually thinking of mor emodern stuff. Things that I always thought I should be playing, but never did, like Bioshock21:57
gnrpwhat nuc do you plan to buy? I guess the integrated gpu might sitll be pretty performing?21:57
gnrpanyway, looking at the time, I have to go to bed. gn8!22:00
SwizzyI already have the NUC up and running, just looking at an adapter because the whole not having headset is a pain22:04

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