jafethvargashelp plez05:32
jafethvargasdiscover software center wont download nothing, its stuck at 0% and because of that, i cant close the app. what a buggy distro that is lubuntu 18.10, im better off installing mint mate :/05:33
jafethvargasanyone help?05:35
jafethvargaslol lubuntu is shit guys better off on mint xfce05:39
jafethvargaspentium 4 niggas GG05:39
jafethvargasNO FUCKS GIVEN05:40
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lubot<AlFXLogic> hello13:47
lubot<AlFXLogic> I was wondering, I have Lubuntu installed in dual boot with Win10. also, i have an internal hdd i use for data and I need it for both win and linux13:48
lubot<AlFXLogic> but after each startup in lubuntu I need to mount it manually13:49
lubot<AlFXLogic> how do I automatize it?13:49
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> Which version of lubuntu you are using?13:50
diogenes_AlFXLogic, use gnome-disk-utility << awesome tool where you can set which drive to automount13:51
lubot<AlFXLogic> @The_LoudSpeaker [Which version of lubuntu you are using?], 18.0413:54
lubot<AlFXLogic> I think I figured that out, say no more, I will do some test myself13:55
lubot<AlFXLogic> thanks!13:55
lubot<Dreamingwolf> @AlFXLogic [how do I make it automatic?], Or just add it to /etc/fastballs14:22
lubot<Dreamingwolf> If your comfortable in the terminal that is...14:23
lubot<JyotiGomes> @tsimonq2 [I would encourage you to talk to @JyotiGomes about merging and working together], 👍🏻14:37
lubot<AlFXLogic> any clues?15:43
lubot<AlFXLogic> I can't find much documentation15:43
lubot<AlFXLogic> about gnome disk utility15:44
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> Select drives on the hard disk which you want to mount. Click on options under the partition table. Select edit mount options.15:46
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> You will figure out rest.15:46
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> I will send a image in some time if you need.15:47
lubot<teward001> @AlFXLogic [<reply to image>], because unless you give it an actual name that's the UUID of the partition being mounted, and by default it will use the name/label of the partition and when one doesn't exist it falls back to UUID15:50
tewardthat's less GNOME Disk Utility and more just how the system under the hood would mount things15:51
apt-ghetto@tsimonq2 Could you fix Lugito also here?15:53
lubot<AlFXLogic> I would expect this to be mounted at … /media/<user>/<partition name>15:54
lubot<AlFXLogic> not on … /mnt/<UUID>15:55
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @AlFXLogic [not on … /mnt/<UUID>], Then just change it to what you want!16:02
lubot<AlFXLogic> @The_LoudSpeaker [Then just change it to what you want!], of course but my point is, why is the default behavior like this?16:03
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> Ohh! For that I think wxl and others here will be able to tell.16:03
lubot<teward001> or it's a question for GNOME16:03
wxlwhich what?16:04
tewardwxl: default mountpoints in GNOME Disk Utility for where to mount a drive/partition to16:05
wxlis there such a thing?16:06
tewardwxl: you need to scroll up :P16:06
tewardand also16:06
tewardthe bot doesn't relay screenshots anymore16:06
wxlyeah well make me and simon a task on that one16:06
teward*assigns it to wxl with "SPITE" on it*16:07
wxldon't blame me16:07
wxli didn't restore the bot16:07
teward*blames you anyways*16:07
wxlif i remember correctly i'm the one that configured it to have that behavior16:07
wxlso if anything, i'm to blame to setting expectations so high XD16:08
lubot<AlFXLogic> thanks folks, I made it work16:09
lubot<AlFXLogic> I will test if everything works as expected and let you know16:09
wxloh and just when i mounted in 18.04 to /media/lubuntu/UUID16:09
wxland what teward said about it before is true.. if there's a problem, it would likely be a gvfs problem16:10
lubot<Dreamingwolf> @AlFXLogic [I would expect this to be mounted at … /media/<user>/<partition name>], Sometimes I find it under /run/media/<user>/<partition name>16:35
lubot<AlFXLogic> But why?16:55
lubot<Dreamingwolf> My guess would be a setting in the udev automount config (I say guess because I've never dug into the topic)17:09
spader5Hi! I just booted Lubuntu 18.10, and I'm trying to connect to a hidden wifi ssid. Google stubbornly insists that I want to know how to do this on ubuntu, which is not the same at all. The hardware itself is fine, I can see other access points when I click the connection button next to the clock. I just don't know where the option to connect to a hidden SSID is.18:28
diogenes_spader5, try: nm-applet or nm-connection-editor18:34
spader5Chicken and egg, unfortunately. to run either of those it wants me to connect and then install network-manager-gnome18:37
spader5Okay, in lubuntu 16.04.3, I can click what appears to be the same icon next to the clock, and in the menu that comes up, "Connect to Hidden Wi-Fi Network..." which works perfectly. Why was that removed in Cosmic?19:02
lubot<HMollerCl> network-manager-gnome is more complete.19:03
lubot<HMollerCl> but is gtk and consumes more resources in lxqt that nm-tray which is qt19:05
spader5Gotcha. So I guess the questions would be "Why is there no option to connect to hidden wifi in nm-tray, and where was the option moved to/what is the procedure in Cosmic?"19:08
lubot<HMollerCl> 18.04 is gtk and has network-manager-gnome which is complete19:19
lubot<HMollerCl> 18.10 is qt and has nm-tray which lacks some features19:19
spader5Gotcha. So if not through nm-tray, how do I connect to a hidden ssid on cosmic?19:39
rizwan__hey all19:42
rizwan__im relatively new to lubuntu19:42
rizwan__and it has annoyed me so much im looking at another distro lol19:43
rizwan__have any of you found that it just doesn't do certain things it should? For instance, I have problems saving LibreOffice word docs19:43
rizwan__I can't download more than one thing at once19:43
wxlnope don't have those problems19:49
wxlsince both saving and downloading involve disk usage it's certainly possible you have a failing disk. lubuntu is pretty great but it can't fix broken.19:50
lubot<HMollerCl> @rizwan__ [<rizwan__> have any of you found that it just doesn't do certain things it shoul …], what kind of problems19:55
lubot<HMollerCl> ?19:55
lubot<HMollerCl> @spader5 [<spader5> Gotcha. So if not through nm-tray, how do I connect to a hidden ssid o …], network-manager-gnome19:55
rizwan__lubot: so for instance, I cant save over .doc files with LibreOffice, and I cant download more than one thing at once.19:56
wxlrizwan__: since both saving and downloading involve disk usage it's certainly possible you have a failing disk. lubuntu is pretty great but it can't fix broken.19:56
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @rizwan__ [<rizwan__> lubot: so for instance, I cant save over .doc files with LibreOffice, …], You can.20:04
kat_hi guys?20:07
kat_hi, guys20:14
rizwan__hi kat?20:14
rizwan__hi kat20:14
kat_IDENTIFY Kat1 mountain20:16
kat_oh, ha I do not know how to use this irc very well. Sorry.20:17
wxloh boy go change your password20:17
kat_what do you mean wxl?20:18
wxlis that not your password? >>>> IDENTIFY Kat1 mountain20:18
lynoriankat_:  you put your password in the channel20:18
kat_ummm I don't know what i'm doing or what i just did? mountain is really nothing anywhere i think20:19
wxllet's hope so XD20:19
kat_ya that's dumb it's not a password20:19
kat_i thought i was making a password for Quassel irc, but not. ha20:19
diogenes_kat_, run: /msg NickServ identify <yourpassword>20:20
kat_it said invalid password for NotKat20:23
diogenes_then it means exactly what it says20:24
kat_ok so do you guys know how to make google chrome the default browser on Lubuntu 18.10?20:25
spader5So... no way to connect to a hidden ssid on cosmic except to install network-manager-gnome? Like I said, chicken and egg. I need to install network-manager-gnome to connect to the internet, and I have to connect to the internet to install network-manager-gnome. I'm okay with editing config files, I'm just not familiar with Cosmic. I had a peek at /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf and it's also completely different.20:36
kat_Does anyone know how to make Google Chrome the default browser?20:48
kat_i've tried a few things i found online, but they're not working for Lubuntu 18.10.20:50
kat_anybody here?20:56
greenvanam I wrong in thinking lubuntu 18.10 does not have a swap file?21:47
greenvanseems the default install did not create one21:52
greenvanI was just wondering why21:52

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