vorlontdaitx, gaughen: it was news to me that we wanted to give additional notice /before/ the security updates were released.  Does that refer to the Ubuntu blog post or something else?  That blog post draft is written in present tense, so is meant to go out when the release happens, not before17:36
vorlonif it refers to something else: who should give that notice, and where?17:37
gaughenwe should not block on the ubuntu blog post17:37
vorlongaughen: I agree; tdaitx suggested some other notice was needed before releasing though17:38
vorlonand I don't remember previously discussing that17:38
gaughenvorlon, I don't recall what that is. I know sbeattie was plotting to do a usn.17:38
vorlonwell, usn is also at time of release AIUI17:38
sbeattieyes, we only publish a usn once packages are available in the archive.17:39
tdaitxwe discussed about giving a heads up in one of the meetings and it was bought up again when we were discussing about u-u and saw which packages were affected17:50
tdaitxnot that I remember we ever saying it was going to block anything, only that it would be good to have a notice out17:51
vorlontdaitx: ok, I guess I don't remember this.  I think this only happens today if you have strong opinions and want to drive it18:01

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