dStructSnoop_: basically to install and run Ubuntu on your tablet it would require somewhat advanced knowledge of how linux works, it may be difficult but it looks like it can be done00:00
Snoop_wow this link is very helpful this is exactly whats going on with my tablet00:01
Snoop_i already have ubuntu installed its just some things are not working properly00:01
blebhey i want to use vainfo to find out what codecs i can hardware decode00:03
blebbut it seems like vainfo depends on libva-wayland200:04
blebwhy would this be? im not using wayland00:04
blebi see there is also libva-x11-200:06
blebbut apt says it will install libva-wayland2 for vainfo00:07
Bashing-ombleb: ' apt depends vainfo " yup - Depends: libva-wayland2. That is a question for the package manager people :)00:10
OerHeksbecause you have a wayland session also?00:12
OerHeksthat is standard, btw00:12
blebwhy would i00:12
OerHeksdefault xorg, Wayland as option installed00:13
blebthe default xorg package installs wayland?00:13
OerHeksno, as wayland is installed too, those dependencies are not that surprising00:14
blebwayland is installed? why?00:14
Bashing-ombleb: Wayland is a optional environment that yuou may boot into . ( I find I like it over the traditional Xorg)00:14
OerHekslogout, change DE, login :-)00:14
blebdoes 18.04 include wayland by default00:14
OerHeksyes, that is wht i try to tell ya00:15
blebis there an option not to00:15
OerHeksNo, and removing wayland can be an interesting job00:16
blebi was under the impression that 18.04 uses x by default00:16
OerHeksyes, that is correct00:16
blebso wayland is integrated into the system even if you use x?00:16
OerHeksbut wayland is installed too00:17
blebaren't they two separate ways of managing windows00:17
OerHeksyou *can* disable wayland from login, edit /etc/gdm3/custom.conf and uncomment #WaylandEnable=false00:17
blebwell i forgot to mention this is xubuntu so gdm is not included by default00:18
dStructOerHeks: ok so get this one, that issue installing server with my NIC, the ethernet 100% works AFTER Ubuntu installs lol, go figure00:19
OerHeksxubuntu, does that use lightdm?00:20
OerHeksdStruct, oh, surprisingly ,..00:20
dStructOerHeks: yeah I was shocked, I went and grabbed a USB to Eth adapter I had laying around, pulled up ifconfig and noticed I had a down unconfigured eno1 lol00:21
Bashing-omdStruct: OerHeks :: "sysop@x1804mini:~$ dpkg -l lightdm >> ii  lightdm        1.26.0-0ubun amd64        Display Manager" .00:23
OerHeksah oke, then my brain is still working00:24
Bashing-omOerHeks: I never doubted :P00:24
qwebirc60513hey i am having an issue signing  the kernel after upgrading to 1900:58
qwebirc60513on secure boot00:58
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dash886moving to the other pc'01:01
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Guest85076hi, running an ACER CLOUDBOOK 14, had ubuntu running fine on it...then problems began. systems tkes forever to boot. then, suddenly, sleep fails, and now ...cant boot into os at all. the emmc drive is not even being recognized01:28
Guest85076im running off the live usb and fdisk -l only shows the usb but not the internal storage01:29
Bashing-omGuest85076: Hello. Have you ran a file system check/repair ?01:29
Guest85076i have yes01:30
Bashing-omGuest85076: When bootiung, does bios see the hard drive ?01:30
Guest85076but the emmc drive doesnt even show up in bios,no01:31
dash886i think it is due  to secure boot01:31
Guest85076ive tried w nd wo secure boot01:31
Guest85076same issues01:31
Bashing-omGuest85076: If bios can not see the drivem can not pass it on to the kernel . Bad connection to the drive ?01:32
Guest85076very strange01:33
transhumanistHi! Its been a while since using wordpress on the ubuntu platform. Figured I would run by you all the problem that has been referred to me. http://wordpress.localhost/ some how ends up getting redirected to http://wordpress.localhost. As far as I can see nowhere in wordpress does it do this redirection. And it doesn't appear to be an htaccess file problem. Any ideas?01:34
Bashing-omGuest85076: I do have that issue that sometimes my boot drive looses a good connectiuon. reseating restores :)01:34
Guest85076i can boot the emmc drive ...takes me to grub loader...ive treied bootin the ubuntu default and recovery--both casue a kernel panik01:34
transhumanistoops the redirected it to http://wordpress.localhost:808001:34
Bashing-omGuest85076: But, you day that '01:35
Bashing-omfdisk' does not detect the drive ?01:35
Guest85076does not ,nope01:36
Guest85076only sees the usb01:36
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Bashing-omGuest85076: Sorta confusing in that you advise that bios does not see the drive, fdisk does not see the drive, yet you say you can boot to the grub boot loader. Is this "boot loader" on the liveUSB ?01:43
OerHeksmaybe the drive is not visible if the boot was in legacy ( not uefi)01:43
Bashing-omOerHeks: \o/ Good thought !01:44
Guest85076ok if I CAN boot the emmc drive it just kernel panics01:47
Bashing-omGuest85076: Then what shows ' sudo parted -l ' from the liveUSB ?01:50
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wildEMUDo permissions forbid rsync from backing up to a remote servers mounted hdd?02:09
tewardwildEMU: that's entirely dependent on how permissions on the remote server are set up and how you're rsyncing to it02:14
tewardsuch as where it's being written, what user you're using to do the remote sync to, etc.02:14
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Squarismtheres this chrome extension called "move to workspace" (or similar) that moves any new window to a certain workspace # depending on application. Im not sure how workspace 1 is resolved. Will that allways be empty? if I add a window to workspace 1 it becomes 2?02:24
OerHeksSquarism, i think that is a *gnome* extention, yes, it keeps track of your desired setting02:27
Squarismhehe.. oops. brain malfunction02:27
OerHeksnp, i understand it02:27
SquarismOerHeks, does it work as I described or in some other way?02:28
OerHeksand install gnome-tweak-tool, that gives access to those extentions easily02:28
Squarismi have it02:28
OerHeksif i open it, auto-move-windows > settings, i can add a rule, then you can select manually app and workspace02:30
OerHeksbut fluently and standard, hexchat here opens always on workspace2, where i closed it02:30
SquarismOerHeks, im interrested in how workspaces are labled/numbered.02:34
OerHekssystemsettings > devices > displays #gives the indicator in the left top corners02:35
SquarismOerHeks, hmm not here. It shows the "display #"02:39
Squarismi have dynamic workspaces turned on in gnome tweak tool02:39
Squarism...and it doesnt seem to close empty workspaces as it says02:41
Aztec03I upgraded from 16.04 to 18.04, and I noticed the nautilus UI has changed. What is the normally intuitive method for connecting to a remote server with it?02:45
Aztec03is it really CTRL-L with no means of telling the user visually?02:45
tewardAztec03: "+ Other Locations" and the Connect to Server bar at the bottom?02:46
Aztec03I see, thanks02:46
Aztec03fastest solution ever ^_^02:46
AndyChow888Hi. I'm having a basic problem. My 3rd monitor doesn't show up. They are all connected to a radeon RX 480 by display port. They work when booting with windows.02:47
AndyChow888xrandr outputs: xrandr: Output DisplayPort-0 is not disconnected but has no modes02:48
Squarismwhat do i miss if i switch from IBUS to NONE as "Keyboard input method"?02:54
Squarism(Ibus is stealing important shortcuts)02:54
guest69Has anyone found a fix for lightdm default user-session? I've set the user-session=LXDE, and the greeter shows it as the default; yet mate is always selected (not even installed as such mind, just the screensaver)02:57
guest69any way to get it to stay with the default?02:58
guivercguest69, are you just talking about a mate plymouth screen (ie. a image showed instead of boot message)  (it doesn't relate to lxde/lubuntu/mate - it's like a wallpaper and can be changed)02:59
guest69no, I'm talking about lightdm and using slick-greeter, and the default set to LXDE, but it preselects mate - which is not actually installed, just the screensaver03:01
guest69which leaves a non-useable system unless you're watching what you're doing - and I have inexperienced users03:01
guest69dmrc is LXDE too btw03:02
guest69for some reason it is being stubborn and listening to the config at all03:03
guest69unless there is a config that I'm missing somewhere that I don't know about - AFAIK conf overrides dconf though, shouldn't it?03:03
guest69^not listening03:03
guivercguest69, it may help if we know a release of Ubuntu03:03
guiverchttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LightDM is the lightdm wiki03:04
guest69issue is with lightdm - no ubuntu involved. As far as I was aware, that was an ubuntu project though, wasn't it?03:05
AndyChow888I doubt it. gdm is the gnome thing.03:05
guivercif you're not using Ubuntu, you're off-topic as this room supports Ubuntu releases.  If you have a bug with a software package (lightdm) you should file it with your release of GNU/Linux, and upstream after that ..03:06
guest69plus all the issues I've discovered via google have all involved ubuntu as well03:06
guivercguest69, ^03:06
guivercmost references relate to ubuntu, it may not mean anything more than most people/references refer to ubuntu causing google to relate it that way03:07
guiverc`lightdm` has been a community package since before 18.04 LTS (probably 17.04)03:08
AndyChow888guest69, do you have a ~/.dmrc file?03:08
guest69AndyChow888: yes - set to LXDE as well03:11
guest69so no idea why it would insist on mate03:11
AndyChow888guest69, what are the permission to that file? They must be 64403:12
guest69permissions are correct -rw-r--r--03:16
guest69what other conf files are there? user-session-LXDE in lightdm.conf03:17
the2048I'd say do 755 for some example permissions if you need to modify03:17
guest69the2048: I'll give it a shot, but I'd say that's overkill - that would also allow whatever is insisting on mate to adjust it to what it wants as well03:19
the2048But if you need to just quickly test something then you can use it temporarily03:20
AndyChow888rw-r-r is 644 alright.03:20
guest69to test will kick me off here. What other configs would have relevance here?03:20
guest69read = 4, write = 203:21
guest69exec = 103:21
AndyChow888Yeah. Orthogonal encoding.03:21
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blebim trying to mount an nfs share03:48
bleb$ showmount -e
blebExport list for
bleb/usr/home/cm/kodi (everyone)03:48
bleb^ so far so good. but then:03:48
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bleb$ sudo mount -t nfs mnt03:48
blebmount.nfs: requested NFS version or transport protocol is not supported03:48
blebany way to get more diagnostic info?03:49
blebthe nfs server is freebsd fwiw...03:49
Eickmeyerbleb: I'm no expert at this, but what happens if you leave the absolute path out? (i.e. sudo mount -t nfs
blebmount.nfs: remote share not in 'host:dir' format03:52
blebanother thing is this:03:52
bleb$ sudo mount -t nfs -o vers=4 mnt03:52
blebmount.nfs: Protocol not supported03:52
blebthis appears to be saying nfsv4 is not supported03:52
blebbut this seems to say nfsv4 is supported https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NFSv4Howto03:53
Eickmeyerbleb: try the same command, but with "mount -t nfs4" instead and see what happens.03:54
Eickmeyerbleb: i.e. sudo mount -t nfs4 mnt03:56
blebmount.nfs4: requested NFS version or transport protocol is not supported03:57
Eickmeyerbleb: Did you "modprobe nfs"?03:57
blebah i think i figured it out03:59
blebrpcbind on the nas was not aware of the nfsd04:00
EickmeyerAh. Yep, that would do it.04:00
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deancMorning. I'm encountering a strange issue where sometimes my caps lock key gets err locked. Even when i disconnect the keyboard and plug it in again, it's set to on, so I know this is not a hw issue06:45
qwebirc30628hi, does anyone know where to find instruction to reinstall ubuntu on a machine with ubuntu already on uefi.06:51
qwebirc30628i only see instruction from windows to ubuntu, but I don't see any from ubuntu to ubuntu.06:51
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Koopzhmmm... can i move specific users to a new server?07:42
lotuspsychjeKoopz: come join in #ubuntu-server for likeminded volunteers07:43
elias_aIs 14.04 still upgradeable to newer versions?07:44
lotuspsychjeelias_a: yes, still supported to LTS upgrade07:44
Koopz¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i'd ask the same question in case i should get a new workstation running the desktop version but fine07:44
elias_alotuspsychje: TY07:44
BasinatorHi there!08:18
BasinatorI am tryying for roughly 5 workdays to get VNC working on LTSP-clients08:18
Basinatorif you got any advice or can help I am grateful for that.08:18
BasinatorI can contact the server by vnc08:19
Basinatorbut not to an LTSP client08:19
lotuspsychjeBasinator: be carefull with vnc, its a big security risk these days, can you do your work over ssh for example?08:19
BasinatorWe want direct support to one of our customers who runs edubuntu08:19
BasinatorAs in: See what they see.08:20
mousesBasinator: can't think of a single good reason one would ever want to run vnc08:20
BasinatorI have tried anydesktop for linux, but I think it has the same issue for not working as VNC08:20
mousesBasinator: try chrome remote desktop?08:20
Basinatorit looks like the xserver of the LTSP client can't open a display for that app08:20
BasinatorI don't even know how to setup chrome remote desktop on an LTSP client because the only GUI is the login screen to LTSP and else I can only use console.08:21
BasinatorAnd TBH I am not sure if it wouldn08:21
Basinator't run in the same x-org issue08:21
BasinatorI can grab the VNC error message, moment.08:22
lotuspsychjeBasinator: we really reccomend to use something else, your machines will get hammered on vnc08:23
lotuspsychje!vnc | Basinator08:23
ubottuBasinator: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX08:23
BasinatorTell that my boss. :p08:23
lotuspsychjeBasinator: you tell it to your boss :p08:24
BasinatorVNC errors regarding X, prob .XAuthority: http://paste.arn-fai.net/?287222708:24
BasinatorIf you got other solutions, sure.08:25
BasinatorI figured I might could configure SSH after setting up VNC08:25
lotuspsychjeBasinator: ssh X, teamviewer, remmina, ..08:25
BasinatorI might need to create an .Xauthority but no idea on how to do that08:25
BasinatorIsn't Remmina an VLC client? I tried it and worked not at all while other VNCviewers did (VNC connection to the LTSP serveR)08:26
Basinatorteamviewer isn't free to use as a company08:26
Basinatorplus: linux download page is a 404.08:27
Basinatorx ssh...Well, we run Windows machines here.08:28
BasinatorSo yeah, I am not convinced any of these are alternatives for us.08:31
BasinatorAnydesk sounds fine, but only runs properly if the LTSP client user is also logged in as a session on the LTSP server08:31
matteotancahi all08:36
matteotancaI'm getting this error whit apt update08:37
matteotancaW: Errore GPG: http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb stable Release: Le seguenti firme non erano valide: EXPKEYSIG 1397BC53640DB551 Google Inc. (Linux Packages Signing Authority) <linux-packages-keymaster@google.com>08:37
matteotancacan you help? I already tried to delete the key and redownload it, seems like the key is invalid08:37
NTQMusst wohl mal deinen Key vom Google PPA aktualisieren.08:37
NTQoh, sorry. :-D08:38
NTQmatteotanca: Seems your PGP key for the Google PPA is too old. I guess you have installed Google Chrome?08:38
NTQThe easiest solution could be to download the chrome installer again an install it again, then the key should be refreshed too.08:39
guivercmatteotanca, have a look at https://askubuntu.com/questions/1133199/the-following-signatures-were-invalid-expkeysig-1397bc53640db55108:39
NTQBut that's just aguess08:39
guiverc(ie. google stuffed up, no doubt they'll be working on it so be patient)08:40
matteotancayeah same problem, maybe is a google problem becouse I already tried to reinstall chrome from google and also tried to delete apt list and keys, but still having the error08:41
matteotancathanks, I'll wait08:41
faekjarzHi, is there a DEB package of nvtop(https://github.com/Syllo/nvtop) somewhere?08:54
ducassefaekjarz: if there is nothing in the repos you should ask the maintainer of the software09:02
algunWhat's the key combo for switching virtual desktops in Ubuntu's own UI?09:10
algunI forgot its name (I wanna say docky?) otherwise I'd google it myself09:10
algunoh i tried ctrl+alt+up/down, that works09:11
algunDifferent question then. I have a laptom and a monitor connected to it. I show one screen on the stand-alone monitor, one on the leptop. When I disconnect the monitor, how do I get to its screen on the laptop? Mind you the laptop's screen does not show the title bar or the side dock.09:13
algunthe above-mentioned virtual desktop key combo doesn't do anything for me in this scenario09:14
faekjarzducasse: well, it's not in their README, so i guess i'll have to build it myself.09:16
ducassefaekjarz: that, or search launchpad for a ppa09:17
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BasinatorOn my issue above: Any advice on how to craete an .Xauthory file for root?09:23
Basinator(For x11vnc on a LTSP client)09:23
tiptophi@ll, problem@SCRIPT: crontab call a script....script starts tmux....then calls a script, cause cramping with tiks (') and quotes ("), it works fine. BUT: only with "cd path"...."./path/script.sh". it should be possible to use the absolute path, but it doesnt. :/09:33
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FrogCastHey, I am getting a error when trying to run a qprocess `"Resource error (fork failure): Cannot allocate memory"`09:49
FrogCastIt was working before, but I have made a change that adds a massive hash into memory, which has my program now idling at about 2.5 gigabytes large.09:51
FrogCastThing is, I should have more than enough ram leftover to fork, but it is not letting this program do so.09:51
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tiiptopQ: <tiptop> hi@ll, problem@SCRIPT: crontab call a script....script starts tmux....then calls a script, cause cramping with tiks (') and quotes ("), it works fine. BUT: only with "cd path"...."./path/script.sh". it should be possible to use the absolute path, but it doesnt. :/10:22
EriC^tiiptop: maybe the script depends on the cwd to be set10:27
EriC^tiiptop: so cd path, /absolute/path/script.sh would actually work in that case10:28
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tiiptopEriC^: , "cd path"(=/home/user/paht/)...."./script.sh" is working. NOTworking: /home/user/path/script.sh. mh. :/10:52
EriC^tiiptop: try to cd path then use absolute path10:52
tiiptopEriC^: is there no way just to use an absolute path there?10:53
tiiptopEriC^: i like to skip "cd path"....is there no way just to use an absolute path there?10:54
EriC^tiiptop: as i said see if cd path then using absolute path works10:55
EriC^if it does then use cron's way to set the environment, or set it from within the script itself somehow10:55
tiiptopEriC^: yes, it works. ("cd path"...."/home/user/path/script.sh") what is it telling u?? (i dont get it.)11:05
EriC^tiiptop: it's telling me your script depends on the set CWD to work, it doesnt actually set it itself intelligently11:05
EriC^tiiptop: either use cron's environment settings, or modify the script11:05
EriC^tiiptop: do you know what a CWD is?11:07
JonelethIrenicusdrivermanger_dbus is failing because it cant import Qt 5.10, but i am not showing 5.10 in my repos and I am showing 5.9 in the repos any idea how to fix this?11:33
tomreyn!details | JonelethIrenicus11:38
ubottuJonelethIrenicus: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.11:38
JonelethIrenicustomreyn: drivermanager_dbus is crashing because it cannot import a a library because it can't find the version it wants11:38
JonelethIrenicusDriverManager_DBus crashed with ImportError in __main__: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libQt5Core.so.5: version `Qt_5.10' not found (required by /usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/PyQt5/QtCore.so)11:39
tomreynstart with ubuntu version, explain what you're doing, what prints this error message.11:39
tomreynand provide the full in- and output on a pastebin11:40
tomreynDriverManager_DBus is a function in a python library. if this is an ubuntu support request, not just a proigramming question (off-topic here) then you must be running some command which calls this function.11:41
JonelethIrenicustomreyn: its apart of my DE11:42
tomreynJonelethIrenicus: your ubuntu version is?11:42
JonelethIrenicusin KDE the Settings manager and it is called in the background11:42
JonelethIrenicusi dont know much more then that11:43
JonelethIrenicusi got this error because it pops up some times11:43
JonelethIrenicuswants to report the error11:43
tomreynokay, that's much better already.11:43
tomreynJonelethIrenicus: so you have ubuntu or kubuntu 18.04 installed (not some derivative, right? and when you start the KDE settings manager then sometimes an error message pops up whic reports "DriverManager_DBus crashed with ImportError in __main__: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libQt5Core.so.5: version `Qt_5.10' not found (required by /usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/PyQt5/QtCore.so)". Correct?11:44
tomreynJonelethIrenicus: still around?11:47
JonelethIrenicustomreyn: it happens any time it runs in the background11:48
tomreynJonelethIrenicus: okay, thanks for clarifying. can you confirm that you're seeing this issue on ubuntu or kubuntu 18.04 (not some derivative)?11:49
tomreynJonelethIrenicus: you can run this command if unsure: nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)11:49
pagiosHi, when running ssh -X on my cloud headless system, the graphics are so slow |(example playing a video remotely) how can i optimize this?11:49
JonelethIrenicusits kubuntu11:50
blackflowpagios: you can't really. best you can do is run openssh server with "none" cipher support, but I don't think regular Ubuntu's ssh can do that without rebuilding it.11:51
tomreynJonelethIrenicus: /usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/PyQt5/QtCore.so is a library you installed via pip, it would seem?11:52
pagiosblackflow, so it is slow by default?11:52
blackflowpagios: yes. remote xorg is not meant for high bandwidth situations, definitely not over ssh designed for typing (ack after smallest packets). I've had it very slow even on localhost between two jails, via tcp.11:53
blackflow(so let alone any actual network latency involved)11:53
JonelethIrenicustomreyn: maybe11:54
JonelethIrenicustomreyn: how do i know11:54
pagiosblackflow, alternatives to run remote gui?11:56
pagiosnot teamviewer please :)11:56
tomreynJonelethIrenicus: i'd think    /usr/bin/pip3 list --local11:56
tomreynJonelethIrenicus: can you post the last 500 lines of your system journal?     journalctl -n 500 | nc termbin.com 999911:57
JonelethIrenicustomreyn: it shows "PyQt5 (5.10.1)"11:57
JonelethIrenicustomreyn: https://termbin.com/5zfa11:58
tomreynJonelethIrenicus: right, that's not installed by default11:58
JonelethIrenicustomreyn: i guess not11:59
tomreynif you installed the python3-pyqt5 package via apt, you'd see the library in /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/PyQt5 , not in /usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/PyQt511:59
JonelethIrenicustomreyn: should i uninstall it?11:59
tomreynJonelethIrenicus: you installed it, so oyu'll be best qualified to tell whether it's wise to uninstall it.12:00
JonelethIrenicusyeah sure12:00
JonelethIrenicuspip is always so dangerous12:01
tomreynyou should use virtualenvs12:01
JonelethIrenicusdont know why it doesn't use them by default12:01
JonelethIrenicusfor ignorant people like me12:01
tomreynor at least dont install python modules system wide, but in the system user scope12:02
JonelethIrenicusi see12:02
JonelethIrenicusis that the difference between sudo and just pip12:02
tomreynyes and no, you'd need to run pipi without sudo, but also with the --user option.12:03
tomreynJonelethIrenicus: in addition to the drivermanager issue, your system log shows several file system mounting issues.12:06
tomreyni suggest you uninstall the system wide pythion 3.6 pyqt module, then see if the drivermanager works fine.12:07
tomreynthis is what the full error message looks lik eon your logs: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Ysd9b4hVgY/12:08
tomreynyou will need to restart your desktop environment after removing this python module.12:09
BluesKajHi folks12:09
tomreynJonelethIrenicus: do you need any more help with this?12:11
JonelethIrenicustomreyn: i think i will just uninstall that package and hopefully that resolves any further issues12:13
JonelethIrenicustomreyn: thanks12:13
JonelethIrenicustomreyn: i am moving my extra drives from ntfs to ext4 so it is a little messy right now12:14
tomreynJonelethIrenicus: i think it will solve the immediate python issue. the mounting issues which i assume may slow down your system boot significantly, will likely prevail.12:14
JonelethIrenicustomreyn: yeah it is annoying happens sometimes12:15
tomreynyou should compare the lines in /etc/fstab against the output of lsblk12:16
JonelethIrenicustomreyn: thanks i will12:18
JonelethIrenicustomreyn: that is one of the reasons i am moving to ext412:19
tomreynpagios: vnc will be better.12:19
JonelethIrenicustomreyn: proton and wine give so much issues if you use an NTFS disk12:19
tomreynJonelethIrenicus: i have little experience with either, can't comment.12:20
tomreynpagios: also consider x2go12:21
TomyWorkI'm trying to boot off a usb stick with kubuntu 18.04.2 on it and i'm getting something like /casper/vmlinuz not found12:33
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: how did you create your usb?12:33
TomyWorki think the guy who gave it to me just copied the iso onto it with windows explorer12:34
TomyWorknot sure though, still inquiring12:34
TomyWorkwhat's the proper way?12:34
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: you need a tool to create an usb12:34
lotuspsychje!usb | TomyWork12:34
ubottuTomyWork: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent12:34
TomyWorksurprisingly, i get a grub menu, though :D12:35
TomyWorkhe sent me this: https://rufus.ie/de_DE.html12:36
TomyWorknot good?12:36
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: rufus should work actually12:36
TomyWorkok, do i need to put it into legacy bios mode or something?12:37
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: do you want to singleboot or dualboot?12:39
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: and wich Os do you create the usb from?12:40
TomyWorksingle boot12:41
TomyWorkand from windows, on another machine12:41
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: try universal usb installer12:41
TomyWorkdeactivating secureboot doesnt help either :/12:41
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: doublecheck your iso with !md512:41
tomreynTomyWork: you don't need to switch to legacy (BIOS) boot, you should not need to have to disable secure boot. i suggest you just re-do the usb.12:47
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=== hadret_li is now known as hadret
TomyWorkthis kubuntu installer is clunky, how do i tell it to create 32 GB of swap and use LVM?13:13
TomyWorki dont seem to be able to configure lvm with it at all13:14
TomyWorkoh well i guess i'll just move some space over later13:14
EriC^TomyWork: you could just create a larger swap file later if it's 18.04+13:17
TomyWorknot gonnause a swap file13:18
TomyWorkbut i know how to move space to the swap with lvm later13:18
makkYou could also switch to another tty and do it on the terminal there if you know how.13:19
TomyWorki dont really want to interfere with the installer in that way :)13:20
TomyWorkplus i already went ahead13:20
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zero116hello ~14:14
lotuspsychjewelcome zero11614:14
zero116where are you from?14:15
lotuspsychje!chat | zero11614:15
ubottuzero116: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:15
lotuspsychjewelcome BlitzKrieg14:19
lotuspsychjewhat can we do for you today BlitzKrieg14:19
BlitzKriegBasically, Software updater doesn't work, it constantly prompts me to check my internet connection. I've tried changing to the main Ubuntu server, but nothing's working so far.14:20
lotuspsychjeBlitzKrieg: could you pastebin whats happening please?14:22
=== nat is now known as Natkeeran
BlitzKriegEr... Meaning? I'm a bit Linux illiterate, I basically just switched to Linux so... Apologies if I get a bit annoying!14:23
lotuspsychjeBlitzKrieg: open a terminal and: sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade14:24
lotuspsychje!pastebin | BlitzKrieg14:24
ubottuBlitzKrieg: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:24
tenplus1hi guys... is anyone else having boot issues with the new 5.0 kernel ???14:25
lotuspsychjeBlitzKrieg: this way wa can help you see whats really happening there14:25
lotuspsychjetenplus1: wich ubuntu release are you on?14:25
tenplus1I've installed and tested 19.04 alpha and been updating since then, it's worked fine on 4.19 but 5.0 stalls on a black screen (even from flash drive)14:26
pragmaticenigma!ubuntu+1 | tenplus114:26
ubottutenplus1: Disco Dingo is the codename for Ubuntu 19.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+114:26
tenplus1ah thanks :)14:26
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quakenet INVITED: Hello I invite you to a great chat service >< IRC quakenet  ORG <<< #philosophy  #DALnet , #NASA , #Freenode , #LOVE14:33
leftyfb!op | quakenet14:33
ubottuquakenet: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax14:33
leftyfbquakenet: spamming is offtopic here.14:34
quakenet INVITED: Hello I invite you to a great chat service >< IRC quakenet  ORG <<< #philosophy  #DALnet , #NASA , #Freenode , #LOVE14:34
ansyebhello. how to start ubuntu-based container with systemd? so that I am able to control services inside through it14:45
leftyfbansyeb: try #lxcontainers14:45
OerHeksupdating and google chrome gives an error, again a new key needed? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Wm4tvTfm6y/14:46
OerHeksi find https://askubuntu.com/questions/1133273/what-to-do-with-keyexpired-1555048520-on-updating-google-chrome-and-earth-reposi14:49
OerHeksand a possible fix, remove the repo, chrome, and download the deb again? https://askubuntu.com/questions/1133199/the-following-signatures-were-invalid-expkeysig-1397bc53640db55114:49
OerHeksor is it the switch to https?14:50
qwebirc4556Hey all! Big issue, I think i added a bad .bashrc commands, and every time i enter to my user the terminal crashes. I've tried using a diffrent tty in roder to skip GUI, same issue, the tty crashes and restart. any ideas?14:51
leftyfbqwebirc4556: boot into rescue mode and undo your mistake14:52
qwebirc4556I figured some engine like windows safe mode exists but i could not find info, can you point me a keyword?14:53
Guest90182hi all14:53
pragmaticenigmaOerHeks: That's how I have resolved my issues with Google's Chrome repo in the past14:54
leftyfbqwebirc4556: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode  found when searching for "ubuntu recovery mode"14:54
qwebirc4556<3 <leftyfb>  Ty!14:54
leftyfbGuest90182: hello. How can we help you?14:54
OerHekspragmaticenigma, oke, me too, now this tombola appears again, i installed apt-transport-https, no dice, removed chrome and repo, now installing14:54
pragmaticenigmaI don't think it has to do with https... as much as google just randomly does strange things on their repo. Sometimes it resolves itself after a few hours too14:55
=== BurekzFinezt is now known as Burek
OerHekspragmaticenigma, hmm, i installed a fresh deb, no dice, again this key error15:01
OerHeksthis is ugly, we will get a lot of questions about this15:01
pragmaticenigmaOerHeks: let's follow up in -discuss15:04
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dbff2when to prefer an SSH tunnel vs an OpenVPN network15:11
Sven_vBdbff2, in case you need just a few ports and want them easy.15:12
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=== murthy_ is now known as murthy
pragmaticenigmadbff2: That depends on your use case. If you only need access to specific things, a port forward maybe enough via SSH. If you want to do more with the remote machine (access file shares, web server) as if it was on your local network, A VPN is a better optio15:15
avocadoanyone have trouble with google's signing key today (https://dl-ssl.google.com/linux/linux_signing_key.pub)?15:30
avocadoone of the subkeys looks expired and i'm having problems pulling versions of chrome in my CI :S15:30
OerHeksavocado, we know about this, there is no solution yet.15:31
pragmaticenigmaavocado: Yes, many people are. Google has not updated their signing key. Please also understand that Google provides it's own software repository. Support here is limited for software repositories not provided by Ubuntu15:31
avocadoOerHeks: pragmaticenigma okay.. good to know i'm not alone15:31
lotuspsychjeavocado: feel free to join the discussion in #ubuntu-discuss15:31
dbff2how do I choose if I want to tunnel my internet traffic through VPN on my local machine15:33
dbff2e.g. I want to be connected to the VPN network15:33
dbff2but I want to choose if I want to tunnel through it to access the internetzz15:34
leftyfbdbff2: connect to the vpn. If the vpn is setup properly, that's how it works15:35
pragmaticenigmadbff2: This channel is for support topic related to the Ubuntu operating system, updates, and configurations. For questions like "which is better" or recommendations, please join us in #ubuntu-offtopic15:36
dbff2@pragmaticenigma maybe my question wasn't clear. I am curious how to configure Ubuntu to not tunnel regular traffic through VPN15:41
dbff2but remain attached to it15:41
dbff2e.g. I can access
leftyfbdbff2: there should be a setting in your vpn config "use this connection only for resources on its network" under the ipv4 tab15:42
dbff2thanks boss! leftyfb15:50
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ubottuno, not yet out. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DiscoDingo/ReleaseSchedule15:55
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subcoolwhat is the filesystem for /boot16:19
EriC^subcool: ext4 works well16:19
subcoolthats the default, - but i thought it was fat 16 or something really basic16:20
dabbillsubcool:  ext2/3/4 what ever you want to run. /boot/EFI needs to be fat16:20
EriC^subcool: no fat16/32 is usually used for efi partitions (esp)16:20
subcoolcool- thanks.16:20
=== murthy is now known as murthy_
jcottoni beleive the spec specifies fat32 explicitly16:46
jcduttonHi. Is there anyone we can ask to fix the google chrome signing key.  It expired today.16:48
=== murthy_ is now known as murthy
hggdhjcdutton: chrome, or chrmium-browser?16:50
dStructtomreyn: I figured I'd provide some closure on that ethernet issue I was having yesterday.  So I simply disabled the ethernet NICs in the BIOS, booted and it let me install.  Funny thing though I was gearing up to put a USB to Eth adapter on the server when I found after it booted it somehow had the firmware already, even though the installer itself did not.16:54
jcduttonhggdh, the one here: deb [arch=amd64] http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/ stable main16:54
hggdhjcdutton: you will have to contact Google itself. Chrome is released and controlled by them, not by us.16:54
tomreyndStruct: oh thats good to know, please add a note on the bug report for others to benefit from your discovery16:56
dStructtomreyn: sounds good, thanks again for the help16:56
tomreynyou're welcome16:57
dStructtomreyn: on bug 1763823, I don't think that's actually my issue, linux-firmware did infact have the firmware, however my issue was it was simply not included in the server boot image, should I submit a new bug?17:04
ubottubug 1763823 in linux-firmware (Ubuntu Xenial) "Update firmware for 18.04 hwe kernel" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/176382317:04
Guest27404Greetings, i tried the Ubuntu Budgie live version today to see whether it supports HD videos in the browser. But it didn't17:04
tomreyndStruct: yes, i would say so17:04
Guest27404Should i install and check it or can i find it in the live version itself?17:05
tomreynGuest27404: what kind of videos?17:05
tomreynwhich browser?17:06
tomreynwhich ubuntu version?17:06
Guest27404Videos and movies in streaming site (Prime Video and Netflix), Browser: Firefox and Ubuntu Version 18.04 Budgie17:06
tomreynoh so drm stuff, requiring widevine17:07
Guest27404Yes, DRM was activated, Widevine was installed but still it played in SD17:07
tomreynshould work on firefox if you checked the 3rd party drivers option during installation17:08
tomreynoh ok17:08
Guest27404Hmm Ok, tomreyn. I am going to install it tomorrow17:08
tomreynthen i wouldnt know, ask them how to use their streams on your platform17:09
Guest27404Before that i wanted to know whether there is a solution. Most of the distros failed17:09
tomreynno idea, i don't use drm17:09
Guest27404I asked Amazon and they give a reply saying Linux doesn't Amazon Prime17:09
tomreynso you have an answer.17:10
tomreynthey dont support linux17:10
Guest27404Oh ok, thanks for the help though tomreyn. Anyone else can fill me with some insights17:10
Guest27404Yes they don't support Linux and i saw in few forum or thread that users are able to play HD videos17:10
tomreynthere's #ubuntu-offtopic for non supported configurations.17:11
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jcduttonhggdh, I have managed to raise a google security bug. I will see what happens.17:14
qwebirc78372hi im having trouble with the ubuntu installer17:16
OerHeksyay, the google chrome key bug disappeared17:17
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jack-if i want to make a system "lighter" - what should i replace first?17:33
jack-xorg? the DE? something else?17:34
Aireejack-, what DE do you run?17:34
jack-MATE, atm17:35
Aireeyou typically want to look at replacing that if you run a "heavy" de17:35
jmcjack-: you can start with https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD17:35
jack-ok, thx17:35
AireeMATE is already pretty light. you can look at something like LXDE.17:35
jack-right - thx17:35
jack-which browser should i run? firefox/opera/chrome?17:36
AireeFirefox is what I use. Use what is best for you.17:37
jack-currently testing all 3 :)17:37
jack-i like chrome17:37
Aireejack-, Opera is chromium based w/ more/ features, Chrome is run by too creepy a company for my taste.17:37
jack-opera is cool, admitted17:38
Aireedegoogled chromium is also an option, but i wanted to be able to send tabs to my phone17:38
Airee so i use firefox17:38
jack-seems slightly bloated though, compared to chrome17:38
Aireenot sure I understand in that regard, but I have a really good system so17:39
Aireemaybe I just don't notice any performance constraints17:39
jack-maybe :P17:40
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Aireeare there any good like17:47
Aireewindows task manager clones for linux17:47
Aireewith a similar table layout17:47
Airee& nvidia support17:48
Airee"There were 50191 failed login attempts since the last successful login."17:50
jack-Airee: wow17:52
OerHeksAiree, standard would be gnome-system-monitor17:53
OerHeksit is a *good* manager, no other one needed imho17:53
Aireejack-, on my SSH server17:54
lordcirth__pretty standard for anything with port 22 open17:55
OerHeksAiree, lolz, geo block some countries like China, Russia..17:55
jack-did you publish the ip somewhere?17:55
OerHeksno need to publish your ip, they scan the whole internnets17:55
jack-Airee_: use ipv6 only :)17:56
tewardAiree: that's not atypical of any thousands of services scanners that hit web-facing SSH ports.  Use key auth only.17:56
jack-should solve the problem, mostly17:56
lordcirth__It certainly solves the "scan" approach, that's for sure :P17:57
jack-yeah :P17:58
lordcirth__I also love the fact that my house has a real /64, because why not.17:58
OerHeksharden ssh, other port, restricted login for certain domain/ip, tons of howto's in the wild17:58
jack-lordcirth__:  what a waste :)17:59
Aireeteward, I already do17:59
Aireejack-, that's dumb and impractical17:59
jack-to go ipv6-only?18:00
lordcirth__Note that you don't have to do that for all services, just ssh.18:01
jack-well...depends on what you really need :)18:01
AireeI don't have to do it for any services :D18:01
rypervenchelordcirth__: A /64 (at *least* a /64, I should say) is normal and recommended for an IPv6 network.18:05
lordcirth__rypervenche, yes, I know. It's just so nice after dealing with NAT.18:05
rypervenchelordcirth__: Agreed. Back to the way IPv4 used to be.18:05
justthedoctorim compiling something on ubuntu DISTRIB_RELEASE=14.04 its complaining of /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lqrencode i know i have qrencode and qrencode-dev installed,18:06
justthedoctorcan anyone please help me with this really quick18:06
jack-(salut, rypervenche)18:06
OerHeksjustthedoctor, tell us what you are compiling, really quick?18:07
lordcirth__justthedoctor, LD_DEBUG=all make18:07
shivayahi holks, i am trying to set up unattented install with debian-installer and I have a line "d-i passwd/make-user boolean false" to skip regular user creation but the installer presents the prompt and won't let me continue without regular user. does anyone know if I need to do something else beside passwd/make-user?18:07
rypervenchejack-: Hi there. :P18:07
lordcirth__Oh, actually "ld -lqrencode --verbose" would be better18:08
justthedoctorOerHeks: i am compiling a crypto currency -qt lordcirth__  i dont know how to apply that,18:08
naccjustthedoctor: you need libqrencode4 and/or libqrencode-dev18:09
naccjustthedoctor: probably the latter18:09
justthedoctori have both18:09
naccjustthedoctor: are you possibly building a 32-bit binary or something?18:09
naccjustthedoctor: also trusty goes eol in a few months18:10
naccjustthedoctor: ... wrong paste?18:10
justthedoctorwhen i apt-get the -dev or the normal, it says its installed18:10
justthedoctorim getting a error that says its not there18:10
OerHeks* eol in less than a month, April 3018:11
naccOerHeks: thank you for the correction18:11
justthedoctorthis app is multi os capable, i compiled for windows, compiled for mac and i get this on ubuntu18:11
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vijuHello, I get warning when I login that says something under /etc file/folder not found. Profile will not be configured correctly. You should fix this as soon as feasible.18:19
lordcirth__viju, we can't really help you without knowing what this "something" is...18:19
vijuI tried to copy the text but it did not copy. It comes as dialog box with nothing available to take the screenshot.18:20
CrayOsicomHello ubuntu peeps! I come to you, hat in hand, begging  for help: I cannot get L2TP VPN to work with a sonic wall appliance! Please can you help? I will give you millions and millions of internet points!18:20
leftyfbviju: there is no error message in linux that says "something under /etc/ file/folder not found". If you'd like help, you need to explain what the exact error message is and where exactly you see it and what you'te doing to cause it. Also what version of ubuntu18:20
vijuAlso, the system won't let me logoff.18:21
vijuIt just stays there with no error.18:21
vijuI'll have to reboot for that. I'll jot it down on paper and come back.18:22
CrayOsicomI've tried many many things over the course of several days now, and it completes phase1 negotiations and then just immediately craps out and disconnects. No reason given and no meaningful error message! Can anyone help?18:22
lordcirth__CrayOsicom, do you have L2TP working on some other system?18:23
CrayOsicomYes, the l2tp works great in windows and macOS18:23
CrayOsicomAnd I can l2tp to my windows RRAS based L2TP vpn, on ubuntu18:23
CrayOsicomBut not the sonicwall :(18:23
vijuleftyfb, lordcirth__ https://pastebin.com/Qd2m7Lf4   This happened again while I was attempting to logoff. I'm on ubuntu 18 LTS18:25
leftyfbCrayOsicom: Tried specifying the algorithms in your vpn settings?18:25
CrayOsicom@lordcirth__ here's the pastebin: https://pastebin.com/PiqW1BBs18:25
lordcirth__viju, ok, please pastebin /etc/profile18:26
thomas-pc2Hey question here -- I've added a PPA and installed a bunch of Qemu/Kvm related packages. I can see Qemu 3.1 in the PPA list, but it will only install 2.12. How can I force 3.1? (I opted to try this repository vs compiling for now)18:26
leftyfbviju: looks like you tried editing your /etc/profile and pasted something in you shouldn't have18:26
lordcirth__and /usr/share/im-config/data/21_ibus.rc18:26
thomas-pc2PPA is https://launchpad.net/~jacob/+archive/ubuntu/virtualisation18:26
vijuleftyfb, I think I've added some lines for java home18:27
vijuI'll paste it give me a few minutes18:28
lordcirth__thomas-pc2, PPA's aren't really supported here. However, that PPA has packages for multiple Ubuntu versions; if you are on 18.04, that may be the problem.18:28
leftyfbCrayOsicom: for instance, I have to specify: Phase 1: 3des-sha1-modp1024 ; Phase 2: 3des-sha118:28
thomas-pc2yes i am on ubuntu 18.04. im unsure why that creates a problem, can you que me in?18:28
CrayOsicom@leftyfb yes, I have specified aes128-sha1-modp1024 and aes128-sha118:28
CrayOsicom@leftyfb I also tried the 3des-sha1-modp1024 etc18:29
thomas-pc2and awknowledged about the PPAs, i will limit my questions in the future18:29
lordcirth__thomas-pc2, I thought perhaps he had only packaged 3.1 for 18.10, but it seems that's not the case.18:29
leftyfbthomas-pc2: https://launchpad.net/~jacob/+archive/ubuntu/virtualisation?field.series_filter=bionic18:29
vijuleftyfb, here https://pastebin.com/GATZhTsD18:29
lordcirth__Oh, nvrm, I was right. thomas-pc2 yes, if you see leftyfb's link, you'll see what I mean18:29
vijulordcirth__, https://pastebin.com/GATZhTsD18:30
Sharkface419Hey friends18:30
CrayOsicomlordcirth__: I've tried both 3des and aes128, changing as appropriate on the sonicwall18:30
Sharkface419So, I'm trying to dual boot my machine as a windows 10/ubuntu machine. I'm super 100% new to this. I've got my live USB, secure boot off, booting in legacy mode, tried the install, OEM install, and the trial and it's working. It's like the install just stops. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?18:30
thomas-pc2oh, i was completely unaware there was a dropdown for versions18:30
lordcirth__Sharkface419, at what stage does it stop?18:30
thomas-pc2let me see if it was added to my source list properly. one moment18:31
leftyfbviju: first, you need to stick $ in front of those variables you're trying to export18:31
lordcirth__thomas-pc2, the point is that if you add the bionic ppa, you'll only get 2.1218:31
Sharkface419Lordcirth__, so I try to boot from the USB, it gives me the install options, you know try without installing, install, and OEM install18:32
Sharkface419Tried all of them18:32
leftyfbthomas-pc2: do not add a PPA specifying a version of ubuntu newer than what you're running. That's not how they're meant to work18:32
CrayOsicomleftyfb: any other suggestions?18:32
thomas-pc2oh i see...would adding cosmic circumvent that?18:32
lordcirth__thomas-pc2, well, as you are not running cosmic, that could break things.18:32
leftyfbCrayOsicom: nope. VPN is black magic18:32
thomas-pc2oh, you already answered that thought, ok.18:32
Sharkface419It brings up the ubuntu screen for a bit and then goes back to the previous screen and does nothing18:32
vijuleftyfb, did you mean export $JAVA or before that?18:32
leftyfbviju: correct18:33
lordcirth__Sharkface419, it goes back to the "try or install" select?18:33
CrayOsicomleftyfb: well that's a bummer. did you see my pastebin logs? Maybe something jumps out at you?18:33
Sharkface419Its a screen with a bunch of shit that I don't understand18:33
thomas-pc2what would you suggest for me getting Qemu 3.1 installed properly via apt? i need the SMT support for my ryzen chip18:33
lordcirth__Sharkface419, you'll need to be more specific :P18:33
leftyfbviju: though, you should just be doing something like: export JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/lib/jdk1.8.0_9118:33
Sharkface419I'll fully admit that I'm probably in way over my head18:33
thomas-pc2i'm not sure if asking a qemu question is outside of the scope of what is covered in this channel18:34
lordcirth__Sharkface419, did it have [ OK ] lines like this? https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/ab/Systemd-on-fedora.png18:34
thomas-pc2may i also ask how you were able to instantaniously tell that the qemu 3.1 wasn't available for bionic18:35
lordcirth__thomas-pc2, by choosing bionic and looking18:35
thomas-pc2so i can understand better when viewing ppa's via that website18:35
lordcirth__!pm | Sharkface41918:35
ubottuSharkface419: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.18:35
thomas-pc2oh i understand, i didn't scan the page after selecting. understood.18:36
lordcirth__Sharkface419, and if it's long, use a pastebin.18:36
thomas-pc2dang, cosmic has the 3.1. maybe qemu 3.1 is dependent on cosmic then? i wanted to stay LTS, but I could upgrade for that...i don't see why not.18:36
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thomas-pc2interesting stuff18:37
leftyfbthomas-pc2: run cosmic in a container18:37
Sharkface419lordcirth__, it says unable to find a medium containing a live file system18:37
lordcirth__Sharkface419, this is a live USB? Try rebooting it, and in the first menu, run the self-checksum18:37
thomas-pc2leftyfb running cosmic in docker?18:37
lordcirth__Guest90182, hello18:37
Sharkface419Above that it also says device not accepting address 2, error _6218:38
leftyfbthomas-pc2: lxd18:38
vijuleftyfb, the error is gone but I still cannot logout.18:38
leftyfbviju: reboot18:38
lordcirth__Sharkface419, in the first menu that the live USB gives you, there should be an option to self-verify18:38
Sharkface419Check disk for defects?18:39
vijuThanks though. I have been here using ubuntu for a little over a decade but struggle like a grandma18:39
Guest90182screen -S chat118:39
thomas-pc2leftyfb interesting. if you could potentially point me to a good doc to get me primed on this, i could give it some research time and get familiar18:39
lordcirth__Sharkface419, yeah, that18:39
Sharkface419It's doing the thing18:39
lordcirth__Yup. so it will look for any errors that happened while downloading or writing the image. That's usually the first thing to check.18:40
Sharkface419Aaaaand I'm at a purple screen displaying the ubuntu logo and a loading icon???18:40
leftyfbthomas-pc2: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/lxd.html.en # first result on google for "ubuntu lxd"18:40
Guest90182screen -r18:40
lordcirth__Guest90182, this is a IRC channel, not a terminal. running commands here isn't going to work.18:40
Sharkface419Unable to find live file system18:41
Guest90182ho can i open new screen on irc18:41
Guest90182excuse me im new here18:41
lordcirth__Guest90182, depends, what IRC client are you using? Also, don't run IRC clients as root.18:42
Sharkface419I'm out, yo18:42
thomas-pc2leftyfb so the idea is to run cosmic in lxd and in some way extract those qemu 3.1 debs to my current LTS system18:42
Sharkface419I'll fuck with this later18:42
Guest90182im using irssi18:42
Sharkface419I got shit to do18:42
leftyfbthomas-pc2: no, run qemu in the container18:43
leftyfb!ohmy | Sharkface41918:43
ubottuSharkface419: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList18:43
thomas-pc2oh owch, that would bring me to a type 2 hypervisor for my system18:43
lordcirth__Guest90182, 'man irssi'18:43
leftyfbthomas-pc2: it'll work fine. Though LXD isn't as much of a hypervisor as the rest18:43
lordcirth__Guest90182, or in irssi, /help18:43
thomas-pc2i've passed through my GeForce 1070 and a USB group, setup hugepages, all sorts of stuff to rock n roll a windows installation18:44
Guest90182thank you18:44
thomas-pc2i'm going to opt out of an additional layer for now18:47
thomas-pc2potentially i should just upgrade to cosmic....but maybe i should create a new lvm snapshot and give compiling a go.18:48
thomas-pc2the easability of apt is appealing. ugh.18:48
leftyfbthomas-pc2: you REALLY should just give lxd a try. It'll take like 5 minutes to get it running with qemu installed18:48
leftyfbthomas-pc2: lxc launch ubuntu:18.10 mycontainername18:49
thomas-pc2i was just coming across that in the docs. it seems to be very streamlined.18:49
leftyfbthomas-pc2: sudo snap install lxd. Then run the above command, and within a minute or two you'll have cosmic running18:50
thomas-pc2very cool18:52
thomas-pc2leftyfb i'll give it a whirl. thanks18:52
thomas-pc2i'll be back18:52
CrayOsicomANY VPN EXPERTS out there--- cannot get L2TP VPN to work with Ubuntu18:54
vijuleftyfb, I think the issue is with one more file https://pastebin.com/jdG4wDzZ   this file /usr/bin/ibus-daemon  doesn't exist18:54
vijuwhat would you do to solve this?18:54
leftyfbviju: I would undo whatever changes you made to cause this18:54
vijuI wouldn't know about display managers or ibus daemon18:55
ralarXa 16.04 > 18.04 upgrade brought me some problems, one being that after boot and login, it's like an empty screen except for taskbar but even the latter no text at all, yet when hovering the mouse the pointer changes shape alike it's all there, but it's like blind selecting and I can only push reset to try a next boot. Sometimes 3 such boots to finally get a normal interface all visible.18:55
leftyfbviju: I'm pretty sure those are just symptoms of an unrelated issue18:55
ioriaviju, you mean you don't have a /usr/bin/ibus-daemon ?18:56
vijuCould be I have installed 4-5 desktops and I am not sure what things are enabled or disabled. It pretty much used to breakdown nearly everyday18:56
vijuYes, I don't find the file with that name18:56
ioriaviju, dpkg -l  ibus18:57
vijuReinst required18:58
vijuI'll paste everything18:58
vijuioria, https://pastebin.com/r1EtTJ6518:59
ioriaviju, has been removed ....18:59
vijuWhat do I do now?19:00
ioriabut why ?19:00
vijuI am sure I didn't remove. I don't even know what it does19:00
ioriaviju, afaik, only Mate does not use it19:00
ioriaviju, using Mate ?19:01
vijuYes, it must be there - I have ubuntu/classic/xfce/mate/kde/lubuntu/lxde19:01
ioriaviju, try to change ibus withXIM in Language Settings19:02
ioriaviju, try to change ibus with  XIM in Language Settings19:02
ioriaviju, Keyboard Input  Method19:03
vijulanguage support?19:04
ioriaviju, really depends on your DE... but yes19:04
vijuright now I am on lxde19:04
vijuand I dont see anything like ibus on language support19:04
ioriaviju, should be the same19:04
vijuGot something like XIM19:05
ioriaviju, from terminal run   /usr/bin/gnome-language-selector19:05
ioriaviju, yeah19:05
vijuSo now keyboard method system is changed to XIM19:05
vijuWhat else?19:05
ioriaviju, nothing else19:05
ioriaviju, logout /in19:06
vijuOk, I am doing that19:06
wysiwyg31Hi !19:09
lordcirth__wysiwyg31, hello19:09
wysiwyg31I have some trouble with a bluetooth mouse....maybe somebody can help? :)19:10
lordcirth__!ask | wysiwyg3119:10
ubottuwysiwyg31: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:10
wysiwyg31ok :)19:11
vijuioria, the error is gone thanks. Well I do have another problem I mentioned earlier that is I cannot logout. But maybe I'll give you guys a break19:12
vijuI'll ask tomorrow or next week.19:12
ioriaviju, ok19:12
sere_hello all19:12
wysiwyg31I have a lenovo yoga mouse (dual mode: usb dongle or bluetooth); usb dongle work fine but bluetooth mode is slow and laggy....I discovered with a tool (evhz) that polling is very slow in bluetooth (22Hz, while most mouse are 125Hz or higher)...bluetooth pairing seems to works well....only polling is too slow.19:12
ioriaviju, technically, would be better reinstall ibus and use only Mate  with 'XIM'19:13
vijusudo apt-get install ibus-daemon ?19:14
ioriaviju, nope, ibus19:14
CrayOsicomleftyfb: I solved the problem by switching from Strongswan to libreswan19:18
CrayOsicomlordcirth__: I solved the vpn problem by switching from Strongswan to libreswan19:18
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/19:22
lordcirth__CrayOsicom, cool19:24
astahi guys19:35
astai can't conect wifi Intel centrino-N 6235 lubuntu 18.04.219:36
astacan help?19:36
jack-hi asta19:36
astajack-: hi bro19:36
jack-not sure :)19:37
jack-i'm using wifi too, but i have no idea19:40
astajack-: thanks bro19:40
jack-as if i was helpful19:40
jack-sigh :P19:41
OerHeks some users have found disabling 802.11n is the only way to get a stable connection with some of these Intel Centrino N https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/533134-WIFI-Connection-Drops-Intel-Centrino-Advanced-N-6235-AGN?s=d085f16f5ad6fc80c3172810815f9322&p=2880719#post288071919:42
OerHeksand see 'slow wifi when using bluetooth'  https://wiki.debian.org/iwlwifi19:42
OerHeksoptions iwlwifi bt_coex_active=0 swcrypto=1 11n_disable=8 ## this disables N, sadly, but it should fix19:43
astabe back19:44
astatry default kernel 4.18-0.15 not work19:45
astatry to kernel 4.18-0.1719:45
astaany help https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/hs3s4vqKMP/19:46
jack-good luck :P19:46
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astaLenovo l44019:47
OerHeksasta,  some users have found disabling 802.11n is the only way to get a stable connection with some of these Intel Centrino N https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/533134-WIFI-Connection-Drops-Intel-Centrino-Advanced-N-6235-AGN?s=d085f16f5ad6fc80c3172810815f9322&p=2880719#post288071919:51
OerHeksand see 'slow wifi when using bluetooth'  https://wiki.debian.org/iwlwifi19:51
OerHeksoptions iwlwifi bt_coex_active=0 swcrypto=1 11n_disable=8 ## this disables N, sadly, but it should fix19:51
astaOerHeks: i try. thanks19:57
sere_anyone know how to install quake3 on 18.0420:07
OerHeks!info quake320:08
ubottuquake3 (source: game-data-packager): Quake III Arena menu entry and launcher scripts. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 58 (bionic), package size 90 kB, installed size 202 kB20:09
OerHeksand https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games/Native/QuakeIIIArena20:09
OerHekssere you did not search for it, really20:09
sere_actauly i did but i had it installed correctly but was only getting 55 fps for some reason20:10
OerHeksmaybe that is the limits of your GPU?20:10
RobinHood2019APT package `adobe-flashplugin` isn't working with my Chromium snap package.20:11
OerHeksRobinHood2019, known issue, see the 1st answer for the fix .. https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/snap-chromium-cant-see-flash-plugin-in-usr-lib/538020:12
OerHeksand flash plugin soon dies, so no need to file a bugreport :-D20:13
RobinHood2019It makes me sad to know that there are still websites out there that just will not accept that Flash is a lame duck.20:21
analogicalwhy isn't GUFW installed in Ubuntu by default??20:22
OerHeksanalogical, it is a choice, i agree it helps a lot of users20:23
analogicala modern OS needs a firewall built in20:23
jack-but still a personal decision20:23
jack-some people just don't like or need any fw20:24
OerHeksthe firewall part *is* buildin, it is just how you want to control the settings20:24
RobinHood2019all you need do is type `sudo ufw enable` at the terminal, then `sudo ufw status verbose`. The critical line you're looking for starts with "Default: deny (incoming)," etc.20:25
OerHekssudo ufw enable && sudo ufw logging on; sudo ufw default deny incoming; sudo ufw default allow outgoing .. and a lot more https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-a-firewall-with-ufw-on-ubuntu-18-0420:27
analogicalthat's the problem right there you shouldn't have to use the terminal to configure the firewall20:28
RobinHood20190erHeks, I think most of it only applies to servers and so forth20:29
OerHeksanalogical, welcome to the linux world of choice and freedom20:31
OerHeksthere is a reason why the UFW is not enabled by default, to make deployment much easier20:31
analogicalOerHeks, you mean no choice20:31
analogicalat least concerning GUFW20:32
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hashfastrpoop poop20:36
leonardusWhenever I plug my phone into my computer, and set the USB mode to "File Transfer" my computer locks up for 10-15 seconds. Anyone know what could be going on here?20:41
hashfastryou need to unlock your computer20:43
OerHeks.. and unlock phone, perhaps?20:45
leonardusI meant it freezes, not locks20:45
leonardusphone and computer are both unlocked20:45
JimBuntutime to check dmesg20:45
OerHeksmaybe it takes 15 sec to connect properly?20:45
leonardusJimBuntu: https://gist.github.com/leonardus/481435a66cedd9e163ef6eedd4e1c9ed20:46
JimBuntuleonardus, that shows a USB disconnect while it was setting up and a 6 second lock up. Please try with a different USB Root hub... such as the back ports instead of the front20:47
leonardusoh, I was using the usb port on my monitor20:47
JimBuntuleonardus, not sure if it's the same thing/cause, but I am plagued by this with one of my root hubs and an android phone... seems to work fine if I use a different root hub.20:49
Vic3Hello Ubuntu 14.04 LTS desktop ... I did long overdue apt-get upgrade while not watching ... the machine seemingly wanted to reboot and did so but the grub prompt came up ... how difficult is it likely going to be to get my machine to boot again?20:53
Vic3and PLEASE no EoL comments - I am well aware!20:53
pragmaticenigmaVic3: Very difficult, hopefully you've made a backup of your data prior to the upgrade?20:54
Vic3pragmaticenigma - no backup but when using a Ubuntu CD I can read the disk completely ... so if I need to backup first, well ... it will be a pain, but it can be done.20:56
pragmaticenigmaVic3: I think it would be a good idea to do that backup now. While you still have a chance at recovering your vital files and settings.20:56
Vic3So it is not as simple as simply rewriting the boot sector20:56
Vic3Ok, that sounds very pragmatic. (sorry) :)20:57
hggdhVic3: it may, or may not. All we know is you got thrown to grub20:57
pragmaticenigmaVic3: I'm not certain it's the boot sector. Seeing grub means that the boot sector is fine (that's where grub lives if I'm not mistaken)... If I had to guess either entries were not added to the kernel to grub during the upgrade, or the images are not there.20:58
pragmaticenigmaPersonally on my EOL upgrades, I just back-up home, etc, opt, and a few select directories from /var. Then wipe the system and start over. I know it doesn't work for everyone.20:59
Vic3yeah ... grub command line comes up and when trying to boot - no boot sector found (no OS found).  Somone here the other night linked me to a system recovery iso, but I am clueless as to how to use it.  I did run the testdisk within that iso and it complained that my main partition size was fubared ... but like I said, I can access it seeminglt just fine.20:59
=== jack- is now known as jack
OerHeksi understand your hdd gives bad blocks?21:01
Vic3I was actually just doing a package upgrade ... since it is so close to EoL I wanted to get it done.  I wish now that I hadn't even messed with it.21:01
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Vic30erHeks -- I have no idea ... it indicates that the size of the partition extends past the end of the drive ... totally odd.21:01
jackthat sounds broken-ish ;)21:02
Vic3pragmaticenigma ... I am not seeing the grub screen per se.  I am getting a grub command line.21:02
OerHeksthat hardly happens, unless there are bits tumbling in the mbr part21:03
pragmaticenigmaVic3: Sounds like to me that setup didn't complete properly. Getting to grub means the computer is finding the boot sector and booting. The grub prompt means no kernel images were setup for grub to load21:03
Vic3"bits tumbling in the mbr part" ? ELI5, please.21:03
OerHeksi wonder if bootrepair can fix that  ,, i guess not actually https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair21:04
Vic3Yeah that makes perfect sense pragmaticenigma .... so how do I add a kernal image?21:04
pragmaticenigmaVic3: That's above my skill level. For that, my approach would be to back important stuff up. and install fresh.21:05
Vic3Reasonable ... appreciated.21:06
Vic3So any recommendation of a full disk backup utility? :p21:06
pragmaticenigmaVic3: Even if you were to successfully get it to boot, you'd be running your system in a constant state of needing attention. Think about what happens with the next kernel update, is it going to do this again or stay in perpetual usage of the old kernel.21:07
pragmaticenigmaVic3: While recommendations aren't something this channel specializes in. I personally use Clonezilla for a full disk backup.21:07
Vic3Yeah.  I hate to upgrade as I have one piece of software that I use that does not function properly with newer versions of the OS.21:08
Vic3But it is time. :(21:08
pragmaticenigmaVic3: Clonezilla makes a full disk (or partition) image to be restored from. In your use case, I think getting yourself a Live installer ISO booted and manually backing up is going to do the best job. Once you're done backing up, then you can go right into the installer21:08
Vic3Ahh yeah, that would be preferable (other than the manual part) but it is what it is.21:09
pragmaticenigmaVic3: What software do you use that's pinned to that particular ubuntu or kernel release?21:09
Vic3Here is my issue ... and I was never able to solve it ... I have a flash application which I open several instances of.  In Ubuntu 14 I get ONE icon in the taskbar which I can hover over and select any of the 14 copies of it running ... in 16 I get 14 freaking taskbar buttons!21:11
Vic3The advice to use (I don't remember names now as it has been months) a specific utility did not ever work as there was no proper data returned.21:12
pragmaticenigmaVic3: Interesting, hopefully with 18.04 that might have been resolved21:13
Vic3If I am going to have to do all of this .. I certainly will install 18.04 first and see if it has been fixed. :)21:16
Vic3Sorry I don't remember the proper terms to have been more precise.  I know that can be maddening in your shoes.21:17
Vic3Thanks for your input! :)21:17
Hassanhey leftyfb look at that https://imgur.com/gallery/DHw5ASy21:19
OerHeksHassan, looks like the drive is not mounted in /media/  ??21:26
hggdhor it is read-only21:27
Hassani tried every thing with the chmod21:28
Hassanwhat should i do21:28
Hassan<OerHeks> if there is any msg before this plz resend it i was out21:29
OerHeksopen terminal; mount # and see if that drive is mounted, and how: rw or ro21:30
Hassanmount: dev/sda3: can't find in /etc/fstab.21:32
peter22222hi guys.. can anybody help me install a printer driver? I dont really know what to do with this files... https://www.toshibatec.eu/support/drivers/SearchDriver?searchString=e-STUDIO5508A21:41
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DiceHello. I get the status "active (exited)" on a systemd status command for tor which has a daemon. Here is the .service file: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SNxTV5SXD6/22:06
DiceHow do I fix this?22:07
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tomreynpeter22222: i suggest yo set it up with its ip address, the lpr/lpd protocol, and the e-studio 5500c foomatic/pxlcolor driver22:15
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peter22222ok thank you.. that might work...22:16
tomreynpeter22222: you can do so at http://localhost:631/admin - login with your ubuntu users' credentials (localhost is your own computer)22:16
tomreynthis is just a guess, i never actually worked with these22:17
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tomreynDice: is there a reason you don't just use Tor as provided by Ubuntu or the Tor project?22:19
tomreyneither provide it via apt22:19
Dicethe package is outdated, I compiled it from source22:19
tomreynThe Tor projects packages are outdated?22:20
Dicethe apt-get version22:20
Diceso I compiled it from source22:20
tomreynplease re-read what i wrote.22:20
DiceI downloaded it from tor and compiled it from source22:20
Diceso it is provided by the tor project22:21
tomreynthese are usually not outdated https://2019.www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en22:21
DiceI used the latest version as provided by tor22:22
tomreynsure, you can build from source, too. but that's outside of what we support here (also third party repositories are normally)22:22
DiceI've already done it, I'm asking about the systemd file22:22
tomreynthis also applies to "making self-built software work" ;-)22:23
Diceit's an ubuntu question22:23
tomreynthere's #ubuntu-offtopic and ##linux22:23
leftyfbDice: if you install the package properly, you'll get a systemd file22:23
Dicenot about a specific software22:23
leftyfbDice: if you install the package properly, you'll get a completely functional systemd statup file that runs immediately after installing22:24
Dicethis does not seem to give me a systemd startup file anyway22:24
leftyfbDice: install using this: https://2019.www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en22:24
leftyfbDice: sudo apt install tor22:24
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Diceleftyfb: doesn't work, my solution worked better22:28
leftyfbDice: if "sudo apt install tor" doesn't work for you, you have other problems not related to tor.22:35
DiceI got it to work. Same problem with the systemd file though22:36
Dice Active: active (exited)22:36
leftyfbps -ef |grep tor22:36
leftyfbit should be running22:36
leftyfboh wait, you need to configure it22:36
pladyHi. I am trying to install a program, catt, and the installation instructions say to use pip install catt, and i installed pip and ran the command, it seemed to install find but when i try to run catt it cant find the program. I'm not using to using the pip program so I don't know if that has something to do with it but can anyone help?22:38
pladyI downloaded the zip from github and am trying to run the setup script even though the readme says to install it by pip, but once again when i try to install by pip it says it goes fine but the program is nowhere to be found. any help?22:49
Sleakerplady: you're probably missed adding a directory to your path22:53
OerHekschromecast .. you need to be logged in i guess https://www.linuxuprising.com/2018/05/command-line-chromecast-player-catt.html22:54
Sleakerif mlocate is installed, run updatedb and then locatel catt22:54
Sleakerright, but if 'catt' isn't on his path it wont do anything.22:55
Sleakerprobably cause path doesn't include the python3/bin directory or similar.22:55
OerHekspip3 install --user catt # the first url says..22:55
leftyfbit goes beyond that22:56
* Sleaker shrugs.22:56
Sleakerthey left22:56
Sleakerheh on that first link the very first step talks about setting up the path properly.22:57
leftyfbit won't help22:57
leftyfbfirst, it says to install using pip3 and --user , which I doubt they did22:57
leftyfb$ python3 /home/leftyfb/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/catt22:57
leftyfb /usr/bin/python3: can't find '__main__' module in '/home/leftyfb/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/catt'22:57
Sleakerah broken install or something right now?22:58
leftyfbno idea, not worth my time22:58
Aireeanyone been able to get degoogled-chromium working?23:00
leftyfbAiree: that isn't a support question. But also, that's not a supported application here.23:01
OerHeks*degoogled*-chromium ?23:03
leftyfbtin-foil-hat stuff23:04
OerHeksthat sounds like a pleonasm23:04
NginUSHas anyone ever wound up with an entire directory's contents duplicated as a hidden file somehow?23:09
leftyfbNginUS: that isn't a support question23:10
leftyfbNginUS: what do you need help with exactly?23:11
OerHeksthe somehow part is interesting, what did you do?23:11
alien64He copied a dir into a file lol23:11
alien64Drag and drop mistake?23:12
DiceNow I have this odd issue where I cannot find the systemd file. It says it's in /etc/system/systemd, but it isn't23:13
Dicenano'ing the exact file it says exsits gives "No such file"23:13
DiceAlso, the service file is still somehow broken and has to be stopped and then restarted to work23:13
NginUSBeen running backups from inside a Windows VM, through a samba share. Just found its logs showing files starting with ".~lock." & ending with "#" & when I look in my file manager with "show hidden" I now have 2x the number of iles there, all having been duplicated hidden like that. Screenshot: https://files.catbox.moe/z5usmc.png23:13
leftyfbDice: type: "which tor"23:14
Diceleftyfb: /usr/sbin/tor23:16
AireeDice, do you mean /etc/systemd/system?23:16
DiceAiree: yes23:16
Dicewhatever is the correct one is the one I mean because I copy pasted it23:16
AireeDice, well /etc/system/systemd is not a thing23:16
DiceI know23:17
Aireewhat systemd file specifically are you talking about?23:17
leftyfbDice: /lib/systemd/system/tor.service23:17
Dicelocate tor.service gives me a file that does not exist23:17
Diceleftyfb: that's not right, apparently it's a broken file that should just be deleted23:18
leftyfbDice: what version of ubuntu?23:18
Dicewhich I did, and now I can start it manually23:18
Diceit does not autostart though23:18
DiceIt's ubuntu 18.0423:18
OerHekssystemctrl enable tor.service or something like that23:20
NginUSSeems they were all created the same day I was tinkering with rclone.23:20
DiceOerHeks: no, that gives an error23:20
Dicethere's also an old tor installation that is apparently still running23:20
DiceI don't know where it is23:20
leftyfbDice: I'm on Ubuntu 18.04, I just ran "sudo apt install tor", it installed and is running just fine23:21
Diceleftyfb: that's an outdated version23:21
leftyfbDice: sounds like either you're still running from your compiled version or you didn't remove it properly or it screwed something up23:21
leftyfbDice: it works just fine23:21
Diceyes it works23:21
Dicebut it's insecure according to tor23:21
leftyfbDice: we do not support their tarball. You'll need to seek support from them23:22
Diceleftyfb: I think I'm still using my outdated version, the same one installed23:22
DiceI need to know how to remove it from ubuntu23:22
Dicethe same one you installed*23:22
leftyfbDice: sudo apt remove --purge tor23:23
leftyfbthat is how you uninstall it23:23
DiceI guess now I just reinstall the entire thing23:24
Dice"apr 13 01:47:02 lunarmerlin Tor[2022]: Error creating directory /etc/folder/newfolder/: Permission denied" this happens after systemd start. How do I figure out which user I need to give permission? "Locate" only gives me files that do not exist23:53

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