OvenWerksIt seems we are missing gmsynth which Ardour from ardour org comes with. Gmsynth is like a-fluidsynth with a SF preloaded.04:07
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Yeah, I saw that (but stayed out of the conversation). Looks like it's not available in Debian, which is a problem. It would need to be packaged in Debian for the Ardour in Debian to be packaged against it to trickle-down to us.18:48
EickmeyerThis might be a job for Ross.18:50
OvenWerksEickmeyer: There is a problem with it for debian (likely licencing)20:20
EickmeyerOvenWerks: I don't see a problem with licensing as I look at Robin's github repo. It's GPLv2, which means all that's in it must be GPLv2-compatible.20:25
OvenWerksThe sound font has it's own licence20:26
OvenWerksSee the readme in the sf directory20:26
EickmeyerYeah, I just looked. That license is compatible with the GPL.20:28
EickmeyerIt just looks like nobody has bothered to package it.20:30
* Eickmeyer might even ask Robin20:31
EickmeyerI mean, it's worth a shot.20:34
EickmeyerOvenWerks: I guess if people really need gmsynth they can get the directly-compiled Ardour.20:46
EickmeyerAt least, until it can get sorted upstream.20:46
OvenWerksor... backports20:46
* Eickmeyer shudders at the thought of taking-on maintenance of Ardour20:47
OvenWerksThe thing is, it is really only useful to the same person who would find getting it from ardour.org painful20:47
EickmeyerWhere I'm at with it right now is that we don't directly maintain Ardour. This would be taking that on indefinitely.20:49
OvenWerksI would even be happy if a-fluidsynth could set to auto load one of our sound fonts20:49
OvenWerks(or and fs plugin)20:50
OvenWerksThe biggest problem with FS is it doesn't look in the right place for sound fonts by default20:51
OvenWerks The calf variant looks in the user's home directory... maybe the ubuntu version should be patched to have it default to where the system Soundfonts are20:53
EickmeyerIf we take this on, it could be mutually beneficial. Robin wouldn't have to go through Debian since he has direct access to us, and we have direct access to him.20:54
EickmeyerWe could make things "just work".20:54
OvenWerksSo far as I know it is basically the same as avldrums20:56
OvenWerksJust a different font20:56
EickmeyerOkay. So, would we have to take on Ardour or would this just be gmsynth?20:57
OvenWerksjust gmsynth20:57
OvenWerksI don't want to do the kxstudio thing (offer the DL package from ardour.org)20:58
EickmeyerOkay. In that case, I'll work on getting it packaged. It'll probably be a week or two, but I might be able to get something dirty (ala lsp-plugins) this weekend.20:58
EickmeyerIt'd be in Autobuilds.20:59
EickmeyerThough, with RC around the corner (we're in Final Freeze right now), things are a little busy. :)20:59
EickmeyerSpeaking of which, have you tested the latest daily?20:59
OvenWerksdoesn't have to be done right now.21:00
OvenWerksI haven't really done anything computer for a few weeks21:00
OvenWerksuptime says: up 51 days21:02
* Eickmeyer slow claps21:54

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