PoloI am new on ubuntustudio and i want to know what is the admin password to launch updates08:40
Polosomeone to help me please ?08:43
rpmohnHi -- I use x2go to connect back to my UbuntuStudio at home, but it keeps using the XFCE4 session instead of the nice UbuntuStudio session. Anyone know what command I can use to manually launch with that session type?19:13
Eickmeyerrpmohn: I'm looking into it, but you might be able to ask in #ubuntu.19:19
rpmohnOK. It's been bugging me! Thanks19:21
Eickmeyerrpmohn: The command used is basically "startx ubuntustudio-session". Beyond that, I don't know.19:24
rpmohnEickmeyer: OK, I will try that now!19:39

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