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blebwhen i log in i keep getting a message saying that ~/Downloads does not exist and i should make sure it exists02:18
blebit does exist though02:18
blebanyone know what might be wrong?02:18
pmjdebruijnbleb: and there was much rejoycing :)06:36
Soidhello friends there is a form or a set of programs that allow me to have total control of the networks11:34
diogenes_Soid, by total control you mean what?11:44
SoidSee the connected equipment, see the internet consumption, restict access or grant it, anyway.11:48
diogenes_Soid, wireshark, etherape.11:49
diogenes_about limiting internet speed have a look here: https://www.tecmint.com/wondershaper-limit-network-bandwidth-in-linux/11:50
Soidand how can I create a hotspot, with only one router and xubuntu 18 64bit ?? How can I limit the user's time? I mean that a computer lasts a certain time connected, either by wifi or LAN ??11:53
Soidand from what I understood about your link, it helps me limit the internet, and I do not want to limit it to see who consumes more and why.11:55
diogenes_Soid, take one problem at a time.12:01
SoidI'm sorry, but for me everything is a single problem because the problem is that there are intruders in my Wi-Fi network and I need to detect them, and eliminate them, plus I have clients who hope to connect, and I need to allow them but for a limited time. ,12:04
diogenes_Soid, what do you need by intruders?12:05
Soidif I could detect them, I could capture the mac address and give it to the router to avoid its connection, since the route shows me a line that I do not understand very well incomplete admas12:07
Soiddiogenes_, I did not understand12:08
diogenes_Soid, if your network is being attacked then there's very little you can do because with modern technologies (Wifi Jammer and stuff that can kill your wiwi signal or capture your handshake and so on...)12:11
diogenes_that's why the companies that are mostly concerned about security, they use ethernet12:12
diogenes_one thing your could try to add a bit more protection is to make a hidden network, stop SSID broadcast and connect to the network only by manually typing the SSID12:12
diogenes_unfortunately routers are pretty much vulnerable nowadays.12:13
Soidlet's not go to cyberterrorism is not an attack or anything from the other planet. The word of the key is simply spread by internal leaks, that is, they give the Wi-Fi key to their friends and they use it without paying, I just want to identify and block those intruders.12:17
diogenes_Soid, check this out: https://github.com/k4m4/kickthemout12:19
diogenes_Soid, here is how you block a mac adress via firewall: https://askubuntu.com/questions/410023/blocking-specific-mac-address-from-contacting-me12:26
diogenes_it should albo be available in the routers settings12:26
Soidto block the mac I do not have so much problem the router gives me the option, although I still do not understand very well how the LAN part works but the WI-FI part if I just give it the mac and I say it has no access and go.12:28
Soiddownload wireshark, ettercap and I do not understand how they are used12:46
diogenes_Soid, https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=13&v=TkCSr30UojM12:53
vp11does xubuntu call back home? any telemetry process running by default?17:02
diogenes_vp11, none of those.17:06
diogenes_no problem.17:07
brainwashit does when you open Firefox17:08
brainwashwhich sends telemetry to Mozilla17:08
diogenes_that's why use Falkon browser.17:09

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