acheronukLP git: 503 Service Unavailable, No server is available to handle this request.07:05
acheronuknot completely dead now, but very slow07:14
cjwatsonacheronuk: not sure what happened; I see a load spike and a gap in our metrics immediately afterward, but no chatter in our outage channel and it seems to have self-recovered.  Looks like the outage duration was about 25 minutes08:39
acheronukcjwatson: thanks. yeah, seems ok now :)08:40
cjwatsonAh, was a recipe-build-induced spike08:40
cjwatsonI think08:40
acheronuksounds plausible08:40
cjwatsonUsual thing of ~mutlaqja's zillion recipes firing at once08:41
* acheronuk does git pull on 214 repos08:41
acheronukthat will tests it. lol08:41
acheronukoh. kstars. nuff said08:42
cjwatsonRecipe builds are harder on it because they're always clones from scratch08:42
cjwatsonI've considered trying to space them out but the problem is that that would add extra complexity to an already extremely sensitive query (the "which build should I grab next" one in buildd-manager)08:43
cjwatsonAnd we've hit cliff-edges on that before ...08:44
cjwatsonI suppose I could space them out at request-daily-builds time though; that would be less sensitive08:48
cjwatsonWould need to be careful to avoid starvation08:49
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alkisgHi, our (greek schools) ppa is still using a 1024 key, should we somehow upgrade it to 4096? https://launchpad.net/~ts.sch.gr/+archive/ubuntu/ppa11:25
cjwatsonalkisg: We should upgrade all PPAs, but don't yet have the ability to do so, and it isn't entirely clear how it'd work from the client end.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/1331914 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/170016716:12
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1331914 in Launchpad itself "Allow users to re-generate a PPA signing key" [High,Triaged]16:12
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1700167 in Launchpad itself "new PPAs are re-using old 1024-bit RSA signing keys" [Undecided,New]16:12
alkisgThank you cjwatson, I'll postpone it then16:16
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wxlunknown error on bug watch https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/calamares/+bug/180144019:41
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1801440 in calamares (Ubuntu) " When the "System Language" and "...Locale" are displayed, "UnitedStates" contains no space." [Low,Triaged]19:41
wxlto be fair, the bug is fix released in ubuntu, so it doesn't matter too much, but i've seen some other problems with github bugs, so i'm reporting it in case it's indicative of a larger problem19:44

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