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fishcookerhow to access the location of this mtp://[usb:003,015]/SanDisk SD card on terminal?18:38
wxlfishcooker: i assume it's mounted?18:43
wxlactually wait if you're looking ta it in pcmanfm, you should just be able to open in terminal18:43
fishcookerwxl: checking...18:44
hoplazwhat can I do with this?18:53
wxlyou mean quassel?18:54
hoplazYes, I am new to this. Messgager or mail, chat?18:54
wxlit uses the internet relay chat protocol18:54
wxlwe set up our support channel in there as a default, so that's what you're on right now18:55
hoplazYou mean Lubuntu support?18:55
wxlyou're currently connected to the freenode server which hosts tons of other projects18:56
hoplazPeople working on 18.10 version or newer?19:06
wxl19.04 is coming out shortly.. we're on the home stretch19:06
hoplazI am going to install it and try it19:13
wxldon't forget to file any bugs if you find any!19:13
hoplazActually I am struggling with Vulkan installation for Intel/AMD 7600M env. Is there somebody who can help me?19:16
wxlhoplaz: that's likely not specific to lubuntu. i've never bothered with vulkan. you might want to check with the ubuntu channel. type /join #ubuntu19:19
hoplazthanks anyway19:34
lubuntuhi there23:30
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> hola23:31
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wxlcan't see your quote23:32

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