necuriongreetings to everyone, before I file a bug I thought I ask around here, I am trying to get disco on my good old lenovo x230. However during the install it hangs after I selected a keyboard layout. the mouse pointer is spinning but nothing else happens.08:22
lotuspsychjenecurion: what kind of harddisk are you installing on?08:22
necurionits a ssd the exact model i would have to check08:23
lotuspsychjenecurion: are you singlebooting or dualbooting?08:23
necurionsingle booting08:24
lotuspsychjenecurion: how long did you wait after keyboard in setup?08:25
lotuspsychjethink thats the step before partitioning, that step usualy takes a bit to scan hd/partitions08:25
necurionwell I had it running for like an hour08:26
lotuspsychjewow, yeah thats not good08:26
lotuspsychjenecurion: wich Os is on your hd ssd now?08:26
lotuspsychjenecurion: check in your bios settings if fastboot=OFF and secureboot=OFF and try again please?08:27
necurionit had solus on it, yesterday I managed to install 18.10 with some hassle but its not booting either08:27
necurionSolus and Arch linux run fine08:28
lotuspsychjeah tnx for sharing that08:28
necurionwith other distros i have problems08:28
necurionits a crucial m4 sdd08:28
lotuspsychjenecurion: maybe if your machine is 'older' try lubuntu or xubuntu 19.04 for testing?08:28
necurionthe ubuntu variant doesnt matter08:29
lotuspsychjedid you try?08:29
necurionthe machine is an i7 quadcore with 16gb of ram08:29
necurionits not to weak08:29
lotuspsychjemaybe its kernel 5 it doesnt like08:29
necurionsolus is running kernel 508:30
lotuspsychjehmm ok08:30
lotuspsychjeso if other distro's boot, ubuntu should also at least boot08:30
necurionit seems to be something with how ubuntu compiles the kernel I guess, but i cannot find a way to even produce an error message08:30
necurionit does boot08:31
lotuspsychjeyeah i mean bypass your keyboard settings08:31
necurionyeah thats what i thought08:31
necurionI also started ubiquity from the terminal to see if it throws some errors but also nothing08:32
lotuspsychjenecurion: i presume its the partitioning part lagging08:32
lotuspsychjeubuntu sees other distro's and might bottleneck there08:32
necurionyeah I also thing it doesn't like my hard disk08:32
necurioni did have problems with an earlier daily build where the partitioner threw errors about not being able to read the disk08:33
lotuspsychjenecurion: maybe what we can try is booting a live usb, then start ubiquity from terminal, and start a tail -f /var/log/syslog too08:33
necurionwhich is funny since earlier ubuntu versions and other distros don't have a problem with it08:33
lotuspsychjenecurion: yeah ive seen that before on releases bottleneck at that step08:34
necurionalright at least the 19.04 live iso does boot properly 18.04.2 and 18.10 only boot with nomodeset and i915.modeset=0 and take like 10 min to get me to the desktop08:37
lotuspsychjenecurion: maybe we should proceed with the bug anyway08:40
lotuspsychjei dont find any other related beside nvidia ubiquity one08:40
necurionmaybe nvidia its not, the laptop has intel graphic08:42
lotuspsychjewe also found a bug yesterday on intel + kernel 5 but with black boot08:43
lotuspsychjeso unrelated too08:43
necurioni didn't see much in the dmsg, I will try to just start the live thing and check with gnome-disks or fdisk, whether i can access the disk at all08:43
lotuspsychjetry a live tail: tail -f /var/log/syslog08:43
lotuspsychjeso we can see whats happening at wich point08:44
necurionnow this is odd... I just started the live usb, opened tail on the dmsg, opened disks, which suddenly worked, and now its installing...08:51
lotuspsychjethe magic of ubuntu08:51
necurionwell i don't like it :P08:52
necurioni didn't fix the problem :P08:52
lotuspsychjenecurion: as i was saying, not the first time that happens lag before partitioning08:52
lotuspsychjealso 19.04 isnt final yet, so things can still happen08:52
necurionand i also didn't connect to the internet this time08:53
necurionwell lets see whether it boots after install :P08:53
guiverclotuspsychje, just fyi:  https://community.ubuntu.com/t/disco-disco-19-04-release-candidate-testing/10570/4  mentions a spinning...    i'd don't know source (wouldn't put much weight given how reported), but some term as used by necurion 08:58
necurionI did install, it did boot, but now after i clicked the username on the login screen nothing happens08:59
necurionthe password prompt doesnt come, and after a while i see the login prompt again08:59
necurionand i see plenty of i/o errors on the F1 Terminal thing09:01
guivercnecurion, you verified your install media I assume? 09:01
guiverc:)  thanks09:02
necurioni had the same issue with 18.04 at some point reasons for which I went to solus and arch for a while09:02
necurionits: print_req_error: I/O error, dev sda and then some sector09:03
necurionand then journald says Failed to write entry ... ignoring: Read-only file system09:04
necurionI can try booting into the live usb again and do some fsck or something like that09:05
necurionbut as I said i only have that particular problem with ubuntu (and derivatives) and fedora09:06
necurionother distros like solus and arch work just fine09:06
guivercread-only file system could be an error-condition was detected on mount (you need to fsck it), or something else bad (I'd suggest checking SMART health of drive too) - checking logs (dmesg possibly) should reveal why it mounted read-only09:06
necurionhow do I check the SMART health?09:07
guivercsmartctl  (or gnome-disks which provides less detail, but is far easier to read) - there are other tools too...09:08
guivercpackage smartmontools contains smartctl09:09
necurionokay syslog also says: sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] tag#1 FAILED Result hostbyte=DID_BAD_TARGET driverbyte=DRIVER_OK09:14
guivercit's beyond my capacity to help necurion, if you wait hopefully someone else can help09:15
necurionthanks anyways i will read up on the smartctl stuff maybe my harddisk has some defect sectors and other distros are just more ignorant or write stuff somewhere else09:18
necurionchecking the disk with the disk checking option on the live usb boot thing says everything is fine09:29
necuriontrying the smartmontool thing i got more errors on the syslog09:33
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lotuspsychjenecurion: didnt you say you had an ssd?11:57
necurionyes i did12:01
lotuspsychjenecurion: dont think thats causing your issues12:02
lotuspsychjenecurion: as you tested other different ubuntu and distro with success12:02
lotuspsychjenecurion: so, at wich point are you now?12:02
necurionlotuspsychje: I tested different versions of ubuntu and flavours, I checked fedora with the same result so for the time being I will resort back to solus...12:04
lotuspsychjenecurion: if you still on 19.04 feel free to share your dmesg12:05
lotuspsychjethere must be something traceable right12:05
necurionlotuspsychje I posted the dmsg earlier as pastebin12:06
lotuspsychjenecurion: your new one after install?12:06
necurionafter install I was not able to get to a terminal12:06
lotuspsychjenecurion: stuck at gdm?12:07
necurionlotuspsychje: kinda, logging in didn't work, and I was unable to switch to a console with alt+str+f2 for example its like ubuntu switched those off12:08
lotuspsychjenecurion: try to get in with nomodeset?12:09
necurionlotuspsychje: same result, the login fails because the disk is mounted read only12:09
necurionlotuspsychje: its not a graphics problem12:10
lotuspsychjenecurion: never heared of not able to login into gdm with an ssd problem12:10
lotuspsychjenecurion: did you fiddle with fstab or so?12:11
lotuspsychjenecurion: or manual partition at setup?12:11
necurionlotuspsychje, this behaviour started with the first hardware enable stack for 18.04, I suspect there is something in the kernel or driver config that changed around there12:12
lotuspsychjenecurion: didnt you install 19.04 clean?12:13
necurionlotuspsychje: It managed to install it once, yes12:14
necurionbut then i had the same problem after boot12:14
lotuspsychjenecurion: what about pressing F1 at boot to see txt based boot, maybe some clues there12:15
necurionits the same outputs I posted earlier12:15
necurionit said that there is something it cant read12:16
lotuspsychjewe need to find a way to !bug your issue12:17
lotuspsychjenecurion: ctrl alt f1 or F2 doesnt give you a tty?12:18
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necurionlotuspsycheje: I will try a netinstall, maybe that gives me more usable clues12:32
lotuspsychjeyour choice mate12:34
bischoffHi folks13:25
bischoff I wanted to say I have a remarkably stable plasma-wayland on disco dingo13:25
bischoffit's the first time I see that13:25
bischoffso... congrats :-) wayland starts being really usable13:26
necurionlotuspsychje: I did manage to install it now with the netinstall and it does work, i am somewhat confused as to why this is the only way to install a clean working system though13:28
acheronukbischoff: great to hear :)13:29
bischoffacheronuk: :-)13:31
ZuverinkThis is a cosmetic issue, but it is driving me nuts. I installed the 19.04 Beta and all was running fine, then the first kernel upgrade resulted in the loss off anything more than just a purple screen no Ubuntu logo. Every kernel upgrade since has done various other horrible issues to the bootsplash. Everything runs fine after the bootslash, its cosmetic. But it drives me nuts. Can someone help me diagnose t17:24
lotuspsychjeZuverink: intel graphics?17:40
Zuverinklotuspsychje, yes17:41
Zuverinklotuspsychje, laptop17:41
lotuspsychjeZuverink: can you see if this bug affects you? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/182454617:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1821820 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1824546 Cannot boot or install - have to use nomodeset" [Low,Fix committed]17:43
Zuverinklotuspsychje, Ill look17:43
Zuverinklotuspsychje, I think this is more relevant https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=233131217:54
Zuverinklotuspsychje, though intel graphics17:56
tomreynand nothing but intel graphics? no additional graphics chipset?17:57
tomreynthe forum thread is rather old, the graphics stack worked quite differently then.17:57
lotuspsychjeZuverink: can you boot to desktop?17:58
tomreynthe kernel image from -proposed would be worth a try.17:59
lotuspsychjeZuverink: can you recall wich kernel booted and wich not?18:00
Zuverinklotuspsychje, im going to just leave it, its cosmetic. it goes purple at boot and remains purple until the login screen, then everything is normal18:04
Zuverinklotuspsychje, i just lost the logo on the purple, on shutdown its all there logo on purple18:05
lotuspsychjeZuverink: did you try pressing F1 at boot stage, to see textboot?18:06
Zuverinklotuspsychje, no i did not18:06
lotuspsychjeZuverink: maybe more clues there?18:07
Zuverinklotuspsychje, ill do that now18:08
lotuspsychjewelcome jack 19:13
EickmeyerInvader_Bork, lotuspsychje: Let's continue that conversation here for sake of the main channel.19:19
EickmeyerInvader_Bork: Currently, GTK+ has no support for blur in transparency.19:19
* Eickmeyer did that research last night19:19
Invader_Borkis this why the blyr extension is failing to achieve blur on the dock?19:20
Invader_Borki have blur in the activity window19:21
EickmeyerInvader_Bork: I think so.19:21
EickmeyerDid you modify the .css to achieve the blur in the activity window?19:21
Invader_Borklotuspsychje, do you have a similar path for top bar transparency ?19:22
Invader_BorkEickmeyer, no i have installed an extension19:22
lotuspsychjeInvader_Bork: dconf-editor has a nice search function now, but no there isnt one19:23
EickmeyerInvader_Bork: Interesting. I'm surprised any of it works. The GNOME folk were really adamant about removing that functionality.19:24
EickmeyerProably was just the panels.19:24
Invader_BorkEickmeyer, as far as i can tell the extension uses lib clutter for the blur19:25
Invader_BorkEickmeyer, do you know what's the deal with the gnome devs and the blur? 19:29
Invader_Borkdid they want to replace it with something else or just have a burning hate for blurry things19:30
OerHeksgnome3 just gets better, no need to make old stuff backwards compatible19:30
Invader_Borki dont understand19:32
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EickmeyerInvader_Bork: I am not sure what led to the decision.19:35

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