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xubuntu83whey @all i have a dumb question: where can i find the source code for xubuntu 18.04 64 bit?13:01
brainwashxubuntu83w: you enable the Sources repository and then download it (apt source <package>), or you can find it on launchpad13:06
miniuserAnybody Russian?14:40
vp11a month ago my laptop was randomly freezing and it was due to the amdgpu drivers.16:07
vp11got that fixed and it didn't happen again... but two days ago I experienced it twice, but looks like the log says it's not amdgpu anymore16:07
vp11maybe something related to cpu and firefox? I'm noob at logs if someone wants to give a look: https://paste.debian.net/1077463/16:08
diogenes_vp11, pastebin inxi -Fx16:11
vp11it's a thinkpad a48516:13
vp11in theory it's "Ubuntu certificated" or something like that16:13
diogenes_lenovo is one of the least linux friendly machine16:14
vp11I really wanted a laptop that doesn't run with Intel and ubuntu.com told me this one is good to use linux (https://certification.ubuntu.com/hardware/201808-26387/)16:16
vp11although I'm not using Ubuntu, ofc :P16:16
diogenes_vp11, you could try to add this to your grub kernel parameters and do a grub-update: processor.max_cstate=016:23
vp11alright, I will try that later. thanks again diogenes_16:35
diogenes_no problem.16:35
etronikI'm having one of those "can't login to xfce" / "xfce login loop" issues under 18.04...help, TIA16:47
brainwashetronik: sounds like something for which you can find solutions easily via a quick web search16:53
etronikbrainwash: yes! I've searched and searched and there are all different causes that are not mine17:02
etronikbrainwash: it's very definitely NOT something you can find solution quickly...  I've tried all the most common stuff17:03
brainwashso, what have you tried so far? telling us this would save us some time17:03
etronikremoving .cache/xfce4;  renaming .config/xfce4; re-installing xfce; chaging perms on Xauthority17:06
etronikahh copying .config/xfce from /etx/xsomthing/xfce4 to ~/.config17:07
etronikasking in #ubuntu, asking in #xfce17:09
brainwashdid you check ~/.xsession-errors?17:09
etroniknot yet no, that was gonna be my next step17:10
etronikas I've only read about that just now17:10
brainwashetronik: any luck?17:19
Spasshello xubuntu06w20:55

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