mparilloI got a strange error box on pkgcache.bin as if I had not done an MD5 sum on my ISO.02:06
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> I am unable to live boot the ISO.  I have tried 2 differnt USB thumb drives and 2 different PC's.02:08
mparilloThe ISO did boot in my VM.02:08
mparilloAnd acted fine in the live mode.02:08
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> Going straight to install seems to work....installing entire disk now.02:09
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> UEFI live boot works, but not legacy.  The legacy BIOS install to entire disk completed the install, but black screen on reboot.02:27
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> Dropping to terminal session (ctrl-alt-f2) and issuing startx completed to the boot process. Installing nvidia drivers and wil see if system cleanly boots...02:32
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> System is working fine after NVidia-driver-340 install.02:45
valoriesounds like good feedback for the iso tracker, @DarinMiller02:45
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> yes, heading there now...02:45
valoriejust got home from dinner and posting to Kubuntuforum02:45
valoriegetting ready to pitch into testing since I'm no good at fixing bugs02:46
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> as per this page I need to file 2 bug reports: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/403/builds/191340/buginstructions02:47
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> Once for booting the ISO and one for booting system after install.02:48
valoriebooting the ISO might be ubiquity02:49
valoriebooting system after install.... grub?02:49
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> ubiquity worked fine-the install completed....02:50
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> I don't think its a grub2 issues, but the above link says to file it that way.  I more suspect SDDM....02:51
IrcsomeBot4<Valoriez> dang it, when changing my nickserv password, I hosed it04:59
IrcsomeBot4<Valoriez> now I can't get in05:00
IrcsomeBot4<Valoriez> anyway, back to testing I guess05:00
krytarik@Valoriez: But 'valorie' is still connected - could just do another password change through it?05:07
IrcsomeBot4<Valoriez> when I have time I'll join without my BNC05:56
IrcsomeBot4<Valoriez> I think that's where the incorrect password keeps getting put in05:56
IrcsomeBot4<Valoriez> if "valorie" is still connected — good05:57
IrcsomeBot4<Valoriez> can anyone remind me of how to successfully get into the OEM installer? evidently I'm putting in f4 wrong time or place06:02
IrcsomeBot4<Valoriez> giving up for the night — I keep freezing vbox which seems to freeze everything06:28
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project mgmt_docker » linode-01 build #2897: SUCCESS in 49 sec: https://kci.pangea.pub/job/mgmt_docker/label=linode-01/2897/08:45
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project mgmt_docker » master build #2897: SUCCESS in 1 min 14 sec: https://kci.pangea.pub/job/mgmt_docker/label=master/2897/08:46
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project mgmt_docker » swy-01 build #2897: SUCCESS in 4 min 27 sec: https://kci.pangea.pub/job/mgmt_docker/label=swy-01/2897/08:49
mparillovalorie: I think you first need to hit any key (step 2 in http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/403/builds/191340/testcases/1305/results) before the F4. In VMware, it is difficult to get the keyboard strokes sent to the guest quickly enough, but I got it going.11:58
mparilloMinor problem is that the installer has no scrollbars, so it is difficult to get to the proceed button in the standard sized VMware window, and open-vm-tools-desktop is not part of the ISO.11:59
BluesKajHowdy folks12:21
mparilloHowdy BluesKaj. We have an ISO to test (http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/403/builds/191340/testcases), but there will be a re-spin on Monday.12:37
BluesKajIHey mparillo, I just reinstalled  ...was using legacy bio , but i decided to get more modern and reinsatlled with EFI/GPT  12:39
mparilloGreat. 12:40
BluesKajnot in the mood to for another :-)12:40
mparilloDo we have an East Asian testers? https://www.reddit.com/r/kde/comments/bd0aby/why_is_still_after_20_years_not_possible_for_a/12:42
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project mgmt_docker » linode-01 build #2898: SUCCESS in 50 sec: https://kci.pangea.pub/job/mgmt_docker/label=linode-01/2898/14:45
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project mgmt_docker » master build #2898: SUCCESS in 1 min 1 sec: https://kci.pangea.pub/job/mgmt_docker/label=master/2898/14:46
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project mgmt_docker » swy-01 build #2898: SUCCESS in 4 min 12 sec: https://kci.pangea.pub/job/mgmt_docker/label=swy-01/2898/14:49
IrcsomeBot4<myfenris> just out of topic a little bit, do you guys have experienced grub not showing menu list ?15:48
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> I have seen issue where I add an external bootalbe HD and grub-update failes to find it or it may find find it but not add it to the boot menu.  I ended up using the grub GUI to add  the drive to the grub boot.16:36
IrcsomeBot4<myfenris> @DarinMiller, at least it shown after you add right ?16:42
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> Correct, but I failed when using my usual command line options (update-grub, grub-install, grub-mkconfig, etc.)16:46
IrcsomeBot4<myfenris> bug 181877216:53
ubottubug 1818772 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "[disco-proposed] On the Boot splash screen, Grub does not show the 5.0 kernel installed." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/181877216:53
IrcsomeBot4<myfenris> thats is my problem :(16:53
IrcsomeBot4<myfenris> previously working fine16:53
IrcsomeBot4* myfenris as of now , i need to choose with black/blank screen the OS that i want to choose16:54
IrcsomeBot4<myfenris> 1st is Ubuntu , but i set through the grub gui Windows 10 is my default16:54
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> Oh! that's funny and not funny at the same time :)16:54
IrcsomeBot4<myfenris> @myfenris, even though my daily driver is Ubuntu ...16:55
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> Did you try this? http://tipsonubuntu.com/2018/03/11/install-grub-customizer-ubuntu-18-04-lts/16:57
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> that fixed my issue.  I have Neon, 18.10 and 19.04 triple booting on an internal drive.  I have Solus on an external drive.  I had to use the grub-customizer to detet/add Solus to the boot menu.16:59
IrcsomeBot4<myfenris> @DarinMiller, yups .. installed17:12
IrcsomeBot4<myfenris> previously the purple menu list works without any problem17:13
IrcsomeBot4* myfenris now its blank/black screen17:14
IrcsomeBot4<myfenris> tried to purge the grub and reinstall17:14
IrcsomeBot4<myfenris> let me try this : https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=230217017:19
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> wow, that seems a little extreme.  Let me know how it goes...17:20
IrcsomeBot4<myfenris> i tried to removed MOK , enable MOK .. then disable secureboot ... allow legacy n eufi ... then .... WALLA ...18:31
IrcsomeBot4<myfenris> grub menu list appear again ..18:32
IrcsomeBot4<myfenris> hmmm but little bit strange18:32
IrcsomeBot4<myfenris> @ubottu, updated the bugs18:43
IrcsomeBot4<acheronuk> @DarinMiller live session ok here on a Dell Inspiron 15 557820:43
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> Legacy BIOS?20:44
IrcsomeBot4<acheronuk> I booted it in legacy mode if that counts20:47
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> Keyboard= human figure ?20:48
IrcsomeBot4<acheronuk> huh?20:49
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> Easy way to determine legacy vs uefi if the first prompt is keyboard = human. In uefi you see a grub style menu20:51
IrcsomeBot4<acheronuk> @DarinMiller, Yeah, that is there20:54
IrcsomeBot4<acheronuk> (Photo, 720x1280) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/LgKrRKO8/file_14754.jpg20:55
IrcsomeBot4<acheronuk> Plus as said, I am choosing legacy20:55
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> (Photo, 1280x960) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/VurwV3Ko/file_14756.jpg20:58
IrcsomeBot4<acheronuk> yep, I see that in the lagacy boot20:59
IrcsomeBot4<acheronuk> oh. that is a quite old laptop?21:01
IrcsomeBot4<acheronuk> probably not a fair comparison then21:01
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> Very strange.  I have never had live bood issues with these boxes before.  Ironically, my dual video card laptop used to be quite fight now boots without any special command changes (up until and including 18.10 I had either add nomodeset or remove the ubuityselect option.21:03
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> Those old laptops are primarily used for install testing but they will play counterstrike source quite well (60fps at 1920x1200).21:05
IrcsomeBot4<acheronuk> shame you can't try an iso boot with an older kernel21:05
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> You mean like burn a dvd?21:05
IrcsomeBot4<acheronuk> I mean shame there isn't a choice of kernel to boot on the isos21:06
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> nm, I understand....21:06
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> Hey, I just found a work around.  using ctrl-alt-f2 and dropping to command line, I can enter "startx" and live session works.  This is the same thing i had to do after a full disk install before I installed the NVidia driver.21:08
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> Must be a legacy Nouveau driver issue....21:09
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> I never thought to do that with a live boot.21:10
IrcsomeBot4<acheronuk> There is a new version in Disco. Curious21:13
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> grabbing latest daily....21:43
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> zsync showed no changes.... ??21:45
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> will try regular ubuntu iso for the elephant...21:48
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> oh oh. Ubuntu live boots....22:02
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> Journal of the session that failed to boot: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qThWrdtC65/23:32
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> Did I ever say kdeconnect is awesome? (Uh yes I did and I am sure I will say it again 😁) it allowed me to grab link from the love boot session.23:34
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> Dang auto correct again...23:34
IrcsomeBot4<DarinMiller> bug report updated with above link.23:36
IrcsomeBot4<acheronuk> Thanks23:46

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