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valorietesting needed!02:00
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brlihttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1824507 can someone try firefox under kubuntu? as it seems buggy03:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1824507 in firefox (Ubuntu) "unity-menubar.patch+global menu plasmoid+CSD causing inconsistant UI under KDE" [Undecided,New]03:59
valorielooks fine to me, but then I don't use it anymore04:18
valoriecan't really test it because I don't use the unity anything04:19
valoriealso, unsure what you mean by "under KDE"04:20
valoriedo you mean when running Plasma?04:20
valorieplus the unity-menubar?04:20
valoriesorry, can't test that for you04:20
krytarikThey are gone since 8 mins after btw.04:21
valorieshould have paid better attention04:23
valoriein the midst of testing the RC04:23
krytarikApparently they didn't think of adding a screenshot to the report even. :(04:27
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Guest37589ia have problems with the aplication launcher....06:06
Guest37589there is a loop that refresh aplications from the menu...06:07
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BluesKajHowdy folks12:21
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IrcsomeBot4<Franky2010> hey12:53
IrcsomeBot4<Franky2010> any way change color in scroolbar Firefox? Make oposite from strong blue mouse over changed to soft blue - changed to soft blue and mouse over strong blue color?12:55
viewer|38hey guys12:57
viewer|38anybody here now12:57
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:58
viewer|38how to change in kubuntu firefox scrool bar color12:58
diogenes_viewer|38, maybe change the theme.12:59
viewer|38from darker blue to lighter blue and when I do mouse over is darker blue...or better said, oposite what is now12:59
viewer|38I like all on theme, except this small detail, firefox crool bar colors...is darker in normal, ligher on mouse touch12:59
viewer|38oposite way...light normal, darker on mouse over touch, this I liek to change somehow13:00
diogenes_because that's how the theme made it.13:00
viewer|38yes, but must be some way in script make change I believe13:00
viewer|38theme is great looking, only this small detail13:01
viewer|38firefox scrool bar colors13:01
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diogenes_ask in /j #firefox13:01
diogenes_ /j #firefox13:02
viewer|38I see, thx13:02
floownHow to run an ssh session in Konsole from the command line? I would like to script that.13:29
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mevenssh my-ssh-server ?13:33
mr-richI'm running kubuntu 14.04 (yeah, I know it's old) ... How do I set the screen resolution and/or detect multiple monitors?17:53
diogenes_mr-rich, xrandr17:58
Greenfroghi, my question is why does kubuntu see my external drive then on reboot it doesn't?20:08
Greenfrogkubuntu 18.0420:08
bpromptGreenfrog:   "then"?20:09
Greenfrogwhat are you asking? then what? :)20:09
bpromptGreenfrog:    assuming is some spinner HD on an enclosure over the usb port, namely a hotplug device, it should load it,  unless there's something in "fstab" not having it set to automount20:10
Greenfrogits a maxtor external 750 gb yes usb20:11
Greenfrogi woldnt know how to fix fstab20:11
Greenfrogor automount20:12
Greenfrogi'm new to kubuntu20:12
Greenfrogsearched the internet but found nothing revelant20:12
Greenfrogit flashes the drive light one or 2 times but thats it20:13
bpromptGreenfrog:  I don't run 18.04, I use 16.04, however, in 16.04 you can go to the "System Settings" and there's under the "Hardware" section an icon for "Removable Devices", and you can set the device for automount or not20:13
Greenfrogok thanks i'll try that20:14
Greenfrogis all responses given in red? i have a hard time reading the response since my vision is somewhat impaired, thanks :)20:16
Greenfrogjust asking20:16
Greenfrognot trying to be difficult :)20:17
bpromptGreenfrog:    nope, that depends on the IRC client you're using, chances are, yours has "self-nick hightlighting" set to be in red, thus20:17
Greenfrogblack text on white background works best for me20:17
bpromptyes, and that depends on the settings for your IRC client20:17
bpromptyours and many really, have self-nick highlight of some kind, that way one knows when one's nick was mentioned and who, so you can address it quickly20:18
Greenfrogok i see thanks i'll try to change that as well, :)20:18
Greenfrognice of you to help20:18
Greenfrogthanks for your quick response, very nice20:19
bpromptGreenfrog:   Õ¿Õ20:20
Greenfrogi've only been using kubuntu less than 2 months i switched from win 10 wanting almost 300 to register, ugh thanks again20:21
Greenfrogok another point, removable devices shows the external drive disconnected, but the automount and automount on attached boxes are ticked any clues after that?20:24
bpromptGreenfrog:   how old is the HD?20:24
bpromptI mean, smells bad, sounds like hardware issue20:25
Greenfrogits a maxtor one touch plus 750 gb prolly over 10 yrs old but i have hardly used it20:26
bpromptGreenfrog:  I use both, win10 pro, and kubuntu, I've used KDE for quite a bit, used to run Mandrake 7 with kde and gnome  back in 2000 =)20:26
Greenfrogits been sitting on the shelf20:26
bpromptGreenfrog:    so, if you boot with it plugged in, it doesn't show, but if  you boot and THEN plug it in, it shows and works fine?20:27
Greenfrogso you think it may be the drive tweeking out?20:27
Greenfrogok i'll try that i havent so far20:28
bprompt<Greenfrog> it flashes the drive light one or 2 times but thats it    <----- that's not a great sign20:28
Greenfrogit has worked fine when it works, but reboots seem to disable it20:29
bpromptlight flashing <--- means having a  hard time getting access from the OS to the HD, either that or the HD is not getting enough power from the usb port20:29
Greenfrogi'll try your other suggestion first that sounded like a good idea20:29
bpromptGreenfrog:  bear in mind that unlike USB sticks, which are SSD in essence and don't have any movable parts and thus use less electricity, USB HDs specially spinners, do have mechanical parts that require much more power from the usb power source20:30
Greenfrogi tried to pick my brain for the answer but i found it had already been picked over :(20:30
Greenfrogit has its own power source but your saying it may need more from the usb?20:31
bpromptso, when the external HD doesn't get much power, what you'd get is just some lights blinking, nothing more, meaning not enough power from the power source, bear in mind that USB2.x only gives I think is 5 volts20:31
Greenfrogand thats different from its own power source?20:32
bpromptGreenfrog:  if it has its own power source, then, assuming is working, and thus is getting enough power then, then is not that, and the usb power doesn't matter, since it doesn't rely on it, which may mean the HD might be going south20:32
Greenfrogah, sad but ok20:33
Greenfrogmeaning it may not be reliable20:33
Greenfrogthe curious part is if it recognizes it works fine, its just reboot that doesnt help20:34
Greenfrogbut ok i understand20:35
bpromptGreenfrog:  as far as I read, Maxtor was bought by Seagate, and that HD the 750gbs one-touch has a release date of 2007, so yes, is about 11 years old, and likely a 5400rpm, so I can see that just picking up dust for the last 10 years might have also picked up some "rust" too20:35
bpromptGreenfrog:   that said, if you have any data in it, mount it at least once and get it out while you can, if it's indeed going south, is all downhill from here =|20:36
luc4Hello! Anyone having problems with the CPU frequency lately by any chance?20:36
Greenfrogi hear ya just storing background files, thanks again20:37
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bpromptGreenfrog:   I did some checks and poking, about the best reliable "spinner HD", namely not SSD ones, are the Toshiba ones20:38
bpromptluc4:   cpu frequency is very vague, what do you mean?20:39
luc4bprompt: it seems sometimes CPU freq drops down to 200MHz and doesn't step up anymore. I thought it was a fan issue, but it seems that neon does not have this issue.20:40
Greenfrogok what happened now is i unplugged the usb drive, let it set for 30 seconds then reconnected it and it was recognized again20:40
Greenfrognotification sees it so does dolphin/home20:41
bpromptluc4:   making too many assumptions there, "neon"? cpu drops to 200mhz? how do you know? most cpu's these days are over 2ghz20:41
luc4bprompt: by "neon" I mean "KDE Neon", KDE distro based on Ubuntu like Kubuntu. CPU real frequency according to lscpu is reported as 200MHz on a 4GHz machine.20:42
Greenfrogi guess while rebooting i'll just disconnect then when reboot is finished connect20:42
bpromptGreenfrog:   yes, it may mount, now and then, but if it's developing bad sectors or some other hardware issues, is all downhill, now if mounts once or twice, eventually, after so many plug in/outs, it won't mount or even light up, once the damage has spread so much20:42
luc4bprompt: if I boot a live usb on neon, sysbench makes the CPU go to 3.5GHz. On Kubuntu, sometimes, I'm stuck at 200MHz.20:43
Greenfrogok got ya. so a new drive may be in the short future20:43
luc4bprompt: now, for instance, my system is stuck, almost cannot use it. lscpu reports 200MHz. I booted twice into neon, and it works properly over 3GHz.20:43
bpromptGreenfrog:   reason why I said, mount it while you can, get your data out if any, for later you won't quite be able to20:44
bpromptluc4:   sounds like some bad installation, or some app/daemon hanging though20:45
luc4bprompt: seems like a kernel issue to me :-(20:45
bpromptluc4:    maybe another distribution may work better?  I know many folks like LinuxMint20:46
luc4bprompt: I don't think an app can control cpu freq like this.20:46
luc4bprompt: yes, kde nean seems to work properly.20:46
Greenfrogyes i hear you, nothing i cant replace anytime soon20:46
luc4bprompt: but I'd like to find out what is wrong with my system... cannot believe a kernel issue like this can be seen only on my system20:47
bpromptluc4:    well, it could be hardware incompatibility with the shipped drivers, the drivers shipped work by far with most, but not all, hardware, there are always compatibility issues with certain specific hardware combinations20:48
luc4bprompt: I understand. Just wanted to know if someone else was noticing this.20:49
luc4bprompt: I could report it, but it is terribly difficult to debug. It happens randomly.20:50
bpromptluc4:   well, I run kubuntu 16.04, regular flavor, works flawlessly20:51
luc4bprompt: I'm on 18.1020:51
mr-richdiogense_: thanks ...22:09
IrcsomeBot4<bauchhaus> Hi, lately when resuming the system from suspend, the fan goes crazy and then the system shuts off. It already resumed sucessfully though, it's like the temperature sensors report wrongly that it's too hot and the system does an emergency shutdown..22:31
IrcsomeBot4<bauchhaus> Somensearches further it seems like it is a nouveau problem22:52
jimhi... I'm looking for memtest86 in kubuntu... is there a package search function?23:25
oh4"apt-cache search memtest86" perhaps?23:44
oh4jim:  I just ran that ^...it provides memtest86+ and memtester23:44
jimoh4, oh, I'm not running kuibuntu myself, but the person I'm trying to help is... I'm aware of the apt-cache search, and I actually installed memtest86 on my machine in order to see what to do to get it to boot23:50
jimit looks like I just install the package, and it installs itself into the boot menu23:52
oh4jim: no worries...just threw it out there in case it was the option you were looking for23:52
jimheh :) and it would have been one option :)23:53
oh4yea, packages are usually configured to be installed in the appropriate locations including dependencies. The only caveat would be packages that require more than standard configurations via their config files23:53
jimdoes kubuntu have the equilavent of packages.debian.org?23:54
jimerr equivalent even23:54
krytarikjim: Yeah, packages.ubuntu.com! :P23:57
jimkrytarik, you mean kubuntu gets its packages (all of them other than those in ppas) from ubuntu archives?23:58
jimmeet Greenfrog, he's who I'm helping :)23:59

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