cjwatsonwxl: can you file a bug please?  I won't be able to look until at least tomorrow and will probably have forgotten about it otherwise13:26
dsi_Hi, I got this error: "Rejected: sam_0.13-1.dsc: Unknown section '-'" - it makes no sense, there's no '-' section22:40
hloeungdsi_: might help us if you pastebin the dsc22:42
hloeungI mean, help us help you22:43
hloeungmight be the Package-List 'unknown'22:51
hloeung sam deb unknown optional arch=amd6422:51
dsi_I have no idea from where the "unknown" is coming from22:56
dsi_working with launchpad is very painful22:56
hloeungI don't think this is a launchpad issue, more packaging but whatever22:59
hloeungyou're welcome to try get your package landed in Debian, and from that I think will sync across to Ubuntu23:00
hloeungyou're also welcome to build the packages yourself, set up your own APT archive and host it yourself23:02
dsi_thanks, that was very helpful \s23:04
wgrantdsi_: You probably forgot a Section field in either the Source or one of the Package stanzas in debian/control23:11
wgrantdsi_: lintian will warn you about this sort of thing locally; it's in no way Launchpad-specific.23:11
dsi_those fields are in the control file, lintian only shows me warnings23:13
wgrantCan you pastebin your debian/control?23:15
hloeunghttps://gitlab.com/sam-resources/sam/blob/master/sam_0.13-1/DEBIAN/control that?23:17
hloeungunless a modified version was used23:17
wgrantThat's a binary control file, not sure why it's in version control23:18
dsi_that's a different thing from hours ago23:27
dsi_this debian thing is way too overcomplicated23:29
wgrantdsi_: How did you build the package? That control file shouldn't have produced that .dsc.23:33
dsi_debuild -S -sa23:34
wgrant(but you also probably just want Section: utils, not Section: contrib/utils)23:34
dsi_the documentation is pure gold...23:34
wgrantThe "unknown" in "sam deb unknown optional arch=amd64" in the .dsc suggests there was no section field.23:34
wgrantdsi_: We're more likely to be able to help if we can see exactly what you're trying.23:36
wgrante.g. the source tree that you're using, or both the .dsc and the .tar.gz23:36
wgrantAnd the documentation you're following23:36
dsi_I started to fix the warnings and now it says that it accepted the package23:37
wgrantWarnings are generally there for a reason :)23:39
wgrantSome checks that lintian may only have as a warning may be enforced by archive management software like LP and dak.23:39
dsi_Yeah, but it seems like a warning wasn't a warning but an error23:40
dsi_Error: signing key fingerprint does not exist23:40
wgrantWhere did you get that/23:41
dsi_add-apt-repository -y ppa:istvand/sam23:41
wgrantdsi_: Your PPA's signing key is only generated once you upload the first package, so it can take a few minutes to show up (and it takes a few minutes for uploaded packages to appear there anyway)23:42
wgrantThe key is there now23:44
dsi_I still get the same error23:45
dsi_weird, now it starts an apt update log and says "403  Forbidden [IP: 80]"23:47
wgrantOn which file? That's not very possible.23:49
wgrantUnless you have a weird proxy23:49
dsi_i have  no proxy23:50
dsi_I ran add-apt-repository ppa:istvand/sam23:50
dsi_then pressed Enter because it asked me to23:50
wgranthuh, something very weird is going on, let me see.23:50
dsi_then it tried to download the repo23:50
wgrantdsi_: Ah, it wasn't quite published yet. It won't 403 any more.23:52
wgrantJust a bit of a setup process for a new PPA, which can take a few minutes.23:53

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