blackflowansible is **EXCRUCIATINGLY** slow. I should really expedite migration to Salt.10:06
Meadso I think my hanging issue with networking had something to do with the cloud-init that comes installed with the "live" install.   I just installed with the alternative ubuntu server installer and I don't get the same hanging as I did with ubuntu installed (and re-installed) from the "live" image.14:07
BrianBlazeMead hanging where?14:56
Meadugh, not sure the pastebin didn't time out yet... let me look15:00
Meadhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/VgGFZHsq2r/  there you go, it won't last long I only set it to last 1 day.15:01
Meadwhere it failed it would take 2 to 3 minutes do do something.  iF you have the logs I had some other pastebins with relveant data.  I've re-installed from the althernative installer, and it no longer has this problem.  I think it was related to the cloud-init that the "live" installer installs, but the altnerative installer doesn't15:04
Meadhonestly I'm not sure what the cloud-init package does with the networkd/netplan service. But it did something15:06
BrianBlazeI had the same issue Mead and what fixed it was putting static ip's in /etc/netplan15:47
BrianBlazefor my network interfaces15:47
BrianBlazeIt's kind of silly but it was literally the only way to stop the 2 minute to 3 minute wait on boot15:48
BrianBlazefor me15:48
MeadI fixed it buy re-installing via the alternative installer15:49
BrianBlazeyeah I can't tell you why I only had this problem on one of my ubuntu boxes15:50
BrianBlazebut normally I never have that issue15:50
Meadwas the network interface(s) using older chipsets?15:51
BrianBlazeI think they are all vm's so I really can't say, I am in sunday mode tho and am just waking up from a nap with my son so my memory sucks right now lol15:52
Meadtis ok, go watchin some cartoons/baseball/starwars or play video games with your son15:54
BrianBlazelol yeah we will go to the park soon. thanks. glad you got it to stop hanging15:54
BrianBlazeI know it bugged me when I had that issue15:54
xednivhi, im having issues with my network configuration. i have one bond interface and two NICs, all of them have tagged vlans. the problem is that the bond vlan interface cant seem to route *external* traffic at all, it can communicate just fine with its subnet19:47
xednivim not using netplan, switched to ifenslave19:47

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